Andrew Morrison - February 2010
The War Crimes are exclusive session guests for a second time on Andy's February show with three brand new songs. You'll also hear a classic John Peel session track by Boards Of Canada from 1998, alongside new music such as Yeti Lane, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Boy Omega and Lucas Renney. The choicest unsigned cuts include The Spinoza State, Firefliers, The Horn The Hunt and A Dancing Beggar. Regular slots Scott's Funky Five Minutes and Teresa's Tasty Tips appear, as well as new feature Andy's MP3 Memory - selecting a favourite download from over a decade ago, when online music was in its infancy.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
MalaLevel NineCD LP various artists '5 Years Of Hyperdub'HyperdubHDBCD005
The Horn The HuntDirty DogsCD-R LP 'The Horn The Hunt'NoneNone
Lucas RenneyHow I Wanted YouCD LP 'Strange Glory'Brille RecordsBRILLCD112
Pas De Printemps Pour MarnieWhen You SleepCD single 'Soon'Plastic PancakePLASTICPANCAKE018
My Bloody ValentineWhen You SleepCD LP 'Loveless'Creation RecordsCRESCD 060
The War CrimesWho Will Ride Now?Dandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Oliver WuestLong & Efficient (DJ Oliver Wuest Original)MP3 'Long & Efficient'SentimentalNone
The Spinoza State2.39:1 Spirals To InfinityCD-R LP 'The Flag And The Flare'NoneNone
Yeti LaneFirst-Rate Pretender (North Atlantic Oscillation Mix)CD-R promo single 'First-Rate Pretender'Sonic CathedralSCR021D
The CultShe Sells Sanctuary [Scott's Funky Five Minutes] iTunes LP 'Love'Beggars BanquetBBL65CD
FirefliersBeyond The HorizonCD-R demoNoneNone
The War CrimesTriptychDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
The Pains Of Being Pure At HeartHigher Than The Stars (Saint Etienne Visits Lord Spank Remix)CD single 'Higher Than The Stars'Fortuna Pop!FPOP87CD
Boy OmegaBlack Metal FairiesCD LP 'The Ghost That Broke In Half'Riptide RecordingsRIP024
Various Production (Featuring Gerry Mitchell)The Invisible Lodger (Part One)CD LP 'The Invisible Lodger'Fire RecordsFIRECD116
DelphicHalcyon [Teresa's Tasty Tip] CD LP 'Acolyte'Chimeric RecordsCHIME3-CD
Memory TapesBicycle [Teresa's Tasty Tip] CD LP 'Seek Magic'Something In ConstructionSICNOTE049
Monster BobbyPiangevoleDandelion Radio JingleNoneNone
Boards Of CanadaHappy Cycling (Peel Session 21/07/98)CD single 'Peel Session'Warp Records502 1603-114029
The War CrimesWalkoverDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Fertilizer Morning Regret [Andy's MP3 Memory] MP3 'Morning Regret'NoneNone
A Dancing BeggarDawn Breaks, New BeginningsCD-R LP 'What We Left Behind'Grand Independent MusicNone
Greg Healey - February 2010
Three hours in length, this month's show features a thumping good session by Rack and Ruin Records artist Chad Golda. This exclusive Dandelion Radio live session features re-workings of material from Chad's forthcoming Dance Sessions album. Add to this an exclusive taster from Northcape's soon to be released Captured from Static album and whole host of exciting new music from the worlds of net audio, independent music and creative commons, and you've got a show not to be missed.
From 8-bit to lo-fi, from glitchy electronica to drum and bass, with a serving of indie pop along the way, this show also features tracks from Professor Kliq, Fidelium, Angela Aux, Musetta and Bitbasic to name but a handful of the artists featured. Woooo! (And I didn't lapse into metaphor once.)
ArtistTrackRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Frank Perry and the Big Action SoundI Can FlyCool and Strange Music Magazine's Thrift ShopCool and Strange MusicNone
BitbasicI love flinLeonardRec72Rec72[020]
The Super Heroes Of TomorrowCalling In The Super HeroesDr. Lavahead's Not So Secret WeaponZilch Records 
Zoe.LeelABridgesQueendom ComeRec72 
KonsumproduktCopas en CulleraRumbero elegantelaridaelaridae048
A Football FieldsRabbit Washington   
Professor KliqMoth ReturnsCommunity ServiceSelf Release Jamendo 
Chad GoldaDance SessionDandelion SessionRack and Ruin 
2ndMOUSETimes are hard for dreamersLeviteFwonkFW033
HeadcleanersFrauddo what you willWLM 
8M2 StereoWho.Mystic MoodsWM RecordingsWM063
ChiptotsFechaChiptots EP4 Channel records 
Orbiquegonitwa mysliCorrupted Loops For Damaged BotsRec72 
Angela Auxthe meadow starfieldCommon space incidentslaridaelaridae049
KrackatoaUnder the MountainSun Dripping Down the StainglassSelf 
UVThe Colourful World Of Suru UkThe UV EPPlainaudiopp031me
KonsumproduktPaga ya!Rumbero eleganteLaridaelaridae048
MonokleWarm controlTesaurusiDiD.053
Diablo Swing OrchestraHeroinesnetBloc Vol. 24: tiuqottigelootnetBloc 
JashWhat Kind of?Autumn Fare MixtapeSelf 
KeinzweiterMounted MarsMounted Marsplexplx011
A Football FieldsQuieter Airportsnonenonenone
NorthcapeClear MomentCaptured From StaticSun Sea Sky Recordingsnone
Daniel DeckerSchwarzer Schwanlolinet Instrumentals - Kunststoffspulelolilalolinet006
UVSmoke DamageThe UV EPPlainaudiopp031me
Angela Auxnumenheit ohne numeCommon space incidentsLaridaelaridae049
Emily BreezePenny arcadePenny Arcadeunreleased 
Anton RothschildA love song to Evelyn McHaleThe DiffidentDainty Records 
AzooraSecond SightA shortcut past the fear23 Secondssec.036
MusettaRosemary's Babymice to meet you!Irma recordsIRM842
ModulatorAntenna and the Aye Witnesslolinet Instrumentals - KunststoffspuleLolilalolinet006
Jeff Grainger - February 2010
Three exclusive sessions make up the bulk of Jeff's two hour, February outing. The Rain Bonnets, their second, at last, gets to be heard along with two other absolute blinders. The much anticipated Truth about Frank and The Hausfrauen Experiment who bring us their own magnificent take on four Fall classics.
Elsewhere Dihedral gives us a dub exclusive, the excellent Owls Owls Owls Compilation 'Playing for the Owls' has its first (and certainly not last) spin of the year plus other first time outings come in the shape of Weedy Dave, Cutthroat Convention and Emma Webb amongst others.
Finally if none of the above floats your boat then a not-to-be-missed monologue from a Doctor Who obsessed three year old will definitely win you over (Cheers Son!)
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Alfie GraingerIt's The Doctor...! NoneNone
DihedralDandelion DubExclusive Recording For Dandelion RadioNoneNone
Stink TapsLisa EggsPromo CDR 'Playing For The Owls'Owls Owls Owls 
The One Step ProgramBad Mother Fuckin' SpacemanFree mp3 DownloadNoneNone
The Rain BonnetsWrestling Type ThingExclusive Recording For Dandelion RadioNoneNone
The Rain BonnetsMore MorningExclusive Recording For Dandelion RadioNoneNone
The Rain BonnetsPistol Up!Exclusive Recording For Dandelion RadioNoneNone
The Rain BonnetsDirty DayhalfExclusive Recording For Dandelion RadioNoneNone
The Hausfrauen ExperimentCruisers CreekExclusive Recording For Dandelion RadioNoneNone
The Truth About FrankOxygen OrgyExclusive Recording For Dandelion RadioNoneNone
Wolfram Wire With Alisia CasperUp, Down, RoundThe Bookshelf EPDRAGHTWALDDRAGHTWALD1
Weedy DaveTango'dPromo Mp3  
GirlsMorining LightAlbumTrue Panther SoundsTRUE-010-2
Staff Benda BililiStaff Benda BililiMP3 LP 'Très très fort'CrammedNone
Drink And DriveSpringtime For Drink And DriveCDR Springtime For Drink And Drive EPNoneNone
The Hausfrauen ExperimentContainer DriversExclusive Recording For Dandelion RadioNoneNone
Marble ValleyArtificial PistolsSuper Sober Tour EPSea Records 
Caro SnatchHyper Mobile SyndromeCDR Plan In It EPAnorakismANORAKISM003
RooneyUsed UpSubculture Fanzine #1 CD Comp.NoneNone
Cutthroat ConventionKamakazi BlackPromo Mp3NoneNone
