Andrew Morrison - November 2010
Small Crew appear in session for a second time on Andy's 2-hour November show. Other new music includes The Joy Formidable; Tender Trap; His Electro Blue Voice; Swans; Magnetic Man; The Orch; and another track from the excellent Jag label. Scott's Funky Five Minutes is inspired by the UK's Comprehensive Spending Review, and there's full details of Dandelion Radio's compilation CD and its free afternoon album launch party in London on Sat 20th Nov. Andy also takes part in this month's Broadcast One 'Bonus Disc' Special, featuring tunes from acts that appear on the CD.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Danny ByrdIll BehaviouriTunes single 'Ill Behaviour'Hospital RecordsNone
Tender TrapGirls With GunsCD-R single 'Girls With Guns'Fortuna Pop! RecordingsFPOP86B
LiquitexOnes & ZerosCD LP various artists 'The Cure For Whatever It Is That Ails You'Jag5 060227 312725
His Electro Blue VoiceWolf12" 'Wolf/Worm'Sacred Bones RecordsSBR011
Small CrewTalk To MeDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Red CosmosLife Is EasyCD-R demoNoneNone
KohibDogs Don't BiteCD LP 'Make Fire' Beatservice Records BS121CD
The Joy FormidableI Don't Want To See You Like This7" 'I Don't Want To See You Like This'AtlanticAT0355
SoiledClick This MaybeMP3 LP 'Slothmotion'Connexion BizarreNCB015
Small CrewBlue TodayDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Beat ProvidersMagnetik12" 'Intensive Care'A RecordsA2REC011
Magnetic ManThe BugCD LP 'Magnetic Man'Sony Music88697765242
SwansNo Words / No ThoughtsCD LP My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The SkyYoung Gods RecordsYG43
Morrissey Margaret On The Guillotine [Scott's Funky Five Minutes] iTunes LP 'Viva Hate'Sire RecordsNone
Small CrewIs That What You GetDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
The KeysFire InsideCD-R promo LP 'Fire Inside'See Monkey Do Monkey RecordingsNone
Krstevski & Chemical M-MadEvil IslandMP3 'Evil Island'NoneNone
AtomizerSo Many Poisons (Owen J Remix)MP3 'So Many Poisons (Owen J Remix)NoneNone
Ghost SocietyUnder The SunCD LP 'The Back Of His Hands, Then The Palms'Dead People's ChoiceDPCCD001
Ghost SocietyDark MoonCD LP 'The Back Of His Hands, Then The Palms'Dead People's ChoiceDPCCD001
Small CrewKid YourselfDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
The Orch. Without TraceMP3 'Without Trace'NoneNone
High Frequency BandwidthHuge Fiery BalliTunes LP 'Hell Fire And Brimstone'Malicious DamageNone
Greg Healey - November 2010
This month I carry on with my recent live session blitz with offerings from Jay Stansfield, Sunset People and Pygmy Globetrotters.
Jay Stansfield is a singer songwriter whose delightful talent is undoubtedly in the finest tradition of the best English songsmiths - not to be missed. Sunset People brings us an etherial, reverb laden take on the darkly urban in his entrancing session, while the Pygmy Globetrotters bring us a raw and powerful dose of their idiosyncratic and engaging music. All this and there's still time for excellent tracks from two artists from the excellent Sea Records in Les Cox Sportifs and Dallas Boner.
My recent French obsession continues with tracks from former Stereo Lab frontis person Laetitia Sadier plus tracks from NLF3.
ArtistTrackRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Les Cox SportifsQuestion MarkSchei Mit ReisSea RecordsSea Records C1801
Laetitia SadierUn Soir, Un ChienThe TripDrag CityDrag City DC440
Jay StansfieldContactDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Jay StansfieldSucker for the ObviousDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Jay StansfieldTrials and TribulationsDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Del CieloFaut Pas Lcher aSous Les Cendresidwetid18
Laetitia SadierCeci Est Le CoeurThe TripDrag CityDrag City DC440
Sunset PeopleBright Lights, Big CityDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Sunset PeopleNightshiftDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Sunset PeopleThe NightwriterDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Sunset PeopleSparrows Carn't Sing/London Belongs To MeDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Dollboy Meets Sone InstitutePlay For TodayThe Sum of the DifferenceFront and FollowF&F009
Dallas BonerStanding Still, Silhoulette LikeI Love You, Please Come HomeSea RecordsSea Records C1800
Les Cox SportifsMixing Up The CorditeSchei Mit ReisSea RecordsSea Records C1801
Haz Above The Tree LineAbove The Tree LineHerb RecordingsNone
Playground MafiaDISCOVEREDMiNI dOGNoneNone
SeelandBlack Dot, White SpiderHow to LiveNoneNone
TenboyShe Looked UpiTunes LP 'Searching For That Time'Shotgun Charliescrsearch01
Pygmy GlobetrottersNew SonyDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Pygmy GlobetrottersCops & CopsDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Pygmy GlobetrottersRobot BrainDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Pygmy GlobetrottersMan & Banana Make MelonDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Pygmy GlobetrottersSalt LickDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
Pygmy GlobetrottersBouncyDandelion Radio SessionNoneNone
The Son(s)Mars Just Plied Her With Gin...UnreleasedNoneNone
Marcelle - November 2010
A course in Public Relations - part 1: how (not) to do it
Sounding "like someone was frying bacon in the background" is a description on a sleeve of Marcelle's favourite albums at the moment. You can't get a better recommendation than that, can you? Still we try: there's also retro-circus music from Poland as well as some exploratory sounds from the same country, some Future Bass from the UK, Greek music being played in New York almost a century ago, experimental guitary sounds from Italy and techno-going-mad from France.
