Andrew Morrison - September 2006
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Gilbert Willow Unsigned mp3 None None
Depeche Mode Photographic (rex The Dog Dubb Mix) CD album 'Remixes 81…04" (Ltd 3 Disc Edition) Mute XLCDMUTEL8
David And The Citizens Song Against Life Mp3 'Song Against Life' Shitfy Disco None
Hannah Somewhere Or Nowhere CD-R EP 'As The World Turns EP' None None
Y Diwgiad (Feat. Llwybr Llaethog & Geraint Jarman) Running Parallel CD single 'The Reformation' Skipping Beats SKBCD001
C-Mone Second After Second CD album 'The Butterfly Effect' Dark Whisper Records SONCD38
Decoration Job In London 7" 'Candidate/Job In London' 13 B Sides BEES 3
Gorowski I Don't Believe Me Mp3 download album 'I Don't Believe You' WM Recordings WM042
Guillemots Come Away With Me CD album 'Through The Windowpane' Polydor 987 782-4
The Durutti Column Never Known CD album LC London Records (FACDO 44) 828 827-2
I Love London James Your Call Unsigned mp3 None None
We Yes You No Must Destroy CD single 'Everything' 1-Piece Puzzle Records None
Girlfrends All Your Future Lovers Unsigned mp3 None None
Pet Shop Boys Minimal (Tocadisco's Sunday At Space Mix) CD single 'Minimal (Maxi CD)' Parlophone 00946 370747 2 5
Errors Songos Ya Mongos! CD single 'How Clean Is Your Acid House?' Rock Action Records ROCKACTCD23
Slimma Levi The Gift Of Jah 7" 'The Gift Of Jah' Shemesh SHEM007
Ro*danmaa Dirty Jeans Unsigned mp3 None None
Arab Strap Go Back To The Sea CD album 'The Last Romance' (US Edition) Transdreamer Records TR2031
July Skies Waiting To Land CD album 'The English Cold' Make Mine Music MMM009
Lee Rogers Brian Writes Poetry CD album 'Drawing Clocks' Zenith Café ZENCAFCDA106
Superqueens Let's Not Call In The Heavy Bombers CD album 'Cheap Shots' Skinny Dog Records SKINNY DOG6 CD
Ramp St Ockwell 7" 'St Ockwell' Enraptured Records RAPT4542
The Wedding Present Perfect Blue CD album 'Take Fountain' Scopitones TONE CD020
Dan Barrell - September 2006
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
The Black Keys Your Touch CD Magic Potion Nonesuch NS79967
Luxury Car Annie's Well CD Annie's Well Biphonic BIPH05CD
Blaknoisewhitesoul Sometimes With The Pet Shop Boys MP3 demo sent in
TackHead Ska Trek CD Friendly As A Hand Grenade World Records WR 013CD
The Sailplanes The Wild Huntsman CD EP The Deepest Red
The Invitations Skiing In The Snow CD The Best Northern Soul All-Nighter ... Ever! VirginTV VTDCD 377  
Shitmat Popper Warrior 12” The Lesser Spotted Burberry E.P. Planet Mu ZIQ118
Man Man Banana Ghost Six Demon Bag CD Ace Fu Ace Fu 39
The Sailplanes Killing Time CD EP The Deepest Red
The Trashmen Bad News CD Tube City!: The Best Of The Trashmen Sundazed SC11011
Can Turtles Have Short Legs Radio Waves G&P Essential 206
Cisco Ferrera Womans Scent 12” Tresor Tresor Tresor224
The Delgados Everybody Come Down CD Universal Audio Chemikal Underground
The Bad Livers Lust For Life FabricLive. 07 - John Peel Fabric FABRIC 14
Almandino Quite De Luxe You Got My Blues MP3 from their website
Michael Knight I Did It My Way MP3 from band
Bristol Carpet Factory Kid Carpet CD Ideas And Oh Dears Tired & Lonesome TLONECD2
Ammoncontact One For Ayler 2xLP With Voices Ninja Tune ZEN125  
Maher Shahal Hash Baz Postbox CD Blues Du Jour      
