Andrew Morrison - December 2009
Andy's December show features a specially recorded - and satisfyingly noisy - session from Dave Swain, along with new music from the likes of Lucas Renney, Sad Day For Puppets, Rival Consoles, Pope Joan, and Hyperdub Records. A couple of "Christmas moments" from The Flaming Lips and Cocteau Twins bookend the 2-hour show, and you'll hear some exciting unsigned tunes including Damn Vandals, The Explorers and DeadDogInBlackBag. The icing on the Christmas cake is Andy throwing a rare technological tantrum complete with a comprehensive array of X-rated expletives. You have been warned! Also listen out for Andy appearing in Dandelion Radio's Festive Fifty countdown show every day from Christmas Day until the end of January, and the Festive Fifty Build-Up Show at 10pm on Christmas Eve!
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
The Flaming LipsA Change At Christmas (Say It Isn't So)CD single 'Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell'Warner Bros.9362485142
SwathesDistances (Edit)CD-R demoNoneNone
The Big PinkTonightCD LP 'A Brief History Of Love'4ADCAD 2916 CD
Cygnus X1RespectCD-R promo single '9Volt Records Promo'9Volts RecordsNone
Dave SwainSurfing On A New Tide Of ViolenceDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Pope JoanCenturionsCD-R promo single 'Centurions / Volumes'OIB RecordsOIB016
AparatecVemeerMP3 LP various artists 'Erased Tapes Collection 1'Erased Tapes RecordsERATP010
VelvertNo Movementmp3 'No Movement'NoneNone
Bodi BillTip Toe [Teresa's Tasty Tip] iTunes LP 'Next Time'SinnbusrecordsNone
Peggy SueThe Sea The Sea [Teresa's Tasty Tip] iTunes EP 'First Aid'Broken SoundNone
The ExplorersMelting In The RainCD-R demoNoneNone
Dave SwainStrychnine Come DancingDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
DeadDogInBlackBagCalamari Queen (Joe Dewdney Remix)CD-R single 'Calamari Queen'NoneNone
Help Stamp Out LonelinessCellophaneCD-R promoNoneNone
Damn VandalsThis AmazingCD-R demoNoneNone
Kode9 & The SpaceapeGhost TownCD LP various artists ''5 Years Of Hyperdub'HyperdubHDBCD005
The ProdigyGhost TownCD LP various artists '1 Love'B-Unique Records0927 49371 2
Dave SwainMissy's Last ImaginingDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
New Order Your Silent Face [Scott's Funky Five Minutes] CD LP 'Power, Corruption & Lies'London Records 90 Ltd2564693698
Rival ConsolesKitschMP3 LP various artists 'Erased Tapes Collection 1'Erased Tapes RecordsERATP010
The Bobby McGee'sWovon Man Nicht Sprechen Kann, Daruber Mus Man SchwenCD LP 'L'Appropriation Bourgoisie De La Bobby McGee's'Cherryade RecordsCHY025
Lucas RenneyAs The Night Gently FallsCD LP 'Strange Glory'Brille RecordsBRILLCD112
Sad Day For PuppetsAll The SongsCD LP 'Unknown Colors'Sonic CathedralSCR015
Cocteau TwinsFrosty The SnowmanCD LP various artists 'Volume Five'VolumeV5CD
Greg Healey - December 2009
An urgent start to a new show from a new DJ with a dollop of finest Belgian Electro Punk to celebrate the coming of Christmas. This kind of thing is not lined up in the windows of chocolatiers in the heart of Brussels for the delectation of European techonocrats. Though you might find them smearing such tasty treats on themselves in a back street away from the publics' gaze.
With mellow lounge vibes we continue until we are lifted screaming by the forelock into the stratosphere and beyond with an updated take on space rock from the far north of Europe. And so it carries on via glitchy electronica and ironic tuneful postdate europop with a catchy tune and a dark message.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Nid and SancyNo Fuck AllElectronic Bible 3WLMWLM 100
The Protagonist!I Hope I Die In The Arms Of The Girl I Love...Pink FuzzStroboscopicstr5
KingBastard[MindThatChild]BastardizeHerb RecordingsHerb006
Professor KliqPlastic and Flashing LightsFree download Creative Commons mp3 LP The Scientific Method, Volume II: Experiments in Sound & PerspectiveSelf ReleaseNone
IxtlanPlanet Earth Next LaunchFree download Creative Commons mp3 LP Galaxy Overload In The Circle Of 823 Seconds Net LabelSec.003
Rupert FalschLinks auf der Fahrbahn ein totes TierFree Download Creative Commons mp3 LP Links auf der Fahrbahn ein totes TierCorpid Net LabelCorpidex026
Mo'Town JunkieCocaine BluesFree download CC MP3 LP Cuts and Raw TapesPhonotactics Net LabelNone
Weird GearOsaka NightsUnreleased previewMMRnone
MoREmo RiffFree download creative commons mp3 LP I've cheatedbeat is murder (net label)None
RSDANeekElectronic Bible 3WLMWLM 100
Risch gibberischFree download Creative Commons mp3 LP drowning shapes and spacesSample OakSOAK1
Glejs webcamFree download Creative Commons mp3 LP electropop epSelf ReleaseNone
AudiogliderSlipping AwayFree download mp3 EP Circadian Express EPFull Time Hobbynone
Jeff Grainger - December 2009
Jeff's 2009 ends with a real CRASH (his PC) BANG (his foot on the PC) WALLOP! (PC hitting the wall). Yet still manages to retrieve a blinding 3 hour show from the wreckage. Return visits to his favourite sessions from the past 12 months (The Half Sisters, Wolfram Wire and The Stink Taps) with another chance to replay his personal highlights of '09 (Gaggle, Sonic Youth, Billygonebad, The Greenland Choir).
However the 180 minutes isn't all about wallowing in the past as there are some first time plays (A Life in Film, Liberty Vessels & Rosie Lugosi) and no less than 3 exclusive sessions by The Rain Bonnets, Rev Porl & Alisia Casper. Who each recorded an exclusive Christmas session -'tis indeed the season to be merry!
