Jamie Robinson - August 2017
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
HightowerThe Party   
Lucky + LoveDigging In The Earth   
The Janet Street SlaughterThe Senitive Side Of Bill Sykes   
Horse PartyLooking For Life   
QuintinoBawah Tanah   
Labrinyth LoungeTrouble Won't Last   
TuplipomaniaDon't be So Sure   
Dream NailsDeep Heat   
Rachel MasonHeaven   
The Nashville TeensTobacco Road   
Manequin Death SquadKYMS   
Secret ColoursChanges In Nature   
The Highwire ActMeltdown   
The Joy FormidibleCradle   
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Lee Adcock - August 2017
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
AlgiersAnimalsThe Underside of PowerMatador 
PinkgripArm's LengthDemoFar So Far 
Breakfast MuffFeastEurgh!Amour Foo 
PriestsPink White HouseNothing Feels NaturalSister Polygon 
BeijuDon't KnowDemain  
Frankie RoseRed MuseumCage TropicalSlumberland / Grey Market 
Salacious Wizard CultOne For DandelionCura  
CHUCKOceans [Electric]Frankenstein Songs for the Grocery StoreAudio Antihero 
(Sandy) Alex GSportstarRocketDomino 
Cathode Ray EyesWe sleep til we rustHow We Lost the 21st Century  
Small ReactionsSessions StreetRXN_002  
Moon KingOrdinary LoveHamtrack '16Arbutus 
Annie HartBreathing UnderwaterImpossible AccompliceUninhabitable Mansions 
Dump HimPretty Like A BoyVenus in GeminiAnxiety Pop 
The Hayman Kupa BandDraw The LineThe Hayman Kupa BandFika 
Sheer MagExpect the BayonetNeed to Feel Your LoveStatic Shock 
Graham DunningCellMonochromeFractal Meat Cuts 
Mount TroutGod's SwordsScrewy  
Hand Sand HandsGreat NoiseBad MountainArrowhawk 
Le fruit vertToo much worldPeon perduThree:four 
Caroline SaysStreetlights50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be WrongWestern 
PardonerHey RockstarUncontrollable SalvationFather/Daughter 
Horse GirlAlrightBeen BetterAnxiety Pop 
Dream VersionI Can See EverythingFight Fair  
MelvinsTrackstar (Love)A Walk With Love and DeathIpepac 
Dennis CallaciThe End of Night exerptThe End of NightShrimper 
Basement RevolverTree TrunksAgatha EPYellow K 
She SirDark Glass TombRival IslandShelflife 
Miss EavesFuccboi SaluteFeminasty  
E.M.M.ACobaltLA Mermaid EPThe Astral Plane 
MermaidensSatsumaPerfect BodyFlying Nun 
LomeldaFrom HereThxDouble Double Whammy 
Siobhan WilsonWhatever HelpsThere Are No SaintsSong, By Toad 
Secret Drum BandPolihale - Kilauea - South PointDynamicsXRAY 
Mark Whitby - August 2017
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Royal SoundsMessage Music   
Moth EqualsHoney Trap   
MadonnatronHeadless Children   
Baker IslandDoomed Howard   
Johnny AdamsFeel The Beat, Feel The Heat   
Cuban Boys & Astro BRational Dress Society (Dandelion Radio Session)   
Hanging FreudLines   
Nuclear AltarConstant Distruction   
Aldous HardingImagining My Man   
FlemmingsThe Keep   
Antony HardingThe Goldfinch   
PJ HarveyVictory (Dandelion Radio Session)   
Michael ChapmanPostcards Of Scarborough (Peel Session)   
RideLike A Daydream (Peel Session)   
2nd SunLazzie   
Thee Oh SeesWeb   
VytisSwat Reinforcement & Choke Grenade   
Cuban BoysThe Kids Go Missing From The Rotating Door Of Fame (Dandelion Radio Session)   
FeormDown River   
Nac/Hut ReportGlowworms   
DOOMSQUADMon. February 3rd 2015: Manzano Nights   
Arnold BlairI Won The Big Deal   
SubsetSubstation B   
Thomas WsMother   
Threes And WillTo Be Effective, The Ritual Suicide   
Sir Robert Orange PeelMr Speaker   
Cuban Boys & B. L. UnderwoodThe Menshevik Machine (Dandelion Radio Session)   
ModdiStrange Fruit   
HindsCastigadas En El Granero   
The Orange BicycleHyacinth Threads   
The BeatlesAnd Your Bird Can Sing   
Judy CollinsLiverpool Lullaby   
Elmore JamesDust My Broom   
Country Joe & The FishNot So Sweet Martha Lorraine   
Cuban Boys & My CountryThe Pop Machine   