DODDODO Whitehousedisco CD Sample Bitch Story ADAADAT ADA0010
Shitmat Theme From The 1988 Morris Dance Massacre CD Full English Breakfest Planet Mu ZIQ105CD
Amsterdam God Bless Peter Wylie CDS Does This Train Stop On Merseyside Beat Crazy BEAT002CD2  
The Sailplanes Underwound CD EP The Deepest Red
Lady Saw Gway 7” Gway Chinkuzi    
Medicine Head Pictures In The Sky 7” Dandelion Records    
The White Stripes Little Acorns CD Elephant XL Recordings XLCD162
Help She Can't Swim Mind Game Girl 7” Midnight Garden Fantastic Plastic FP7060
The Sailplanes Seven Ships Lost CD EP The Deepest Red      
Two Bad Card Weed Specialist CD Pay It All Back Vol. 5 On-U Sound ON-U CD 75
Max Tundra Lysine CD Mastered By Guy At The Exchange Domino WIGCD112
A Guy Called Gerald Marching Powder CD Proto Acid / The Berlin Sessions Laboratory Instinct LI11
The Fall Hit The North CD Live at Cambridge 1988 Cog Sinister COGVP115CD
Ballboy You Can't Spend Your Whole Life Hanging Around With Arseholes CD A Guide For The Daylight Hours SL lone19
Atari Teenage Riot No Remorse (I Wanna Die) CD Spawn Immortal EK 68494
Mark Rosney - September 2006
Rumoured to be the secret love child of Arthur Negus, Mark spends a considerable amount of his spare time ram raiding charity shops and sticking crayons up friend's noses, the latter for which he has received an arts council grant.
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Monty Python Introduction Monty Python and the Holy Grail Charisma CAS 1103   
Gorch Fock Scott Jernigan Lying and Manipulating Australian God Records ???
Retro Spankies Smarty Pants N/A N/A N/A
Carlos Adolfo Dominguez Boobies 12" single Gut Records PR12GUT67
The Oxes Dear Spirit I'm From France Oxxxes Monitor Records CDOXESOXXE
Uke Stanza Marcelle's Bar Pheasants Will Cross the Road Self Released N/A
Jegsy Dodd Birkenhead Revisited Wake Up and Smell the Offy Piffle PIFFCD001
John Smith Winter The Fox and the Monk Self Released JSCD01
Stuka Lord Children everywhere Self Released N/A
Chenard Walcker & Roy Chicky Arad Monster Monster Comfort Stand CSR051
The Presets Are you the One? Beams Modular 2600039
Pilotdrift Bubblecraft Water Sphere Good Records 6344576492
Giant Root Attack Robots Harpoon EP Self Released N/A
Contrivance (Evan Scott) Love is Blind, Lust has 20/20 Vision Music For Robots EP Race Car Productions ???
Robots In Disguise Bed Scenes Robots in Disguise Recall 14
John Smith Bones The Fox and the Monk Self Released JSCD01
Scott Walmsley A Million Little Lies N/A Demo N/A
The Evolution Control Committee The Fucking Moon Plagiarhythm Nation V.2 Seeland 527
Butthole Surfers The Last Astronaut Weird Revolution Hollywood Records 2061-62269-2
Blowzabella The New Jigs Strange Coincidences in Speciality Tea Trading Osmosys OSOCHEAP027
Daedalus Just Briefly Exquisite Corpse Ninja Tune ZENCD102
Putte Tapebanks Vol 3 N/A N/A N/A
The Herbaliser Something Wicked This Way Comes Something wicked this way comes Ninja Tune zen64
Martoc Don't Try and Change Me The Only Good Man Is a Machine Self Released N/A
The Chalets Love Punch Check In Setanta ???
The Cybermen The Reaper 8th Wonder - What Wave compilation tape N/A N/A
The Octopus Project The Adjustor One Ten Hundred thousand Million Peek A Boo BOO 1214 CD
Shitmat Ye Old Wanker ??? Wrong Music? ???