The Hausfrauen ExperimentJawbone And The Air RifleExclusive Recording For Dandelion RadioNoneNone
The Truth About FrankThe Headless RentmanExclusive Recording For Dandelion RadioNoneNone
We Show Up On RadarMountain TopA Loaf Of Bread, A Container Of Milk & A Stick Of ButterNoneNone
Electric Fan DeathBooks On BuildingsYeosu Dangerous EPNoneNone
Emma WebbCassandraPromo CDRNoneNone
The Truth About FrankSection 8Exclusive Recording For Dandelion RadioNoneNone
The Hausfrauen ExperimentEat Yer' Self FitterExclusive Recording For Dandelion RadioNoneNone
The Joy FormidableGreyhound In the SlipsMyspace DownloadNoneNone
Alfie GraingerIt's The Master...! NoneNone
Marcelle - February 2010
Intoxicated 23 kilo heavy basses around the world

Whilst packing her record bags for her New York trip to a 'DJ Maxximus' of 23 kilo, Dutch deejay Marcelle manages to record another three hour show with lots of 'Crazy Rhythms', as one of her Look Back Bore Records (of February 1980) jangly states. She shows the different directions the dubstep scene is heading into, gets totally hysterical about a German promo 12-inch (Markus Müller!), and calms down with the wonderful dreamy folk of her New York friends Christy & Emily. Different generations of quirky electronic music get nicely played together and mixed (Cluster & Uské Orchestra) and at last a chimney sweeper gets the praise he deserves, thanks to the best reissue label of the moment, Mississippi Records. After nearly 180 minutes of cutting edginess and record sorting the important decision is made: the 'Drunken Bass' flies with Marcelle to New York.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Josef KRomance7''AbsoluteAbs1
PupajimI Am A Robot7''JahtariJTR-7 06
D1Ongie Bongie2xLP 'Steppas' Delight 2 Volume 2'Soul JazzsjrLp222V2
Juice AleemRock My Hologram (Si Begg's We Are Future Mix)12'' EP 'Rock My HologramBig Dada 
Ernest RodgersWillie The Chimney SweeperLP 'Mata La Pena'MississippiMR-029
Ellen AllienPump12''Bpitch ControlBPC209
Filastine vs. BadawiKnife The EthericsLP 'Raz Meinai's Badawi. Unit Of ResistanceRoirRUSLP8307
GemmySupligen2xLP 'Steppas' Delight 2 Volume 2'Soul JazzsjrLp222V2
Christy And EmilyBeastCD 'No Rest'KlangbadKlangbad 42
Fantan MojahTax Invasion7''  
Uske OrchestraPal-PilLP 'Pal-Pel-Pin'Sonig 
ClusterRote RikiLP 'Zuckerzeit'Brain1065
ClusterNa ErnelLP 'Qua'KlangbadKlangbad 45
Markus MullerBalo12''SquonkSquonk4
Markus MullerSital12''SquonkSquonk4
The FeeliesCrazy RhythmsLP 'Crazy Rhythms'Stiff 
King Midas SoundCool OutCD 'Waiting For You'HyperdubHDB CD 003
Mika VainioGoths12'' EP 'Vandal'Raster-NotonR-N 114
The TigerDown The RoadLP 'Mata La Pena'MississippiMR-029
OySnake (Sutekh Acid In My Bed Mix)12'' EP: Snake  
James BlakeAir & Lack Thereof2xLP 'Steppas' Delight 2 Volume 2'Soul JazzsjrLp222V2
MapstationWork SongLP 'The Africa Chamber'ScapeSc59lp
X-PloverDepth Of SoundPromo CD  
Tiller BoysBig Noise From The Jungle7'' EPNew HormonesOrg3
KutzHard Body2xLP 'Steppas Delight 2 Volume 1'Soul JazzsjrLP222V1
The SlitsPartner From Hell2xLP 'Trapped Animal'NarnackNCK7050
Christy And EmilyCaveCD 'No Rest'KlangbadKlangbad 42
Rainbow ArabiaI Know I See I Love I GoLP ''KabukimonoManimal VinylMani-016
DisruptRobot Version7''JahtariJTR-7 06
The Golinski BrothersBloodyLP 'Vaultage 79. Another Two Sides Of Brighton'AttrixRB/08?Lp
DJ MaxximusDrunken Bass12'' EP 'Trust Me'Mental Groove RecordsMG039
ModeratRusty Nails (T++ Rmx)12'' EP 'The Unofficial Remixes Of Moderat Pt.1'white label 
Mark Cunliffe - February 2010
We're into February and as we all gear up for Collop Monday* what can you expect from Cunliffe's slice of Dandelion?
Julia's got a B-Complex, what's the worst an insect can do? Beans On Toast is nutritional but he's not applying that to New Yorkers the nasty man. Parker's gone all Eddie Izzard on us and is asking, "Ou est le sange?" Chase & Status have been emerying a Magnum ... but wouldn't it melt? Blue Daisy's in need of some guitar maintenance and Kulcha Knox is trying to skank on one leg. Yellow Fever's self titled album gets a four track feature and The Dust Collectors have been captured in their live splendidness for a fabulous session. There you are, very far from a load of Collops ...

