Andrew Morrison - June 2010
Andy's June show features the third and final part of Errors' live set from Southampton, as well as a studio session from Swathes. There's new music including Autons, Ikonika, Crystal Castles, Flying Lotus and The Joy Formidable, along with five funky minutes from Scott, and Teresa's tasty tippage. Elsewhere in the show, Eliza teaches us how to pronounce the name of an infamous volcano, and you'll hear tunes from three acts lined up as future session guests: Vacuum Spasm Babies, Spiral Into The Storm and Document 3.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
AshReturn Of White RabbitCD LP 'A-Z Vol.1'Atomic Heart RecordsAtom16CDVD
IkonikaPsoriasisCD LP 'Contact, Love, Want, Have'HyperdubHDBCD004
ElizaEyjafjallajökullMP3 'Eyjafjallajökull'My Favourite MusicUnknown
SwathesEasternerDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Crystal CastlesBaptismCD LP 'Crystal Castles (II)'Polydor2740407
Flying LotusNose ArtCD LP 'Cosmogramma'WarpWARPCD195
AutonsGold DustCD-R promo LP 'Celluliod'Jelly Maid MusicJMMCD011
The Joy FormidablePopinjay7" 'Popinjay'Draca RecordsTJF020
SwathesThe Weekly RespectsDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
The CharlatansThen [Scott's Funky Five Minutes] iTunes LP 'Some Friendly'Beggars BanquetBBL30CD
ErrorsGermany (Live For Dandelion Radio 5/3/2010) Live at The Joiners, SouthamptonNoneNone
ErrorsMr Milk (Live For Dandelion Radio 5/3/2010) Live at The Joiners, SouthamptonNoneNone
Errors A Rumour In Africa (Live For Dandelion Radio 5/3/2010) Live at The Joiners, SouthamptonNoneNone
Vacuum Spasm BabiesRoadkillCD LP 'Whipping Clowns'Shark BatterSHARK010
ColouredsGary Numan After All [Teresa's Tasty Tip] MP3 EP 'Danger Wooo'NoneNone
Holy FuckP.I.G.S. [Teresa's Tasty Tip] CD LP 'Latin'Young TurksYT 033CD
Document 3P.R. DeltoidMP3 EP 'What's It Going To Be Then, Eh?'NoneNone
SwathesMatchdayDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Yeti LaneTwice (EP Version)12" 'Twice'Sonic CathedralSCR022
ErrorsPump (Live For Dandelion Radio 5/3/2010) Live at The Joiners, SouthamptonNoneNone
Spiral Into The StormD-Town RockersCD LP 'A Futile Veneer'Decibel PalaceDBP006
Ghost SocietyBetter DaysCD LP 'The Back Of His Hands, Then The Palms'Dead People's ChoiceDPCCD001
Greg Healey - June 2010
This month's show is a 4 hour long celebration of Dandelion Radio's 4th birthday (do you see what I did there). As part of the birthday celebrations I have three exclusive live sessions (and what I didn't do there), featuring Farmer Joe & The Ignorant Corpses, Wire Mother and Autorotation. Add to this a brief trip down memory lane with tracks from Kevin Ayers and Magazine, wonderfully sharpe and eccentric brass band music from the new album by the Molotow Brass Orkestra, and other exciting party favours, and you are unlikely to have room for your jelly and ice cream.