With such a clever PR text, you can almost fill in the artist names for yourselves: The Upsetters, Vladimirska, Mikrokolektyw, Coki, Ramadanman, LD, Marika Papagika, Giuseppe Ielasi and Base Mobile - you know the lot.
There are exclusive 'session' tracks from Drowned UFO, including an extremely deserved strangulation of one of Phil Collins' "top" tunes. Deerhoof, Kode9 and The Spaceape, Mr Zebre, Konono No.1, Pappy, Niang Niang, The Squire Of Gothos, Jah Wobble, Reuber and Wooden Veil also make an appearance. A sad Marcelle pays tribute to one of her main inspirations, the late Ari Up from The Slits. Look Back Bore Records from November 1980 come from amongst others The Fall and Cabaret Voltaire. One of them sounds like the bacon tries to get out of the frying pan.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
ScattertapeShelving A Tempered StringCD 'Clicks And Cuts 5.0. Paradigm Shift'Mille PlateauxMP300
RamadanmanBass Drums3xLP 'Future Bass'Soul Jazz RecordsSJR LP 234
DeerhoofThe Merry BarracksLP 'Deerhoof vs. Evil'ATPATPRLP42
The UpsettersDub Plate Pressure2xLP 'Sound System Scratch'Pressure SoundsPSLP68
Augustus Pablo & The UpsettersLama Lava Mix One2xLP 'Sound System Scratch'Pressure SoundsPSLP68
Drowned UFOSkeleton ScarecaseSession  
The FallW.M.C.-Blob 59LP 'Grotesque. After The Gramme'Rough TradeRough 18
The KnockoutsZincCD 'Honolulu Suncream'  
l'Orchestre National "A'' De La Republique Du MaliDugaLP 'lOrchestre National ''A'' De La Republique Du MaliMississippiMR-076
CokiRansom3xLP 'Future Bass'Soul Jazz RecordsSJR LP 234
Listen With SarahAnimal HopCD 'Are You Sitting Comfortably?'WombWomb 101
Naing NaingAnimal Hop RemixDownload 'Zoo - The Animal Hop Remixes'Womb 
PappyAnimal Hop RemixDownload 'Zoo - The Animal Hop Remixes'Womb 
Konono No.1Makembe6xLP + 7'' + USB 'Congotronics'Crammed DiscsCraw 63
Drowned UFORa-dischSession  
The SlitsAnimal Space7''HumanHum 4
Explore Toiuntitled12'' EP 'Explore Toi 76'Explore ToiSC 01
VladimirskaZakochany KozakCD 'Blich Street'StudioRC 
The Wedding PresentVerkhovyno10'' 'The Ukrainian Peel Sessions'ReceptionREC010
Twinkle Brothers & Trebunia Family BandPierso Godzine (Don't Betray My Love)LP 'Higher Heights. Twinkle In A Polish Stylee'TwinkleNGLP537
LDMastermind3xLP 'Future Bass'Soul Jazz RecordsSJR LP 234
Giuseppe Ielasi03:52LP 'Aix'MinorityMin24
The Squire Of GothosBig Yellow Smiley FacesCD 'We Do Scorpion Things'Rag And BoneTotter 24CD
Mr ZebrePhase 1LP 'Depart 1'La Gare XPVinyle 01
Drowned UFOAgainst All OddsSession  
Cabaret VoltaireSeconds Too Late7''Rough TradeRT060
Kode9 And The SpaceapeYou Don't Wash (Martyn's Scrub)12''k7!k7272EP
VladimirskaThe Dancing BearCD 'Blich Street'StudioRC 
MikrokolektywRocket StreetCD 'Exploratory Music From Poland Vol.2'Audiotong / Wire 
Carlton Jackson And The UpsettersDub History2xLP 'Sound System Scratch'Pressure SoundsPSLP68
Drowned UFOMemories Of 2005Session  
Marika PapagikaO Marcos Botsaris - kleftikoLP 'The Further The Flame, The Worse It Burns Me. Greek Folk Music From New York City 1919-1928'MississippiMR-051
ReuberRing FreiCD 'Ring'StaubgoldStaubgold Digital 8
Wooden VeilRed DesertLP 'Wooden Veil'DekorderDekorder 035
Drowned UFOChalfont Of St. PeterSession  
The SlitsEarthbeat And Earthdub12''CBS A13 1498CBS
Mark Cunliffe - November 2010
As I chill out on the sofa listening to the Scottish folk classic, 'Sitting On A Rock On The Spey', I can let you know what is going off on my November show.
I've got Lady Saw asking you for 22 pence to get her bus home and Dillon Francis is having a Bossfight. There's some Perfect Reggae Music and Broadcast & The Focus Group have got their jumpers all wrong. A Made Up Sound is tapping his watch in an Alex Ferguson stylee which Redlight thinks he's having a laugh about. I won't go into what The History Of Apple Pie are getting up to, the disgusting creatures and there is a wicked session from Ruth Bellamy. There's no flies on me as I daydream about The River Spey ...
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Lady SawBeg UMP3 LP 'My Way'Toasting MusicNone
FlatsLack Of Stature7"LoogLOOG 035
SlixI Ball (feat. Tinchy Strider & Sway)MP3 LP 'This Is UK Grime, Vol. 1'Defenders Entertainmentnone
PortisheadRoads (Max Cooper Remix)MP3  
Ruth BellamyEvery Possible Way (Dandelion Radio Session)Dandelion Radio Session  
BossfightDet Brjar ShrMP3 LP 'En Saga For De Stora'Record UnionRU 3996
Nas & Damian MarleyAs We Enter7" 'Originals Volume 02'OriginalsOG 002LTD300
LostFeelingMP3 EP 'Intro The Night EP'Dharma RecordingsDHARMA 003
KatakiHula Hoop JiveMP3 LP 'John Armstrong Presents South African Funk Experience'NascenteNone
PerfectReggae MusicMP3 LP 'Screw Dem Riddim'African Beat426017 1864092
Steve StarksGit 'Em (Dillon Francis Remix)MP3 EP 'Git 'Em'T&ATA 0016
GramatikDoin' ItMP3 LP 'Street Bangerz Volume 1 & 2'Some Cutz UpSOMELP 21
A Made Up SoundExtra TimeMP3 LP 'Demons EP'A Made Up SoundAMS 004
Gaza KimAmenMP3 LP 'The Hit List, Vol. 2'Tads InternationalNone
Ruth BellamyThese Are The Pieces (Dandelion Radio Session)Dandelion Radio Session  
LaBrassBandaTubissimoMP3 LP 'Habediehre'TrikontNone
Doom ManDon't Talk To MeMP3 SingleOnslaught RecordingsONSR 002
UntoldCome Follow Me12"Soul Jazz RecordsSJR 23712
This Is the KitTreehouseMP3 SingleNeednowaterNone
UndisputedSunglasses (Dumplin Remix)MP3 EP 'War EP'UndisputedUR 004
The ThermalsPower LiesMP3 LP 'Personal Life'Kill Rock StarsNone
The London Snorkelling TeamNorman BatesMP3 LP 'Audio Recording & Map'Brains And HunchLST 01
Ruth BellamyThis Is The Day (Dandelion Radio Session)Dandelion Radio Session  
RedlightWhat You Talking About!? (feat. Ms Dynamite)MP3 EP 'What You Talking About!?'MTAMTA 003
Rishi RomeroAfrican ForestMP3 LP 'Songs For Endless Cities: Volume 1'K7K7264 DTM
The IntelligenceThe UniverseMP3 LP 'Males'In The RedNone
John Holt & Wayne LonesomeDrum Pon Sound Yuh DeadMP3 SingleRun ThingsRT O106
Broadcast & The Focus GroupInside OutMP3 EP 'Study Series 04: Familiar Shapes & Noises'Ghost BoxGBX 704
The History Of Apple PieTugMP3NoneNone
Roots Manuva & WrongtomWorl' a MineMP3 LP 'Duppy Writer'Big DadaBDDNL 165
Ruth BellamySurround You (Dandelion Radio Session)Dandelion Radio Session  
Mr. MitchFright NightMP3 EP 'Fright Night EP'Gobstopper366158 5475330
Betty Ford ClinicDebbieMP3 LP 'Conspiracies Cover-up & Crimes'Tsk Music7398
Body, Soul & FourwardSpiderMP3 SingleNascaNASCA 004
Tweak BirdThe FutureMP3 LP 'Tweak Bird'Souterrain TransmissionsSOU 015L
Roska & UntoldMythMP3 SingleNumbersNMBRS 11
Qwel & MakerThe Down DumbingMP3 LP 'Owl'Galapagos 4G4CD 0050
Ruth BellamyLet Me Be (Dandelion Radio Session)Dandelion Radio Session  
Spoiled KidBaroccoMP3 EP 'Barocco'D-LabDLBR-001
Top CatSess Weh Yuh WaanMP3 SingleNecessary MayhemNone
Slow TrucksBummer BeeMP3 EP 'Bummer Bee'Future FarmerFF 045
A.J. Holmes and The Hackney EmpireFraudian Slip (Long Version) [feat. Kastro]MP3 EP 'Fraudian Slip''Ghetto Bassquake366158 5501640
Mark Whitby - November 2010
This month, as the dark English nights gather, our northern session guests Vert:x dish up four raging guitar winter warmers of rare quality, while sizzling tracks from the likes of Brooklyn's Blank Dogs and Canada's Forest City Lovers huddle closer for extra warmth.
Not that this is necessary for guests from the warmer climes of the southern hemisphere, including Indonesia's Salman Aditya, show favourites The Venopian Solitude in Malaysia, and New Zealand's Kitsunegari and Surf City.
Meanwhile, Gigantis Lobe offer a lament to a broken instrument, Autorotation remix Northcape with startling results and another instalment of The Peach Tree's 'requests' saga salutes a music aficionado who may well find pleasure in the offerings of Crocodiles and The Necroid Project.
