Andrew Morrison - August 2008
There's a full-on summery feel in Andy's August show, with an exclusive session from his latest favourite new band, Alex Canasta, uplifting tracks from Guillemots, Adam Tensta, Dope Aviators, The Helio Sequence and Blank + Jones (featuring Bernard Sumner from New Order). Bob Dylan is selected as Scott's Funky Five Minutes, Teresa picks more tasty tips for your musical palette to savour, and there's a classic live recording from Neil Young.
The show also sees Andy's 'Orchestra Hit Liberation Front' section attempt to rescue this classic keyboard sound from its confines of the 1980s for a second time, with a superb remix from 21 years ago!
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Guillemots Kriss KrossCD LP 'Red'Polydor1762524
Errors Dance MusicCD LP 'It's Not Something But It Is Like Whatever'Rock ActionROCKACT 36CD
Blank + Jones Miracle Cure (Radio Mix)CD single 'Miracle Cure'SoundcoloursCD 0001
Dope Aviators Heaven Or Hell (DX Marriage Remix)CD LP Various Artists 'ZvukovŠ'4mg RecordsR144 003 2 331
Alex Canasta You (Paris Version)Dandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
The Caretaker Lacunar AmnesiaCD LP 'Persistent Repetition Of PhrasesInstallINST002
The Helio Sequence The Captive MindCD LP 'Keep Your Eyes Ahead'Sub PopSPCD 709
Bob Dylan Tangled Up In Blue [Scott's Funky Five Minutes] CD LP 'Blood On The Tracks'Sony5123502
Pin Me Down Cryptic (Phones Materialisation Mix)12" 'Cryptic'KitsuneKITSUNE071
The Wedding Present The Trouble With MenCD LP 'El Rey'Vibrant RecordsVIB CD 01
Eelke Kleijn It All Comes TogetherCD LP 'Audio Therapy - Spring / Summer 2008Audio TherapyATCD11
Alex Canasta Come To Me (Paris Version)Dandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
New Order True Faith (Remix)CD LP various artists 'Bright Lights, Big City. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack'Warner Bros.9 25688-2
Adam Tensta 80's BabyCD LP 'It's A Tensta Thing'K-Werks/RMHBOR-KW015
Lanterns On The Lake Cello SongCD-R demoNoneNone
The Flaming Lips The W.A.N.D. [Teresa's Tasty Tip] CD LP 'At War With The Mystics'Warner Bros.9362499662
King Creosote You've No Clue Do You (Atlantic Conveyer Mix) [Teresa's Tasty Tip] iTunes EP 'You've No Clue Do You'679 Recordings Ltd.None
Neil Young Rockin' In The Free World (Live)CD LP 'Weld'Reprise7599-26671-2
Atomizer Black HandCD-R EP 'Karate Marble Factory EP'NagNagNag RecordsNone
Alex Canasta We Hardly Talk (Paris Version)Dandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Elbow One Day Like ThisCD LP 'The Seldom Seen Kid'Polydor0-06025-1764098-6
Jeff Grainger - August 2008
How do! For my debut, hour long show for Dandelion Radio, I've picked 13 'finds' that have "melted my butter" over the last 12 months or so. Well that should be 12 tracks plus a track by Gabrielle's Wish, a band who have been 'melting my butter' for the last 16 years - but I digress.
August's Show features electronic genius from Manchester's Humanizer. God (+ Goddess) like Lo-Fi Quirky-ness from Superman Revenge Squad & Soko respectively. There's bonkers experimentalism from LA (that's Los Angeles, not Lower Ancoats of course) in the shape of White Mary. Pure Pop Heaven in the guise of Urbantramper & 10,000 Times Glorious (sorry Mark C).