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Alfie GraingerHello Father ChristmasExclusive Recording for Dandelion Radiononenone
The Truth About FrankThe Grey LegendWebsite Downloadlong division with remaindersnone
GaggleCrowsPromo Mp3nonenone
The Greenland ChoirMount ErebusWe Shall Indeed Turn Dizzy Then... E.Pself releasenone
The ChasmsElectrostaticExclusive Recording for Dandelion Radiononenone
The Stink TapsFoggy Night BrainExclusive Recording for Dandelion Radiononenone
The Rain Bonnets Boozy bends to the rulesExclusive Recording for Dandelion Radiononenone
The Rain Bonnets Lap JacketExclusive Recording for Dandelion Radiononenone
The Rain Bonnets Mannequin MouthmanExclusive Recording for Dandelion Radiononenone
The Rain Bonnets Your Space and your reactionExclusive Recording for Dandelion Radiononenone
Drink And Drive Greg's FaultCDR Springtime for Drink and Drivenonenone
Numan dream modepromo mp3nonenone
Liberty VesselsLittle White Roomspromo CDRnonenone
Middx get me goingMIDDX2 Track Recordings2TRACK1CD
Pama InternationalHappenstancePromo CDR Pama OuternationalRockers RevengeRRHIT703
A Life In Film stay closermyspace downloadnonenone
Billy Gone BadindedendanthardworkingteamplayingcomittedbullshitterThe Acceptable Face of RiotingCEN:SORE RecordsCRCD0801
The Half SistersFlying ShowExclusive Recording for Dandelion Radiononenone
Cilo Cub unknown titlePromo CDR March Febrile EPRetronymRTN001
Bear Driverballoon racedemononenone
Superman Revenge SquadLosing Yourself to Stadium RockWe're Here For The Duration .We Hopemy best unbeaten brothermy best unbeaten brother #2
MazaherSargen Barnowebsite downloadnonenone
The Answering Machine clifferPromo CD Another City Another SorryHeist or Hitnone
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Higher Than The Stars (Saint Etienne Visits Lord Spank Remix)rcrdlbl downloadnonenone
J HughesChemicals (acoustic)promo mp3nonenone
AnchorsongDrum Song#2Promo CDRnonenone
Wolfram Wire w/Hypnotique no itu loverExclusive Recording for Dandelion Radiononenone
The Joy FormidableWhirringCD LP 'A Balloon Called MoaningnoneTJF08
Rev Porl with Tea-TimePoetsExclusive Recording for Dandelion Radiononenone
Rev Porl with Tea-TimeShaved GibbonExclusive Recording for Dandelion Radiononenone
Rev Porl with Tea-TimeXmas In ManchesterExclusive Recording for Dandelion Radiononenone
Rev Porl with Tea-TimeHarmExclusive Recording for Dandelion Radiononenone
Cymbals Eat GuitarsSome TreesWhy There Are Mountainsself releasenone
PRDCTVHello Brunopromo cdrnonenone
Rosie LugosiThe Lights Go OutPromo Mp3nonenone
Violet VioletV.U.L.T.U.R.E.SPromo CD THE CITY IS FULL OF BEASTSNronenone
Alisia CasperGlobal WarmingExclusive Recording for Dandelion Radiononenone
Alisia CasperLost Human & GodsExclusive Recording for Dandelion Radiononenone
Alisia CasperA Dog for ChristmasExclusive Recording for Dandelion Radiononenone
Alisia Casperwinter ComesExclusive Recording for Dandelion Radiononenone
Alisia CasperReflection, Waiting...Exclusive Recording for Dandelion Radiononenone
Sonic Youth Massage The HistoryThe EternalmatadorHN624CD
Marcelle - December 2009
The time to forget

December is certainly not Marcelle's favourite month: too cold, too dark, too Christmassy, too Santa Claussy, in short: too many boring, predictable Festivities!
To get her and the more curious listeners through this month she made an extra cutting edge show with the most unusual sounds from all over the place: weirdness from Belgium (Uské Orchestra), Germany (The Durian Brothers - making music on turntables without any records!) and Greece (ancient songs about drugs!).
There are more new tunes, from amongst others Jah Wobble, AGF, The Bent Moustache, Cyrus, Aardvarck, Mathias Schaffhäuser and Matt Shadetek. And Schlachthofbronx, Anzala, Dolor, Vélo and Wild Billy Childish make such a happy, joyful noise that you will almost forget that it is this time of the year!
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Anzala, Dolor, VeloTi Fi La,Ou Te Madam'2xLP 'Tumbele'Soundway RecordingsSNDWLP017
Advanced SportswearPost Observation PostCD 'Advanced Sportswear'Junior AspirinASP 018
Mathias Schaffhauser & MidinovelaQuiero (Ultimate House Mix)12'' EP 'Unequal Equality Bonus Edition'WareWare 81
Harilaos Piperakis (Kritikos)The Toust2xLP 'Mortika'MississippiMR-043
Matt ShadetekStrength In Numbersmp3Dutty Artz 
The AdvertsSafety In Numbers7''AnchorANC 1047
Aardvarcktrack 2, side B12'' 'Bloom 3'BloomBloom 3
Throbbing GristleHot On The Heels Of LoveLP '20 Jazz Funk Greats'IndustrialEx 3
SchlachthofbronxSchorschl Take 32xLP 'Schlachthofbronx'Disko B 
OkapiAldo KapiLP 'Love Him. Okapi Plays The Music Of Aldo Kapi. Vol. 1Belligeranza5
CyrusWet Fart Digi Master12'' EP  
UnknownJagaang TigangLP 'Meta La Pena'MississippiMR-029
Cio d'OrPailletten (Sleeparchive Remix)12'' EP 'Die Faser 2'ProloguePRG008
The Durian BrothersInside Palace12'' EP 'Clubs'DiskantDisk01
Les Loups Noirs d'HaitiJet Biguine2xLP 'Tumbele'Soundway RecordingsSNDWLP017
Colin McLean & Andy MorDelta BlockCD 'Everything But The Beginning'Unsounds17U
Delta 5Mind Your Own Business7''Rough TradeRT 031
Ghislain Poirier feat. MC ZuluImmigrant Visa12'' EP 'Soca Sound System'Ninja TuneZen12231
MaccBoomer (Martsman Remix)split 12'' with ReactivAlphacutACR012
StaggaSick As Sin (Ultra VIP)12'' EP Face Gets SplatRag And BoneTotter 22
The Bent Moustachecounterinsurgencylifestylegames7''Wormer 
Markos VamvakarisHash-Smoking Mortissa2xLP 'Mortika'MississippiMR-043
AGFWe Break outCD 'Einzelkampfer'AGF Producktion 
The ClashArmagideon Time Version): Justice Tonight / Kick It Over12'': London Calling Dec-87
ShackletonAsha In The Tabernacle3x12'' '3 Eps'PerlonPerl76
Uske OrchestraPel-PynLP 'PalpelpiSonigsonig72
Uske OrchestraDon't Stop (Mouse On Mars Remix)LP 'Moli Herzog. Remixes'Monkey Tool/AmbivalenceMonkeytool07b/lens009b
The Bent MoustacheLoyalty Scheme7''Wormer 
Wild Billy Childish & The BlackhandsDread LuckLP 'Play Captain Calypso's Hoodoo PartyDamaged GoodsDamgood 302 Lp
Jah WobbleGet Carter10''Pressure SoundsPSTI 006
Public Image LimitedThe Cowboy song7'' Public ImageVirginVS 228
Public Image LimitedThe Cowboy Song (runout grooves)7'' Public ImageVirginVS 228
Mark Cunliffe - December 2009
Well December has come upon us quicker than a dingo on an stray Mcendries* Kebab.....oh, no....hang on, that wouldn't be that quick at all.....dingo's like meat......
