Andrew Morrison - October 2010
Andy has a triplet of triplets in his two hour October show, with three exclusive tracks in session from both WeirdGear and Document 3, along with a trio of tunes taken from an excellent compilation on Jag Records. You'll also hear new music from Sad Day For Puppets; Ghost Society; The Chasms; His Electro Blue Voice; James Yuill and many others, including a haunting Joy Division cover version commemorating the sixth anniversary of the death of John Peel, the BBC DJ that inspired Dandelion Radio. Also listen out for Andy's guest appearance in Matt Jones's netlabel special, elsewhere in October's schedule.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
The ChasmsBlue Sun, Golden SkyMP3 LP 'Index Of Spirits'Command To Destroy RecordsUnknown
Planet Raiders8bitCD LP various artists 'The Cure For Whatever It Is That Ails You'Jag5 060227 312725
WeirdGearDaytonaDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Sad Day For PuppetsTouchCD-R single 'Touch'Sonic CathedralSCR026D
Document 3Age Of PowerDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Breck StewartAbove All CloudsiTunes LP 'Utopia'MoonDaze ProductionsNone
The Wake EffectTen Things To Do If I Live [Scott's Funky Five Minutes]MP3 LP 'Step One'NoneNone
His Electro Blue VoiceWorm12" 'Wolf/Worm'Holidays RecordsHOL032
WeirdGearBlack 7Dandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
The Gummy WebCodaCD LP various artists 'The Cure For Whatever It Is That Ails You'Jag5 060227 312725
Document 3CheepokaDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Ghost SocietyFalling LeavesCD LP 'The Back Of His Hands, Then The Palms'Dead People's ChoiceDPCCD001
James YuillMy FearsCD LP 'Movement In A Storm'Moshi Moshi RecordsMoshicd32
The Sight BelowNew Dawn FadesCD LP 'It All Falls Apart'Ghostly International804297810225
Day OneWho Owns The Rain?CD LP 'Probably Art'One Little IndianTPLP804CD
WeirdGearAmplifierDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Team GhostSigns & WondersCD-R single 'Signs & Wonders/High Hopes'Sonic CathedralSCR024
Document 3Bipolar Disorder (2nd Opinion)Dandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Small CrewPossibly MagnetsMP3 'Possibly Magnets'NoneNone
Yoshi Racing ClubReoccurring Dream Of FallingCD LP various artists 'The Cure For Whatever It Is That Ails You'Jag5 060227 312725
Greg Healey - October 2010
This month's show is brimming o'er with three superb live sessions from various points of the autumnal hued compass. We lighten up the darkening skies with the vocal talents of two extraordinary female singers in the shape of Ooti from Ooti Skulf and Clare Carter from The Horn The Hunt. Both these artists bring us something special with performances that are full of an energy and excitement, as befits their current status as artists to watch. Ooti Skulf treats us to an exclusive live performance of material from their forthcoming album, while The Horn The Hunt deliver a surprise in the shape of acoustic versions of their dark and moody electronic music. The trinity of sessions is completed by a powerful live offering from that master manipulator of audio Dementio13.
Even with all of this there's still time to catch our breath and enjoy tracks from The Sone Institute, Beautiful Losers, The Piney Gir Country Roadshow and many more from the exciting world of new independent music.
ArtistTrackRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Tiny ConceptI Wonder About The Time It Is In HellNoneNoneNone
Ooti SkulfThe AntsDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Ooti Skulf25 YearsDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Ooti SkulfThe HoleDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Ooti SkulfWe Are TwoDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Ooti SkulfThe End Of Harry CotsDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Ooti SkulfThe World Before YouDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Ooti SkulfLove Song For A SnowmanDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians Of The British EmpireHe’s Making A TapeThatchers ChildrenDamaged Goods RecordsDamgood 313
Autistic AdventureAppetitelolinet Instrumentals - KunststoffspuleLolinetLolinet 006
The Piney Gir Country Roadshow40 Days & NightsJesus WeptDamaged Goods RecordsNone
wAgAwAgACubecubeMrepsicanAcroplane RecordingsNone
Farmer Joe & The Ignorant CorpsesFunky SundayBodo OttoCEMNone
Dementio13SnackshackDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Dementio13Untitled 1Dandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Dementio13Untitled 2Dandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Dementio13 (Ft Caroline Moore)Sky Stands StillDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Dementio13 (Ft Nita Disaster)ComplicatedDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Dementio13AirportDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Sone InstituteTea For FourCurious MemoriesFront and FollowF&F004
The Beautiful LosersPeaceful Buddhist WarriorFour Corners Of A Tiny Planet MasterStrawberry Hill MusicNone
Fabienne DelSolI'm Gonna Catch Me A RatSingle ReleaseDamaged Goods RecordsDamngood285
The Horn The HuntDirty DogsDandelion Radio Acoustic SessionNoneNone
The Horn The HuntRaptorDandelion Radio Acoustic SessionNoneNone
The Horn The HuntBefore There Were KnivesDandelion Radio Acoustic SessionNoneNone
The Horn The HuntPorcelainDandelion Radio Acoustic SessionNoneNone
The Horn The HuntThe ValleyDandelion Radio Acoustic SessionNoneNone
The Horn The HuntNowhere NearDandelion Radio Acoustic SessionNoneNone
wAgAwAgANagoyaMrepsicanAcroplane RecordingsNone
Alien SyndromeTree Of QuartersInvasion EPELM RecordingsNone
Marcelle - October 2010
Congo style all over the place

Courtesy of the Belgium label Crammed Discs Marcelle her October show is filled with Congo guitar playing. But apart from the magical tunes from the Congotronics 6 LP box set, the rejuvinated Dutch band The Ex also make some Congo-esque guitar noise on their new album.
More genre- and culture hopping is done is by some clean-cut German guys who call themselves Harmonious Thelonious. They also go African crazy on their first record. More surprising sounds come from the likes of Rore, Hassle Hound, Forces Of Nature, Scorn, Shlohmo, Seven Footsteps To Satan, Drowned UFO, Vladislav Delay, Luc Ferrari[artist], [artist]Rev. Johnny L. 'Hurricane' Jones, Neurosis Orchestra and Urban Tribe.
And guess what: some of them do not play Congo guitar style!
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
ScattertapeShelving A Tempered StringCD 'Clicks And Cuts 5.0. Paradigm Shift'Mille PlateauxMP300
Masanka SankayiLe Laboureur6xLP + 7'' + USB 'Congotronics'Crammed DiscsCraw 63
The ExBicycle IllusionLP 'Catch My Shoe'Ex RecordsEx123LP
Forces Of NatureRed Planet12'' EPIntelligent AudioI.A. 2.2
ScornBeaked Point2xLP 'Refuse; Start Fires'Ohm Resistance16M
Harmonious TheloniousPrimitive, Persuasive, Provocative Percussion12'' EP 'On Stages'DiskantDisk 02
Konono No.1Paradiso6xLP + 7'' + USB 'Congotronics'Crammed DiscsCraw 63