The rest of the gaps are filled in with Drum & Bass majesty from Shookz, dreamy trippy Dub from Dihedral, offensive noodling from Miami Bum Machine to name 3 more. And as a special treat, a track from the greatest blog on the planet; Hope you enjoy. Catch you next month. Jeff.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Gabrielles' Wish Manholewebsite DownloadManchester RecordsNone
Lady AnnTicketCD LP Bad Gyal Inna DanceJump up! RecordsJump 080
Dihedral Dub Collisionsmyspace downloadnoneNone
Miami Bum Machine Kill you in the Facemyspace downloadnoneNone
Shookz Request Deniedwhite labelnoneNone
Soko I will never love you morepromononeNone
Franco & TPOK Jazz Infidele MadoRough Guide To FrancoSterns MusicRGNET1071CD
Humanizer Failsworthmyspace downloadnoneNone
Urbantramper & 10,000 Times Glorious Wishing Blisspromononenone
White Mary Romanian Scat Princessmyspace downloadnonenone
I Squirrel Pick A Bail of Cottonmyspace downloadnoneNone
My Head Radio Odd I see victimsmyspace downloadnoneNone
Superman Revenge Squad When Everyones Deadwebsite downloadnoneNone
Mark Cunliffe - August 2008
Derby gig promoters the Nappy Rash Collective need to take some credit this month. I've come across no less than FOUR of this months artists at NRC gigs, including the artist behind my album for August called Journeys by Babar Luck. The grime Doctor goes Jamaican again with Cotti in production. There's Noisia re-mixing Moby, French world sounds from Watcha Clan. Micropoint will get you pogoing until you've got a hole bigger than Shackleton's crater. We're not being too PC by having some Little Whores On The Prairie.
We get some rocket powered dancing with Jet Set Disco, a real summer vibe from Mattafix and more happiness through a VIP dubstep producer Tes La Rok. No.lay spits fire from her latest mix cd. We have some psychedelic bhangra and how many magicians does it take to change a record?
(ANS - 4 or 5)
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Doctor Calm Down12"GPP RecordsGPP007
My Psychoanalyst Rachael ProtectorCD-RNoneNone
Moby Alice (Noisia Remix)MP3 EP 'Alice EP'Mute RecordingsNone
Ursula Rucker Church PartyMP3 LP 'Ma'at Mama'K7 RecordsNone
Watcha Clan GoumariMP3 LP 'Dispora Hi Fi'Piranha MusikNone
Plastician Feat Skepta Intensive SnareMP3 LP 'Steppas Delight'Soul Jazz RecordsNone
Babar Luck West Is BestCD LP 'Journeys'No Beat Pure Trouble MusicNone
Sukshinder Shinda Chardi KhallaMP3 LP 'Living The Dream'Movie BoxNone
The Endorphins Tyrannosaurus RexMP3NoneNone
MicropointFollow The DealerMP3 LP 'Overdose United'UWE FranceSKU/002
Tor Black Girls (Remix)MP3NoneNone
SkitzDomestic Science feat. Wildflower, Tempa & Estelle12"Ronin RecordsRDP.13
Secret Archives of the Vatican Rock The HowdahMP3 DemoNoneNone
Queen Ifrica Below The Waist MP3 LP 'Reggae Hits 37' Jetstar MusicNone
Frightened Rabbit Fast BloodMP3 LP 'Midnight Organ Fight'130701 RecordsNone
Babar Luck 1 WorldCD LP 'Journeys'No Beat Pure Trouble MusicNone
Leni Ward Can't Be Won't BeCD LP 'Body'Tunica Adventitia RecordsTARCD001
Sonic Area Les Jardins Supendus (Live)MP3NoneNone
Little Whores On The Prairie Afternoon RendezvousMP3NoneNone
