Andrew Morrison - June 2017
Andy's June show features two hours of music, including new material from Victories At Sea, New Order, Cherry Glazerr, The Caretaker, Brutus, Depeche Mode, Nihiling, At The Drive-In and Team Ghost, plus loads of other great tunes from the last few years you may not yet have had the pleasure of being introduced to!
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Team GhostThe RiseriTunes LP 'Team Ghost'Team Ghost - Grand Musique ManagementNone
My Autumn EmpireWillows In The CloseiTunes LP 'Dreams of Death And Other Favourites'Wayside And Woodland RecordingsNone
Rendez-VousEuroshimaDigital EP 'Distance'Avant! RecordsNone
Jagwar MaSay What You FeeliTunes LP 'Every Now & Then'Marathon ArtistsNone
At The Drive-InNo Wolf Like The PresentiTunes LP 'In•ter a•li•a'Rise RecordsNone
Malcolm MiddletonBracketsCD LP 'Summer Of '13'Nude RecordsNUDE 22 CD
NihilingOttersongCD LP 'Batteri'Kapitän PlatteKutter 025
Gabriel BruceFreedomiTunes LP 'Come All Sufferers'Virgin EMI RecordsNone
Black Hearted BrotherUFOiTunes LP 'Stars Are Our Home'Sonic CathedralNone
Depeche ModeCover MeiTunes LP 'Spirit (Deluxe)'Columbia RecordsNone
Boxed InForgetiTunes LP 'Melt'Nettwerk Productions Ltd.None
MonophonaEvery Day Is Like SundayDigital single 'Folsom Prison Blues'Kapitän PlatteKutter 035
Crystal CastlesConcreteiTunes LP 'Amnesty (I)'Fiction Records Ltd.None
The Flaming LipsAlmost Home (Blisko Domu)iTunes LP 'Oczy Mlody'Bella UnionNone
BrutusDriveiTunes LP 'Burst'Hassle RecordsNone
DelphicOnly HumaniTunes EP 'Get Familiar'Chimeric RecordsNone
Lingua NadaThe DisasteristBandcamp single 'Split EP'Kapitän PlatteKutter 035
The Away DaysWorld HorizoniTunes single 'World Horizon'Pasaj MüzikNone
Black BugFrozen EnergyDigital single 'Frozen Energy'Avant! RecordsAV!036
HVOB & Winston MarshallThe Blame GameiTunes single 'The Blame Game'TragenNone
The CaretakerC1 - A Losing Battle Is RagingDigital LP 'Everywhere At The End Of Time - Stage 2'History Always Favours The WinnersNone
Cherry GlazerrNurse RatchediTunes LP 'Apocalipstick'Secretly CanadianNone
New OrderAcademic (Mark Reeder's Akademixxx)7" 'Academic'Electronic SoundES7001
Victories at SeaYellow SkyiTunes EP 'A Place To Stay'Static CaravanNone
Lee Adcock - June 2017
Have I mentioned that I hate the summer? Given that I've been churning out blurbs for over three years now, I'm sure I've said it somewhere, and fashioned the fact into another themed synopsis. Bah, well. No gimmick can further burnish the natural glow of Juana Molina, who easily handed in one of the best albums of the year last month. Bands like Hey Colossus and Anxiety crush conceits like they're beer cans. David Nance and Christian Fitness (aka Falco from Future of the Left) will consider your simple schemes, laugh, and then build their own plans tangentially. Demen and Harvestman, meanwhile, scoff haughtily at petty themes such as seasons while they construct their tallest obelisks to the void of infinite stars.
And while we're not on the subject of conceits, let's take a moment to bid "farewell" to local heartthrobs Kudzu Kids, "hello" to the new moniker of Joni Void (formerly Johnny Ripper), "how've ya been" to a reissue of Disco Inferno, and "well, all right then" to returning champs Actress, Little Simz, and Seazoo.
This, and of course all the rest that couldn't fit in this month's non-framed teaser (including yours truly!).