And, as this year's votes roll in, Peel Back & Sniff summons up ghosts of festive fifty past with firm favourites from Spizzenergi and The Clash.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
The Volcanic Ash CloudTime Ticks Awaymp3 demoNoneNone
The Feeling Of LoveYou're Better Than A Dog DetectiveCD 'OK Judge Revival'Kill ShamanKSR41
Tsunami WazahariIntroduction To LieDownload Album 'Hanuman Hi-Fi'Fresh PoulpFPR052
Prinzhorn Dance SchoolSeed, Crop, Harvest7" SingleDFADFA2255
The Necroid ProjectAddiction (feat Kaiza + T-Psy)Download SingleTiltT-FREE081
Vert:xMiq RagahExclusive TrackNoneNone
Surf CitySee How The SunCD 'Kudos'FireFIRECD160
Memphis Jug BandInsane Crazy BluesV/A CD Box Set 'Baby How Can It Be?'Dust To DigitalDTD-16
Shares The Love ft UlongoSharing Nahelelemp3 downloadNoneNone
Chapter 24Lovemp3 downloadNoneNone
Gigantis LobeBroken String, You Don't Do Me No Goodmp3 downloadNoneNone
CrocodilesStoned To DeathCD 'Sleep Forever'Fat PossumFP1226
Common PrayerAmerican SexCD 'There Is A Mountain'Big PotatoBPR007
93MillionMilesFromTheSunDarkestarExclusive TrackParallax SoundsNone
Vert:xCube AbuseExclusive TrackNoneNone
Salman AdityaWhispered FellonyDownload Album 'The Wunderland'NoneNone
The ChasmsShadows In The WaterCD 'Index Of Spirits'Command To Destroy 
Daniel KnoxInfant SorrowCD EP 'A Poison Tree'NoneNone
Pama International Meet Mad ProfessorInheritance DubCD 'Rewired! In Dub'Rockers RevoltRRHIT13CD
KitsunegariGoldenFuck!!Download EP 'Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag oder Herzlichen Gluckenwunsch'MuzaiNone
Julien AurouxAffronter (ft Nika & C. Plantier)mp3 demoNoneNone
TactusCuntaminatedDownload EP 'Deranged'ABAGAABAGAFREE004
The ClashArmagideon TimeDouble CD 'The Story Of The Clash Volume 1'CBS460 244 1
SpizzenergiWhere's Captain Kirk?7" SingleRough TradeRTS04
Mo-dettesWhite MiceCD 'The Story So Far'Cherry RedCDMRED380
Palace Of SwordsBehold! The Temple Of The Sunmp3 demoNoneNone
Vert:xVertex #6Exclusive TrackNoneNone
Drunken CSoul EmptyDownload Album 'Dreamville'MyHand.Thanxmh.t016
Forest City LoversBelieve MeCD 'Carriage'Out Of This SparkOOTS008
PS Nuremberg Scene IIIDownload Album 'PS Nuremberg'NoneNone
SoiledTimeblister (Going Backwards)Download Album 'Slothmotion'Connexion Bizarrencb015
Zyklon BeachFuck DowntownSplit Cassette w/Catholic Spray 'Fruits Of The Moon'White Moon/Inch AllahWMR016
Emmanuel JalKuar (Olof Dreijer Remix)12" EP 'Kuar'InnervisionsIV29
TjutjunaBottle KidsLP 'Tjutjuna'Fire TalkNone
Blank DogsNorthern IslandsCD 'Land & Fixed'Captured TracksCT083CD
GonjasufiLove Of Reign (Bear In Heaven Remix)CD 'The Caliph's Tea Party'WarpWARP206
NorthcapeClear Moment (Autorotation Remix)Download EP 'Clear Moment Remixed'Sun Sea SkySSS040
Vert:x44 khzExclusive TrackNoneNone
The Venopian SolitudeGod Loves MeDownload EP 'Sangfroid'NoneNone
The Peach TreeLeila The Music JunkieDownload Album 'Requests'NoneNone
Floyd The Phenomenal Cat TrophyDo The Do-OwlDownload Album 'Running Out Of Home'NoneNone
StereolabSun DemonCD 'Not Music'DuophonicDUHFCD32
Matt Gunn - November 2010
I kept my debut show for Dandelion simple - just one hour of great music. A nice Sonic Boom mix of 'Frozen' by The Insect Guide, from The Psychedelica 3 compilation on Northern Star Records, the new single from Brighton based The Gaa Gaa's, big electronic beats from RunRiot and anarcho punk a-la Burnt Cross. There are also tracks from a diverse range of bands from around the globe such as Isreal based 'karate box jazz' band Kruzenshtern & Parohod, Russian psychedelics The Amazing Talking Cave, Japan's electronic singer/songwriter Coppe and French voodoo-electro-punks Human Toys.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Hook & The TwinThey'll Get Your HeadBang Bang Cherry / They'll Get Your Head - SinglePure Groove RecordsNone
HighlifeF Kenya RIPBest Bless EPThe Social RegistryTSR077
The Amazing Talking CaveFuck You (For fucking me)Nothing Surprising (ep)Self ReleaseNone
Kruzenshtern & ParohodPiratskajaKruzenshtern & Parohod / Vialka (split CD)Auris Mediaaum011
RunRiotTake My HandTake My Hand EPWe Are LiveNone
The Insect GuideFrozen (Sonic Boom Mix)Psychedelica 3Northern Star RecordsNone
Chris FittsSittin' Alone TOFG.None
Death From Above 1979Better Off Dead (Le Peste Cover)Romance Bloody RomanceVice RecordsVICE 83880-2
Burnt CrossIn Nature We TrustThe Earth Dies ScreamingMoshpit Tragedy LabelNone