So anyway, what is there for you to get your teeth into on my show? Gideon Conn can offer you up a salmon medallion if you fancy and if you want to freshen your breath up afterwards then Boris Brejcha can offer you some Wrigley's with a difference. On matters away from the stomach Aidan Moffat is doing some DIY sewing which Qwel doesn't see the funny side of and leaves Boston Spaceships fundimentally flabbergasted. Scuba's all nostalgic and The Intelligence are talking about Katie Price no less. The Council Flats Of Kingsbury are living it up in Lyme Regis and Rob Threezy's gunna join them if he can. It's as The Spivs'll tell ya, It's True.....all of it....
*Derby's premier palace of gastronomy
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
EmalkayWhen I Look at YouMP3 SingleDub PoliceNone
StickbubblyPhone Song12"D N B SourceSAL 001
Andy BoySuelta (feat. Cosculluela, Nejo, Dalamata)MP3 LP 'My Best 10 Greatest Hits: Vol 2'Digital Life3661585155010
Aidan Moffat + The Best OfsThe Lavender Blue Dress7"Chemikal UndergroundCHEM 122
Tickley FeatherBuzzyMP3 LP 'Hors D'Oeuvres'Paw TracksNone
Qwel & MakerNo JokeMP3 LP 'So Be It'Galapogos 4G 40046
Boston SpaceshipsRadical AmazementMP3 LP 'Zero To 99'GVB IncNone
Pat Appleton & The Bahama Soul ClubLate Night BossaMP3 LP 'Bar Bubbles'HolophonNone
Shackleton(No More) Negative ThoughtsLP 'Three EP's'PerlonPerlon 76
Bandish ProjektPragat PritamMP3 LP 'Correkt'WikkidBPCD 004
YTStalker7"FlexitimeTEK YOURTIME
Justin Adams & Juldeh CamaraBanjul GirlMP3 LP 'Tell No Lies'Real World RecordsNone
Gideon ConnThe Man Who Drives Around Selling FishMP3 LP 'One Taste Compilation Vol 1'One Taste Arts LtdNone
Lightnin' HopkinsGoin' Back HomeMP3 LP 'The Greatest Hits 1959-1965'Empire MusicwerksNone
Boris BrejchaMagic GumMP3 EP 'Magic Gum EP'HarthouseNone
Missawatanabe vs SpacetravelerFurther Good News From The Don't Think ChannelMP3NoneNone
Goldin & Bit TunerJoy Division Country-ClubMP3 LP 'CSI: Appenzell'QuietQR 027CD
TenchuUsed To Be (Scuba Remix)12"Dubious RecordsDBZ 003
The IntelligenceGetting' Classy7" EP 'Getting Classy'Dirty NobbyDK 009
Drumsound & Bassline SmithMafia VIPMP3 SingleWorldwide Audio RecordingsWAR 02
The Council Flats of KingsburyFun In the SunMP3 LP 'The Council Flats of Kingsbury'Uncharted AudioNone
The Cornel West TheoryRiflesMP3 LP 'Second Rome'Sockets RecordsNone
Rob ThreezyLet's Go RaversMP3 EP 'Rob Threezy EP'2 HypeNone
TinariwenLullaCD LP 'Imidiwan: Companions'IndependienteISOM 78CD
CrosusThe Voice (Hypercity Edit)MP3 EP 'The Voice EP'MilkmoneyNone
Eyedea & AbilitiesHay FeverMP3 LP 'By The Throat'RhymesayersRSE 0111
Foreign BeggarsInterludeMP3 LP 'Stray Point Agenda'Stray Point AgendaNone
Del CieloFaut pas lâcher çaMP3 LP 'Sous les cendres'Del CieloNone
The SpivsIt's TrueMP3 LP 'It's True'1965 RecordsNone
JaydioheadSong And CryLP 'The Encore'Unknown LabelJAYDIO2
Nic Dawson KellyThe MusicianMP3 LP 'Old Valentine'Runners ClubNone
Lock GrooveNo 2LP 'Lock Grooves'RRRecordsLPRRR 1000
Brooklyn Funk EssentialsMambo Con DancehallMP3 LP 'Mambo Con Dancehall'Dorado RecordsNone
Nate MetroGato Means Cat (J-Rokk's Rokkin remix)MP3 EP 'Gato Means Cat (remixes)'SoundfregSM 0024
DJ HypeSuccessMP3 LP '1973 * Recon'Masters on BroadwayMOBYLP 019
Freestyle Monkey MusicNotMP3 SingleDrop Da Bomb6
Rafiki JazzHebu Heshima (feat. Min Suleiman)MP3 LP 'More Big Muzik From Over There'KonimusicNone
ClsrApp_ErgsMP3 EP 'Itch'DovStumDS 038
The HeavyOh No! Not You Again!MP3 LP 'The House That Dirt Built'Counter RecordsNone
Alasdair RobertsCoral and TarMP3 LP 'The Wyrd Meme'Drag CityNone
T.O.K.Couple UpMP3 LP 'Our World'VP RecordsNone
Manu ChaoPanik, PanikMP3 LP 'Baionarena'Because MusicNone
SkreamRutten2xLP 'Skream!'TempaTempa LP 008
Mark Whitby - December 2009
Mark's December show takes place in the unlikely setting of a house full of people. And what's more, they've brought seasonal gifts and exclusives aplenty for Dandelion listeners.
Look, there's Lord Numb in the corner, merrily pulling out old toenails hidden in the plum duff. And The Chasms, Alisia Casper and Spidersleg are a-carolling around an open fire, each with what might be a glass of eggnog, but, with a prankster like Dilithium Tourdes already up to his ears in festive spirit, it could be anything!
Elsewhere, Wolfram Wire regales us with the epic tale of the Christmas Tree while we sit, moist with anticipation (or is that a result of the eggnog?) as we count down my annual top ten of new bands who've had the good grace to contact me over this fine year. All this and lots of new stuff to play with too. God bless us one and all.
ArtistTitle Recording Record LabelCatalogue No.
Don HarronHIS Birthday (Excerpt)LP 'Charlie Farquharson's Bible Stories'TapestryGD7378
Melt-BananaDog SongCD 'Melt Banana Lite-Live'AZAPAZ08CD
The Prairie RamblersCowboy Santa ClausDownload Album 'Once Upon A Holiday'SOUNDIESSCD4141
Lover!Let's Play A Game7" SingleRed LoungeRLR049
Bette DillingerPrivate EddieDownload Album 'Assassin's Hand'DiluvianNone
English ElectricThe Program (Myspace Mix)mp3 downloadNoneNone
Dozal BrothersCrucify Yr ParentsCD EP 'Faces'I Blame The Parentsibtp018
Edgars LispSanta, Where's My Jetpack?Exclusive TrackNoneNone
The DimesDamrell's FireCD 'The King Can Drink The Harbour Dry'Timber CarnivalNone
Floyd The Phenomenal Cat TrophyJust Canny In Winter TimeExclusive TrackNoneNone
NormaaBass Rebel FrontDownload Album 'Entropia'Fresh PoulpFPR040
AutorotationIcen Glowmp3 downloadNoneNone
SkeleteenA. ModulationDownload EP 'Bury The Seasons'NoneNone
My Odd GongRodent's Sinking ShipCD 'Songs From The Comb Lung'NoneNone
The Owls Are Not What They SeemPre-Baby Boom Bluesmp3 downloadNoneNone
So ShushHiway FlywayCD 'Wistful Wanders'NoneNone
Ghost KlubReaper (Radio Edit)Download EP 'Night Pressures'NoneNone
Dilithium TourdesAll I Want For Christmas Is A Real Hot GuyDownload Album 'Let The Snow Cum'Noise Nerds NetNNN021
Wooden VeilRed SkyCD 'Wooden Veil'DekorderDEKORDER035CD
ComanechiNakedCD 'Crime Of Love'MerokME025CD
KakEverything's ChangingCD 'Kak-Ola'Big BeatBig Beat 187
The PopgunsWaiting For The WinterCD 'Eugenie'Midnight MusicCHIME 01 08 CD
NRYYDoesn't Finish Ringing7" EP 'Doesn't Finish Ringing'I Blame The Parentsibtp019
Lord Numb70s ChristmasExclusive TrackNoneNone
Annalies MonsereHave You HeardCD 'Marit'AueticAUECD001
VlorWatch Me BleedCD 'Six-Winged'SilberSilber 075
PolymorphicScreamDownload EP 'Rock On'Coco MacheteCCM048
Pete Bentham & The DinnerladiesThe New UndergroundCD 'The New Underground'Free Rock & Rollfree001
Istari LasterfahrerBad Boy Come AgainCD 'The System Works Because Me Work'Sozialistischer PlattenbauSPB120017
Dilithium TourdesSubmerged In The Christmas SpiritDownload Album 'Let The Snow Cum'Noise Nerds NetNNN021
The MopesSummertimemp3 demoNoneNone
BlakrocHoochie CooCD 'Blakroc'V2vvr725582
Bagpipe WhiskeyI Am StupidDownload EP 'Asparagus Puppy'Parallax SoundsPPS08
Goonies Never Say DieThis One Took ForeverDownload Album 'In A Forest Without Trees'Deep ElmDER-053
The KabeediesLittle BrainsCD 'Rumpus'NR OneNR53CD
Ordo Rosarius EquilibrioGlory To Thee, My Beloved MasturbatorCD 'Onani - Practice Makes Perfect'Cold Meat IndustryCMI00191
Schuman The HumanBaby Shine Your Light On MeDownload Album 'Way To Go, Daddio!'NoneNone
Downtown CuckooRainy SundayCD 'Downtown Cuckoo'Limbo (France)None
Eureka BrownJust Got This FeelingDownload Album 'Digitalia'NoneNone
Golau GlauFoolstidemp3 downloadNoneNone
Apple RabbitsKing Kong Vs King CanuteDownload Album 'Kilburn State'Infernal MachineIMR015
The ChasmsSanta's Little Sleighridemp3 downloadNoneNone
PostcodeBlack & White ChristmasDownload Album 'It'll Be Filthy This Christmas'Filthy Little AngelsLittle 040
Karl McCannPenguinDownload EP 'Snowflake'NoneNone
Alisia CasperWinter BluesExclusive TrackNoneNone
The Pocket GodsKFC (Kentucky Fried Christmas)CD 'A Very Cherry Christmas 5'CherryadeCHY030
Dilithium TourdesHave a Rockin' & Safe XmasDownload Album 'Let The Snow Cum'Noise Nerds NetNNN021
The FallJingle Bell RockCD Box Set 'The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004'BBCCMXBX982
Wolfram WireA Story Of The Christmas TreeExclusive TrackNoneNone
SpiderslegAdd N To (Xmas)Exclusive TrackNoneNone
Ste McCabeChristmas Time For Sanctimonious SwineCD 'A Very Cherry Christmas 4'CherryadeCHY021
Stark PalaceSaw What Your Momma DidCD 'A Very Cherry Christmas 4'CherryadeCHY021