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
AnxietyLizard Lads Under A RockWild Life 7"La Vida Es Un Mus 
DromeCarMore Peter Milk (milk is 100% full of grass)  
Period BombJckshitPermanently Wet  
Christian Fitnessbees modeslap bass hunksPrescription 
DeadbearHymnaThe Trees Are Dancing  
Cotton WolfLliwiauLife in AnalogueBubblewrap Collective 
Kudzu KidsRainLady  
Rat FancyAbout YouSuck A Lemon EPHHBTM 
BENTBless Youmattress springsEmotional Response 
SwampThe Cloud EatersThe Cloud Eaters  
Ewa JustkaHorny 3Acid SmutFractal Meat 
Charlie CoxedgeDustCloistersBella Union 
Juana MolinaCara de espejoHaloCrammed 
OxbowLetter of NoteThin Black DukeHydra Head 
Hey ColossusEnglishmanThe GuilloteneRocket Recordings 
Pega MonstroSensaçãoCasa de CimaUpset the Rhythm 
Disco InfernoFreethoughtIn DebtRocket Girl 
EspinozaposptAntologiaFormes Diversas de Vida 
Joni VoidDisassociation (Kyla's Song)SelflessConstellation 
Chain & the GangWhat Is A Dollar?Best of Crime RockIn The Red 
David NanceDLAUMF BluesNegative BoogieBa Da Bing 
Little SimzBackseat   
ActressDancing In The SmokeAZDNinja Tune 
SeazooRoy's World   
The Mountain GoatsUnicorn ToleranceGothsMerge 
HarvestmanSundownMusic For MegalithsNeurot 
Do Make Say ThinkAnd BoundlessStubborn Persistent IllusionsConstellation 
Mark Whitby - June 2017
Sir Robert Orange Peel makes his much-anticipated session bow this month, with four tracks he's recorded exclusively for the show. He's joined by a whole bunch of impressive show debutants such as Warm Trash, Jerry Kosak' Psymun and Ya Tosiba and there are new releases from relatively seasoned veterans like Drive With A Dead Girl, Ashley Reaks, Cuban Boys and Paul Rooney.
There are some fine cassette releases doing the rounds at the moment and we feature the pick of those, with tracks from Germany's nnls, ISS from North Carolina, O'Grady from Belgium and Futuro, who hail from Tennessee. Our featured album this month comes tinged with sadness: 'Elephant Road' is a collection of great tunes gathered together by the Candela Rising label, in memory of Amanda Moss of Corsica Studios, who sadly passed away in April.
The release can be purchased from, with all proceeds going to Target Ovarian Cancer.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Paul RooneyMcKenzie (Smell Of The Petrol)CD 'Futile Exorcise'Owd Scrat 
DreamherbsWelcome To FuzzbrainDownload SingleMetal Postcard 
Geraldo PinoHeavy, Heavy, HeavyV/A CD 'Nigeria Soul Power 70'Soul Jazz 
Warm TrashKeep Them ShutDownload Album 'Condensed'Kennel Jitters 
Witching WavesFear Of Falling DownCD 'Fear Of Falling Down'Odd Box 
Prince HassanOuled DahmaneDownload EP 'Zetla EP'Aesthetic Circle 
Sir Robert Orange PeelAudio SpangleExclusive TrackNone 
The Stevenson Ranch DavidiansHoly LifeDownload Single 'Amerikana'Picture In My Ear 
EomacPerversasV/A Download Album 'Elephant Road'Candela Rising 
AvfallMental PreparationDownload SingleNovoton 
Jerry KosakWaitin' For ColumbusCD 'Yossarian's Dream'None 
Ya TosibaKetchiLP 'Love Party'Asphalt Tango 
Tremolo GhostsHoney BonesV/A Download Album 'The Hill Are Alive With The Sound Of Prin'Recordiau Prin 
Creations UnlimitedCorruption Is The ThingV/A CD 'Function Underground: The Black & Brown American Rock Sound 1969-1974Now-Again 
PsymunGlitch Tundra12" EP 'Rainbow Party'None 
Sir Robert Orange PeelFifty 45sExclusive TrackNone 
nnlsv2g (Redredred Remix)Cassette 'Connection'Sonic Moire 
Remington Super 60Happy Birthday RoboDownload EP 'Indie Pop For Kids Vol. 1'None 
O'GradyNeverCassette EP 'O'Grady'Belly Button 