Artist Title RecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Kevin AyersMay IShooting At The MoonEMI Harvest07243-582777-2-2
Molotow Brass OrkestarAdzanak BadnanakMolotow Brass OrkestarWM RecordingsWM
HealeyislandRed Car Crossing A Dimly Lit BridgeNot Afternoon, But EveningWLMWLM 103
MagazineI'm A PartyThe Correct Use Of SoapVirginCDS2156
FucksiaThat's Christmas...PhotophobieMuertepop RecordsMUERTE015
Bill StrangeBurning DesireOn Second ThoughtOn Second ThoughtNone
BluermuttThe Broken CityThe Dislocation (And Consequences) EpThe Dislocation (And Consequences) EpNone
The Auteurs Vs µ-ZiqUnderground MoviesThe Auteurs Vs µ-ZiqHut RecordingsDGHUTM 20
Farmer Joe & The Ignorant CorpsesThere Is No Beginning Or EndA Hole Nother LevelCEMNone
The MirlitronsMetropolisUnreleased PreviewWLM 
Molotow Brass OrkestarDusty RoadMolotow Brass OrkestarWM RecordingsWM
FucksiaRienPhotophobieMuertepop RecordsMUERTE015
The.ClinamenKogKog - Dandelion Radio EditWLMWLM
Ja PrawnSoulja BoiEverybodyVosotrosVOS011
Lord NumbA Man With A ? For A FaceNumbskullSVCSVC 027
Let's Drive To AlaskaA Bell And A MirrorA Bell And A MirrorMuertepop RecordsMUERTE013
KomatsuDeterminadas PosicionesDeterminadas PosicionesLTWLTWNET0022
AutorotationGreen Army Choir
Dandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Autorotation Coils Dandelion Radio Session None None
Autorotation Clearscope Dandelion Radio Session None None
Autorotation Midway Through Dandelion Radio Session None None
Autorotation Everything Is Everything Dandelion Radio Session None None
Let's Drive To AlaskaAstrudA Bell And A MirrorMuertepop RecordsMUERTE013
The Pony CollaborationUntil It'S GoneIf These Are The Good TimesSeries 8 Records 
HemipteraPas Des BeignetsNola Head CrackNola Head CrackPERTIN_38
MossmanLiferesponseGreen SyncNone 
Aleksi VirtaO Teman De Viagem EspecialMeet Torsti At The Space LoungeMonotonikMTK.mp3.123
Like Black HorsesUnglingurBy Night, We DancePlanet Records 
Black FeatherThe CutSilhouetteNoneNone
MossmanSquinzGreen SyncNoneNone
Nic BommaritoLhasaHarp Fragments12Rec 
KeinzweiterAltbob CapitolMounted_MarsPlex RecordsPLX011
Jelly SlugOrgasmicAlbumNone 
StanleylucasrevolutionWasteful YouthEvolutionary Sunset CallStroboscopicSTR 3
Wire MotherSupermodel SatelliteDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Farmer Joe & The Ignorant CorpsesBowel Movement In G MinorDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Farmer Joe & The Ignorant CorpsesNot Even MeDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Farmer Joe & The Ignorant CorpsesI’M AliveDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Wire MotherZombie StompDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
B°TongFahrenheit...What Fahrenheit?StructuresNoecho RecordsNE 002
David Shane SmithActorCloud PleaserStroboscopicSTR4
Wire MotherMother In Your DiscoDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
TamagawaPar De La Les NuagesPlus Tard, Le Meme JourNoecho RecordsNE 011
David Shane SmithWe Live OnCloud PleaserStroboscopicSTR4
Wire MotherCeltechDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Wire MotherHooked And ReeledDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
The Peach TreeFor MarieThe Peach TreeNoneNone
StanleylucasrevolutionTwo WaysEvolutionary Sunset CallStroboscopicSTR3
The Horn The HuntBefore There Were KnivesThe Horn The HuntWLMNone
NorthcapeShinkansen To KyotoCaptured From StaticSun Sea SkySSS 039
Chad GoldaCello Suite: Four - Vinyl Samples[Faster Than Becoming The PastRack And RuinRRR 175
JashWhat Kind Of?Autumn Fare MixtapeNoneNone
Marcelle - June 2010
Looking for directions

Prior to recording her new album at Faust Studio in Germany Dutch deejay Marcelle manages to squeeze in another three hours for Dandelion.
Marcelle, who usually is not very good at (finding) directions, disappears again in all different corners of the universe. There is female chanting from Zaire (Femmes Ngbandi), techno from Berlin (Ben Klock), dubstep from the Netherlands (Generate), noise from New York (Pterodactyl), weirdness pop from around the corner (Zea) as well as older sounds like cutting edge jazz (Don Cherry), singer-songwriting (Michael Hurley) and African zulu guitars (Casper Shiki).