Drowned UFOTopsyCD 'Meets Honda Dealer'self release 
ShlohmoSpoonsLP 'Shlomoshun Deluxe'FOF MusicFOF-102
Gen XUgly Dub12'' EP 'Dancing With Myself'ChrysalisCHS 12 2444
Hassle HoundMoon PhloxCD 'Born In A Night'StaubgoldStaubgold Digital 4
?WROS Scottsboro Old-Time Reliious Hour ExcerptLP 'I'm Gonna Live Anyhow Until I Die'MississippiMR-065
RamadanmanMir12''white label 
Staff Benda BililiAvramandole6xLP + 7'' + USB 'Congotronics'Crammed DiscsCraw 63
Urban TribeProgram 01LP 'Urban Tribe'Mahogani MusicMahogani Music 25
Systema SolarYa Veras12'' EP 'Cumbia! BestialChusma 
The ClashBankrobber / Bankrobber Dub10'' 'Black Market Clash'EpicTBL 36846
Vladislav Delay as SistolHospital HusbandCD 'On The Bright Side'Halo Cyan / Phthalo Rec.PHC 04
The Ex24 ProblemsLP 'Catch My Shoe'Ex RecordsEx123LP
Luc FerrariVisage V3xLP 'An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music/Second A-Chronology Volume #2'Sub RosaSRV200
Dokkebi QGobbledygookCD 'Hardcore Cherry Bon Bon3Qreq3Q003
Mystere Five'sNever Say Thank You7''Underdog49,668
Kasai All StarsMbua-A-Matumba6xLP + 7'' + USB 'Congotronics'Crammed DiscsCraw 63
Thomas BrinkmannNicola 112'' EP 'Monika / NicolaMax ErnstErnst 7
Rev. Johnny L. ''Hurricane'' JonesI Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around / Nothing Less Than Jesus' Blood And RihteousnessLP 'Jesus Christ From A To Z'ParlortonePT-4001
Drowned UFONight Sky With LightsCD 'Meets Honda Dealer'self releasePingipung 19
1000 NamesSecondary Fauna2xLP 'Illuminated Man'ACREACRELP001
The CravatsPressure SellersLP 'In Toytown'Small WonderRough 10
TubbyTurbo Shandy12''Soul JaSoul Ja 010
?Matondoni WeddingLP 'Africa. Witchcraft & Ritual Music'NonesuchH-72066
Neurosis OrchestraThe Big English Swindle12'' 'We Bomb Fi Dubs #5'Sozialistischer Plattenbauspb12018
Roroextract from side ALP 'Roro'ToztizokToztizok007Roro
The Durutti ColumnFor Mimi2xLP 'A Factory Quartet'FactoryFACT 24
Masanka Sankay + Kasai All StarsWa Muluendu6xLP + 7'' + USB 'Congotronics'Crammed DiscsCraw 63
Mark Cunliffe - October 2010
As I sit in the pub having a beer and contemplating how people with tram lines in their hair must be well 'ard to cope with the 3:15 to Altringham travelling over their noggin* every day, I'd better tell you what's in my October show ...
... The Hot Toddies are hanging with the Red Hand Gang and Naing Naing is seeing the Muppets drummer making like a frog. Nina Nastasia might be knocking about with The Hot Toddies and Diesle D Power might have darts legend Phil Taylor in a headlock?
The Books are enjoying a summers night in any Scottish town or city and Cooly G is giving it large with Simon ... quite literally. Gappy Ranks has an unusual, not quite kosher, vegetarian dish and Cum Stain ... we're just not going to go there people!
*term used to describe the head or bonce
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
FaltyDLPhreqaflexMP3 EP 'Phreqaflex'Planet MuZIQ 277
Dizzee Rascal & Chase & StatusHeavy2xCP LP 'Tongue N' Cheek: Dirtee Deluxe Edition'Dirtee SkankSTANK 007CDX
The MuleskinnersNeed Your LovinMP3 EP ' Knockout R&B'Acid JazzAJX 235D
Vybz KartelClarks Again, Pt. 2MP3 LP 'The Hit List, Vol. 2'Tads InternationalNone
Balam AcabSee Birds (Moon)MP3 EP 'See Birds'Tri AngleTRIANGLE 01
The Hot ToddiesBoys on BikesMP3 LP 'Get Your Heart On'Asian ManNone
Naing NaingAnimal Hop Remix 14-03-07 MMP3 LP 'Zoo - The Animal Hop Remixes'Womb RecordsNone
Tumi & the VolumeReality CheckMP3 LP 'Pick A Dream'Sakifo RecordsNone
LB Dub CorpTake It Down In (dub)MP3 SingleOstgut TonO-TON 039
As ValetVillage of Eternity (feat. La Note)MP3 LP 'Primitive'MoamooARTMOA 014
Nina NastasiaOur GangMP3 SingleFat CatDS 7FAT66
Ill BluBellionMP3 SingleHyperdubHDB 036
