Andrew Morrison - November 2009
Andy's 2-hours of audio for November's schedule introduces the pleasures of Pseudo Nippon to the masses, with an exclusively recorded session from this OIB Records act. Andy also showcases new unsigned material from Ay Yo Volcano, Raw Milk, DeadDogInBlackBag, Paradise 9 and Curtis, amongst others. Signed new music includes The Twilight Sad, Dave Swain, Hyperdub Records, Yeti Lane, Sad Day For Puppets and former session guests The Pony Collaboration. There's a shoegazey feel to Scott's Funky Five Minutes, and you'll also be reminded at regular intervals to vote in this year's Festive Fifty listeners' poll!
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No.
Paradise 9 Nothing For Tomorrow CD single 'Nothing For Tomorrow' None None
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names God Save Roger Nichols CD-R promo single various artists 'OIB Split Series Volume 2' OIB Records OIB007
Auto-Pilot End Of Time CD-R promo single '9Volt Records Promo' 9Volts Records None
The Pony Collaboration If These Are The Good Times CD LP 'If These Are The Good Times' Series 8 Records SER 008 CD
Pseudo Nippon Jebubu And The Whale Dandelion Radio Session OIB Records None
The Twilight Sad I Became A Prostitute CD LP 'Forget The Night Ahead' Fat Cat Records FATCD-77
Strike The Colours Cold Hands CD LP 'Seven Roads' Deadlight Records DL0002
Rival Consoles ARP CD LP 'IO' Erased Tapes Records ERATP16CD
The Spills I'm Scared I Might CD-R promo single 'I'm Scared I Might / Faux Pas Ha Ha' Philophobia Music PHOP010
Pseudo Nippon Hotdog Is No Name For A Song Dandelion Radio Session OIB Records None
Exeter Bitterweet Vanity CD LP 'Grey Noise, White Lies' Pop Up Records/Engineer Records PUR17 IGN125
Ay Yo Volcano Don't Forget CD-R demo None None
Eureka Brown Mystical Crystals CD-R EP '¡Digitalia!' None None
DeadDogInBlackBag Calamari Queen CD-R single 'Calamari Queen' None None
Raw Milk Weapons Out CD-R demo None None
Red Cosmos Son Of Morris CD-R demo None None
The Jesus And Mary Chain April Skies [Scott's Funky Five Minutes] iTunes LP 'Darklands' Warner Bros. None
The Horrors Mirror's Image CD LP 'Primary Colours' XL Records XLCD 418
The Big Pink At War With The Sun CD LP 'A Brief History Of Love' 4AD CAD 2916 CD
Dave Swain Cartooner CD LP 'I'm Not Here, I'm Never Here' Gore Infidel Records G.1.014CD
Pseudo Nippon Beefegg Revenge Dandelion Radio Session OIB Records None
Martyn Mega Drive Generation CD LP various artists ''5 Years Of Hyperdub' Hyperdub HDBCD005
Curtis Lights CD-R demo None None
Sad Day For Puppets My Twin Star CD LP 'Unknown Colors' Sonic Cathedral SCR015
Yeti Lane Lonesome George CD-R promo single 'Lonesome George' Sonic Cathedral Records SCR019
Jeff Grainger - November 2009
Following a furious battle with his PC Jeff managed to cobble together a jam packed 2 hour show. Playing tracks from this months featured albums; Invasion (The Master Alchemist) and Dihedral (Alpha Tree) including a selection of acts from last months 'In The City'; Sweet Baboo, Young Rival, Humanizer and Crystal Fighters. from we have Murder Book, plus Pama International and ...erm Lulu will be joining the fun and November's session is brought to us by the damn fine The Bordellos.
Rounding things off nicely there's more philosophical musings by Professor Alfie Grainger aged 3 and a half.
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No.