Add to this names like High Places, Vex'd, The Truth About Frank, Kanipchen-fit, John Frum, Pupajim and Brain Damage and the show is already so daring that we don't even have to mention this month's (June 1980) Look Back Bore Records from Throbbing Gristle, The Slits and Joy Division. So we don't as the listener will already be looking for directions in this crazy Marcelle show.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Brain DamageDon't Ask Me WhyCD 'Burning Before Sunset''Jarring Effects 
Don CherryBrown RiceLP 'Don Cherry'HorizonSP-717
Ras G And The Afrikan Space ProgramFlight DelaySplit 10'' With Samiyam: Los Angeles 3/10All City LAACLA10x10x3
Vex'd feat. Warrior QueenTake Time OutCD 'Cloud Seed'Planet Mupromo
The SlitsMan Next Door7''Rough Trade/YRT044/Y4A
Solo BantonCoulda NeverLP 'Jahtarian Dubbers Volume 2'JahtariJTR LP 02
The Art MuseumsWe Can't Handle ItCD 'Rough Frame'WoodsistWoodsist037
Ama BoskopInyakanyakaLP 'Ama Boskop'ZebraZeLP200
Casper Shiki & His GuitarUntandaso (Zulu Guitar Jive)LP 'Travelling With My Portable Electric Phonograph Volume 1MonkMK402
Kanipchen-FitOld LiesCD 'Multibenefit'HooverflagHF008CD
ZeaSong For ElectrcityCD 'The Beginner'Makkum RecordsMakkum Records Nr. 3
T++Dig7''Honest Jon's RecordsHJP49
KlangwartMolochCD 'Sommer'StaubgoldStaubgold 99
Solex vs Cristina Martinez + Jon SpencerFire FireLP 'Amsterdam Throwdown King Street Showdown!Bronzerat RecordsBR20LP
Cio D'OrPailletten (Sleeparchive Remix)12'' EP 'Die Faser Part Two'ProloguePRG008
FaustT-Electronique (Original Version (Mathias Schaffhauser Remix)CD 'Re:3 Selected Remixes Vol. 3'WareWare cd 8
FaustKarneval2xLP 'Faust Is Last'KlangbadKlangbad 046
Throbbing GristleHeathen Earth (side 1)LP 'Heathen Earth'IndustrialIR 0009
ZeaBourgeois BluesCD 'The Beginner'Makkum RecordsMakkum Records Nr. 3
The Fall986 Generator2xLP 'Your Future Our Clutter'DominoWIGLP245
GenerateDe BoodschapCD/DVD 'Antilounge 7'Antilounge 
Michael HurleyMr WhiskerwitsLP 'Hi Fi Snock Uptown'MississippiMR-048
The Truth About FrankMyan Karzan's Little EmpireCD 'Murder Sleep'LYFCLYFCD002
PupajimInternational FarmerLP 'Jahtarian Dubbers Volume 2'JahtariJTR LP 02
John FrumShreveport ShuffleLP 'Jahtarian Dubbers Volume 2'JahtariJTR LP 02
ClusterProantiproLP 'Curiosum'Bureau BBB 038
High PlacesDrift SlayerLP 'Vs Mankind'Thrill JockeyThrill238
PterodactylNo ReservationsLP 'Arnold's ParkDeleted ArtdLTD037
Joy DivisionLove Will Tear Us Apart (b-side version)12'' EPFactoryFAC XXIII XII
ZeaStaande Ben Ik Vergeten Wat Ik Dacht Toen Ik LaCD 'The Beginner'Makkum RecordsMakkum Records Nr. 3
DistanceFallen (Vex'd Remix)CD 'Cloud Seed'Planet Mupromo
Ben KlockSubzero (Function-Regis Remix)12'' EP 'Remixes'Ostgut Tono-ton 26
Femmes NgbandiChant De Femmes Ngbandi2xLP 'Bantu. Musique Tradiotionelle'Ciciba8401
Mark Cunliffe - June 2010
We're into June folks and I'm sure all this volcanic ash stuff we've had recently is a red herring. Planes into East Midlands Airport have had to fly through the smoke and ash cloud of Castle Donnington Working Men's Club for years without so much as a hitch....