Natural Self feat Elodie RamaMy Heart Beats (Prince Fatty dub)MP3 EP 'My Heart Beats: Remixes & Versions'Tru ThoughtsTRUDD 016
Culture Serial KillersJumping Jack FlashMP3NoneNone
Diesle D PowerI've Got The PowerInternet Stream  
The Sleeping YearsCattle and Cane (The Go-Betweens Cover)MP3 Single 'Explorer's Club: 8 Reykjavik Dublin'LoafLOAF 36D-8
The BooksA Cold Freezin' NightMP3 LP 'The Way Out'Temporary ResidenceNone
Orchestre National de BarbèsChorfaMP3 LP 'Rendez-vous Barbès'Le Chant du MondeNone
MavadoStarlightMP3 LP 'Di Genius Presents-Labwork Vol.2'Di Genius ProductionsNone
Cooly GPhat SiMP3 SingleHyperdubHDB 038
Personal and The PizzasPizza ArmyMP3 LP 'Raw Pie'1234 Go!GO 39
BridgeSome Divided ThoughtsMP3 LP 'Some Divided Thoughts'NENE 0008
MoonheartsDeathstar, Pt. 1MP3 LP 'Moonhearts'Tic Tac TotallyNone
AyatollahThe Writers Bench (149 Street Grand Concourse, Bronx N.Y.)MP3 LP 'Cocoon'TollahGSE-727
Killin TimeCold MountainMP3 EP 'Beach Dweller''Just Play RecordsNone
The ThermalsThere's Nothing You Can't LearnMP3 SingleKill Rock StarsNone
TRGTower BlockMP3 SingleHemlock RecordingsHEK 009
Freelance WhalesGenerator (First Floor)MP3 LP 'Weathervanes'ColumbiaNone
D Double EStreetfighterMP3 SingleDirtee SkankNone
Horace Dan DRythmic Dust 33MP3 LP 'Skills Summer Compilation'SkillsSKL 038
Gappy RanksPumpkin BellyMP3 LP 'Put The Stereo On'Greensleaves188 2516
Reverse EngineeringBrain In a BoxMP3 LP 'Duck & Cover'Jarring Effects6432
John BrimYou Got Me Where You Want MeMP3 LP 'Chicago Blues - Blues Originals from the Windy City'Charly RecordsNone
FlatsMucky Pup7"Loog 
DonaeoI'm Fly (Extended Version)MP3 EP 'I'm Fly EP'My-IshNone
Rude KidRain DropsMP3 EP 'Hypnotize EP'No Hats No HoodsNHNH 112
DevotionalsChest Like Expansive WingsMP3 LP 'Devotionals'AliveNone
CalibreJudgement Day (Ft. DRS)MP3 EP 'Judgement Day EP'Samurai Red SealREDSEAL 005
Cum StainSuck Her 4U7" EP 'Bachelor's Life'Florida's DyingFDR 31
Wanyika Super Les LesSimimiMP3 LP 'Kenya Dance Mania'Stern's MusicNone
Kanji KineticThrill SeekaMP3 EP 'Thrill Seeker EP'SleazetoneXTSTD 010
Mark Whitby - October 2010
In session this month, 93MillionMilesFromTheSun provide a fitting centrepiece to a show that commemorates of the life of John Peel, six years on from his passing.
I also play three favourites from the vast vault of Peel Session tracks, while carrying out the usual plundering of the present and near future: this includes demo tracks from Disturbance, Telenovelas and Slowcoaches, mind-blowing EPs from Slandercat and The Lucid Dream and cracking new albums from Belle & Sebastian, Gonjasufi and The Chasms.
We've also got Eraserhead remixing Gizmode, Los Campesinos remixing White Ring and Kiran Leonard and The Venopian Solitude not remixing anyone, just making some ruddy great tunes.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
CrocodilesKill Joe ArpaioDownload EP 'Fires Of Comparison'Fat PossumNone
BabyHeadThe Open RoadCD 'Heavy Weather'Rockers RevoltRRHIT12CD
TelenovelasBloody Marymp3 demoNoneNone
93MillionMilesFromTheSunEchoesExclusive TrackParallax SoundsNone
Bloodshot BillRockin' With RosieDownload SingleWhite MoonWMSC007
DisturbanceBereft Of Reasonmp3 demoNoneNone
SlowcoachesFuzzy FeltNeu Magazine mp3 promoNoneNone
FrikstailersDancehalletteCD EP 'Bicho De Luz'ZZKZZK015
SlandercatBroom TreeDownload EP 'Blood Of A Broom Tree'NoneNone
93MillionMilesFromTheSunYesterday MorningExclusive TrackNoneNone
Blind BlakeSouthern RagLP 'That Will Happen No More'Monkmk331lp
IslajaDaadahulet Kung Fu Dub Re-mixxxDownload SingleFonalFR71-D
Palms On FireYou Are My DreamDownload EP 'EP#2'NoneNone
GonjasufiAncestors (Mark Pritchard Remix)CD 'The Caliph's Tea Party'WarpWARP206
Serena-ManeeshOpium PriestSplit 7" Single (w/Fucked Up)Best Of BothBOBR Vol.3