Trophy KnifeKnife Fight   
Capital LettersJudgement Day   
Diane Marie KlobaI Am The Sweeper (Macerator Remix)   
Richard BrownSweet & Kind   
Julian CopeKolly Kibber's Birthday   
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Pete Jackson - August 2017
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
CornershopBrimful Of Asha (Arthur Alexander Mix)   
2nd SunShard   
Dusty TearsTurning Seventeen   
The Wedding PresentNorthern Ireland   
LabasheedaSpiral Song   
Public EnemySo Be It   
Violent PacifistsFreedom From Choice/Conform/Prolefeed   
The Heartwood InstituteMay 23rd 1964   
The TelescopesYou Can't Reach What You Hunger   
Manwel TAtlantis   
FeormBlurred By Light   
I, LudicrousIt's All Free   
Tools You Can TrustWorking And Shopping   
World Of TwistSons Of The Stage   
Radiation FlowersJust Go Away   
FlemmingsFellow Humans   
MoodringPete In A Cage   
Mungo's Hi-Fi Ft. Eva LazarusLive My Life   
In ZaireRevelations   
Mahatma XWe Bring Sun   
Van Der VousVibrações   
Songhoy BluesBamako   
Electric Bird NoiseWelcome To Static Beach   
Public EnemyRest In Beats Parts I And II   
LaibachVor Sonnen-Aufgang   
Rocker - August 2017
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Not RightTory Scum   
The FallNew Facts Emerge   
JD MeatyardSome People   
Girl One And The Grease GunsDeaden The Glare (Featured Album)   
The XXA Violent Noise (Four Tet Remix)   
AlvvaysIn Undertow   
Neil Young & Promise Of The RealChildren Of Destiny   
Stutter StepsWeak Restraint   
Sunshine & The RainIn A Dream   
The Stevenson Ranch DavidiansPillow Sittin'   
Ivor Biggun & The Red Nosed BurglarsThe Winker's Song (Misprint)   
The Charlie Tipper ConspiracyCross Country   
Mount Kimbie (feat. King Krule)Blue Train Lines   
The UndertonesTrue Confessions (Peel’s Big 45)   
BoyracerMale Model   
Girl One And The Grease GunsShe Sits In The Freezer (Featured Album)   
Erin Bardwell CollectiveNight Bus To Highworth   
Asbo DerekBhaji Blues   
CornershopBrimful Of Asha (B_Man Florence & Jimmy Mix)   
FlemmingsThe Rats Are Back   
Average SexWe're Done   
Star TropicsSummer Rain   
Martijn Ten Velden & StavesFeeling Of Sa Penya (Martijn Ten Velden mix)   
Billy BraggThe Sleep Of Reason   
The Twelve Hour FoundationThe Nature Of Insects   
Sore PointsDon't Want to   
SeabirdsIndependent Horses   
MarijataNo Condition is Permanent   
Cinema Red And BlueCome Back To The City, Babyface   
The Just JoansShut Your Big Fat Mouth   
Breakfast MuffR U A Feminist?   
Dream NailsDIY   
Girl One And The Grease GunsSome Of It Is Blurred (Featured Album)   
The ShiftersA Believer   
Joss CopeYour Broken Heart Is Not For Sale   
Lens MozerAll My Friends   
The Pet ProjectCanine Geomettry   
MonicDeep Summer (Burial Remix)   
Girl One And The Grease GunsMute Your Gums (Featured Album)   
Equinox feat. Rosie BansSomebody Too   
Polish ClubAble (Educating Elizabeth)   
C. Vogt & Patrick JeremicVilá   
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Sean Hocking - August 2017
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
dreamherbsNice Guys   
Roger RobinsonNew Maps   
Portugal. The ManSo Young   
Jonathan KusumaMoroder Disko   
i-DiscordianBlue Peter Garden   
Boat ShowI Hate Work   
DEF!CITI Don't Know   
Dan O'Farrellyour facebook feed is not the world   
Biscuit MouthTest Yourself Cheaper   
Polish ClubBeeping   
Lonely BoysThe Hunter   
John BroadwoodLuma   
Mr PigeonsMineclose   
$hit & $hineLong Island City   
The Cambodian Space ProjectSummer Wine   
Here Lies ManYou Ain't Goin' Nowhere   
Ricardo VillalobosBakasecc   
Roger RobinsonNightshift   
Los TonesWasted   
Fox AcademyTell Your Family Hi From Me   
KhidjaDrums Of Taksim   
Pasteur LappeNa Real Sekele Fo Ya   
Brother ValentinoStay Up Zimbabwe   
O LevelEast Sheen