*vegetarian alternatives are available
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
The Very BestJulia (B-Complex Remix)MP3 EP 'Julia EP'Moshi MoshiNone
PredatorHonest Man7"Rob's House RecordsRHR 055
GentlemanDifferent PlacesMP3 LP 'Another Intensity'Four MusicNone
Yellow FeverCats And RatsLP 'Yellow Fever'Wild WorldWW 004
Staff Benda BililiMargueriteMP3 LP 'Très très fort'Crammed DiscsNone
Qwel & Jackson JonesDark Day (Plague of Nations)MP3 LP 'Jump The Gun'Galapagos 4G4 CDJTG
Trash TalkWalking DiseaseMP3 LP 'Shame'HassleNone
Zero GBass CultureMP3 SingleLiondubs InternationalNone
Beans On ToastNo Fit Girls In NYCMP3 LP 'Standing On A Chair'Xtra Mile RecordingsNone
Jimmy SNoige UsteemMP3NoneNone
BreakageHard (Feat. David Rodigan & Newham Generals)MP3 EP 'Hard EP'Digital SoundboyNone
Yellow FeverDonovanLP 'Yellow Fever'Wild WorldWW 004
Top CatRuffest Gun Ark (Chase & Status mix)MP3 LP 'Champion Deejay'StreetlifeSTREETLIFELP 001DG
Julianna BarwickSunlight, HeavenMP3 EP 'Florine'FloridNone
Laura GibsonSpiritedMP3 LP 'Beasts Of Seasons'Jealous ButcherNone
Blue DaisyStrings Detached12" EP 'Strings Detached EP'BlackacreACRE 015
Malte Hagemeister & Markus WalterZombiez ChaseMP3 LP 'Zombiez!'Minor But MajorMBM 008
The Dust CollectorsBonesDandelion Radio Live Session  
The Dust CollectorsSomnambulist ii - OutwidthDandelion Radio Live Session  
The Dust CollectorsSomnambulist iii - WithoutDandelion Radio Live Session  
The Dust CollectorsTaran Taran TarantulaDandelion Radio Live Session  
The Dust CollectorsWolfpackDandelion Radio Live Session  
The Dust CollectorsGrayson Perry InvestigatesDandelion Radio Live Session  
The Dust CollectorsA DedicationDandelion Radio Live Session  
The Dust CollectorsRetro SpectiveDandelion Radio Live Session  
PlastikmanGooMP3 LP 'Muzik'Minus 8None
Wild PalmsOver TimeMP3 SinglePopular MusicNone
Spatial90729MP3 SingleInfrasonicsNone
Blakroc & Mos DefOn the VistaMP3 LP 'Blakroc'V2None
ColourmusicYes!MP3 SingleMemphis IndustriesNone
Yellow FeverRatcatcherLP 'Yellow Fever'Wild WorldWW 004
Che SudakaMenino Da RuaMP3 LP 'Mirando el Mundo Al Revés'Angular RecordsK Industria Cultural
Race HorsesGrangetown 02920MP3 EP 'Man In My Mind EP'Fantastic PlasticNone
ParkerWhere’s My MonkeyMP3NoneNone
Kulcha KnoxPut On The Dancing ShoeMP3 LP 'Awake Zion Soundtrack'Awake ZionNone
The MojomaticsAnother Cheat On Me7"Douchemaster RecordsDMR 034
King Midas SoundEarth a KillyaMP3 LP 'Waiting for You'HyperdubNone
Hornet LegWaitMP3 LP 'Ribbon of Fear'K RecordsNone
DJ KBase 2 DarkMP3 SingleDub ChamberDCD 006
Yellow FeverPsychedelicLP 'Yellow Fever'Wild WorldWW 004
Joy OrbisonWet LookMP3 SingleHotflush RecordingsNone
Baby Earl and the TrinidadsBackslopMP3 LP 'Dr. Boogie Presents Heavy Jelly'Sub RosaSR 292
T.O.K.Forever7"Big ShipFOREVER
Emcee KillaMore BritishMP3 LP 'Mind of a Tehranist'Dealmaker RecordsNone
SkreamRutten2xLP 'Skream!'TempaTempa LP 008
Mark Whitby - February 2010
This month, the brilliant Spidersleg stops by with an exclusive session, while show favourites are queuing up with new material, including tracks from forthcoming albums by White Hills, Xiu Xiu, Sam Amidon and The Pocket Gods plus a remarkable one-off swept up from the cutting room floor of Marissa Nadler.