JubaSiyaya EjerusalemaMP3 LP 'Mafero'JubaNone
Mattafix Things Have ChangedMP3 EP 'Things Have Changed'Buhddest PunkNone
Jet Set Disco Give A DamnCD-R DemoNoneNone
Sleeparchive Meson12" EP 'Hadron'SleeparchiveZZZ 08
The Valentines Guns FeverMP3 LP 'Trojan Box Set: Rude Boy'Trojan RecordsNone
The Dust Collectors A DedicationCD-RNoneNone
Me & You Arnie Versus GandhiCD LP 'Music For Birthdays'REBTUZM&YST001
Babar Luck Get RichCD LP 'Journeys'No Beat Pure Trouble MusicNone
Tes La Rok Feat Uncle Sam Up In The VIPCD LP 'Mary-Anne Hobbs Presents Evangeline'Planet MuZIQ209CD
Munty Delhi to Detroit MP3 LP 'Delhi To Detroit' Munty RecordingsNone
Jukes Something ImportantMP3 LP 'We Might Disappear'Triumphant SoundNone
No.lay No.Lay Said SoCD LP 'No Comparisons'No.Lay's World766522
Voetsek Why Ya Tryin To Tour On A Myspace Account10" LP 'Points // Lines'IRRK RecordsIRRKSOME 6
The Psychedelic Singh GharaMP3NoneNone
Cauto Bona Vida12" EP 'Dutty Remix Zero'Dutty ArtzDA00
4 Or 5 Magicians Change The Record7"This Is Fake DIY RecordsTIFD0012
Babar Luck Fire Come RainCD LP 'Journeys'No Beat Pure Trouble MusicNone
Mexican Kids At Home Start A One Man Band!MP3NoneNone
DJ NG Tell Me feat. Baby Katy & MC Versatile12"NoneWhite Label
Skream Rutten2xLP 'Skream!'TempaTempa LP 008
Mark Rosney - August 2008
In this months shorter than usual offering of all things slightly off kilter, Mark plays music by artists as diverse as Lord Numb, Lauren, Graystar and One More Grain (amongst others), whilst trying to catch this Month's competition prize.
Also included in this hour long weirdfest is an amazing session by Rachel and the Lawngrower specially recorded for the show, and a bunch of talented shouting people from Westward Ho! - which incidentally is the only place name in the UK with an exclamation mark at the end of it's name, and also home to the rudest shop assistant in the known universe.
So, turn down the lights, fill your bath with blue smarties and post your underpants to some random person in the phone book - or alternatively, tune in and listen to the music instead.
Mark Whitby - August 2008
In his August show, Mark Whitby returns with a bang and some great electronica from the likes of Silencide and Ekiti Son, some more tracks from those typically great albums from The Fall and Half Man Half Biscuit and yet more irreverant excellence in the form of tracks from Les Enfants Bastard and The Bum-Clocks.
Look out for some genuine classics when I pilfer the festive fifty archives to reveal the eighth greatest US state for music and be prepared to beat your own brains out with pleasure to something a little tasty from the recent Ponytail album.
ArtistTitleFormat + Recording TitleRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Beatpunks Cockfightmyspace downloadNoneNone
Chris T-T Old MenCD 'Capital'Xtra MileXRM010CD
The Flying Pandas MyndfckDownload EP 'The Seed'NoneNone
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy You Remind Me Of Something (The Glory Goes)CD 'Lie Down in the Light'DominoWIGCD222
Ponytail Celebrate the Body Electricmp3 downloadWe Are FreeNone
Half Man Half Biscuit Ode To JoyceCD 'CSI Ambleside'Probe PlusPROBE61