Ok then, what have we got this month? Killa P is trying to get a NERD to keep his nose clean and Trash Talk are trying to bump off an anaconda, that anaconda's gunna be crushed .... Tranqill are looking to get a Sarry's Special and The Blonde Bomber is taking some bread for a walk, does he kneed a lead? Chris T-T ... sorry, I don't know what to say ... Ah ... YES! I have TWO featured albums this month ... Lianne Hall's Crossing Wires and Flying Lotus' Cosmogramma, they are very different from each other but they are both super, super ACE, ACE :-)
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
TactusBuried In The Sky (feat Rebecca Mason)MP3 EP 'Frostbite EP'C-Front SoundsCFS 010D
The Strange BoysNight MightMP3 LP 'Be Brave'Rough TradeNone
Killa PEverybody Nose (N.E.R.D/Roll Deep Remix)CD LP 'Killer Intinct Vol II'Warrior RecordingsWREC 001
Lianne HallTelephone In A Foreign CityPromo CD 'Crossing Wires'Malinki RecordsNone
Trash TalkKill the SnakeMP3 LP 'Shame'Hassle RecordsNone
Flying LotusPickled!LP 'Cosmogramma'WarpWARPLP 195
Vex'dDisposition (Ft. Jest)CD LP 'Cloud Seed'Planet MuZIQ260CD
Dag För DagHands and KneesCD LP 'Boo'Haldern Pop RecordingsHPR040
Jahdan BlakkamooreThe General (Ticklah remix)MP3 EP 'The General: Ticklah Remixes'Liondubs InternationalLNDB45 001
Jon KennedyBoom ClackMP3 Single 'Four Seasons EP Series: Fall'Organik RecordingsNone
Benny Page & Zero GPanpipesMP3 LP 'GetDarker Presents: This Is Dubstep 2'AEI MusicNone
Lianne HallScissorsPromo CD 'Crossing Wires'Malinki RecordsNone
Edgar HayesFat Meat 'n' GreensMP£ LP 'The Encyclopedia of Rhythm 'n Blues'Burning FireNone
Flying LotusZodiac ShitLP 'Cosmogramma'WarpWARPLP 195
MartynIs This Insanity? (Ben Klock Remix Ft. Spaceape)MP3 EP 'Remixes 2/2'3024None
Ruth BellamyLet It ComeMP3NoneNone
TamikrestTidite TilleMP3 LP 'Adagh'Glitterhouse RecordsNone
Gappy RanksRising Out of the GhettoMP3 EP 'Rising Out of the Ghetto'Hot Coffee MusicNone
TranqillChips & CheeseMP3 EP 'The Hidden Treasures EP'One-Handed MusicNone
BreakageVial (feat. Burial)MP3 LP 'Foundation'Digital Soundboy RecordingsNone
His Electro Blue VoiceDasMP3NoneNone
Flying LotusDo The Astral PlaneLP 'Cosmogramma'WarpWARPLP 195
Son of DaveShake a BoneMP3 LP 'Shake A Bone'KartelNone
Ghettozoid feat. YolandaSeeking (Blue Daisy Remix)12"One4HoO4H 001
Michael ForzzaTok TokMP3 Single 'Abstractor Part 3'PerimeterPERIMETER 006D
Holly Golightly & The BrokeoffsCan't LoseMP3 LP 'Medicine County'Damaged GoodsNone
Ancient AstronautsLost in Marrakesh with Entropik (Pathaan's Mirage Mix)MP3 EP 'Put Em Up EP'ESL MusicNone
Lianne HallCry WolfPromo CD 'Crossing Wires'Malinki RecordsNone
WoundsUgly MouthMP3 EP 'Dead Dead F*cking Dead'Yo Yo AcapulcoBMX 007
Flying LotusRecoiledLP 'Cosmogramma'WarpWARPLP 195
Johnny Clarke & Fantan MojahRebel With A Cause7"Maximum SoundsPUMS 7059
Chris T-TWords Fail MeCD LP 'Love Is Not Rescue'Xtra Mile RecordingsXMR027CD
Maximilian HeckerBlue Soldier NightMP3 LP 'I Am Nothing But Emotion'Blue Soldier RecordsNone
The Blonde BomberStrollie Bun7"HullHULL 763
HehThe Security of InsecurityMP3NoneNone
Major LazerPon De Floor (DJ Rekha & RajStar Remix)MP3NoneNone
D-Bridge, Instra:Mental & SkreamAcacia AvenueMP3 SingleAutonomicNone
Mashed Up FunkDoor StoppaMP3 EP 'Mashed Up Funk: Vol 8'Mashed Up FunkMAF 008
Lianne HallWith The LightPromo CD 'Crossing Wires'Malinki RecordsNone
MowgliSomethingMP3 LP '93'Dodeca5065001 849008
Wedge & AesotericDetached RealityMP3 EP 'A Night On the Wonk'If Symptoms PersistNone
Red PensBlue LightersMP3 LP 'Reasons'Grain Belt RecordsNone
Flying LotusGalaxy In JanakiLP 'Cosmogramma'WarpWARPLP 195
Andrew & Wada BloodMoney Nah Go MekMP3 LP 'Beach Front Riddim'Head Concussion2 HB007
SkreamRutten2xLP 'Skream!'TempaTempa LP 008
Mark Whitby - June 2010
With a total of sixteen different nations involved and a brand new exclusive session from Nickname: Rebel, the June World Cup special was always going to be rather more than your standard game of two halves or nil-nil bore draw. Instead, the play quickly becomes spread and a musical equivalent to Brazil-Italy in '82 ensues.