Alfie Grainger Gabba Gabba Hey! none none none
Sweet Baboo How I'd Live My Life Aka The Bumblebee Song Promo CDR    
Invasion Alchemy Promo CDR The Master Achemist This Is Music none
Dihedral Marmalade Kiss Promo CDR Alpha Tree none  
Clutter The Exterminating Machines Exclusive Dandlion Radio Session none none
The Bordello's I am Reborn Exclusive Dandlion Radio Session none none
Murder Book Sparrow Pit 02 mutant ape website download mutant ape none
The Phenomenal Handclap Band All of the Above Promo CDR The Phenomenal Handclap Band tummy touch none
Dry the River Chambers and the Valves promo mp3 none none
Crystal Fighters Xtatic Truth promo CDR kitsune none
Drink and Drive Springtime for Drink and Drive CDR Springtime for Drink and Drive ep none none
The Miserable Rich Gigantic Promo CDR Humble Soul none
Pama International trade it all for more Promo CD Pama Outernational Rockers Revolt RR001
Lulu Morning Dew Love Love's to Love colombia SX6201
Cymbals Eat Guitars And The Hazy Sea Why There Are Mountains self release none
Dihedral Dub Collisions Promo CDR Alpha Tree none  
Invasion Spells and Deception Promo CDR The Master Achemist This Is Music none
The Bordello's Impossible Exclusive Dandlion Radio Session none none
Charlotte Gainsbourg IRM website download none none
Young Rival 04:15 Promo CDR none none
Paul Thomas Saunders Fruit of the Poisonous Tree Promo CDR none none
Alisia Casper Mother ! Am Free promo CDR none none
MJ Hibbert Do The Indie Kid Download Show Session none none
Humanizer Gravity none none none
The Kabeedies fuzzy felt Promo CDR Nrone Records none
The Bordello's Is Death The End Exclusive Dandlion Radio Session none none
Marcelle - November 2009
What's in a name?

This month Marcelle hasn't made it easy for herself regarding song titles. For example, an exciting 12-inch series on the Raster Noton label has titles like 0607_LV_1_RE'!!
There's also very danceable music from Argentinia ('Trocitos' - another killer song title) and Benin ('Dadje Von O Von Non' - say no more!). Other song title gems: 'Hallay' (from Turkey) and 'Unitel' (from Germany). A calypso artist learns German and a postman is happily singing along with a famous band on a 'cult' Look Back Bore 7-inch (of November 1979).
More new tracks, from the likes of Soom T, Tapes, Ebola, The Kabeedies, Jorg, High Places, Shackleton and Soft Circle make Marcelle's November show another exciting and unpredictable journey. There's even a Look Back Bore CASSETTE and two Gift's from God - revisited!!!
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No.
Soom T Dirty Money 12'' EP 'Dirty Money' Jahtari JTR07
NHK Show Two 12'' EP 'NHK Unununium' Raster Noton R-N 111
Los Guacharacos Baila Rosita LP 'A Orillas Del Magdalena' Domino Sound 24
God's Gift Jacqueline's Admission CD 'Pathology. Manchester 1979-1984' Hyped2Death Messthetics #218
Leliwhite Smasher Part 2 (Instrumental) 12'' EP 'Back In Da Day' Beyond Da Booth  
High Places Late Bloomer Split 12'' with Soft Circle PPM PPM025
Moderat Seamonkey (Surgeon Mix) 12'' Bpitch Control BPC 202
Lord Invader & His Calypso Band Auf Wiedersehn 7'' Marga Rita Recordo MRR001
Mapstation Unitel LP 'Africa Chamber' Scape sc59
Chief Brigadier Olu Oni & His Marathon System Juju Marathon System Jam 1 LP' Juju Marathon System Vol.1' Klimt MJJ304
Cult Hero I'm A Cult Hero 7'' Fiction FICS006
Kid 606 Monsters (Cardopusher Remix) LP 'Dancehall Of The Dead' Tigerbeat6 meow152
Istari Lasterfahrer Enjoy Yoursef 2xLP 'The System Works Because You Work' Sozialistischer Plattenbau SPB12017
Aoki Takamasa RN3-09 12'' RN - Rhythm-Variations' Raster Noton R-N 113
Tapes Hackney Dub 12'' EP 'Hissing Theatricals' Jahtari JTR06
Reuben Sarkisian Hallay LP 'String Of Pearls. Instrumental 78s Mississippi MR 41
Ebola Alpha Pow 12'' EP Lodubs  
Jorg Deadman CD/Download 'Lomek 10' Lomechanik  
The Kabeedies Petits Filous CD 'Rumpus' Nr One Records NR53
Gnoddas Pedro & His Dadjes Band Dadje Von O Von Non CD 'Legends Of Benin' Analog Africa AACD065
Soft Circle Don't Just Stand There Split 2'' with High Places PPM PPM025
La Yegros Trocitos De Madeira EP Dutty Artz  
La Yegros Trocitos De Madeira (El Remolón Remix)EP CD 'I'm Not Here, I'm Never Here' Dutty Artz  
Scritti Politti PA.s 12'' '4 A-Sides St Pancras/Rough Trade RT027
Shackleton Mountains Of Ashes 3x12'' '3 Eps' Perlon Perl76
Soom T Survivor 12'' EP 'Dirty Money' Jahtari JTR07
Voks Pistol LP 'astra & Knyst' Dekorder Dekorder 33
Gnoddas Pedro & His Dadjes Band Okpo Videa Bassouo CD 'Legends Of Benin' Analog Africa AACD065
A Certain Ratio Do The Du (casse) LP 'The Graveyard & The Ballroom' Universal Sound US LP20
God's Gift Discipline CD 'Pathology. Manchester 1979-1984' Hyped2Death Messthetics #218
Grischa Lichtenberger 0607_LV_1_Re 12'' Treibgut' Raster Noton R-N 112
Public Image Limited Careering 3x12'' 'Metal Box' Virgin Metal1
Shackleton Moon Over Joseph's Burial 3x12'' '3 Eps' Perlon Perl76
Shackleton Moon Over Joseph's Burial (run-out grooves) 3x12'' '3 Eps' Perlon Perl76
Mark Cunliffe - November 2009
We move into November like a marmoset on a mobility scooter, with all that speed and then the ability to climb to the top shelf to get at the Complan ...