Gale Anne HurdFalling, FlyingDownload Album 'Crawling Garden'Diabetic Koala 
XTCCrosswires (Peel Session)CD 'Drums & Wireless (BBC Radio Sessions 77-89)Nighttracks 
CudYou Sexy Thing (Peel Session)12" EP 'Peel Sessions'Strange Fruit 
Mouse On MarsSchnick Schnack Melt MadeCD 'Audoditacker'Too Pure 
Ashley ReaksTalk About Lucky (Ft Mike Watts)CD 'Growth Spurts'None 
Sir Robert Orange PeelDeep WaterExclusive TrackNone 
Bonnie 'Prince' BillyLeonardCD 'Best Troubador'Drag City 
AradPhase GillsV/A Download Album 'Elephant Road'Candela Rising 
FuturoReptilCassette 'A Torre Da Derrota'Outprint 
CaracoaA Call For ViolenceDownload Album 'Darkness Is Real'None 
Drive With A Dead GirlBoogie ManCD 'Reign Falls'None 
Yaleesa HallWoodall 0406 (Bambounou & Simo Cell Trance-Attitude-Mix)12" EP 'Woodall Remixes'Will & Ink 
The BordellosTemperature Drop (WA12 Radio Session)Download EP 'The Bordellos Underground Tape 5'None 
GondwanaQuetzalcoatlLP 'Miccaotli'Opal Tapes 
Sir Robert Orange PeelOpen Heart SurgeryExclusive TrackNone 
Chips For The PoorFleece JumperDownload SingleNFNF 
Manni DeeLeadon IdolsV/A Download Album 'Elephant Road'Candela Rising 
Def!citNightimeDownload SingleMetal Postcard 
ISSPenISS EnvyCassette '(Endless Pussyfooting)'State Laughter 
Cuban BoysStrike While The Irony Is HotCD 'Machines'Banoffeesound 
Moon DuoNew DawnCD 'Occult Architecture Vol. 2'Sacred Bones 
Pete Jackson - June 2017
Another globe-trotting show, including tunes from Turkey, Russia, Argentina, France, Mauritius, Mexico and Italy, among others. There's new tunes from old favourites Moon Duo, Dusty Mush and Orange Bomb, a pile of great new releases from Detroit Underground, new Metal Postcard signings Dreamherbs, a huge hauntronica mix from The Heartwood Institute, and a voyage inside the digestive system from Nastro - you've been warned ...
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Eva SchliegalAustralian Wasteleand   
DreamherbsWelcome To The Fuzzbrain   
Altin GünGoca Dünya   
Las Munjitas Del FuzzEs El 69   
Yuri MorozovEin, Zwei   
Orange BobmDear Julie   
Sir Robert Orange PeelSwindler!   
Moon DuoNew Dawn   
Lord NumbFolk Jingle   
Max CillaLa Ronde Des Ecoliers   
Dusty MushCouch Potato   
Vortex CountDatuthreat   
The Heartwood InstituteThe Place Of Memory   
Mungo's Hi FiSpring Shower Dub   
The CavemenDeath Row   
Kris GietowskiPrelude/Nightmare   
Paul RooneyBay Of Biscay   
Derya Yildirim & Grup Semsek3223   
Control FreaksPsycho Magnet   
SciFiSolExperimental Drawingboard   
Wild CherriesWithout You   
Los SnorkelsEcho Park   
Mt MountainFloating Eyes   
Rocker - June 2017
This month we bring you a three hour show packed with new music, there's a new session from Jonny Kinkaid & The Invisible Nowhere Band, and new tracks from Muddy Summers & The Dirty Field Whores; The Popguns; The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart; The Lovely Basement; Secret Shine; The Como Mamas; Jetstream Pony; The Luxembourg Signal; The Rusty Nutz; Art Trip & The Static Sound; Star Tropics; Kew and Pillow Queens.
There's new electronica from Burial; Jonas Rathsman; Koma; Solee and Assonances get the Petar Dundov treatment. The Charlie Tipper Conspiracy cover Joy Division, while Alan Sutcliffe's 1972 improvised synth noises get a welcome new release.
We also play the number one selling track on the iTunes chart at the time of recording the show - you may be able to guess that one.
This month's Peel's Big 45 is a punk classic from Derry, while this month's Educating Elizabeth record is a brand new soul tearjerker from UK ska collective Pama International.