Holy Fuck Cardio Bossa Nova Holy Fuck CD Dependent Music dp026
Fetimo Binary Demo Self Released N/A
John Smith Library The Fox and the Monk Self Released JSCD01
Peter Nelson - September 2006
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Zoppo Relapse Don’t Trust Scarred Survivors CD Transformed Dreams dreams 35-2  
Maki Sound Pastag Enki La Sardine Qui Boucha Le Port De Marseille 12” Maki Sound Pastag makisoundpastag08  
The Lonesomes Waking Up The Cows MP3
Abiku Inhalation Location CD Automation auto005  
Superdistortion Sunburst s/t CD Pointy Bird PBIRD CD003  
The Blow Brushy Brushy 7” Tomlab TOM62L  
Naing Naing Brosse A Danse Toothbrush Fever CD Reaktion (RE)11  
Piskie Sits What Is The Point 7” Wrath WRATH41  
Kid 606 Boomin’ Pretty Girls Make Raves CD Tigerbeat 6 meow132  
Twocsinak & DJ Sarah Wilson The First Thing I Did After Buying Your Record Was Spill A Mug Of Decaff Coffee On It Take Nothing But Footprints, Leave Nothing But Photographs CD Wrong wng002  
Envy Crystallize Insomniac Doze CD Rock Action rockact28cd  
Kitty Daisy & Lewis Honolulu Rock-A Roll-A Promo Sunday Best none  
Listen With Sarah My Little Hula Girl WWW Remix
Enduser Not Here Bollywood Breaks CD Ad Noiseam ADN41CD  
Ali Farka Toure Savane Savane CD World Circuit wcd075  
Jawbone Donkey Holler Hauling CD Loose none  
Stabmaster Vinyl Klezmer Strictly Bollocks CD Machine mr06/020  
Grrr Splatter Face demo CD
Exekrator Yggs Høge Ordo Bestiae Bestial Burst BeBu021  
Loefah Rufage Mud 12” DMZ dmz009  
The Playmates Jackie Wright 7” Wrath WRATH39  
Being 747 Circuits And Wires Health And Safety CD Wrath WRATHCD37  
Cerla vs Millo R U Ready (Club mix) 12” DFC DFC1498  
Trencher Deja Poo split CD with Loa Loa Osk osk023  
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone Nashville Parthenon Etiquette CD Tomlab TOM65PR  
Rachael Neiman - September 2006
A mystery show from Rachael ...
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Le Tetsuo Knickers Off Ready When I Come Home 7" EP 'I Understand If You Speak Slowly' Mummy Where's The Milkman HBH003
DJ Fucking Terrible Crapeater CD compilation Whatever Wrong Music WNG000
Matthew Sawyer and the Ghosts Have a Jolly Good Time Myspace
Hotpants Romance Shake Baby Shake Myspace
Mynx I'm So L.A. CD EP 'The Mynx EP' Self-released
Paul Hawkins Mother I'm On TV Myspace
The Aprons Drive-By Fruiting Myspace
Hello, How Are You? The Not-So-Scary Hairy Monster Song CD album Hello, How Are You? Self-released
The Scarlet Tuesday A Perfect Quarter 7" single with Balor Knights Thee SPC
Steveless bored CD/12" album Popular Music In Theory Cherryade Records CHY001
Tiny Masters Of Today Tooty Fruity 7" EP 'Big Noise' Tiger Trap GRRR4
Uke Stanza You Will With Ivor Cutler CD album Pheasants Will Cross the Road Self-released
Ivor Cutler Jungle Tip - Lion CD album Life in a Scotch Sitting Room vol 2 Revola CRREV1
The Gresham Flyers Shiftwork 7" single Self-released
The Retro Spankees Vowel Play CD EP 'Vowel Play' Kooky Records KOOKY23
Sarandon Pin Up CD album The Completists Library Wrath WRATHCD40
The Bobby McGee's Molly's Lips 7" EP 'The Bobby McGee's? Yes Please!' Cherryade Records CHY005
DJ Floorclearer There's a Wocket In My Pocket CD compilation Whatever Wrong Music WNG000
Tiger MCs The Way That You Arrived CD compilation A Very Cherry Christmas Cherryade Records CHY002
Miss Pain Campari and Sex 7" single Tbilissi KURA010
Tha Bracelets Tripl3kiss Myspace
The Young Detectives Scrabble Rock Myspace
Jesus Licks Harr Barbie 7" single 'Dalek Chorus' Post Records POST002
Sarah and the Johnsonauts Summer Nights Download compilation Down To Grease On Holiday Filthy Little Angels LITTLE006
Radioactive Chicken Heads The Mirror Myspace
Dolly's Pillbox Blah Blah Blah Myspace
Kelman The Happiest Man Alive CD album Loneliness Has Kept Us Alive Liner Records LINER001
The Cheese Band I Like Cheese Download single Comfort Stand Recordings
The Budgies Humble Pie Myspace
Magoo Super Teen Scene CD album The All-Electric Amusement Arcade Super 8 S801
Grandmaster Gareth Oh No! Animal Impersonator CD album The Party Sounds of Grandmaster Gareth SL LONE045
Ronnie Ronalde The Yodelling Whistler CD compilation The Pig's Big 78s Trikont CD0350
Horsebox Jonnie Myspace
Rocker - September 2006
A mystery show from Rocker ...