So this month sees Karen Mukupa making like a marmoset and chasing a rude boy for all she can. Fish'll be struggling to get their crane through it's MOT and Genticorum are flinging in a Belgium stylee. Caspa's come up smelling of roses and Windmill are detonating a sound man, I'm not sure what Windy Miller will think about that!
Drumsound & Bassline Smith are lactating humans and Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers are going stargazing.
You know, they shouldn't let a Spinal Tap loving marmoset loose with a mobility scooter, it's dangerous having a speed dial going up to eleven ...
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No.
Decibelles Vivre Ecorche 7" April77 A77 016
Karen Mukupa Run Boy, Run MP3 LP 'Dreamer' Cope None
Gold Panda Like Totally MP3 LP 'The Music Sounds Better With Huw' Witicha Records None
Engine Earz Introspector Myspace Stream    
Genticorum Le pommeau MP3 Lp 'La bibournoise' Rue et Archets None
Lady Saw Love One Another 7" Wake Up VERSA 00Z
Adam John & Ultrablack OneKut MP3 EP 'OneKut' Tuff Love Dubs TUFF 001
Mim Suleiman Pole Pole MP3 None None
Brotherman Bollox MP3 EP 'The Dark' Silent Soundz SS 016DA
Corey Mwamba ICD-10 MP3 EP 'The Group Of One' None None
Jalebee Cartel Midnite Madness MP3 LP 'Onepointnothing' Hyper Space Music None
Fish Rusty Crane Keelong MP3 LP 'An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008' Sub Rosa None
Dead Combo Eléctrica Cadente MP3 LP 'Volume One' Transformadores None
Queen Ifrica Don't Sign MP3 LP 'Montego Bay' VP Records None
Wizzard Sleeve Post Natal Pre-Death Myspace Stream    
Caspa Power Shower MP3 Single Sub Soliders SUBSOL 007
Windmill Big Boom MP3 LP 'Epcot Starfields' Melodic None
Lock Groove No 1 LP 'Lock Grooves' RRRecords LPRRR 1000
Einstein Work Mi A Look 7" DJ Frass CLRNCE 006
Abio Genesis Abysmal Rythms 12" Toximeia TOXEMIA 01
Qwel & Maker White Elephant MP3 LP 'So Be It' Galapagos 4 G 40046
Staff Benda Bilili Sala Mosala MP3 LP 'Très très fort' Crammed Discs None
King Charles Time Of Eternity MP3 Single MI7 None
Nerve Troubles A Heart Like Mine MP3 LP 'Nerve Troubles' Homework None
Arsey Rob Shoot The Compiler MP3 LP 'Arsey Rob's Half Holiday' None None
Jack Of Heart Jack Of Heart Wicked Guy MP3 LP 'Jack Of Heart' Born Bad None
Koketron & DRZ Neday Tronwars MP3 Single Noise Planet NPR 038
Cedric Watson & Corey Ledet Colinda MP3 LP 'Goin' Down To Louisiana' Valcour Records None
Homeboy Sandman Opium MP3 LP 'Actual Factual Pterodactyl' Homeboy Sandman None
The Cave Singers Beach House MP3 LP 'Welcome Boy' Matador Records None
Karo The Sailor MP3 LP 'Sing Out Heart' Normoton None
Pantyraid Beba MP3 EP 'The Sauce' Marine Paradise None
Mr. Vegas Deh Pon the Scene 7" VP Records VPS 9163
Eyedea & Abilities Junk MP3 LP 'By The Throat' Rhymesayers RSE 0111
Drumsound & Bassline Smith Body Pump MP3 Single Westbury Music None
Grand Kalle & l'African Jazz Kelya MP3 LP 'Succes Des Annees 50/60, Vol. 2' Out Here Records None
Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers The Bear MP3 LP 'UUVVWWZ' Syllart Records None