Matt Jones - December 2009
December and no mention of Christmas, just a series of shambolic DJ errors redeemed by the superb music that breaks up the chaos. The show includes new releases from the likes of Prince Kong, Degihuegi, ZXDK, Mikus, Ottersgear, Predator Prey, Ben Frost, Tickley Feather, Nekkroteukh, Abby Lee Tee, Simptom Pogremushki and Ramadanman. We also have what appears to be an exclusive track from KNVB, courtesy of producer Titus Twelve. Enjoy in a festive way.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Hayvanlar AlemiPet Sisede Cin Tonik   
Prince KongStronger v2   
DegihuegiTahiti Rain Song remix w/Cocorosie   
The Bug and Warrior QueenPoison Dart   
MachinedrumAll Apologies   
ZXDKThrow them into Darkness   
KNVBSatellite BNCE   
Micachu and the ShapesWrong   
MikusRain Down (feat. Kevin Robinson)   
Warsaw Village BandMatthew (Horn Lane Skank)   
OttersgearQuest for Rest   
Joker & GinzPurple City   
Predator PreySlingshot (Bit Basic Remix)   
Mount FloridaYo la Kinski   
Tickley FeatherSure Relaxing   
Ben FrostHa-bakasja   
Freak Fandango OrchestraThe Hug   
VolatilNo bans   
NekkroteukhSpirits VIP   
Abby Lee TeeFloating Airstrip   
Simpton PogromushkiCountrey Radio Channel   
1800s SeamonsterBonjoree Banjourium   
RamadanmanAppleblim Sous Le Sable   
Pete Jackson - December 2009
Pete's December show brings festive fun for all, with a cracking new sessions from Manchester psychedelisists Gnod in full-on garage mode, new and wonderous sounds from Zun Zun Egui, Crimson Death and Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medecine. Wooden Shjips testify about their heroes, and there's special Christmas treats from Goldblade, Captain Polaroid and Nosferatu D2, among others. Ho Ho and, if you will, Ho.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Crimson DeathJimmblobCD LP 'The Crystalnie Imprint'EML RecordsEML002
Wooden ShjipsI Believe It7" SingleThe Great Pop SupplementGPS50
Gnod1968 (Dandelion Radio Session)SessionNoneNone
Liquid WickedThe Governor12" SingleScotch Bonnet RecordsSCRUBB004
Goldblade Ft Poly StyreneCity Of Christmas Ghosts7" SingleDamaged GoodsDAMGOOD 323
Nosferatu D2Its Christmas Time For God's SakeCD LP 'We're Gonna Walk Around This City With Our Headphones On To Block Out The Noise'Audio AntiheroNone
Lime Headed DogGandhiCD LP 'Kfum & Kfuk'Volcano AttackNone
GnodStupid (Dandelion Radio Sesion)SessionNoneNone
DyeboxSuperposition12" SingleBoxon RecordsBOXON014
Zun Zun EguiSun God12" EP 'Bal La Poussiere'Blank TapesBLANK010
GnodTrouble May Come (Dandelion Radio Session)SessionNoneNone
Electro HippiesAm I Punk Yet?LP 'Play Fast Or Die'Necrosis RecordsNECRO 001
Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of MedecinePets Eat Their MasterCD LP 'The Audacity Of Hype'Alternative TentaclesVIRUS 411CD
Alien SyndromeTree Of QuartersCD EP 'Invasion'EML RecordsEML001
PixiesCrackity Jones (Live)MP3 EP 'Doolittle 20th Anniversary Live Sampler'Not On LabelNone
VlorShe Goes Out With BoysCD LP 'Six-Winged'Silber RecordsSilber075
GnodEnergy (Dandelion Radio Session)SessionNoneNone
Lord NumbEctoplasmMP3NoneNone
Captain PolaroidIf You Came On Christmas DayMP3NoneNone
The Wedding PresentNo Christmas (Mark Goodier Session)LP 'The Hit Parade Vol 2'BMG74321 12775 1
GnodBe A Man (Dandelion Radio Session)SessionNoneNone
DatarockDance!CD LP 'Red'Young Aspiring ProessionalsYAP022
The Blue VelvetsAlrightMP3NoneNone
GnodDo The Bitch (Dandelion Radio Session)SessionNoneNone
King CannibalDowntimeMP3 SingleNinja TuneZENDNLS255
The Time And Space MachineYou Are The One12" SingleTirkTIRK052
Rachael Neiman - December 2009
It's the most wonderful time of the year here at Cherryade Towers so grab a mince pie, a glass of mulled wine and, whether you've been naughty or nice, join us for a Santa's sack of festive audio treats in December's very special Rachael Neiman Christmas Experience. Our 2 hour Yuletide special is stuffed with more seasonal audio treats than you can shake a candy cane at.
The gifts under our musical tree come from the likes of Das Wanderlust, Shrieking Violets, Doris and the Jumpers, Allo Darlin', The 10p Mixes, Persil, Sparky's Magic Piano, The School, Foxes, Priscillas, Betty Serveat, Asobi Seksu, Billy Childish and the Musicians of the British Empire, Pullover and many more super stocking fillers, beats novelty socks!