Elsewhere, we get a remarkable sonic titbit from Mr Peppermint and tasty morsels are tossed from the freshly heaving tables of Th' Parish, Butter Fingers and firm favourites' The Chasms, who test fly their new garage soul offshoot project The Wrong. All this, and Peel Back & Sniff delves back over thirty years to relive one of the most memorable Peel Session moments in history.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
BibioJealous Of Roses (Pivot Remix)Download Sampler '2010 From Warp Records'WarpWARPSAMP13
Waylon Thornton & The Heavy HandsI Slayed The HydraCassette 'Yours Truly'White MoonWMR008
Mr PeppermintKevinDownload Album 'Loose Lips'Winning Sperm Partywsp022
SpiderslegDevil's In The DetailExclusive TrackNoneNone
Leather AcademyFoundmp3 demoNoneNone
Air JBlocking ThoughtsDownload SingleFishFISH023
First Aid KitWinter Is All Over YouCD 'The Big Black & The Blue'WichitaWEBB222CD
Butter FingersSecondsmp3 demoNoneNone
Xiu XiuGray DeathCD 'Dear God I Hate Myself'Kill Rock StarsKRS503
KillamuFlaminguinhoCD 'A Minha Face'AkwaabaNone
Julien AurouxRevemp3 downloadNoneNone
SpiderslegFall ApartExclusive TrackNoneNone
WoodpigeonRedbeardCD 'Die Stadt Muzikanten'BoompaNone
SQRMYou're AddictedCassette Single 'Fuck To Survive'Youth AttackYA56
Minnie WallaceThe Cockeyed WorldV/A CD 'Memphis Harp & Jug Blowers'DocumentBDCD6028
And So I Watch You From AfarD Is For Django, The BastardCD EP 'Letters'Small Town AmericaSTA063CD
FredrikVinterbarnCD 'Trilogi'The Kora RecordsTKR017
Moon DuoStumbling 22nd StCD 'Escape'WoodsistWOODSIST038
The Pocket GodsPerfect BlueCD 'Plan Nub Behind The Fridge'Nub CountryNone
BorboletasGVMDownload EP 'Borboletas'NoneNone
HapbtMegatonDownload EP 'Duality'Enoughenrmp236
Cold PumasJelaDownload SingleRory RecordingsNone
Marissa NadlerAmbermp3 demoNoneNone
SpiderslegSwine WaveExclusive TrackNoneNone
Khari KillLevitateV/A Download Album 'Proverbs Riddim'Lustre KingsNone
Soft MachineMoon In June (Peel Session)Double CD 'The Peel Sessions 1969-1971'Strange FruitSFR201
The OctagonCross TopsCD 'Warm Love & Cool Dreams Forever'Serious BusinessSBR41
KottarashkyBellCD 'Opa Hey'Asphalt TangoCD-ATR26
The WrongDon't Believe In Realmp3 demoNoneNone
TantrumsBeat The Happy PavementV/A Download Album 'New Weird Australia Volume Four'NWANWA004
Th' ParishA Kind ReflectionDownload EP 'Stop Bleeding On Me'NoneNone
SpiderslegThe 1-2-3-4Exclusive TrackNoneNone
Wilmer Watts & The Lonely EaglesBeen On The Job Too LongCD 'Gastonia Gallop'Old HatOLD HAT CD 1007
Lady VenomAnti-ConformityDownload Album 'When Life & Death Collide Vol 2'NoneNone
Floyd The Phenomenal Cat TrophySpring Season For LabcakeDownload Album 'Laboratory Cake'NoneNone
Sam AmidonHow Come That BloodPre-Release mp3Bedroom CommunityNone
Nana GrizolBlackboxCD 'Ruth'Orange TwinOTR035
IJOFlokaDownload Single 'Floka Minutower'Plain AudioPP033MD
White HillsDeadCD 'White Hills'Thrill Jockeythrill 232
SpiderslegWattle And DaubExclusive TrackNoneNone
Gold TangoTelescopeV/A Download Album 'New Weird Australia Volume Four'NWANWA004
LimozineYou Da BossPre-Release CD 'Evil Love'Open PlanNone
RJ MyatoYour Party Ethic Goes Nowhere (Live)Download EP 'Live At Garfield Artworks 12/9/09'NoneNone
Emily BreezeMonday's Right HookCD 'The Penny Arcade'LaserghostLASERGHOST04
DinowalrusNuke Duke 'EmCD '%'KanineBrooklyn
Pete Jackson - February 2010
February's show has the usual mixture of the sublime (Gnod, Fieldhead), the ridiculous (Shit Eagle I Fuck God) and everything in between.
Strawberry Whiplash resurrect a forgotten mode of transport, Nosferatu D2 mourn the passing of a favourite Christmas gift and there's the return of the Hardcore Holocaust with a double shot of Extra Hot Sauce. That should clear your passages!