New tracks from Italy's Kill Minimal, Brazilians Loyce E Os Gnomes and Germany's The Tinopener's Art rub shoulders with contenders like Vorad Fils from Australia and Switzerland's Vanilla Muffins as well as a range of well-struck efforts from England and the USA.
With all this going on, there's nothing else for but to leap into the communal bath, throw in a footie-based Peel Back & Sniff and welcome aboard paeans to the beautiful game from Dandelion favourites Pete Green, and The Pocket Gods, meditations on Slough Town, Fulham and Brighton & Hove Albion and a song extolling the values of a Brazilian striker who refused, for aesthetic reasons, to score a tap-in.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Jack Van GelderDennis Bergkamp Vs Argentina 1998VCR 'World Cup France '98: Great Matches - Brazil-Holland'SVG7984
Loyce E Os GnomesEra Uma Nota DeV/A CD 'Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas'WPFCWPFCTIF102CD
Thick Shakes(Baby) You're A StarfishDownload Album 'Ooh Mommy'SnugglehoundNone
Mogadiscio EnsembleMogadiscio Ensemble ThemeDownload Album 'Afro Affairs'KarusoNone
Nickname: RebelDestroyahExclusive TrackNoneNone
White RingRoses7" Split Single with OooooEmotionEMO 001
Brain FlannelRMPM (Constant Sex)Cassette 'Tape'Statuestory TapesSsT 04
The Tinopener's Art (ft Kathy White)Right Nowmp3 demoNoneNone
Jesus Makes The Shotgun SoundDo Not The Clothes Make The Man!?!?!?Download EP 'Damnant Quod Non Intelligunt'Ah RitualismNone
KZSSDeadwoodDownload SingleFish RecordingsFISH29
Psychedelic HorseshitGliderzCassette 'Acid Tape'Fan DeathFDR017
Psychedelic Rain & Guitar JoChanges Of SceneryDownload Album 'Liminal Sampler'LiminalLimREC100
65 Days Of StaticWeak4CD 'We Were Exploding Anyway'HassleHOFF095CD
WoodsDeath RattlesCD 'At Echo Lake'WoodsistWOODSIST040
Lightnin' HopkinsLet Me Play With Your PoodleDouble CD 'His Blues'AceCDCH2 1259
Nickname: RebelLiberty GoExclusive TrackNoneNone
Jorge CuryCarlos Alberto's Goal in 1970 World Cup FinalV/A CD 'Musica De Futebol'Mr BongoMRBLP024
SjofnFulton Street JacketCD 'Secret'Parallax SoundsPS-18
Chips For The PoorWeather Channel7" EP 'Tell Your Mum, Bolan's Back'Invisible SpiesINV021
Praverb The WyseRock On (ft Blame One, Theo 3 & DJ GrazzhoppaCD 'The Gospel Is Free 2'NoneNone
Kill MinimalBerlin Is Not MinimalCD 'Hier Raun, Da Raus'MadberlinMAD001
D_rradio & Lianne HallBerlin WinterCD 'Making Spaces'SentenceSENT01CD
Pop FostersBreakin' Upmp3 demoNoneNone
Vorad FilsSafeCD 'The Warmest Static'Feral MediaFM57
Cranium PieMothershipPromo SingleBracken RecordsPromo
Nickname: RebelSeven SidedExclusive TrackNoneNone
Noblesse ObligeBeck And Call (Spidersleg Remix)CD 'Malady' (promo)code7REPO026
Las RobertasHistory Is DoneDownload Album 'Cry Out Loud'NoneNone
Alasdair RobertsBabylonDownload EP 'The Digital EP'Ayrtime.orgNone