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
The SchoolLet Me Be The Fairy On Your Christmas Tree"A Very Cherry Christmas volume 5" compilation CDCherryadeCHY030
HyperbubbleAway In A Manger"It'll Be Filthy This Christmas" compilation CDFilthy Little Angels 
MotormarkThis Is Christmas Day"Gold, Frankincense and Purr" CD compilationPurrPURRXMAS002
Das WanderlustSomeone To Pull Crackers With"A Very Cherry Christmas volume 5" compilation CDCherryadeCHY030
MertleChristmas Blues"Christmas Blues" CD EPHelen LlewelynHP019
Shonen KnifeSpace Christmasmp3  
The 10p MixesChristmas Number One"A Very Cherry Christmas volume 5" compilation CDCherryadeCHY030
Bettie ServeertRiver"Zodits Kersmis" compilation CDVPRO 
The PriscillasOne Christmas WishDownload single  
PersilDear Santa"A Very Cherry Christmas volume 5" compilation CDCherryadeCHY030
Wild Billy ChildishA Poundland Christmas"Christmas 1979" CD albumDamaged Goods 
Allo Darlin'S P A C E Christmas"A Very Cherry Christmas volume 5" compilation CDCherryadeCHY030
The KnifeChristmas Reindeermp3  
Ginger TomChristmas Day"Christmas Blues" CD EPHelen LlewelynHP019
The Bird and the BeeCarol of the Bellsmp3  
Sparky's Magic PianoThe Escape From Aled Jones"A Very Cherry Christmas volume 5" compilation CDCherryadeCHY030
Mr HuwDolig"Christmas Blues" CD EPHelen LlewelynHP019
Asobi SeksuMerry Christmas, I Don't Want To Fight Tonightmp3  
Shrieking VioletsJethro (Song For)"A Very Cherry Christmas volume 5" compilation CDCherryadeCHY030
The Black ArtsChristmas Number OneDownload singleTidy Kid Music 
The SmittensGood Migrations"Cwistmas Twee" compilation CDTotal Gaylord RecordsTGR007
Doris and the JumpersMurder Under the Mistletoe"A Very Cherry Christmas volume 5" compilation CDCherryadeCHY030
PulloverLast Christmasmp3  
FoxesChristmas Songs"A Very Cherry Christmas volume 5" compilation CDCherryadeCHY030
BearsuitSnow7" singleFortuna Pop! 
DatblyguSanta a Barbera"1985-1995" compilation CDAnkst 
The WaitressesChristmas Wrappingmp3  
Rocker - December 2009
This month we have another packed three-hour show. There are new tracks from The Blanche Hudson Weekend, Socialist Leisure Party, The Wild Swans, Pants Yell!, Gregory Webster, Let's Wrestle, Swathes, Calvin Party, Decibelles, Tricia Yates Fanclub, Brilliant Colors, and Beak>.
There's a featured album from Monster Island, and new electronica from Dominik Eulberg, Paul Kalkbrenner, Ucleden, and Giorgos Gatzigristos; also dubstep tracks from Joy Orbison, Ganja White Night, and Mala.
This month's Peel's Big 45 is a classic American psychedelic release from 1968, while this month's Educating Elizabeth is a current cover version of a Northern Soul classic from the same era.
Oh - and this show carries Rocker's "No festive records" guarantee.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: Blanche Hudson was the character played by Joan Crawford in the 1962 film "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?", opposite Bette Davis. The two stars detested one another, and they never again appeared together in a released film. On hearing of Crawford's death in 1977, Davis has been quoted as saying "Joan's dead... Good".
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Hank Levine & His OrchestraImage (part 2)7"His Master's Voice45-POP 947
The Blanche Hudson WeekendNoise & Fury7"Squirrel RecordsSQRL26
The Medusa SnareOut Of The BlueCDLP - 'Cinderella'Squirrel RecordsSQRL22
Monster IslandThe Anchor AgeDownload LP - 'The Anchor'  
Max CooperStochastisch Serie12"TraumschallplattenTRAUM V117
The OppressedBNP You're Full Of Shit7" EP - 'Anti-FascistOi!'CapitaSwing/ Bronco BullfrogCSBB001
Calvin PartyOlive TreeMySpace  
Joy OrbisonBRKLN CLLN12"Doldrums RecordsDLDRMS001
Cinema Red And BlueBallad Of A Vision PureMySpace  
Ste McCabeMurder MusicCDLP - 'Murder Music'Cherryade RecordsCHY028
Dean McPheeSky Burial12" - 'Brown Bear'Hood Faire RecordsHDFR002V
Monster IslandOpen CollarDownload LP - 'The Anchor'  
Paul KalkbrennerSquare 112" - 'Berlin Calling Vol 1'Bpitch ControlBPC 198
Mayer HawthorneLove Is Alright4" vinylStones ThrowSTH4033
The Pains Of Being Pure At HeartHigher Than The Stars (Saint Etienne Visits Lord Spank Remix)12"Slumberland / Fortuna Pop!FPOP87R
Pants Yell!Cold HandsLP - 'Received Pronunciation'SlumberlandSLR 106
Brilliant ColorsShould I Tell YouLP - 'Introducing'SlumberlandSLR 108
MC5Looking At You7"-A-Square RecordsA2-333-A
MalaLevel Nine2CD Comp - '5 Years Of Hyperdub'Hyperdub RecordingsHDBCD005
The Hi-Life CompanionIn Your Heart, A CathedralCDLP - 'Say Yes!'The Hi-Life Companion 
The Wild SwansLiquid Mercury7"Occultation RecordsDIONE7D9003
UcledenFar AwayDownloadWhose HausWH005
Gregory WebsterPromised Land7"Slumberland / WIAIWYASLR 97 / WIAIWYA 039
Sexy KidsSisters Are Forever7"SlumberlandSLR 79
Socialist Leisure PartyTurktown Saints7"Cloudberry RecordsCLOUDBERRY 1012
The ParallelogramsPapageno7"Cloudberry RecordsCLOUDBERRY 1013
Let's WrestleTanksLP - 'In The Court Of The Wrestling Let's'Stolen RecordsSR666
Pama InternationalWhat You Do NowLP - 'Pama Outernational'Rockers RevoltRRHIT9
Monster IslandSunflowersDownload LP - 'The Anchor'  
DecibellesVivre EcorcheMySpace  
Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward SilencesSleep The Clock AroundDownload  
Dominik EulbergDatenübertragungsküsschen (Sistema Remix)DownloadTraumschallplattenTRAUM V116
Tricia Yates FanclubBruised UnderdogMyspace  
Beak>I KnowCDLP - 'Beak>'Invada RecordsINV100CD
The Give It UpsWhatever Happens, HappensCDEP - 'sing.'Oddbox RecordsODD005
Ganja White NightBlueberryDownload  
The Procedure ClubLeave Me OutCDLP - 'Music For The Leisure Time'Series Two Records#75
Monster islandLL+BrainsDownload LP - 'The Anchor'  
The MonoralsSurf OnCDEP - 'Surf 4 Fuzz'Odd Box RecordsODD008
Giorgos GatzigristosBinary Star System6x12" - 'Bedrock 11'Bedrock RecordsBed11Vin4-A
Alan HavenImage7"FontanaTF 542
Ste McCabe - December 2009
In my December show I present a bumper 2 hours of underground and forgotten noise to excite and inspire, and I defy you not to be inspired!