SunderbansRoadkillUnreleasedYoung & Lost ClubNone
Human ToysDisgusting CookingUnreleasedHuman Cattle inc.None
The Gaa Gaa'sVoltiareRepulsion Seminar EPPlayground RecordsNone
CoppeDay By DayArtificial InseminationMango Sweet RiceMSR012
Chris FittsCatchin Bathubs On Fire TOFG.None
Le Plat du JourThe WastelandsUnreleasedUnsignedNone
Broadcast One 'Bonus Disc' Special - November 2010
This hour long special is a teaser to promote Dandelion Radio's new compilation 'Broadcast One'. Think of it as a bonus disc. The show features 10 of our DJs introducing songs by some of the acts appearing on the CD - but different tunes to those on the album. Listen in for music from Alisia Casper, Atomizer, The Chasms, Dilworth[/artist], The Dust Collectors, Hazel Winter, Jorg, Rachel & The Lawngrower, Spidersleg and The Truth About Frank. 'Broadcast One' is released 22 November on Odd Box Records for just £6, with pre-orders available before this date.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Mark Rosney:
Rachel & The LawngrowerWhy?Dandelion Radio Session - August 2008NoneNone
JorgTexas CowboyMP3 'Lomek007'LomechanikLomek07
Andrew Morrison:
AtomizerHooked On RadiationCD LP 'Rubber Youth' NahNagNag Records NNN003
Pete Jackson:
The ChasmsLonesome MercuryDandelion Radio Session - September 2009NoneNone
Matt Jones:
DilworthBrainhicupsMP3/CD-R 'Year of the Rowden'NoneNone
Jeff Grainger:
Alisia Casper With Wolfram WireRustyDandelion Radio Session - December 2010NoneNone
Phil Edwards:
The Truth About FrankSection 8Dandelion Radio Session - February 2010NoneNone
Mark Cunliffe:
The Dust CollectorsSomnambulist II - OutwidthCD EP 'The Explosion Begun The Bridge'NoneNone
Mark Whitby:
SpiderslegFall ApartDandelion Radio Session - February 2010NoneNone
Hazel WinterMidwich Sleeps OnDandelion Radio Session - May 2009NoneNone
Matt Jones - November 2010
November's show features live music from Darwen's Jah Mission Vibes alongside the Gambian djembe player and vocalist Mbackeh Darboe live from the lovely Beatherder festival. There is new music from Black Era, Subatomic Sound System, Demdike Stare, Church of When the Shit Hits the Fan and Land of Kush amongst others as well as a sprinkling of older stuff including a lovely blues record from 1931.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
HamdawaAlgeriatape cassette mix 'Music from Saharan Cellphones'sahelsoundsn/a
Men DiamlerNaughty Songwriter BluesMP LP '12 Songs for a Girl'n/an/a
SwansYou Fucking People Make Me SickMP3 LP 'My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the SkyYoung GodYG43
Balam AcabDream OutMP3 EP 'See Birds'Tri AngleTriangle01
MicolandModern Ruins feat LazerouMP3 LP 'Modern Ruins'Dead ChannelChannel035
OLKombiMP3 LP 'Fly Russia'Error Broadcast??
Jah Mission Vibes ft Mbackeh DarboeVocal introlive at Beatherder 2010n/an/a
Jah Mission Vibes ft Mbackeh DarboeKeleboila (trouble makers never win)live at Beatherder 2010n/an/a
Demdike StareCaged In StammheimMP3 LP 'Liberation through Listening'Modern LoveLove65
Subatomic Sound SystemBed Athletes (Radio edit)MP3 EP 'Hello, Hell is very Low'Subatomic SoundSS014
Trapped NerveHaunt MeMP3n/an/a
CHURCH OF WHEN THE SHIT HITS THE FANCrimson SnowMP3 EP 'Octo Gate/Locust RitualBlack Lantern MusicBLM0026
Jah Mission Vibes ft Mbackeh DarboeGambia Musoo (Strong Beautiful African Woman)live at Beatherder 2010n/an/a
Black EraDoor WordsMP3 LP 'How Pierced?'A Quiet BumpAQBMP026
Benoit PioulardFlouresceMP3 LP 'Lasted'KrankyKrank 145
Land of KushFishermanMP3 LP 'Monogamy'ConstelationCST066
Congo'sFishermanCD LP 'Heart of the Congo's'Blood and FireBAFCD009
Roy of the RaversAcid House Decadence (Feat Myopik)MP3 LP 'Annual 2010'The CentrifugeCF050
Lilly MaeWise Like ThatCD LP 'Atlanta Blues - Big City Blues from the heartland'JSPJSP7754D
Jah Mission Vibes ft Mbackeh DarboeKaburoo Diboo (Darkness of the Grave)live at Beatherder 2010n/an/a
KoudedeSouveniramtape cassette mix 'Music from Saharan Cellphones'sahelsoundsn/a
ANECrinkling of Bottom Edge (Field Collapsed)MP3 LP 'May Cause Drowsiness'Digital VomitDVR056
FatboyshitSangue di CaneMP3 LP 'Cuntroll Vol 4'CuntrollCuntroll024
Pete Jackson - November 2010
Pete finally sees the Great Session Drought of 2010 break in November with some exclusive recordings from Rome's Sea Dweller, no doubt made while they were having a close look at their fine Italian footwear.