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Hank Levine & His Orchestra Image (part 1) 7" His Master's Voice 45-POP 947  
Shimura Curves Noyfriend mp3 download
Decoration Fly North CD LP - 'Don't disappoint me now' SL Records lone 35
Boonaraaas Out Of Luck Comp CD - 'Nut Boppin' Whoppers!' Squirrel Records SQRL-13
Beethum I will fall down at your feet mp3 download
Neil Young Living With War CD LP - 'Living With War' Reprise 9362-443356-2
Chambre Bruit Jelena'sTale mp3 download
Chambre Bruit Voice of loss mp3 download
Jim Rivers Catch 22 CD-r promo Saved
Piskie Sits Witches mp3 download Wrath Records
Elias & his Zig-Zag Jive Flutes Tom Hark Comp CD - 'The Pig's Big 78s - A Beginner's Guide' Trikont US-0350
Jane Bond & The Undercover men Hot Rod Lincoln 7" Ear Movie Records EM2S007  
Beatnik Filmstars The Greatest Of Minds LP 'In great shape' Track & Field HEAT40
Kathryn Williams Beachy Head 7" Caw Records CAW010V
Streetkids Girls can be boys & boys can be girls Demo CDr Unreleased
The Musical Intimidators Escape From Hell Comp 3CD set - 'Trojan Dub Rarities Box Set' Trojan 06076-80538-2
Boards Of Canada Oscar see through red eye Double LP - 'The Campfire Headphase' Warp warplp123
Bazooka Boppers Cops Took My Baby Comp CD - 'Nut Boppin' Whoppers!' Squirrel Records SQRL-13
Worried About Satan Outside your window mp3 download
The Black Dog Ripheadv2 12" - 'Riphead EP' Soma SOMA 195
Susanna And The Magical Orchestra Believer 5 x 10" Box Set - 'Until human voices wake us and we drown' Rune RLP 2050
Manhattan Love Suicides Skulls Demo CDr
Venetian Snares Felbomlasztott mentokocsi (Bong-Ra remix) 12" - '4 adaptations of Rossz csillag alatt szuletett' Planet Mu Records ZIQ111R
Juan Plectrum Anarchy In The Ukelele mp3 download
Tunng Maypole Song mp3 download Static Caravan VAN73
Nathan Fake You Are Here Double LP - 'Drowning in a sea of love' Border Community 10BCLP
Catlow Added Up CD LP - 'Kiss the world' Boompa Records BOOM009
Elvis McMan Stuck On You Comp CD - 'Nut Boppin' Whoppers!' Squirrel Records SQRL-13
Up C Down C Our Flowers (Demo) mp3 download
Matmos Solo buttons for Joe Meek CD LP - 'The rose has teeth in the mouth of a beast' Matador Records OLE 677-2
Lephtee So far back (Phonique remix) 12" Buzzin' Fly 018BUZZ
Hank Levine & His Orchestra Image (part 1) 7" His Master's Voice 45-POP 947