There's beautiful lo-fi pop from Internet Forever and Laura Wolf, 80's classics from The Go-Go's and The Sugarcubes, as well as insanity from the electro-poetry collaborators HT & OJ and bonkers punk-folk Scottish band Pusbunny.
For those feeling festive there's even a very special drunken-sounding cover of a Christmas classic from everyones favourite shouty ladies Hotpants Romance. Everything for the perfect grrrl-punk-queer-electro Christmas is here, so come listen!
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Violet VioletFor The Young And Fresh BonedThis City Is Full Of BeastsNR One 
Dance Yourself To DeathWe Are All Made From StoneWe Are All Made Of StoneDance Yourself To Death 
PusbunnyMurder In The AfternoonSongs Of Hate And PastriesPusbunny 
Manda RinGuilty PleasureMy DNAThis Is Fake DIY 
Miss The OccupierThe Heart Is Deceitful Above All ThingsmyspaceN/A 
The SugarcubesDelicious DemonLife's Too GoodOne Little Indian 
Hotpants RomanceAll I Want For Christmas Is YouA Very Cherry Christmas 4Cherryade 
Hurray For The Riff RaffDaniellamyspaceN/A 
HT & OJProstitute's HandbagmyspaceN/A 
Fashoda CrisisLand Of The S.O.PMischief Of One Kind And AnotherI Aint Signing Shit You Hear 
Death Of The ElephantButterscenemyspaceN/A 
Sinead O'ConnorJackieThe Lion And The CobraChrysalis 
BeardsCrime SpreemyspaceN/A 
Das WanderlustTurn To GreyHorses For CoursesDon't Tell Clare 
Go-Go'sVacationGo-Go's CollectionCapitol 
Laura WolfWhite Light Collision CourseWolf Goes PopTeam Strike Force 
Internet ForeverCover The WallsCover The WallsTwenty Years Of Boredom 
Penny Broadhurst And The MaffickersThe EndSparkle The DarkPenny Broadhurst 
Call The DoctorRunning With ScissorsCall The DoctorFear Of Fiction 
CadallacaO ChenillaIntroducing....K Records 
Woog RiotsPeople Working With ComputersPaspWhat's So Good About... 
Stella PaceRIP BabymyspaceN/A 
The KabeediesLovers Ought ToRumpusNR One 
The Human LeagueThe Things That Dreams Are Made OfDareEMI 
The 10 MixesSorryBedroom SoundThe 10p Mixes 
Yank Sizzler - December 2009
Merry XMAS! And here on the Yank Sizzler show this month we launch into a randy, rough-housed, rambunctious 3 hour orgy of the best music that exists. New music from The Mantles, Boris, Thomas Function, The Mayfair Set, A Place to Bury Strangers, King Khan & BBQ Show and many more. There'll be classics from Alton Ellis, Black Randy, Baby Neal and The Smart Brothers and the Basement 5 amongst others. And as always, my charming, disarming wit. Some people refer to it as "Assholeness". Oh yeah! Merry Xmas!
Artist Title RecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Big Al DowningCornbread RowV/A: Action Speaks Louder Than WordsVampisoul71
T Texas TylerI Want To Learn To Do It7" I Want To Learn To Do ItFour Star1579
Belton RichardBlue ChristmasV/A: Merry Cajun ChristmasSwallow6036
King Khan & BBQ ShowPlump Righteous7":Merry ChristmasNorton45138
GirlsMorning LightAlbumTrue Panther SoundsTRUE-010-2
GirlsHellhole RatraceAlbumTrue Panther SoundsTRUE-010-2
Reigning SoundIf Christmas Can't Bring You Home7": If Christmas Can't Bring You HomeNorton45-121
Box EldersTalk Amongst YourselfAlice And FriendsGoner48GONE
Dan AuerbachMean MonsoonKeep It HidNonesuch517241-2
A Place To Bury StrangersDeadbeatExploding HeadMute9420-2
Jerry & The LandslidesGet Off My RoofV/A: You Gotta Have Moxie Volume 2AIPAIPCD1062
Fuck ButtonsSurf SolarTarot SportATPATPRCD35
The DamnedThere Ain't No Sanity Clause7": There Ain't No Sanity ClauseChiswickCHIS 125
Lightnin' HopkinsSanta7": Coffee For MamaCollectablesCOL3353
The Mayfair SetI've Been Watching YouYoung OneCaptured TracksCT-021
Leroy CarrChristmas In Jail, Ain't That A PainV/A: Where Will You Be Christmas Day?Dust To DigitalDTD-02
Lord BeginnerChristmas Morning The Rum Had Me YawningV/A: Where Will You Be Christmas Day?Dust To DigitalDTD-02
The DirtbombsMy Last ChristmasV/A 7": X-Mas Surprise Package Volume 3Flying BombFLB-115
The CrocodilesRefuse AngelsSummer Of HateFat PossumFP1133-2
Manny CorchadoPow Wow (Featuring Tito Jimenez)V/A : Boogaloo Pow WowHonest JonsHJRCD 27
Famous Scrubbs & His BandPoor Freetown BoyV/A: Marvelous Boy: Calypso In West AfricaHonest JonsHJRCD38
Basement 5Last White Christmas1965-1980IslandILPS 9641
The Blinding LightCripplerJunebugInitINIT-54
Vivian GirlsThe EndEverything Goes WrongIn The RedITR 179
King Khan & BBQ ShowI'll Be Loving YouInvisible GirlIn The RedITR 181CD