New tunes also from Eclier, Black Angels, Solar Bears and Sun Araw, plus some ace remixes of Psychic Ills from some less-than-predictable sources ...
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
The ChasmsMichael WhiteoutCD LP 'Index Of Spirits'Command To DestroyCTD-005
Psychic IllsI Take You As My Wife Again (Gibby Haines Remix)12" Single 'Frkwys Vol 4'Rvng IntlFRKWYS04
Pama Intl Vs Mad ProfessorDub I WaitCD LP 'Rewired In Dub'Rockers RevoltRRHIT13CD
AqualadsSurf! Surf! Surf!CD LP 'Surf! Surf! Surf!'Self ReleasedAL 2369
Sea DwellerSlowdown (Dandelion Radio Session)SessionNoneNone
Dementio 13PolemicMP3 LP 'Rebop'Self ReleasedNone
Morbid AngelChapel Of GhoulsLP 'Grindcrusher'Earache RecordsMOSH 12
Solar BearsShe Was Coloured InCD LP 'She Was Coloured In'Ninja TuneZIQ270
Giles MorrisdAAdAA oNeMP3 EP 'Daadaa'My Hand Thanxmh.t012
Simian Mobile DiscoCasu Marzu12" SingleDelicaciesDELI002
Sea DwellerSettings (Dandelion Radio Session)SessionNoneNone
The MagnetixPositively NegativeMP3 LP 'Sloveny Recordings Sampler 2010'Slovenly RecordingNone
Two FingersFools RhythmCD LP 'Ninja Tune XX'Ninja TuneZENCD160P
Sun ArawLast Chants12" 'Off Duty'Woodsist RecordsWOODSIST045
EclierRockfall12" Single 'The Future Is Now'Boxon RecordsUnkown
Captain PolaroidA Hundred Ways To HideMP3 EP 'Beat Nostalgia Ep 5'Self ReleasedNone
Psychic IllsWitchcraft Breaker (Hans-Joachim Irmler Remix)12" Single 'Frkwys Vol 4'Rvng IntlFRKWYS04
The Wedding PresentBewitchedLP 'Bizaro'RCAPL74302
Sea DwellerFlashes (Dandelion Radio Session)SessionNoneNone
Black AngelsHaunting At 1300 McInleyCD LP 'Phosphene Dream'Blue HorizonBHV-16780-2
Kamikaze DeadboySunriseMP3 LP 'The Nocturnalist Revisited'DramacoreDC101
Rachael Neiman - November 2010
In November's Rachael Neiman Experience, we play some amazing new tracks by Tender Trap, Shrag, Hotpants Romance, Ryan Hardy, Hug Party, Ginger Tom, Bearsuit and many more, as well as previewing three exciting festivals happening over the next couple of months - Ladyfest Ten, Glasgow Popfest, and the Bowlie 2 ATP special curated by Belle and Sebastian.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Ginger TomTwo Of The Beatles Have Died"Two Of The Beatles Have Died" CD compilationHelen LlewelynHLPN0064
ShragThe Habit Creep"Life! Death! Prizes!" CD albumWhere It's At Is Where You AreWIACD022
Veronica FallsBeachy Head7" singleNo Pain In Pop 
Trash KitCadets"Trash Kit" CD albumUTR Records 
Tender TrapDansette Dansette"Dansette Dansette" CD albumFortuna Pop!FPOP86C
Hotpants RomanceOCD"The International Hotpants Romance" CD albumCherryadeCHY036
The History Of Apple PieOut Of ViewSplit Cassette EP with Sweater GirlsCool In A CrisisCIAC001
Hug PartyDon't Ask MeDemo CD  
Betty and the WerewolvesShould I Go To Glasgow?"Tea Time Favourites" CD albumDamaged Goods 
Peter ParkerBlack and Bluemp3  
The Debbie McGeesRichard AstonDemo CD  
Ryan HardyReinforced Concrete Monsters"Heavy Mandolin" CD EPConjure Up Recordings 
One Happy IslandCave City Sunrise"One Happy Island" CD albumOdd Box RecordsBOX003
BearsuitPlease Don't Take Him Back7" singleFortuna Pop!FPOP105
Best CoastGoodbye"Crazy For You" CD albumMexican Summer 
The VaselinesI Hate The 80s"Sex With An X" CD albumSub Pop 
Rocker - November 2010
Another three hour show packed with new music!
There's tracks from a slew of recent or forthcoming LPs by The Chasms; Vic Godard & Subway Sect; Neil Young; Betty & The Werewolves; Mueran Humanos; Smallgang; The Orchids; Magic Kids; Errors; Stuntcat; and Edwyn Collins.
There's also new tracks by Evans The Death; The Medusa Snare; Thunder Bunny; Peepholes; Fanzine; and Maple Leaves.