ESL Like A HurricaneCD 'Eye Contact'Jericho BeachJBM 0803
The Occasional Keepers Leave The Secret There ForeverCD 'True North'LTMLTMCD 2511
The Bum-Clocks A Tale o' Twa DugsDemo CDNoneNone
Ministry Jesus Built My HotrodCD 'Psalm 69'Sire7599 26727-2
Les Enfant Bastard U R My Fucking Sunshine U CuntCD 'Fresh Veg And Exercise'BambiUR004
The Fall StrangetownCD 'Imperial Wax Solvent'Sanctuary1765729
Blind Boy Fuller Lost Lover BluesCD 'Get Your Ya Yas Out'Complete BluesSBLUECD039
Silencide The Fool Is BlissfulDownload EP 'Gravity Offence'NoneNone
Veruca Salt SeetherCD singleMinty FreshFRET003CDS
Ekiti Son with Ellie Lawson Ground Levelmyspace downloadNoneNone
Natalie Ross Secret Lemonade DrinkerCD EP 'Trains Go Cha-Cha'NoneNone
Boys Dreams Knightlifemyspace downloadNoneNone
Uke Stanza The Fats Of LifeCD singleNoneNone
Schuman the Human Charlie VarrickDownload album 'Showtime for Schuman'Ugly NeighbourNone
Old School Tie Hold OnDemo CD 'You Borrow From Tomorrow'NoneNone
Captain Polaroid The Same Rules Always ApplyDownload EP 'In Miracle World'Filthy Little AngelsLittle 028
Greens Keepers Low And SweetLP 'Present the Ziggy Franklen Radio Show'ClassicCMCLP107
Claire Smith & Laura Griffiths Crossed Wiresmyspace downloadNoneNone
Buzzcocks Boredom12" EPDocumentORG 1
Nick Drake Things Behind the SunCD 'Pink Moon'IslandIMCD94/842 923-2
Hey Today Walk Through (Isotalism Remix)12" singleKitsuneKitsune 064
VFSix Japanese EyesDownload album 'VF's World'NoneNone
Pete Jackson - August 2008
Pete Jackson's August show is a three-hour bumper summer special, featuring a summer clearout of album tracks by The Breeders, Foals, Crystal Castles and many more who slipped throught the net earlier in the year.
There's also new stuff from the Ed Banger stable, more Turkish psychedelic mayham from Erkin Koray, top drum n bass from TDK and Bizzy B, the best Brazillian indie song you've never heard and an invitation you just can't refuse from Let's Wrestle.
Come on in, and mind you don't get sand on your 99.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
TDK Amen NoizeMP3 DownloadBrain DigitalNone
The Wedding Present Santa Ana WindLP 'El Ray'VibrantVIBLP01
Depayk Solo ChibiMP3 EP 'Bits For Dirty Minds And Places'Unfound Sound RecordsUnfound36
Ursula Minor Sick FuzzCD EP 'Laudenum'the foriegn officeTF0001
Capatain Polaroid When A Party Becomes A ParodyMP3 EP 'In Miracle World'Filthy Little AngelsLittle 028
So Me DecalcomaniaLP 'Ed Rec Vol III'Ed BangerBEC5772324
Gaslamp Killer ShowstopperMP3NoneNone
The Manhattan Love Suicides ClusterfuckCD LP 'Indietracks 2008'Make Do And Mendmend002
Texas Chainstore Mascara You Lost Me At HelloMP3NoneNone
Neon Neon Trick For TreatCD LP 'Stainless Style'Lex RecordsLEX 067 CD
Crystal Castles KnightsCD LP 'DifferentDIFB 1200 CD
Mudhoney The Lucky OnesCD LP 'The Lucky Ones'Sub PopSPCD 765
Mark Arm My Life With Rickets7" 'The Freewheelin' Mark Arm'Sub PopSP87
The Jesus And Mary Chain Bo Diddley Is Jesus7" 'April Skies'Blanco Y NegroNEG 24F
Disrupt The Brink Of DestructionMP3 DownloadJahtariJTR NET 17
The Fall Is This NewCD LP 'Imperial Wax Solvent'Sanctuary1765729
The Fall WingsLP 'Palace Of Swords Reversed'Cog SinisterCOG 1