Belle & SebastianWrite About LoveCD 'Write About Love'Rough TradeRTRADCD480
GizmodePainfrisk (Eraserhead Remix)V/A EP 'I Piss On Your Rave'Love Love RecordsLOVMP313
EngineersSubtoberCD 'In Praise Of More'KscopeKSCOPE160
White RingSuffocation (Los Campesinos Remix)Download EP 'Suffocation'Hi-Scores Recording LibrarySCORE004
93MillionMilesFromTheSunWhen I Look Up I See NothingExclusive TrackParallax SoundsNone
The Venopian SolitudeDelusional HoneymoonDownload Album 'I Stayed Up All Night Doing This'NoneNone
The Pocket GodsThe Jesus And Mary Chainmp3 promoNoneNone
Jesus And Mary ChainCut Dead (Peel Session Version)CD 'The Complete Peel Sessions'Strange FruitSFRSCD092
SuperqueensThe Ghost Of Billy Whizz (Peel Session Version)CD 'Royal Shit'SupermarketSM01
CultureArmageddon (Peel Session Version)12" EP 'The Peel Sessions'Strange FruitSFPS 024
The ChasmsPurpose, Source, DestinationCD 'Index Of Spirits'Command To DestroyCTD-005
SailplanesPhotograph The PastDownload EP 'Mild Peril'NoneNone
GabeeNKaotikus AllapotDownload EP 'Kontakt'Wavelikewave001
93MillionMilesFromTheSunWaiting ThereExclusive TrackParallax SoundsNone
The Peach TreeEar InfectionDownload Album 'Requests'NoneNone
Mind's Eye DubConquering LionDownload Album 'A Different World'DubkeyDubkey006
The Wave PicturesMarie AgainLP 'Susan Rode The Cyclone'AcuarelaNOIS166LP
IsletJasmineLP 'Celebrate This Place'ShapeSHAPE009
SleepyardDown Tangerine Road7" Single PromoOatcakeNone
The Lucid DreamGlue (Live)Pre-Release CD EP 'In Your Eyes'360 Degree MusicNone
Kiran LeonardPort-Ainémp3 demoNoneNone
93MillionMilesFromTheSunSonic AssaultExclusive TrackParallax SoundsNone
Emma WebbSolomon's CarpetCD EP 'Soul Chime'NoneNone
Bagpipe WhiskeyOes Anifeiliad Anwes Gyda TiSplit Download Album 'The West Coast' w/Min-Y-LanKift FlipperKF-03
The Sinatra TestGimme That Hat Backmp3 promoNoneNone
CrocodilesHollow Hollow EyesCD 'Sleep Forever'Fat PossumFP12262
Matt Jones - October 2010
Just one hour's regular show this month, but such a lot of lovely things to fit in. Field recordings, Northern Soul, folk, 8bit, dubstep, quirky angular indie stylings, dub, ambiance and even a record people who don't listen to Dandelion and own less than 500 CDs might have heard off ...
Tune in for tunes from Humble Dinosaur, Munchi, Fangirl, Balam Acab, The Fulmarine Petrels and a brand new slice of prime Turkish psychedelia from the official best band in the world - Hayvanlar Alemi
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Cladio CurciottiStreet ParadeMP3 LP 'Nepalese - Sounds from Nepal'Impulsive habithab11
Pat LewisNo One To LoveCD LP 'Northern Soul of Detroit'Goldmine??
Humble DinosaurMy AngelMP3NoneNone
Roots 'n' Future HifiBusiness of War (Pupa Jim RMX by RHF)MP3 LP 'Roots 'n' Future HifiAudio ActivityAA25
Arcade FireSprawl IICD LP 'The Suburbs'Merge Records 
FangirlSäkkijärven PolkkaMP3 LP 'Moelody'sayanora RecordsSYNR023
MunchiMinigame 2010promopromoNone
Hayvanlar AlemiMavi Sepet demoCDR 'Best Ballads'NoneNone
The Imagined VillageCold Haily Rainy NightCD LP 'The Imagined Village'Real World RecordsCDRW147
Balam AcabRegret Making MistakesCD EP 'See Birds'Triangle RecordsTRI01
Fulmarine PetrelsBring Back the Nurse HatMP3 LP 'Yes No Minute Seconds'NoneNone
SushidreadBark DubMP3 LP 'Bilqis'Al Dente RecordsADR.COM55
WoodworkingsConnected Through LinesMP3 LP 'we sit on floors we stand on chairs'Future RecordingsNone
Matt Jones NetLabel Special - October 2010
A one off special featuring the very best selections from the free music world. All the tracks in this eclectic, diverse two hour special are either self or netlabel released legal free downloads. Not promo tracks sent to the station or one off downloads, but examples of genuinely free music that you can grab for nowt.