Jehst Feeding Time At the Zoo MP3 LP 'Feeding Time At the Zoo' YNR Records None
UUVVWWZ Castle MP3 LP 'UUVVWWZ' Saddle Creek None
LH1 Beatrocking MP3 EP Beatrocking' Just Play None
Love Is All Last Choice EP 'Last Choice' What’s Your Rupture WYR 0309
Syko New Jazz City (After Dark Mix) MP3 EP 'Evolution Of Sound' Fluid FR 001
Skream Rutten 2xLP 'Skream!' Tempa Tempa LP 008
Mark Whitby - November 2009
There are two much-anticipated exclusives for the price of none in Mark's November show: the long-awaited second session from The Pocket Gods and three exclusive tracks from the 'lost' Factory Records album by Miaow.
We're also treated to a glimpse from the new Schuman The Human album, choice cuts from Retrigger, Ras Zacharri and Nadastrom amongst others, along with a timely dip into the festive fifty of thirty years ago and a speculative glance at what might have appeared had there been one ten years earlier.
And Mark also reveals some of the contents of a mysterious bulging bag picked up from a hotel near Manchester Airport...
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No.
Chll Pll Dick Moves CD 'Aggressively Humble' Porter PRCD-4036
Fy Fan Vem Pallar Bry Sig? 7" EP 'Ah Nej' Adult Crash AC#7
Fingoonet Bouddha Dub Download Album 'Various Personality' Fresh Poulp FPR-039
Adam & Naïve Pretty Download Album 'Summer In The Storm Cellar' None None
Aerotronic Ignition mp3 download None None
The Sky Drops Truth Is CD 'Borgeouis Beat' SVC SVC-025
Retrigger Victim #22 Download Album 'Ornitorrinco Voador' Cock Rock Disco CRD2
The Pocket Gods This Is Now Exclusive Track None None
Jesus Christ (The Indie Band) Is This Really What You Want? mp3 download None None
Floyd The Phenomenal Cat Trophy Bad Craft Certain For Certain mp3 download None None
The Tinopener's Art Robot Germany mp3 download None None
Miaow Angel Spit Exclusive Track Lilypad None
Schuman The Human Trouble In Mind Pre-Release Download Album 'Way To Go Daddio' None None
Dead Times Downpour Download Album 'Midnight Glass' None None
Tender Trap Grand National Download Single Fortuna Pop! FPOP86
Ras Zacharri River Jordan (ft Luciano) CD 'Herbs Man' Shem Ha Boreh Shem Ha Boreh 5
Perfume Genius Look Out, Look Out mp3 Demo None None
Alice Donut Lorelei & Henry CD 'Ten Glorious Animals' Alternative Tentacles Virus409
Slideshow Freak Sure Or less Download EP 'Smile, I Don't Know' Filthy Little Angels Little 048
Spooky Tooth Better By You, Better By Me CD 'Spooky Too' Repertoire 1061
The Ruts Babylon's Burning CD 'Something That I Said' Caroline CDOVD 454
Get Back Guinozzi Police & Thieves CD 'Carpet Madness' Fatcat FATCD89
The Pocket Gods Nub Country Life Exclusive Track None None
Dawa Hifi Tanguy De La Boite A Rhythme Download EP 'Antik Tings' Original Dub Gathering ODGPO14
RazorBladeKisses Alice CD 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Scar' RazorBladeKisses None
Miaow Marry Me Dusty Exclusive Track Lilypad None
Hound Dog Taylor & The Houserockers Take Five CD 'Natural Boogie' Alligator 514704