Let's Wrestle Let's Wrestle7" 'Let's Wrestle'Stolen RecordingsSR020
Pink Skull Choco TacoMP3 LP 'Philly Time!'Unfound Sound RecordsUnfound37
The Voluntary Butler Scheme The Eiffel Tower And The BT TowerCD LP 'Indietracks 2008'Make Do And Mendmend002
Radio De Outono Alem De RazaoMP3NoneNone
Foals TronCD LP 'Antidotes'Transgressive RecordsTRANS071CD
The Breeders OverglazedCD LP 'Mountain Battles'4ADCADD 2803 CD
CSS CanonballCD Single 'Left Behind'Sub PopWEA449CD
Justice Stress (Live Version)LP 'Ed Rec Vol III'Ed BangerBEC5772324
Erkin Koray Hor Gorme GaribiLP 'Obsession'Bully RecordsFULP005
Bizzy B Bline 2 GoMP3 DownloadBrain DigitalNone
Digikid84 B Boy UndergroundCD EP 'B Boy'NoneNone
Wonder For AllHolidayMP3NoneNone
Friendly Fires Bring Out Your DeadMP3 DownloadNoneNone
Pivot Didn't I FuriousMP3 DownloadWarpNone
Sebastian DogLP 'Ed Rec Vol III'Ed BangerBEC5772324
The Federals What's Goin RoundMP3NoneNone
The Shangri-Las Give Him A Great Big KissCD LP 'Rock On'Ace RecordsCDCHD 1172
Meat Beat Manifesto HellfireCD LP 'Autoimmune'Planet MuZIQ202CD
Mark E Smith And Ed Blaney TransfusionCD SingleVoiceprintNone
The Greencoats HoneyMP3 DownloadTomt RecordingsTOMTEP03
Billy Lee Riley Red HotCD LP 'Rock On'Ace RecordsCDCHD 1172
My Bloody Valentine Feed Me With Your KissLP 'Isn't Anything'CreationCRELP 040
Rachael Neiman - August 2008
This month's hour-long show is, as usual, jammed full of ear-pleasing treats including delightful tweepop from The Rosie Taylor Project, Gnu and The Shrew, The Roadside Poppies, The Seven Inches, MJ Hibbett & the Validators, Slow Down Tallahassee and The Deirdres, lovely wonky pop from The Lovely Eggs, The Sexual Hot Bitches and The Pocket Gods, sublime noise pop from Chaps, electro grrrl from YouLoveHerCozShesDead, RiotMiloo and Baby Gravy and a riot grrrl Sonic Youth cover by Extinguish Her.
ArtistTitleFormat + Recording FormatRecord LabelCatalogue No.
The Sexual Hot Bitches KittySplit 7" EP with The Lovely EggsFilthy Little AngelsFILTHY013
The Seven Inches CashbackLadyfest Manchester Fundraising Compilation 2008 CD albumCherryade 
Riot Miloo Red EyesPARC CD compilation  
MJ Hibbett and the Validators Easily Impressed'My Exciting Life in Rock' CD EPArtists Against Success 
Baby Gravy Did It Againmp3  
Gnu and the Shrew Girl on a BikeDemo CD  
Chaps Sickmp3  
The Lovely Eggs If You Were FruitDemo CD  
You Love Her Coz She's Dead Superheroes'Superheroes' 10" EPKitsune 
The Deirdres Milk Is PoliticsLadyfest Manchester Fundraising Compilation 2008 CD albumCherryade 
Pocket Gods Devastation DuvetLo-Fi Sci-Fi CD albumNub Country Records 
The Rosie Taylor Project Anne SextonThis City Draws Maps CD albumBad SneakersBADSNEAK13CD
Extinguish Her Drunken Butterflymp3Valentine Records 
Roadside Poppies Sunshine and Rainmp3Wee Pop! Records 
Slow Down Tallahassee CandyOne Gig of Ram CD CompilationRokit Records 
Rocker - August 2008
This month's show from Rocker packs a multitude of new tracks into three hours. There's a debut session from Sheffield's finest The Parallelograms, and featured new LPs from The Manhattan Love Suicides, The Velvet Underground, and this year's compilation from the lovely folk at Indietracks.