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Night BeatsH BombMP3 LP 'Get Wyld! Vol 1'Holy Twist RecordsUnreleased
Strawberry WhiplashThe Boy In The Bubble CarCD LP 'Matinee Grand Prix'Matinee RecordsMATCD050
GoosefleshInsanely (Andre Dalcan Remix)12" SingleBoxon RecordsBoxon016
I Fuck GodWe Wait For TheMP3 EP 'Olives Taste Like Shit'NoneNone
Someone ElseBring It Down (Underscore Remix)MP3 EP 'Bring It Down'Unfound Sound Recordingsunfound46
Shit EagleHang AroundMP3NoneNone
Kode9 And The SpaceapeGhost TownCD LP 'Five Years Of Hyperdub'HyperdubHDBCD005
Nosferatu D2Broken TamagochiCD LP 'We're Gonna Walk Around This City With Our Headphones On To Block Out The Noise'Audio AntiheroNone
FieldheadBrokenCD LP 'They Shook Hands For Hours'Home Assembly MusicHAM003
Lord NumbI Dream Of BowieMP3NoneNone
Betty And The WerewolvesDavid CassidyCD LP 'Rough Trade Shops Indiepop 09Rough TradeRTIP09X
GnodSpaced ManLP 'Gnod Drop Out With White Hills'Rocket RecordsUnreleased
Extra Hot SauceParanoidLP 'Taco Of Death'Peaceville RecordsVILE08
Extra Hot SauceExtreme HatredLP 'Taco Of Death'Peaceville RecordsVILE08
The Sky DropsThe Truth IsCD LP 'Bourgeois Beat'SVC RecordsSVC-025
Tobias DoppelgangerRotters Delight12" SingleHottwerk RecordsHTTWRK007
Billy SayThe CircleMP3 EP 'Not Dead Yet'Rack And Ruin Recordsrrr161
The MonoralsYou Should Be Your Light7" EP 'Surf 4 Fuzz'Oddbox RecordsODD008
Emily BreezeMonday's Right HookCD LP 'The Penny Arcade'NoneNone
JokerDigidesignCD LP 'Five Years Of Hyperdub'HyperdubHDBCD005
The Wailin' YeahsDidley BeatMP3NoneNone
AutechreDraneCD LP 'Warp 20: Chosen'Warp RecordsWARPCD20²
Spacemen 3Big City (Demo)7" SingleThe Great Pop SupplementGPS50
Rachael Neiman - February 2010
After taking a month off, 'The Rachael Neiman Experience' is back for an hour-long tour through the excellent new demos that have been piling up since November.
We have fantastic new tracks from the likes of Death to the Elephant, Pockets Filled With Matches, Peter Parker, Shrag, Hearts! Attack, Silence At Sea, Nature Set, Mascot Fight, Help Stamp Out Loneliness and many more!
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
The SchoolHungry Heart"A Global Pop Tribute To Bruce Springsteen" CD compilationWhere It's At Is Where You AreWIACD20
Death Of The ElephantFriends With DeficitsDemo CD  
Hearts!AttackIf You Were DeadDemo CD  
Silence At SeaLords Keep Leaping"12 Days Of Christmas" CD compilationBubble Wrap 
Peter ParkerSwallow The Rockets7" singleLucky Number NineLNN013
The KabeediesPetroleum Jelly"Rumpus" CD albumNR OneNR53
Nature SetIf You Lived HereDemo CD  
Los Campesinos!Romance Is Boring"Romance Is Boring" CD albumWichitaWEBB239
Mascot FightTrawler"Lovers Can't Be Choosers" CD EPCassette CountryCCCD009
Hotpants RomanceIn Watermelon Sugarmp3  
Pockets Filled With MatchesFailing That"If Time Heals You" CD EPLiar Liar 
Help Stamp Out LonelinessI'm On Fire"A Global Pop Tribute To Bruce Springsteen" CD compilationWhere It's At Is Where You AreWIACD20
ShragRabbit Kids7" singleWhere It's At Is Where You AreWIAIWYA040
MJ Hibbett & The ValidatorsMy Boss Was In An Indie Band OnceCD singleArtists Against SuccessAAS063
Blue MinkiesBright Nightmp3  
Rocker - February 2010
This month we present another packed three-hour show. There are new tracks from Standard Fare, The Fallen Leaves, Cinema Red And Blue, Head Transfusion, Midlake, David Tattersall, Best Coast, The Blanche Hudson Weekend, Gregory Webster, Connecticut Four, and Cats On Fire.
There's a whole slew of new releases from Bristol's big hitters - including Portishead, and Massive Attack; and new electronica from Larsp, Betoko, and Luke Abbott; also dubstep tracks from Shackleton vs. Invasion, Instra:Mental remixed by Skream, and an amazing Joy Orbison remix of Four Tet. Meanwhile Popof takes on Depeche Mode, and The Flaming Lips and their friends Stardeath And White Dwarfs take on The Pink Floyd, with a little help from their friends Henry Rollins and Peaches.