2muchachosWarmtimeDownload EP 'Prespring'Parallax SoundsPS-15
Wembley 73Brazil Vs Slough Town 1966V/A CD 'A Load Of…40 Football Favourites'MCIDEMPCD 026
BarcelonaKasey KellarCD 'Zero One Infinity'MarchMAR066
Sultans Of Ping FCGive Him A Ball (And A Yard Of Grass)CD 'Casual Sex In The Cineplex'Rhythm King472 495 2
Depth ChargeGoal (Sudden Death Penalty Shootout)CD SingleVinyl SolutionSTORM19
Attila The StockbrokerAnd Smith Must ScoreV/A CD 'Music For The Terraces'Mad ButcherMBR 078
The Pocket GodsCome On England (No Nookie Or Playstation)Exclusive TrackNoneNone
Jose Carlos AraujoFlamengo GoalV/A CD 'Musica De Futebol'Mr BongoMRBLP024
Various ArtistsOn The Ball CityCD 'Norwich City FC: On The Ball City'Cherry Redcdgaffer33
The HitchersStrachanCD 'It's All Fun And Games Til Someone Loses An Eye'MurgatroydMurCD2
Nickname: RebelNickname: Rebel FCExclusive TrackNoneNone
Victor Hugo MoralesGolazo De MaradonaDVD 'England Vs Argentina - 1986 World Cup Quarter-FinalQuantum Leap725068
Ska JTe Gusta El FutbolV/A CD 'Ska Skandal No 5 - The Football Edition'Pork PiePP 05651-2
Vanilla MuffinsViva El FulhamLP 'The Drug Is Football'KnockoutKOLP162
Pete GreenThe Ballad Of Phil JevonsCD Single 'Everything I Do Is Gonna Be Sparkly'Atomic BeatABR001
The Vichy GovernmentPoor Little Chelsea FanCD 'White Elephant'Filthy Little Angelsangel 019
DJ Paul ElstakYou're A Hardcore HooliganCD 'DJ Paul Sitter Presents Hardcore Hooligans'BarsuckBS001
Zen BaseballbatI Am The Champion Concrete MixerCD 'I Am The Champion Concrete Mixer'Moon Skamoonska51
Marijohn & The JacksFio MaravilhaV/A CD 'Musica De Futebol'Mr BongoMRBLP024
Lord Kitchener & Fitzroy Coleman BandThe Manchester Football DoubleCD 'Bend It! 1992: Exotica Presents…Football A La Carte'ExoticaPELE2CD
ColourboxThe Official Colourbox World Cup Theme12" Single4ADBAD 605
Woog RiotsFootball Round The ClockDownload SingleNoneNone
Matt Jones - June 2010
This month, in a prosaic synopsis Matt reveals his show includes work from Ergo Phizmiz, Sadistician, Children of the Drone, TV Ghost, Alien Hand, Morphamish, Panda Dub and others.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Ergo PhizmizNo Good (Start the dance)MP3 LP Music for the Jilted GenerationupitupUpfree32
SadisticianSleep Well (No life gives no dreams)MP3 EP 'Psychetoxically-Derived Necrotic Death EP'CentrifugeCF002
Children of the DroneThe lettuceMP3 LP 'Compilation No 8'n/an/a
MorphamishDefinite Urge ModeMP3 EP 'The Urge Mode EP'Black Lantern MusicBLM015
LafiMy NeighbourMP3 EP 'Neighbours'BirdsongBirdsong 034
TV GhostThe RecluseMP3 LP Spring Break Pool PartyKill Red Rocket Recordsn/a
TJ MorganS.N.O.W.D.R.I.F.TMP3 EP 'Black Licorice'Twenty Twelve NetaudioTT025
Fambly FunFambly DestructionMP3 LP 'Bros'Mine all mine RecordsMAM094
Rev PorlDr ThirstyCD LP 'Hablo Diablo'Contrade Records???