Want to know more about the 'free music world'?
Check out the following links as great places (aside from Dandelion!) to explore the ever burgeoning creativecommons scene.
Free Music Archive - Internet Archive
Phlow Magazine - Archive of links and reviews
My incomplete and ever changing list of current favourite netlabels
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Echo TMDub CultureMP3 EP 'Dub Culture'AfterbeatAft006
TextureDistanceMP3 EP 'Aphasia'Black Lantern MusicBLM009
Prince KongStronger Vol 2Mp3 EP 'Dub War'AcroplaneACP058
Bnegao and Seletores de FrequenciesA Verdadeira Danca Do PatinhoMP3 LP 'Enxudo Gelo"NoneNone
3SacchettiChuck norris e il cane che vomitaMP3 EP 'Borro Borro Mr Motta'WM RecordingsWM68
DisruptBlast You to BitsMP3 'Blast You To Bits / Asteroid Dub Force'JahtariJTRNET10
Tarran the TailorBrought me homeMP3 LP 'The Salt'NoneNone
Orxata Sound SystemGerointifadaMP3 EP 2.0 Beta 2NoneNone
PostomHanaMP3 LP 'Teaching Manual'Bumpfootfoot137
Titus TwelveTwo by SixMP3 LP 'Dig and Delve'Planet TerrorPlanet018
Hayvanlar AlemiPet Sisede Cin TonikMP3 LP '666'self releasedNone
Radiactive SamuraiChelovechestvo Ne Perspektivno ([NesCreator] Remix)MP3 LP 'Remix Album'self releasedNone
TJ MorganBlack LicoriceMP3 EP 'Black Licorice'Twenty TwelveTT025
Deadly HabitShuffling in Public TransitMP3 EP 'Fuck Your commercial Scene'Twenty TwelveTT023
GospromJapan PunkMP3 LP 'Lazy'Headphonicahpcd062
Prepare to Meet Thy BroomNerdiscoMP3 EP '1989'Lala4ENone
LeeDVDlenajgiwittuju (znalazlam to pod balkonem)MP3 EP lenajgiwittujuAudioTongTNG1028
Sardinia Bass LegalizeSpring is Coming (Peak Remix)MP3 LP 'Timeless'A Quiet BumpAQBMP025
VolatilEl Muerto (Epic Remix)Mp3 EP 'Refixed'LCLLCL018
Denis ZabavskyBereznichekMP3 EP 'Folk Avant Garde Super Drive'Top40Top04
Hugo & PierDifferences Part 1MP£ LP 'Differences'Fresh PoulpFPR049
GodmanwhoGuinavereMP3 LP 'Godmanwho'Black Lantern MusicBLM006
Tooth KinkDead BalloonsMP3 LP 'Tooth Kink'NoneNone
Mr. BashaThis TrainMP3 LP Manwel T 'Virtual Dub 2'Dubkey RecordsDUBKEY007
Dudu GevaunknownMP3 LP 'Retrovulva 2002'Birdsongbirdsong018
DegihuegiLonliness is always aroundMP3 LP 'Only after the show'NoneNone
Pete Jackson - October 2010
October sees the return of some old favourites, with new material from The Lucid Dream, Eclier, The Chasms and Captain Polaroid, old material from Tomorrow, Extreme Noise Terror and The Aqualads, and a new favourite artist in the shape of Charlie Parr.
Come on in - its getting cold out there ...