Fuck Buttons Space Mountain CD 'Tarot Sport' ATP ATPRCD35
Th'Inbred Concerned CD 'Legacy Of Fertility' Alternative Tentacles Virus309
Skeleteen She Comes Out (M63 vs Ariake Remix) Download EP 'Bury The Seasons' None None
The Fresh & Onlys Invisible Forces CD 'Grey-Eyed Girls' Woodsist WOODSIST032
Dan Melchior Und Das Menace Yr Belligerent Face LP 'Obscured By Fuzz' Topplers TVLP01
Wet Hair Stepping Rays (To Heaven's Door) LP 'Dream' Not Not Fun NNF154-LP
So Shush Sixties Planet Download Single None None
Somma Conyd Bardo CD '23 Wheels Of Dharma' Rare Noise Pre-release
The Pocket Gods VV Bud Exclusive Track None None
Spidersleg Erbacher mp3 download None None
Red Fox Chasers Mississippi Sawyers Double CD 'I'm Going Down To North Carolina' Tompkins Square TSQ2219
Miaow Inglorious Miltons Exclusive Track Lilypad None
Nadastrom Squarez (Original Mix) 12" EP 'The Saved EP' Dubsided DSD024
Rock & Roll Adventure Kids Fried Chicken LP 'Hillbilly Psychosis' Total Trash TTR01
Cold Cave The Trees Grew Emotions & Died CD 'Love Comes Close' Matador OLE9132
Space Running In The City CD 'The Best Of Space' Nang NANG013
Go Heeled Is This How Rosetti Did It? Demo CD None None
Nickname: Rebel Konfusion CD 'Box Of Chocolates' Wow Cool 24/018
The Light Crust Doughboys Rural Rhythm LP 'String Band Swing Volume 2' Longhorn KK09
The Chasms I'd Splice My Mind For Half A Chance Download Album 'The Chasms Vs Dandelion Radio' None None
Matt Jones - November 2009
This month's output from Matt is a three hour blast of new tunes and a few older ones chucked in for self indulgence sake. Tune in to hear brand new stuff from Wheeler, Shemian, Cloaks, Nissennenmondai, Jookabox, Sun Araw, Roshi feat Pars Radio, Brian Harnetty, Tickley Feather, Themselves, Dj /Rupture, Claro Intelecto, Beat Circus and a new track from the ever mesmeric Jah Wobble.
All this, plus an amazing session from the electronic wizardry of Preston's finest purveyer of brain scrambling bleeps, bass and beats - The one and only Dilworth!
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No.
Hayvanlar Alemi Hayalgucu Spor Kulubu MP3 EP “Hayvanlar Alemi Tatilde” n/a n/a
Wheeler Breeze Blow MP3 Single “Breeze Blow” Jahtari JtrNet18
Shemian 1927 (Original Mix) Mp3 Single “1927” Burlesque Music BUR001
Cloaks “00162” MP3 LP “Versus Grain” 3BY3 3BY3002
Nissennenmondai Disco Disco MP3 LP “Destination Tokyo” Smalltown Supersound STS157
The Welcome Wagon He Never Said a Mumblin' Word CD LP “Welcome to the Welcome Wagon” Asthmatic Kitty AKR045
Henry and Louis Without Jah Dub MP3 LP “Increments” 2 Kings 2KRCD05
Ghostdigital Not Clean CD LP “In Cod We Trust” Ipecac IPC-70
Dilworth Dandelion Radio Session pt 1 Dandelion Radio session n/a n/a
Jookabox Light CD LP “Dead Zone Boys” Asthmatic Kitty AKR062
Sun Araw Hustle and Bustle MP3 LP “Heavy Deeds” NotNotFun NNF169
The Phantom Band Folksong Oblivion MP3 LP “Checkmate Savage” Chemikal Underground CHEM107
Roshi feat Pars Radio No Camel MP3 LP “The Sky and the Caspian Sea” Geo Geo014
K.Larm & J.Raninen Oblivion MP3 EP “Prone to Warping” Audiocast Productions ??