This month's Peel's Big 45 is a soul classic from 1972, while this month's Educating Elizabeth is a Northern Soul anthem from the same era.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: The first vocal heard on The Pink Floyd's best-selling 1973 LP "The Dark Side Of The Moon" says "I've been mad for fucking years".
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Hank Levine & His OrchestraImage (part 2)7"His Master's Voice45-POP 947
Yabby YouConquering Lion2CDLP - 'Jesus Dread 1972 - 1977'Blood And FireBAFCD 021
Yabby You & Big YouthYabby Youth2CDLP - 'Jesus Dread 1972 - 1977'Blood And FireBAFCD 021
The Blanche Hudson WeekendCrying Shame7"Squirrel RecordsSQRL26
Standard FareFifteen7"Sheffield Phonographic CorporationSPC028
Shackleton & InvasionWizards In Dub (Part 1)12"This Is LessTILESS001
MidlakeWinter DiesCDLP - 'The Courage Of Others'Bella Union 
Kris Menace & Joe And Will AskDewdropsDownloadCompuphonicCOMPU 12
Mel And TimStarting All Over Again7"StaxSTA-0127
Gregory WebsterWon't You Sometimes Think Of Me7"Slumberland / WIAIWYASLR 97 / WIAIWYA 039
Hank WilliamsWon't You Sometimes Think Of Me10CD Set - 'The Complete Hank Williams'Mercury Nashville536 077
Pants Yell!To TakeLP - 'Received Pronunciation'SlumberlandSLR 106
The Flaming Lips & Stardeath and White Dwarfs (feat. Henry Rollins & Peaches)Speak to Me / BreatheDownload LP - 'The Dark Side Of The Moon'Warner Bros 
Four TetLove Cry (Joy Orbison Remix)12"Domino RecordsRUG348TX
Cats On FireThe Borders Of This Land (Demo)Download Single - 'The Hague'  
Head TransfusionThames Valley '69Download LP - 'Fire Engine'  
Wah! HeatBetter Scream7"InevitableINEV 001
Depeche ModeHole To Feed (Popof Vocal Mix)2x12"- 'Fragile Tension / Hole To Feed'Mute12BONG 42
The Fallen LeavesMiss DemeanorCDLP - 'That's Right'ParliamentPARL004
Cinema Red And BlueRoger The Rocket ShipMySpace  
OneoneHalleluhiCDLP - 'AoooO'P-Vine 
Shonen KnifeSuper GroupCDLP - 'Super Group'P-Vine / Tomato HeadPCD-25086
WussyLittle Paper BirdsCDLP - 'Wussy'Shake It RecordsCD Shake 562
The Citations(To Win The Race) Keep The Faith7"BalladM 7101
Best CoastWhen I'm With You7"Black Iris005
The MantlesBad Design7"Slumberland / Dulc-i-toneWISH 11 / IWIWAS 000001
David TattersallHappy For A WhileDownload SingleWhere It's At Is Where You Arewiaiwya059
LarspMelencoliah TremorDownload EP - 'Endless Supply'Chase RecordsCHASE 029
Connecticut FourFiscal YearEP: 'Tiger Shark'  
Luke AbbottWhitebox Stereo12"Border Community27BC
YuckGeorgia (Demo)Myspace Download  
Instra:MentalNo Future (Skreamix)12"Non Plus+ RecordsNONPLUS004
PortisheadChase The TearDownload  
Beak>Ears Have EarsCDLP - 'Beak>'Invada RecordsINV100CD
Massive AttackParadise CircusCDLP - 'Heligoland'Virgin US 
Thought FormsDavid, 18CDLP - 'Thought Forms'Invada RecordsINV070CD
The Wingdale Community SingersTears In My TequilaCDLP -'Spirit Duplicator'Scarlet Shame Records 
BetokoVoyagerDownloadOosh RecordsOOSH018
Alan HavenImage7"FontanaTF 542
Yank Sizzler - February 2010
Well the snow is all ugly and dirty. It still gets dark too soon. And the Xmas bills are due, but rejoice fore The Yank Sizzler Show on Dandelion Radio is throwing a wonderful soiree that includes the best in soul, punk, electronica, shoegaze, indie, garage, high life and just some good ole rock n' roll from Abe Vigoda, Blue Daisy, The Mountain Goats, Sunset, Ty Segall, Mi & L'au, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and many other party guests. We also raise our glass to the fond memories of Vic Chestnutt and Jay Reatard. They were good gents gone too soon.