The Rural Alberta AdvantageThe Dethbridge in LethbridgeHometownsSaddle CreekLBJ-138
HealthTriceratopsHEALTHLovepump UnitedLPU 014
Ernest RodgersWillie The Chimney SweeperV/A: Mata La PenaMississippiMR-029
Abner JaySt. James Infirmiry BluesThe True Story Of Abner JayMississippiMR-036
Fred Williams & The Jewels BandTell HerV/A: Eccentric Soul: Smart's PalaceNumero GroupNUM027
Baby Neal & The Smart BrothersI've Got A Funny FeelingV/A: Eccentric Soul: Smart's PalaceNumero GroupNUM027
Sheena Timony (Listed As Unknown Artist)The Billy Bee SongV/A: Potatos: A Collection Of Folk Songs From Ralph RecordsRalphRR 8717
The MantlesJamesThe MantlesSiltbreezeSB104
Della HumphreyDream LandV/A: Studio One WomenSoul JazzSJR LP 121
Jack WhiteFly Farm Blues7": Fly Farm BluesThird ManTMR013
Black Randy & The MetrosquadSan FranciscoPass The Dust, I Think I'm BowieVinyl CountdownVCR-007
Prefuse 73Simple Loop ChoirEverything She Touched Turned AmpexianWarpWARPCD179
MasshysteriVår del Av StanVår del Av StanFeral WardYAN-0012-057-2008
The Almighty DefendersAll My LovingThe Almighty DefendersVice 
BorisHey Everyone7": Japanese Heavy Rocks Vol. 1Southern Lord 
Laura CantrellPretty Paper (Live)Peel Acres Session Dec. 23, 2003N/A 
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic ZeroesHomeUp From BelowVagrant 
Thomas FunctionPicking Scabs (Daytrotter Session)Daytrotter SessionN/A 
Bernard GérardLe Crocodile Porte-CleDes Vacances En Or OST  
Alton & EddyWe're Going Rollin'V/A: Nuclear Weapon: Duke Reid The TrojanSanctuary/Trojan 
Suzannah JohannesI Kept The Life That You Left (Daytrotter Session)Daytrotter SessionN/A 
Jimmy Solanke & The JunkersEje Ka JoV/A: Money Be No SandOriginal Music 
The Builders And The ButchersDevil In TownDaytrotter SessionN/A 
NodzzzI Don't Wanna (Smoke Marijuana)7" I Don't Wanna (Smoke Marijuana)  
Boris87": Japanese Heavy Rocks Vol. 1Southern Lord 
2009 Festive Fifty Christmas Eve Build-Up Show - broadcast 22:00 GMT on 24th December 2009
Join a selection of Dandelion Radio DJs from 10pm to midnight GMT on Christmas Eve for this one-off, 2-hour Festive Fifty Build-Up show. Pete Jackson, Rachael, Matt, Greg, Ste, Mark Cunliffe, Andy, Jeff, Kath, Mark Whitby, Yank and Rocker introduce some of their picks of 2009 that didn't quite make it into this year's legendary listeners' poll, while warming up for the first play of 2009's results - and Santa's bulging sack coming down their chimneys!
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No.
Pete Jackson:
Thee VicarsMr OperatorCD LP 'Psychotic Beat!'Dirty Water RecordsDWC1034CD
Esau Mwamwaya And Radioclit Are The Very BestTenguzakoMP3 LP 'The Very Best Mixtape'NoneNone
Rachael Neiman:
The Bobby McGee'sL.O.V.E.CD LP 'L'Appropriation Bourgeoisie de la Bobby McGee's'CherryadeCHY025
The KabeediesDuck Egg BlueCD LP 'Rumpus'NR OneNR53CD
Matt Jones:
Titus TwelveMr Morningstar (Feat. Arnossi)MP3 LP 'Dig And Delve'Planet Terror RecordsPlanet018
VolatilAre We Gonna Do Something About It?MP3 EP 'Volatil : Refixed'LCL (LibreCommeLair)LCL018
Greg Healey:
KingbastardF47G4M3R7" 'Tied Up To Machines'Herb RecordingsHerb 011
NorthcapeApproaching The Trig PointCD LP 'Captured From Static'NoneNone
Ste McCabe:
Tingle In The NetherlandsProstitute's HandbagMP3 'Prostitute's Handbag'NoneNone
Death Of The ElephantTrypticonEP 'Friends With Deficits'NoneNone
Mark Cunliffe:
Jah WobbleGet Carter10" 'Get Carter'Pressure SoundsPSTI 006
ShitmatWhitelabel UnityCD LP 'One Foot In The Rave'Planet MuZIQ 224
Andrew Morrison:
Rival ConsolesPreoccupied Fashion BastardCD LP 'IO'Erased Tapes RecordsERATP16CD
Raw MilkWelcome To The JungleCD-R demoNoneNone
Jeff Grainger:
Alisia CasperDollyCD-R promoNoneNone
The Truth About FrankFirst Ask Charming RatCD EP 'A Briefcase Full Of Suspicion'LTFCD001
Half Man Half BiscuitDandelion Radio Jingle #2unreleasedNoneNone
Katherine Godfrey:
Joker And GinzPurple City12" 'Purple City/Re-Up'KapsizeKAP004
EvangelistaYou Are A JaguarCD LP 'Prince Of Truth'ConstellationCST061
Mark Whitby:
Dead TimesWarp Rhythm download LP 'Midnight Glass' NoneNone
Night//Hunted By Wolves download LP 'Shuffled Not Stirred' NoneNone
Mark Whitby:
Jeffrey Lewis & The JunkyardRoll Bus RollCD LP 'Em Are I'Rough TradeRTRADCD514
Lykke LiAfter Laughter (Comes Tears)7" 'After Laughter (Comes Tears)'RhinoR7 518599
The Lovely EggsSexual CowboyCD LP 'If You Were Fruit'CherryadeCHY024
Ben Klock Featuring Elif BiçerOKLP 'One'OstgutOSTGUTLP03