Autechre remix Anodyne; Burial remix Commix; and Luis Junior remixes Misstress Barbara. There's also new electronica from Agoria; and Wiretappeur, a collaboration between Florian Kruse and Nils Nuernberg & Stel.
This month's Peel's Big 45 is a pop-punk classic from 1978, while there's no escaping Peel favourites such as Plaid; Melt-Banana; Culture; and Robert Wyatt, who all crop up in various guises.
This month's Educating Elizabeth record is a tearjerker from 1967 by Tommy Tate.
As well as little known acts, here's two little known facts: Show closer "At Last I Am Free", a new reworking by Robert Wyatt in collaboration with saxophonist Gilad Atzmon and violinist Ros Stephen, is a Chic song, written by Nile Rogers and Bernard Edwards. The verb "Wyatting" describes the practice of playing weird tracks on a pub jukebox to annoy the other pub goers.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Hank Levine & His OrchestraImage (part 2)7"His Master's Voice45-POP 947
Allo Darlin'If Loneliness Was Art7"Fortuna Pop!FPOP102
MJ HibbettDreamingDemo  
Neil YoungHitchhikerCDLP - 'Le Noise'RepriseCD:9362496186-M15
AnodyneClose Your Eyes (Autechre Corporation Street Remix)12" - 'Corrosion - The Remixes EP'PsychonavigationPSY037
StuntcatThe Sad Story Of New York Being Turned Into Pasture LandCDLP - 'You Look So Alien In Your Bloody Tuxedo'VierSieben Records 
Thunder BunnyHustle ItDownload Compilation 'Low Fidelity Living 6'Workerbee Records 
I, LudicrousClerking 'Til I DieDownload Single  
Misstress BarbaraAzzuri (Luis Junior Remix)Compilation 2CD - 'Bedrock 12'Bedrock RecordsB0042AEOFG
Betty And The WerewolvesThe PartyVinyl LP - 'Teatime Favourites'Damaged GoodsDAMGOOD351LP
MalaDon't Let Me GoShared 12"Soul Jazz RecordsSJR23312
Edwyn CollinsSearching For The TruthCDLP - 'Losing Sleep'Heavenly Recordings 
Melt-BananaT For Tone (Live)CDLP - 'Melt-Banana Lite Live: Ver.0.0'A-Zap RecordsAZCD-0008
Melt-BananaSlide Down (Live)CDLP - 'Melt-Banana Lite Live: Ver.0.0'A-Zap RecordsAZCD-0008
BuzzcocksEver Fallen In Love With Someone (You Shouldnt've)7"United ArtistsUP 36455
PlaidFumCompilation 12" - 'Violet'Balkan VinylBV06
The Medusa SnareTrippingCD - 'Bless Me Iggy For I Have Sinned - An Odd Box Showcase EP'Odd Box Records 
AgoriaLibellules12"InFine RecordsIF2021
PeepholesAirforce TrainerShared 12" - 'Kingdom'Upset The RhythmUTR014
Frankie RoseWhere Do You Run To?Bonus CDEPSlumberland 
The OrchidsLes Spectacles De La FoireCDLP - 'The Lost Star'Pebble RecordsPebble002
The FieldCarolineCompilation CD - 'Total 11'Kompakt RecordsKOMCD085
Maple LeavesGolden EtherCDEPBubblegum Records 
The ChasmsMichael WhiteoutCDLP - 'Index Of Spirits'Command To DestroyCTD-005
Lonesome MercuryDyin' Of ShamePromo CDLP - 'Dirty Northern Garage'  
Tommy TateA Lover's Reward7"Okeh RecordsOKEH7253
Evans The DeathI'm So UncleanMyspace  
Mueran HumanosLeones En ChinaVinyl LP - 'Mueran Humanos'Blind Prophet RecordsBPR005
Vic Godard & Subway SectTake OverLP - 'We Come As Aliens'GNU 
CommixBe True (Burial Remix)CDLP - 'Re:Call To Mind'MetalheadzMETHCD013
Magic KidsGood To BeCDLP - 'Memphis'True PantherTrue-023
CultureTwo Sevens Clash (Version)7"Joe GibbsDSR 2590
Monster IslandT & CsDownload EP - 'The Green Room'  
ErrorsBeardsVinyl LP - 'Come Down With Me'Rock Actionrockact47
My Teenage StrideIntroducing The Explosive BoltsDownload  
Wiretappeur (Florian Kruse; Nils Nuernberg & Stel)Too Much SpaceCompilation 2CD - 'Bedrock 12'Bedrock RecordsB0042AEOFG
SmallgangLost In The PostPromo CDLP - 'Trespasses'Damnably 
Wyatt, Atzmon & StephenAt Last I Am FreeVinylLP - 'For The Ghosts Within'Domino RecordsWIG263
Alan HavenImage7"FontanaTF 542
Ste McCabe - November 2010
November brings electro weirdness from all over Europe, including a track from "Kingdom", the debut album from Peepholes, who I think are one of the most exciting bands in the UK at the moment.
There's a freak of a track from Poland's Mass Kotki, who sadly split up this month. Also crammed in between the afternoon washing and some beans on toast is an early Lonelady track and I also shock myself and my listeners by playing something the mainstream music scene is celebrating! Goodness!