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Chimo 25Out ThereMP3 EP 'Strange Disaster'Self ReleasedNone
Yellow Moon BandBarehed7" SingleStatic Caravan RecordsVAN206
Manwel TFuture Past 1972MP3 LP 'Virtual Dub 2'DubkeyDUBKEY007
The ChasmsShadows In The WaterCD LP 'Index Of Spirits'Command To DestroyCTD-005
EclierThe HoleMP3 EP 'The Hole'Mako RecordsMAKO004D
RamoraLast Call For AlcoholMP3 LP 'Mecha'Silber MediaSilber089
Charlie Parr33&67CD LP 'Jubilee'Little JudgesLJ001CD
Captain PolaroidBeat NostalgiaMP3 EP 'Beat Nostalgia Ep 3'Self ReleasedNone
The Lucid DreamA Mind At Ease IS A Mind At PlayCD EP 'In Your Eyes'360 Degree Music360dgmPRO0024
Reverend Beat-ManJesus Christ TwistLp 'Surreal Folk Blues Gospal Trah Vol 1'Voodoo RhythmVR-1240
MogwaiCodyCD LP 'Special Moves'Rock ActionROCKACT48CD
HaemonMannequin ExecutionMP3 LP 'Terra Firma'Planet Terror ReordsPLANET024
TomorrowMy White BicycleCD LP 'Tomorrow'EMI Records7243 4 98819 2 1
Extreme Noise TerroeI'm A Bloody FoolCD LP 'Grind Madness At The BBC - The Earache Sessions'EaracheMOSH381CD
Sun ArawHeavy DeedsCD LP 'Heavy Deeds'Not Not Fun RecordsNNF169
Squarepusher Presents Shobaleader 1Cryptic Motion12" SingleEd Banger RecordsED040
AqualadsDangerous CurvesCD LP 'Surf! Surf! Surf!'Self ReleasedAL 2369
Lonesome MercuryDyin' Of ShameCD LP 'Dirty Northern Garage'Command To DestroyCTD-003
Wolf PeopleTiny CircleCD LP 'Steeple'JagjaguwarJAG159CD
T. RaumshmiereThe Rave Is On12" EP 'The Rave Is On'Boxon RecordsUnreleased
The Black Twig PickersPicking Out The Devil's EyesCD LP 'Ironto Special'Thrill Jockey RecordsTHRILL249
The Blue VelvetsIts All In Her HeadDemoUnreleasedNone
RamonaHow Long7" SingleBullitt Recordsbullitt01
The MebusasMr BulldogCD LP 'The World Ends: Afro Rock And Psychedelia In 1970s Nigeria'Soundway RecordsSNDWLP23
Seb RobertsBug ManMP3 SingleSelf ReleasedNone
Singapore SlingGodmanCD LP 'Psychedelia 4'Northern Star RecordsNS05
Rocker - October 2010
No sessions from me this month, just three hours packed with new and interesting sounds.
There are new tracks from The Blanche Hudson Weekend; Zipper; The Blue Aeroplanes; The Tyler Trudeau Attempt; Evans The Death; Girls Names; and Cassolette.
Milky Wimpshake cover The Monitors; while Liars Beware take on The Urinals. There's a track from the fantastic new LP by Dandelion Radio favourites The Chasms, as well as one from their offshoot band Lonesome Mercury. Another LP we've been waiting eagerly to hear is the new one from Edwyn Collins - there's a track from that too.
There's a fantastic remix of Booka Shade by Glaswegian producer Sei A, and a collaboration between producer-artists Burial and El-B. There's more electronic madness courtesy of Teej, his track "Heart Timing" was inspired by the noise the machine made while he was hospitalised after electrocuting himself in his studio.