Brian Harnetty It's Different Now MP3 LP “Silent City” Atavistic ALP190
Tickley Feather Don't Call Marylin MP3 LP “Hors Doeuvres” PAW TRACKS PAW-029
HRSTA Swallow's Tail CD LP “Stem Stem in Electro” Constelation CST36
Themselves You ain't it MP3 LP “Crowns Down” Anticon ABR0096
Habakuk Mury Mp3 LP “Polska Roots” Eastblok Records EBM015
Dilworth Dandelion Radio Session pt 2 Dandelion Radio session n/a n/a
Matty G, DJ /Rupture, Lloop Layin in Bed, Overture: Watermelon City feat. Elizabeth Alexander, Autumn Rain MP3 LP “Solar Life Raft” The Agriculture AG049
Inspiral Carpets Mermaid CD LP “Beast Inside” Mute Dung 14 CD
Jah Wobble Get Carter MP£ Single “Get Carter” Pressure Sounds PSTI006
Claro Intelecto Chadderton Mp3 EP “Chadderton” Modern Love Love057
Beat Circus Boy from Black Mountain CD LP “Boy from Black Mountain” Cuneiform Cuneifrom Rune 294
Dave Swain Gravity Depravity CD LP “I’m not here, I’m never here” Gore Infidel Records G.I014
Illyah & Ltd. Candy Machines and Ghosts MP3 EP “Machines and Ghosts” Jahtari Records JTR04
Pan American Code CD LP “360 Business/360 Bypass” Kranky KRANK041
Pete Jackson - November 2009
November's show is a right mixed bag of nuts, with new albums from Lime Headed Dog, Fuck Buttons, Part Chimp and A Place To Bury Strangers meeting the less-well-known likes of Ghetto B Boys, Applesauce Tears and Barbara's Straight Son. Pete starts a new regular feature celebrating the hardcore punk explosion of the late 80s with a band named after a seasonal illness, we've a couple of great new releases from Sacred Bones Records and there's a decidedly German feel to cover versions from Katsen and Vibravoid.
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No.
Fuck Buttons Surf Solar CD LP 'Tarot Sport' ATP Recordings ATPRCD35
Satan's Youth Ministers I Don't Get Around MP3 LP 'Gypsey Farm Compilation' Gypsey Farm None
Ghetto B Boys Acid Loop 2 MP3 EP 'Acid Loops' Sauerbad Records sauer017
The Drums Let's Go Surfing 7" Single Moshi Moshi Records MOMO24
Moon Duo Killing Time 12" Single Sacred Bones Records SBR024
Factums Split Screen LP 'Flowers' Sacred Bones Records SBR025
Minimorph Real Place MP3 EP Unfound Sound Records Unfound 43
Sore Throat War Systems LP 'Hiatus' Peaceville Records VILE 6
Extradition Order Islington Creeper CD LP 'Since The Bomb Dropped' I Blame The Parents None
Vibravoid Eye Shaking King 7" EP 'Kraut Rock Sensation' Fruits De Mer Crustacean 07
Katsen German Film Star CD LP 'It Hertz' Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation LIFE 059
Lime Headed Dog Bobby Fischer CD LP 'Kfum & Kfuk' Volcano Attack  
Caspa ft. Dynamite MC Rat-A-Tat-Tat CD LP 'Everyone's Talking No-one's Listening' Fabric FABCD005D
Thee Vicars The Beat CD LP 'Psychotic Beat' Dirty Water Records Unreleased
A Place To Bury Strangers It Is Nothing CD LP 'Explding head' Mute Records CDSTUMM311
Lester Flatt And Earl Scruggs Don't Get Above Your Raisin' MP3 LP 'Essential Bluegrass Anthology' Not Now Music B001C3ANDI
Barbara's Straight Son I Am A Riotoid MP3 LP 'Money Yay! Compilation' illphbetik ill042
Applesauce Tears Star MP3 LP 'Tracker' Black Cottage BC07
Floating Mind Transversal Directions MP3 EP 'Dispersion' Monokrak Records MonoKrak42
Dr Snuggle And MC Jacqueline O P I D K K O Q MP3 LP 'Dr Snuggle Et MC Jacqueline En Split Avec Rocky Cat Boudiou Records Unknown
Pro 7 Mi Amor (Dilemn Remix) 12" Single Boxon Records Boxon013
The Feelies The Boy With Perpetual Nervousness LP 'Crazy Rythms' Domino Recording Company REWIGLP65
Part Chimp Trad CD LP 'Thriller' Rock Action Records Rockact45cd
Crimson Death Vs Electromagnetic Impulses Warewolves MP3 Download None None
Dead Kennedys Kill The Poor LP 'Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables' Cherry Red Records BRED 10
Rocker - November 2009
As usual this month we have a packed three-hour show. There are new tracks from The Monorals; Babalon Anon; The Lovely Eggs; The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart; The Cubical; Emmy The Great; Violet Violet; Vivian Girls; Thom Yorke; Mike Downey; Vowels; The Flaming Lips; and Pens.