Daddy_ScrabbleCherry BlossomMP3 LP 'Thingy'Black Lantern MusicBLM016
Panda DubFirst meet (feat Youyou)MP3 LP 'Various Artists – Dub Tentacles Vol.2'Fresh Poulp RecordsFPR046
Alien HandDamhas linn Naomh PadraigMP3 LP 'Better Late Than Never'Digital Vomit RecordsDVR049
Rachael Neiman - June 2010
In June's hour-long 'Rachael Neiman Experience' we are joined at Cherryade Towers by local poet, performer, artist and activist Rebecca Willmott to choose some records, talk about performing at DIY gigs and read some of her poetry. We also have new tracks from Scrag Fight, This Many Boyfriends, Tender Trap, Parenthetical Girls, Best Coast and many more.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
ScragfightZombie Girl"Last Friday On The Underground" CD EP  
Best CoastWhen I'm With You7" singleBlack Iris 
Tender TrapGirls With GunsDownload only singleFortuna Pop!FPOP86
Fever FeverMonster7" singleCherryadeCHY032
Parenthetical GirlsSong For Ellie Greenwich"Entanglements" CD albumTomlab 
This Many BoyfriendsThat's What Diaries Are Formp3  
The CureClose To Me"The Head On The Door" CD albumFiction 
The BumblebeesFluffy Clouds of JoyDemo CD  
The AvalanchesFrontier Psychiatrist"Since I Left You" CD albumXLXLCD138
The Hush NowContrails"Constellations" CD album  
Rocker - June 2010
Another three-hour show packed with new music. This month's featured album is the 20th anniversary compilation from American indie giants Slumberland Records, and indeed there seems to be an American slant to the whole show, possibly related to the fact that I recorded it on the eve of my flight to DJ at the NYC popfest. The ghost of indie music past also hangs over the show - my flight from Manchester to JFK is exactly 30 years after the one Joy Division should have taken to start their first US tour.
There are new tracks from The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart; The Blanche Hudson Weekend; The Orchids; Tender Trap; World Atlas; The Kingfishers; Comet Gain; Shonen Knife; The Babies; Knight School; Thunder Bunny; Dum Dum Girls; Puerto Muerto; Lapels; and One Happy Island.
Cats On Fire take on White Town, and Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences take on Superman Revenge Squad. The Tigermilks cover Belle And Sebastian with their customary gusto, while New Order and Joy Division respectively are given a seeing to by Lilys and The Sight Below. Big Youth puts his own spin on a Carl Malcolm classic.
There's new electronica from Pangaea; Apologist; and Popof. To prepare me for my flight The Black Dog drag Brian Eno's classic 1978 "Music For Airports" LP into the rather more stressful present day. Radio Slave remix Jamie Anderson beyond recognition to create a classic Deep House track which first saw a legitimate release in 2007. This month's Peel's Big 45 is a classic of the 1979 mod revival, while this month's Educating Elizabeth record is a 1968 LP track from The Tempests.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: "Your Woman" by White Town was a UK number one in 1997. It features a trumpet line sampled from the intro of "My Woman", a 1932 recording by Lew Stone & The Monseigneur Band, which appeared on the soundtrack LP to Dennis Potter's classic 1978 Television series "Pennies From Heaven".
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Hank Levine & His OrchestraImage (part 2)7"His Master's Voice45-POP 947
The Pains Of Being Pure At HeartSay No To Love7"Slumberland / Fortuna Pop! 