This month's Peel's Big 45 is a 1977 classic on the Big Cock label, while this month's Educating Elizabeth record is a new release from Eddie And Ernie - it was recorded in 1972 and has finally been given the 7" release it deserves by the Ever-Soul label.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: The Monitors were one of the few bands signed to the Motown label in the 1960s who never had a top 20 hit - ironically their one LP release on Motown 'Greetings! We're The Monitors' is now increasingly sought after due to its relative scarcity, and often fetches £50 or more.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Hank Levine & His OrchestraImage (part 2)7"His Master's Voice45-POP 947
Edwyn CollinsIt Dawns On MeLP - 'Losing Sleep'Heavenly Recordings 
EmeraldsDoes It Look Like I'm Here?2LP - 'Does It Look Like I'm Here?'Editions MegoeMEGO 101
Betty And The WerewolvesPurple EyesVinyl LP - 'Teatime Favourites'Damaged GoodsDAMGOOD351LP
ShragCodaCDLP - 'Life! Death! Prizes!'Where it's At Is Where You Arewiacd022
PluntMenage-A-TroisCDLP - 'Plunt'Bongo Beat Records7 7700 02003 2 6
DonsoDiyaCDLP - 'Donso'CometCOMETCD 051
(((Oh DearSlow CheeseDownload LP - '2006 - 2009'  
PariahSafehouses2x12" - 'Safehouses EP'R & S RecordsRS1005
Moon DuoLove On The Sea (Radio Edit)Comp CD - 'Yeti Seven'Yeti'Yeti #7
Milky WimpshakeShare A Little Love With MeCDLP - 'My Funny Social Crime'Fortuna Pop!FPOP104
The Blanche Hudson WeekendFever VanCDLP - 'Reverence, Severance & Spite'Squirrel Records 
Reggae Erin Bardwell CollectiveReturning HomeMyspace  
MGMTBrian EnoCDLP - 'Congratulations'Sony88697453352
Julian JeweilCubeDownload EP - 'Techno Corner'Form 
Darren Hayman And The Secondary Modern Feat. Emmy The GreatCalling Out Your Name AgainCDLP - 'Essex Arms'Fortuna Pop! / AcuarellaFPOP95
The Westfield Mining DisasterThe Arsonist Who Lost His SparkCDLP - 'Big Ideas From Small Places'Cider City Records 
Beak>Wulfstan12" - 'Wulfstan'Invada RecordsWULFSTAN 01
The Blue AeroplanesChina Brilliance Automotive7"  
Mike Spenser And The CannibalsGood Guys7"Big Cock RecordsF-UK 1A
Lonesome MercuryFixin' To RunPromo CDLP - 'Dirty Northern Garage'  
The ChasmsI Dreamt I Melted Marble HallsPromo LP - 'Index Of Spirits'Command To DestroyCTD-005
Burial & El-BProphesyCompilation CD 'Nu Levels'Ghost Records / Thriller FunkGHTF002
MJ Hibbett And The ValidatorsBilly Jones Is DeadCDLP - 'Forest Moon Of Enderby'Artists Against SuccessAAS064
Evans The DeathCatch Your ColdMyspace  
Frankie Rose And The OutsGirlfriend IslandLP - 'Frankie Rose And The Outs'SlumberlandSLR 124
The Tyler Trudeau AttemptThese Are Dark Times7"February RecordsFEB008
RollercoasterUnfinished BusinessPromo EP - 'Unfinished Business'  
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Dean And BrittaHerringbone Tweed2CDLP - '13 Most Beautiful: Songs For Andy Warhol's Screen Tests'Double Feature Records13 MB CD
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Ste McCabe - October 2010
In my October show I play a selection of tracks from Bristol collective FAG Club's amazing new compilation CD, as well as throwing in new bouncy pop from The Kabeedies, Texas bubblegum heroes Hyperbubble, as well as a song from underground electro pop queen Abi Makes Music about a fox who steals shoes. There's the usual mixed bag of electro, shouty riot grrrl and some older classics, so get your political dancing shoes on and shake that booty babies.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Abi Makes MusicThis is the Story of the Day My Shoe Got Eaten By a FoxmyspaceNone 
Miss The OccupierThe Heart is Deceitful Above all ThingsThe Heart is Deceitful Above all Things EPMiss The Occupier 
Crystal CastlesDoe DeerCrystal CastlesUniversal 
Kristofski KabukiPink MoonFAG Club CompilationFAG Club 
Stella ZineFreak FaggotNoneNone 
Amanda PalmerRuns in the FamilyWho Killed Amanda PalmerRoadrunner 
Shut Up SonyaMagical Bank BluesFAG Club CompilationFAG Club 
The KabeediesCome out of the BlueCome out of the BlueNR1 
Grotesque SexualitySometimes We Wanna Be New Batcave StarsNoneNone 
HyperbubbleI Like Birds but I Like Other Animals TooPick 'N' Mix CompilationBubblegum Records 
Ethical Debating SocietyA440NoneNone 
The JelasThunderCloudBustingFAG Club CompilationFAG Club 
Tingle in the NetherlandsI Lost My Heart to a Starship CleanerProstitutes Handbag EPNerve Echo 
SugarcubesReginaHere Today, Tomorrow, Next WeekOne Little Indian 
Drunk GrannyLeotardNoneNone