There's new electronica from Matzak, and Claude Vonstroke, and a killer remix of Alan Fitzpatrick's "Reflections" by Petar Dundov; also new tracks by both Burial and Martyn from the "5 Years Of Hyperdub" compilation, as well as some Russian dubstep which I am sure was named in honour of your fat DJ.
This month's Peel's Big 45 is by a British guitar band from 1965 on Decca, while this month's Educating Elizabeth is singularly a cover of a hit record, an instrumental, and a 2009 recording.
In a departure for Dandelion Radio, there's also some contemporary poetry, in the form of several tracks from the live album by the Black Country's finest, Long Lost Frank.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: Nicolas Matuszczak, aka Matzak, is a French pharmacist.
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No.
Hank Levine & His Orchestra Image (part 2) 7" His Master's Voice 45-POP 947
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart 103 7" Slumberland / Fortuna Pop! SLR105
The Parallelograms Dream On Daisy 7" Cloudberry Records CLOUDBERRY 1013
Vowels Two Wires LP - 'The Pattern Prism' Loaf Recordings LOAF33 LP
Long Lost Frank Thunderbirds CDr - 'Found - Live At Katie Fitzgeralds'    
Matzak Magneto 12" - 'Speicher 65' Kompakt KOMPAKT EX 65
Oldwick Hold Me CDrEP - 'Silent Be'    
Babalon Anon Angels MySpace    
Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences I've Had My Fun CDS Jezus Factory Records JF020
The Third Degree Mercy (Instrumental) 7" Soul Jazz Records AJX218S
I Was A King Norman Bleik 7" Sonic Cathedral Records SCR018
Teenage Fanclub Neil Jung CDEP Creation Records CRESCD 210
The Monorals You Should Be Your Light CDEP - 'Surf 4 Fuzz' Odd Box Records ODD008
I, Ludicrous We're The Support Band Download Single    
Burial Fostercare 2CD Comp - '5 Years Of Hyperdub' Hyperdub Recordings HDBCD005
Dennis Farrar 15 Beers Ago Download    
The Lovely Eggs Haunt Me Out CDEP Cherryade Records CHY029
Claude Vonstroke Vocal Chords 12" - 'Bird Brain EP' Dirty Bird Records DB029
The Medusa Snare Belenkaya CDLP - 'Cinderella' Squirrel Records SQRL22
Long Lost Frank I Know Where You Live CDr - 'Found - Live At Katie Fitzgeralds'    
Pens I Sing Just For You LP - 'Hey Friend, What You Doing?' De Stijl Records LP071
Thee Crucials Downtown Download Compilation - 'Gypsy Farm Compilation 1' Gypsy Farm Records  
Emmy The Great Two Steps Forward 12" - 'Edward EP (First Songs) Close Harbour CH003
Giant Rocker 12" Dub Police Records DP028
The Flaming Lips Watching The Planets CDLP - 'Embryonic' Warner Bros 520857
Mike Downey Families CDLP - 'Total Hearts' Series II Records #66
The Mark Four Hurt Me If You Will 7" Decca F.12204
Ted Chipppington Content Warning      
Long Lost Frank Ice Cream CDr - 'Found - Live At Katie Fitzgeralds'    
Violet Violet Dick Van Dyke CDLP - 'The City Is Full Of Beasts' NR ONE NR52CD
Long Lost Frank Sold As Seen CDr - 'Found - Live At Katie Fitzgeralds'    
Eux Autres My Love Will Not Let You Down 2CD - 'Play Some Pool - Skip Some School - Act Real Cool - A Global Pop Tribute To Bruce Springsteen' Where It's At Is Where You Are wiacd020
Coming Soon Don't Sell Me To The French CDLP - 'Ghost Train Tragedy' Kitchen Music k003
Vivian Girls Can't Get Over You LP - 'Everything Goes Wrong' In The Red Records ITR 179
Thom Yorke The Hollow Earth 12" - 'Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses'   xx002
Mike Bones What I Have Left 7" Social Registry TSR073
The Cubical Ratty CDLP - 'Come Sing These Crippled Tunes' Dead Young DYR05CD
Martyn Mega Drive Generation 2CD Comp - '5 Years Of Hyperdub' Hyperdub Recordings HDBCD005
The Fauns Road Meets The Sky CDLP - 'The Fauns' Laser Ghost Recordings LASERGHOST01
Saturation Point Untitled 2 CDLP - 'Mechanisms' Invada Records  
Beak> Iron Acton CDLP - 'Beak>' Invada Records INV100CD
Alan Fitzpatrick Refections (Petar Dundov Remix) 12" Bedrock BED 82
Hank Levine & His Orchestra Image (part 1) 7" His Master's Voice 45-POP 947
Simon Hickinbotham - November 2009
It's great to be back with a new show, even if its only for one hour. I'll be playing a whole bunch of new stuff I've found over the past couple of months, including stuff from Moolah Temple $tring Band, Bankai, B Eitan, Alien Hand, She Moved Through The Fair, Gum, and Orange Box.