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Dresden DollsFirst OrgasmYes VirginiaRoadrunner 
Vile Vile CreaturesTrapsmyspaceN/A 
PeepholesSleep in the ShowerKingdomUpset The Rhythm 
Mass KotkiFreakshowChod? zobaczy?Emancypunx 
The Seven InchesTo Boldly GoThe Seven InchesN/A 
Soft CellLOVE FeelingThe Bedsit TapesSome Bizarre 
Rabbit YearsLinesmyspaceN/A 
SmartypantsTeam SmartypantsTeam Smartypants in Outer SpaceN/A 
LoneladyHi Ho BastardHi Ho BastardFilthy Home Recordings 
Candy Panic AttackDeparturen/aCherryade 
Fad GadgetSaturday Night SpecialBest of Fad GadgetMute Records 
BelliesMy Singing Brainn/aN/A 
Marina And The DiamondsObsessionsThe Family Jewels679 Recordings 
Yank Sizzler - November 2010
Holy Vacation Dandelion! The Yank Sizzler show on Dandelion is back after way too long an absence with wonderful new recordings by The War On Drugs, The Black Angels, Zola Jesus, Di Nigunim, Delta Spirit and more. There'll be sublime soul cuts by Johnnie Taylor & Arthur Alexander along with psychedelic lost recordings by Mike Burnett and Stu Mitchell. And of course a staple American Thanksgiving diet of stellar tunes by Harlem, The Cave Singers, The Oblivians, Homeboy Sandman and The Jacuzzi Boys to name a few! We also take a moment to remember the great Solomon Burke.
ArtistTitle RecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Arthur AlexanderCall Me LonesomeCD 'The Ultimate Arthur Alexander'Razor & Tie2014
Delta SpiritSt. FrancisLP 'History From Below'Rounder11661-9098-1
The Jacuzzi BoysPlanet Of The DreamersLP 'No Seasons'Florida's DyingFDR026
Homeboy SandmanAngels With Dirty FacesCD The Good SunHigh Water Music 
Johnnie TaylorRome (Wasn't Built In A Day)CD 'The SAR Records Story'ABKCO 
Carolina Chocolate DropsSnowden's Jig (Genuine Negro Jig)CD 'Genuine Negro Jig'Nonesuch516995-2
Holy FuckStay LitCD 'Latin'Young TurksYT033CD
Holy Fuck1MDCD 'Latin'Young TurksYT033CD
Mike BurnettMattie Jo'sCD 'Get Ready To Fly! Pop-Psych From The Norman Petty Vaults'Big Beat 
Kurt VileI Know I Got ReligionEP 'Square Shells'MatadorOLE-936-1
Lloyd YoungJah Jah Know (I Know)7' 'Jah Jah Know'Robin 
The ObliviansMad LoverLP 'Soul Food'CryptCRYPT055
Greg CartwrightSour & Vicious ManLP 'Live At The Circle A'Dusty MedicalDMR-18
The Black AngelsPhosphene DreamLP 'Phosphene Dream'Blue HorizonBHV-16780-1
Yvonne HunterHave You Ever Been MistreatedCD 'There Is No Eye Music For Photographs By John Cohen'Smithsonian FolkwaysSFW CD 40091
David ByrneSong For The Trees (Or) Sometimes I Know The World Is WrongLP 'Like A Girl I Want You To Keep Coming'Giorno Poetry SystemsGPS 040
The Cave SingersDancing On Our GravesLP 'Invitation Songs'MatadorOLE 771-1
HarlemTila And ILP 'Hippies'MatadorOLE-892
Di NigunimI'cha DodiEP 'Balagan'Drunken Goat 
Melt BananaCat And The BloodCD 'Melt-Banana Lite Live ver 0.0'A Zap 
Golden TriangleRollercoasterLP 'Double Jointer'Hardly ArtHAR011
The VaselinesMy God Is Bigger Than Your GodLP 'Sex With An X'Sub PopSP 889
Jeffrey LewisTexasCD 'It's The Ones Who've Cracked That The Light Shines Through'Rough TradeRTRADECD099
The Nashville TeensHow Deep Is The OceanCD 'Tobacco Road'Repertoire 
Monsters Of FolkA Man Named TruthLP 'Monsters Of Folk'Shangri-La101047
Zola JesusManifest DestinyEP 'Stridulum'Sacred BonesSBR-032
Digital LeatherNot NowLP 'Warm Brother'Fat PossumFP1188-1
The Black AngelsTelephoneLP 'Phosphene Dream'Blue HorizonBHV-16780-1
Bandit TeethPorn It UpDemo  
David ThomasWay Down The Old Plank RoadBox Set 'The Harry Smith Project The Anthology Of American Folk Music Revisited'Shout Factory 
Solomon BurkeWon't You Give Him One More ChanceLP 'Rock 'N' Soul'Atlantic5009
Stu Mitchell & Wes Dakus' RebelsAcidCD 'Get Ready To Fly! Pop-Psych From The Norman Petty Vaults'Big Beat 
Di NigunimO' Death Come Ye HumbleEP 'Balagan'Drunken Goat 
The War On DrugsComin' ThroughEP 'Future Weather'Secretly Canadian 
Blind Willie JohnsonLet Your Light Shine On MeCD 'The Complete Blind Willie Johnson'ColumbiaC2K 52835