There's new tracks from The Brian Jonestown Massacre; Cashanova & the Rich Geezers; Eddie & the Scribbles; Superswamis; Stoop; The Very Most; Summer Cats; and Julien Jacob. Also new techno / house from Federico Epis; a great tech remix of Guy J by Error Error; new singles from The Monorals and MJ Hibbett & the Validators; new dubstep tracks from Pinch and Ramadanman; drum & bass from Logistics; and a Peel's Big 45 from his time in Fort Worth, Dallas, in 1964.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Hank Levine & His OrchestraImage (part 2)7"His Master's Voice45-POP 947
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Gothenberg Handshake (Demo)MySpace Download  
The Parallelograms Dream On DaisyDandelion Radio Session  
PinchChamber Dub12"Soul JazzSJR18712
The Manhattan Love Suicides Dazzle The BlindCDLP - 'Burnt Out Landscapes'Squirrel Records / Magic Marker RecordsSQRL 18
The Mai 68s Totality For KidsDouble CDLP - 'Indietracks 2008 - An Indiepop Compilation'Make Do And MendMEND002
The Wave Pictures Holding Hands7" - 'I Love You Like A Madman'Moshi MoshiMOSHI59
The Velvet Underground & Nico European Son To Delmore SchwartzLP - 'Unripened'XTVXTV-122
Guy J Under Pressure (Error Error remix)12"BedrockBED70
Cashanova & The Rich Geezers BattlegroundsMySpace DownloadMugatu 
Minisnap New BroomCDLP - 'Bounce Around'Pocket Music400
The Parallelograms Stationery ShopDandelion Radio Session  
Portishead SmallCDLP - 'Third'Island Records1764013
The Manhattan Love Suicides Jonny BoyCDLP - 'Burnt Out Landscapes'Squirrel Records / Magic Marker RecordsSQRL 18
MJ Hibbett & The Validators It Only Works Because You're HereCDEP - 'My Exciting Life In Rock!'Artists Against SuccessAAS060
The Zebras Push Our Way To The FrontDouble CDLP - 'Indietracks 2008 - An Indiepop Compilation'Make Do And MendMEND002
The Brian Jonestown Massacre Just Like Kicking JesusCDLP - 'My Bloody Underground'A RecordsAUK011CD
The Velvet Underground & Nico Venus In FursLP - 'Unripened'XTVXTV-122
The Black Angels DovesTriple Vinyl LP - 'Directions To See A Ghost'Light In The AtticLITA033
Eddie & The ScribblesHeyyMySpace Download  
Logistics Slow Motion12" - 'Reality Checkpoint (part 1)'Hospital RecordsNHS135
The Parallelograms Making FacesDandelion Radio Session  
The MonoralsFly Song7" - 'Fly Song EP'Cisumratiug Records1
Firemen Old Smokie7"Le Cam Records951
Red All's FairCDLP - 'Fingerprints'Dealmaker RecordsDMREDCD01
Three Hour Tour I Wanted You AroundCDLP - 'B-Side Oblivion'Martian Record Corp. 
The Manhattan Love Suicides with Random Number Finding The End Of The LineCDLP - 'Burnt Out Landscapes'Squirrel Records / Magic Marker RecordsSQRL 18
The Very Most Profoundly ImperfectCDLP - 'Congratulations Forever'Coming In SecondCIS016
Amida The End Of The AffairDouble CDLP - 'Indietracks 2008 - An Indiepop Compilation'Make Do And MendMEND002
The Parallelograms Please Mr Slug, Don't Make Me Kill YouDandelion Radio Session  
Federico Epis 10 O'Clock (Original Mix)12" - 'Sensations EP'Frisky Recordsfr004
Stoop Sleeping AwakeCDLP - 'Stoopid Monkeys In The House'Prismopaco Records 
Kai Reiner ShineDownload LP - 'Kai Reiner'Lakeview Publishing 
The Manhattan Love Suicides Life In VainCDLP - 'Burnt Out Landscapes'Squirrel Records / Magic Marker RecordsSQRL 18
RamadanmanKablammo Eleven12" EP - 'Carla'Soul Jazz RecordsSJR 183-12
SuperswamisWe Know (Rough Mix)MySpace Download  
Summer Cats Lonely Planet7"CloudberryCLOUDBERRY1003
The Parallelograms Pop The Magic Ice Cream BubblesDandelion Radio Session  
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers Ice Cream ManLP - 'Rock'n'roll With The Modern Lovers'BeserkleyBSERK9
The Velvet Underground & Nico I'm Waiting For The ManLP - 'Unripened'XTVXTV-122
Milky Wimpshake I Wanna Be Seen In Public With YouDouble CDLP - 'Indietracks 2008 - An Indiepop Compilation'Make Do And MendMEND002
Julien Jacob JamoCDLP - 'Barham'Volvox 
Alan HavenImage7"FontanaTF 542
Simon Hickinbotham - August 2008
On my show this month, we travel from Japan to Europe, and on to New York and the West Coast of the United States to hear The Medium Necks, Kint, Sharon Van Etten and a couple of tracks from Eat Skull.