Thanks for listening!
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No.
Moolah Temple String Band Cherry Bed Antique Myspace download    
Slomo Manie Colonius Monk Collective, web release ideology ID.022
Bankai Faun Quarter Circle Punch, web release Self-Released  
Face Control Staring Myspace download Self-Released  
B Eitan Bald E Mahbub Web download Self-Released  
Acid Tag Team Nibble Nobble Web download Self-Released  
Murry The Hump Kebab or Shag Colouring book EP Malthouse  
Alien Hand The one and only time you touch the boys of Malin Better Late Than Never, web release Digital Vomit DVR049
She Moved Through The Fair Nubile Knees on Seasoned Leaves Dawn Barns EP Fuzzy Panda  
Muddy Waters Standing Round Crying The Chess Box Chess  
Natural Numbers Sunrising Comma Neon Aztec  
Gum Water Desert Sound Vol III Perkele  
Sharon Van Etten I'm not giving up on you Myspace download    
Orange Box From minus 19 to zero in one night 52 Weeks Peppermill  
Ste McCabe - November 2009
In November on Dandelion I finally stop dragging my feet and bring you my first ever two-hour show, which proves surely to be my best yet! As I make my way through fake lambrini and smartprice tea (not at the same time), I debate and play all kinds of joys from current queer underground stars such as Drunk Granny, Gravy Train!!!!! and Husbands, outstanding alternative female energy from Das Wanderlust, Hotpants Romance and Death of the Elephant, as well as 90's classic grrrl punk rock from Bikini Kill and Sister George. I also give a special dedication to the late, great Kirsty MacColl who would have turned 50 just before November and play an under-rated classic from the wonderful lady herself. Enjoy!
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No.
Das Wanderlust Puzzle Horses For Courses Don't Tell Clare  
Gravy Train!!!!! Titties Bounce Hello Doctor Kill Rock Stars  
Penny Broadhurst and the Maffickers Your Bones (Live) Live Session - Myspace N/A  
Maanam Lipstick on the Glass Best of Kora and Maanam Volume 1 Caroline World Service Calalogue  
Kids Love Lies Learning to Smile Under the Bed Cherryade  
Pianofingers The Bone Palace Ladyfest Manchester 2008 Cherryade  
Tribe 8 Tranny Chaser Snarkism Alternative Tentacles  
Boy George God Don't Hold a Grudge Cheapness and Beauty Virgin Records  
Helen's Evil Twin Stop Talking The Face That Sunk a Thousand Ships N/A  
Husbands Muscle Memory Get Bent compilation N/A  
Kirsty MacColl Soho Square Titanic Days ZZT Records  
Hyperbubble Nervous System Airbrushed Alibis Filthy Little Angels  
Bikini Kill Rebel Girl The Singles Kill Rock Stars  
Shampoo Bouffant Headbutt I Know What Boys Like Food Records  
Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies The Lorry Driver Song The New Underground Free Rock'n'Roll  
The Lovely Eggs I'm in Your Scene Ladyfest Manchester 2008 Cherryade  
Hotpants Romance I Don't Wanna It's a Heatwave Big Print  
Soft Cell Secret Life Demo Non-Stop Some Bizzare  
Smartypants Knee Sox Team Smartypants in Outer Space N/A  
Caveman Joe You Were Gay myspace Surfcore Records  
Death of the Elephant Trypticon Friends With Deficits N/A  
Sister George Virus Envy Drag King Catcall Records  
Soulbossa Inga Penga Love Amongst the Stars Dishy Records  
Morrissey Mama Lay Softly on the Riverbed Years of Refusal Decca  
Helen Love Girl About Town Radio Hits 2 Damaged Goods  
Atomizer I'd Prefer Not To Cult of Europa Nag Nag Nag  
Drunk Granny Everyone Hates Queers Postcards from Auntie Julie N/A  
Ian Cockburn and the Whole World A Toast to the Coast myspace N/A