Artist Title RecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Takeshi Terauchi & The BunnysThe Rising GuitarCD: "The Bunnys: Singles 1 - Little Devil"  
Monta At OddsFaithCD: "Gringo"MontaMusic 
Althea & DonnaNo More FightingCD/LP: "Uptown Top Ranking"Frontline2023
Ty SegallStanding At The Station7'': "Cents"Goner51GONE
Algebra SuicideLittle Dead BodiesCD/LP: "The Secret Like Crazy"RRRecordsRRR 022
Reigning SoundAs LongCD/LP: "Break Up Break Down"Sympathy For The Record IndustrySFTRI654
The Builders & The ButchersRaise Up Your Weary HandsCD/LP: "Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well"Gigantic212
Abe VigodaDon't LieEP: "Reviver"Post Present MediumPPM20
Billy MirandaGo Ahead7": "Go Ahead"Checker957
Black Joe Lewis & The HoneybearsPlease, Part 2CD/LP: "Tell 'Em What Your Name Is"Lost HighwayB0012522-01
Maps & AtlasesEvery Place Is A HouseCD: "Trees, Swallows, Houses"Sargent House8216
Baby Birds Don't Drink MilkFort Pork ChopCD/EP: "The Puppycat"Chomp Womp 
Tafo & Nahid AkhtarKad Ley WayCD/LP: "The Sound of Wonder! Rare Electronic Pop from the Lollywood vaults (1973-1980)"Finders KeepersFKR023LP
Mi & L'auBingoCD/LP: "Good Morning Jokers"BorneBR005
The Waikiki Stonewall BoysOn The Beach At WaikikiCD: "On The Beach At Waikiki (1914-52)"Harlequin57
Blue DaisyStrings Detached12" EP: "Strings Detached"Black AcreACRE015
ButtsteakBury YouCD/LP: "Moroccan VD"Go Kart3
The Poster ChildrenWhat's Inside The BoxCD/EP: "Just Like You"Warner Bros45772
Wes Dakus & The RebelsShotgunCD/LP: "Now Hear This: Garage & Beat From The Norman Petty Vaults"Big Beat RecordsCDWIKD 263
Andy CappThe Law (Part 1)CD/LP: "The Big Gundown"EarmarkEM 303
The Mountain GoatsPsalms 40 2CD/LP: "Life Of The World To Come"4ADCAD 2932 CD
Goran BregovicTale I (Grave Disperato)CD:LP: "Tales and Songs from Weddings and Funerals"Mercury063 079-2
Vic ChestnuttCowardCD/LP: "At The Cut"ConstellationCST060
Jay ReatardAll WastedCD/LP: "Singles '06-'07"In The ReadITR 151
The Black AngelsNever/EverCD/LP: "Directions To See A Ghost"Light In The AtticLITA 033
SunsetLife Is Rad (Just Say Yes)CD: "The Glowing City"AutobusAuto008
SunsetSunshine HairCD/LP: "Gold Dissolves To Gray"AutobusAuto012
Francoise HardyLe Temps De L'AmourCD: "The Vogue Years"Vogue 
Dan Satch & His Atomic 8 Band Of AbaTake Your NoticeCD: "Rusted Highlife Vol. 1"Mossiac MusicMMCD 1812
Operation IvyVulnerabilityCD/LP: "Operation Ivy"HellCat86893-2
Cowboy Indian BearMathematicians-ColourEP: "Cowboy Indian Bear"Self Released 
Der TodeskingZee Mindmelter-Surfing The ZeitgeistDemoDemo 
XinonAmber JamMP3 "Realization"8BitPeoples8BP080
The Cave SingersSummer LightCD/LP: "Welcome Joy"MatadorOLE 842-2
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic ZerosKisses Over BabylonCD/LP: "Up From Below"Vagrant542
Eddie HollandLeaving HereCD: "Beg, Scream & Shout"RhinoR2 72815
King Khan & The ShrinesFear & LoveCD/LP: "What Is?!"ViceVCA 80010
Sebastian PeabodyGrave In The DesertCD: "Wavy Gravy"Beware001/999
Surf CityDickshaker's UnionEP: "Surf City"Morr MusicMM087
Suzannah JohannesIf I Should Fall From Grace With GodCD: "KJHK Fresh Sounds From Underground"KJHK 
The Builders & The ButchersDown In The HoleCD/LP: "Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well"Gigantic212
Why Are We Building Such A Big ShipGone Is GoneCD: "Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship"Self Released 
Mary PinckneyBeen In The Storm So LongCD: "Smithsonian Folkways: Classic African American Gospel"Smithsonian Folkways Recordings40194
Mi & L'auUp In The BuildingCD/LP: "Good Morning Jokers"BorneBR005
The War On DrugsTaking The FarmCD/LP: "Wagonwheel Blues"Secretly Canadian50167
Bo DiddleyDiddlingCD/LP: "Bo Diddley"CheckerLP 2984
The Rural Alberta AdvantageThe DeadroadsCD/LP: "Hometowns"Saddle CreekLBJ-138
Harmonica FrankRock-A-Little-BabyCD: "Memphis Rockabillies, Vol. 2"Stompertime15