We nip back a couple of hundred years to catch some Corsican polyphony by Cinqui So, and come back to looking forward via sixties Jamaica for a bit of early Don Drummond.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Scotland Yard Gospel Choir Tear Down The Opera HouseCD 'I Bet You Say That To All The Boys'Fashion BrigadeNone
Flashbulb Warm Hands in Cold FogCD 'Soundtrack to a vacant life'AlphabasicNone
Ambrose Tompkins Here They ComeCD 'Are you well?'ForthesakeofthesongNone
Sharon Van Etten I Wish I KnewCD 'Sharon Van Etten'Self-releasedNone
Millicent Cover MouthMP3 LP 'Blue Break'Hippocamphc154
Motorama Tiki TrampCD 'Psychotronic is the beat'Dead BeatDB 78
Origami Arktika Sterke-Nils DoyrCD 'Trollebotn'Silber62
Pylon Less Wires Too Much LovePromo EP / myspace downloadSelf-releasedNone
Clara Engel Illuminate MeCD 'Tender'Corps-MortsNone
Miss Mend Living City Plan 7" single Piao!15
.tape. You`ve Bought a Minicity Free of Plastic SquirrelsCD 'Paintings'Sparksp11cd
Eat Skull New ConfinementCD 'Sick to death'SiltbreezeNone
Eat Skull Survivable SpacesCD 'Sick to death'SiltbreezeNone
Chris Herbert Let's Get Boring (demo)Myspace downloadNoneNone
Ex Dinosaur Pixels In Her EyesSingleUno MomentumNone
Spamchords Can't Stand Love 7" Get Ready Get Down YakisakanaSAZAE 017
Dr Avercado Banana medicineMyspace downloadNoneNone
Lycia BareCD 'Cold'Silber61
Mr Bear ScatterbrickMyspace downloadNoneNone
Cinqui So O Salutaris HostiaCD 'Chants Polyphoniques Corses'PlanettWMD 242040
Don Drummond Let George Do ItLP 'memorial album'TrojanTTL 23
Kill Krinkle Club LakesMyspace downloadNoneNone
The Purple Cow Story Full Blown FluCD 'The Purple Cow Story'Self-releasedNone
The Velvet Underwear Jet Set 12" EP 'Jet Set' Prejudice Production'004'
Kint Rahul In LoveCD-single 'Der Mama und wie er in die Welt kam'Hate Each Other'005'
Bo Diddley Road RunnerCD 'Road Runner / Chess Masters'Hip-O-SelectB001CITRSK
Bark Bark Bark GTFOCD 'Haunts'Retard DiscoNone
Deerhoof Plus 81CD 'Friend Opportunity'Kill Rock StarsKRS472 coleco talking teacher demodownloadNoneNone
Uncle Butcher and his One Man Band Monkey ManMyspace downloadNoneNone
Satin Hooks In GreyMyspace downloadNoneNone
The Medium Necks ConverseMyspace downloadNoneNone
Jackie-O Motherfucker Valley Of FireCD 'Valley of Fire'TextileNone
Pixlh8 Walking Home From SchoolVideogames Ruined My LifeHidden YouthNone
Chocolate Watchband Don't Need Your Lovin' 7" E.P. Mutt1004
Teatowel Come and Get ItMyspace downloadNoneNone
Scumbo PsychoMyspace downloadNoneNone