The Blanche Hudson WeekendLet Me Go7" - 'Hate Is A Loaded Gun EP'Squirrel RecordsSQRL28
Crystal StiltsThru The FloorComp CD - 'Slumberland Records - The First 20 Years'Slumberland RecordsWISH12
Knight SchoolMeathead HurricaneLP - 'Revenger'Make A Mess RecordsMAM006
LCD SoundsystemAll I WantLP - 'This Is Happening'DFA / ParlophoneDFA22502
PopofSummer On Mars12" - 'Summer On Mars EP'Notorious Elektro RecordsNOTO 014
World AtlasThe Winter StoriesCDEP - 'World Atlas'Magic Marker RecordsMMR-057
The TigermilksGet Me Away I'm DyingMyspace  
Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward SilencesThe Angriest Dog In The WorldDownload  
The Black DogWait Behind This LineTriple Vinyl LP - 'Music For Real Airports'SomaSOMATBD003
Cats On FireYour WomanCDLP - 'Dealing In Antiques'Johanna Kustannusramcd3180
Big YouthNotty No Jester (Version)7"Impact! Records 
LilysDreams Never EndComp CD - 'Slumberland Records - The First 20 Years'Slumberland RecordsWISH12
The Sight BelowNew Dawn FadesLP - 'It All Falls Apart'Ghostly InternationalGI-102
The BabiesMeet Me In The City7"Make A Mess RecordsMAM007
The BambinosSlidy SlidyCDEP - 'In Bed With'PhilophobiaPHOP012
Dum Dum GirlsBlank GirlCDLP - 'I Will Be'SubPop RecordsSPCD840
PangaeaNeuronsEP - 'Pangaea'Hessle AudioHES010
The OrchidsShe's My GirlCD SinglePebble RecordsPEBBLE001CD
The TempestsSomedayLP - 'Would You Believe!'Smash RecordsSRS 67098
Darker My LoveShe Lives (In A Time Of Her Own)Compilation CDLP - 'The Psychedelic Sounds Of The Sonic Cathedral'Sonic Cathedral RecordsSCR013
The Silver Factory24 Hours From HeavenMyspace  
Phil WilsonI Own It (Acoustic Version)Comp CD - 'Slumberland Records - The First 20 Years'Slumberland RecordsWISH12
David TattersallStatic ElectricityLP - "Happy For A While"Where It's At Is Where You AreWIALP019
Puerto MuertoDrumming For PistolsCDLP - 'Drumming For Pistols'Fire RecordsFIRECD135
Tender TrapGirls With GunsDownload SingleFortuna Pop! 
LapelsThe TelephonistCDLP - 'What We Tried And How We Failed'Philophobia MusicPHOP013
Shonen KnifePerfect FreedomCDLP - 'Free Time'P-VinePCD-25106
The QuadsThere Must Be Thousands7"Big Bear RecordsBB 23
ApologistViolator (Original Mix)Download EPProton MusicPROTON0110
Comet GainI Never Happened7"What's Your Rupture? 
Boy GeniusOld New EnglandComp CDLP - 'Elm City Popfest 2010 Sampler'Tweefort / February RecordsECPF2010
One Happy IslandCave City SunriseCDLP - 'One Happy Island'Odd BoxBOX003
Thunder BunnySodaThe Other Children Of This Quickly Passing Winter'Bosque / Woodland Records 
This Many BoyfriendsThat's What Diaries Are ForCDr - 'Tour EP'  
The KingfishersYou Can't HelpMySpace  
HehThe Security Of InsecurityMySpace  
One Fathom DownApple MousseMySpace  
NevereverTeardrop TattooComp CD - 'Slumberland Records - The First 20 Years'Slumberland RecordsWISH12
The CubicalEarly Morning CreepCDLP - 'Come Sing These Crippled Tunes'High SpotHSR009
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Ste McCabe - June 2010
Whilst slagging new Tory equalities minister Theresa May with a passion and simultaneously trying to separate two randy cats, in June I bring you a one-hour slice of political pop from underground queer pop ladies such as London's tremendous Abi Makes Music and Germany's Elcassette. There's pure riot grrrl passion from the amazing new UK lo-fi thrash band Woolf, sarcastic electro-pop from Poland's Mass Kotki and so much more to combat the Tory blues. Theresa May's nightmare starts here, and lasts for approximately one hour!
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Miss The OccupierGlue Me To TheeThe Heart is Deceiful (Above All Things)Miss The Occupier 
ElcassetteDyke Barn/an/a 
Help Stamp Out LonelinessTorvil and DeanTorvil and Deanwiaiwya 
Amanda PalmerOasisWho Killed Amanda Palmer?Roadrunner Records 
Ethical Debating SocietyChilds Playn/an/a 
The 10p MixesThe Dogs in Francen/an/a 
HoleSkinny Little BitchNobody's DaughterIsland 
WoolfFishing With LolitaWoolf TapeWoolf 
Big World AudioDon't Cryn/an/a 
Abi Makes MusicButch Dyken/an/a 
Das WanderlustWe're all DoomedHorses for CoursesDon't Tell Claire Records 
MikkokooTreat Him Riten/an/a 
Mass KotkiRed CarChodz zobaczycEmancypunx Records 
Beat The Radar18,29,20,21,22To The City From The SeaAkoustik Anarkhy 
BisDead WrestlersMusic for a Stranger WorldLookout! Records