As well as little know acts, here's this month's little known fact: The EMS Synthi was a synthesizer built into a suitcase, available from 1971. As well as Alan Sutcliffe, it was used by several notable artists, including Brian Eno and Pink Floyd.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Pama InternationalI Cried 'Til I Stopped7"Record KicksRK45 066
The Charlie Tipper ConspiracyDisorderCDEP - 'Network'Breaking Down Recordings 
Captain SkaLiar Liar GE2017Download Single  
Muddy Summers & The Dirty Field WhoresWhat A Party!Download Single  
Jonny Kinkaid & The Invisible Nowhere BandHey! It's OKDandelion Radio Session  
The Luxembourg SignalLet's Make Some Plans7" - 'Laura Palmer'Shelflife RecordsLIFE151
Jetstream PonyOut Of Reach (Demo)Demo  
The FireworksDream About You7"ShelflifeLIFE147
The Pains Of Being Pure At HeartAnymoreLP - 'The Echo Of Pleasure"  
SoleeMorgensrotsonateDownload EPParquet RecordsPARQUET156
CavesWayLP - 'Always Why'Specialist Subject / Dead Broke / Yo-Yo 
Alan SutcliffeLikeness (ACM Conf. California)Cassette EP - 'EMS SynthiI AKS Improv 1972 - 1973 'Buried Treasure 
Suss CuntsGet LaidEP - 'Suss Cunts'  
Star TropicsAnother Sunny DayEP - 'Star Tropics'  
Secret ShineTo The WellLP - 'There Is Only Now'Saint Marie RecordsSMR098
Jonny Kinkaid & The Invisible Nowhere BandBig Big SleepDandelion Radio Session  
KomaNoctambulistDownload EPEncrypted AudioENC126
Sob StoriesDanny ReedDownload Single  
The Como MamasAlmighty God Mighty God Daptone RecordsDAP-
The PopgunsSo LongLP - 'Sugar Kisses'  
Otoboke BeaverMean7"EP - 'Love Is Short'  
XylitolBisquickEP - 'Is Toxic To Pigs??'  
The UndertonesSmarter Than U7" - 'Teenage Kicks EP'Good Vibrations 
The Lovely BasementMo TuckerDownload  
BurialBeachfires10" EP - 'Subtemple'HyperdubHDB108
Endlich BlueteEs Macht Mich Runter12"EP - Der Schöne Junge Mann'Kleine Untergrund SchallplattenKUS005
AssonancesEvals (Petar Dundov Remix)Download EP - 'Evals'Abstract Theory RecordsABT058
KewCounterDownload EP - 'Typical Me'  
The Rusty NutzMirror SlanderEP - 'Toupee Or Not Toupee?'  
Jonny Kinkaid & The Invisible Nowhere BandHolding On?Dandelion Radio Session  
Arlt & Les Artistes D'EnfanceEst-cs Que C'est Le VentCDLP - 'Patate De Vivre'Objet Disque 
Louie LouieI Want To Dance With YouLP - 'Friend Of A Stranger'Born Losers Records 
Jamie AndersonEvent HorizonDownload EP - 'Event Horizon'Bedrock DigitalBEDDIGI97
Dark ThoughtsWhy Should I CareLP - 'Dark Thoughts'Stupid Bag Records 
Dark ThoughtsNothin To Do Stupid Bag Records 
Famous ProblemsMoon Thinking7"Where It's At Is Where You Are 
Luby SparksPop. 1979Cassette SingleMiles Apart RecordsMAP-026
The Creation FactoryLet Me Go7"Market Square RecordsMSR-015
Jonny Kinkaid & The Invisible Nowhere BandLong Way From HomeDandelion Radio Session  
Art Trip & The Static SoundNo Fly ZoneDownload SingleFiasco Recordings 
The Smith Street BandBirthdaysDownload LP - 'More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me'  
Joyce ManorFake ID   
Rat FancySuck A Lemon 1Download Mini-LP - 'Suck A Lemon'Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records 
Pillow QueensOliveDownload EP - 'Calm Girls'  
Jonny Kinkaid & The Invisible Nowhere BandProtest Song No. 1.2Dandelion Radio Session  
Jonas RathsmanWithin BordersEP - 'Within Borders'ElementsE001
JC For PM For MeRobb Johnson, Fae Simon and the CorbynistasDownload single  
Sean Hocking - June 2017
On Sean's show this month some great new music out of East London. Def!cit's "Nightime" comes in sounding like that perfect cross between the XX & the Cure and Daijvh's latest offering is a bedroom tale of woe and sadness for 2017.
More from our latest favourites like Acid Arab, H09909 and Amyl & Sniffers.
We pop back in time to the days when Soho (London) had a little mystery and bohemia about it. The Syn's "Created by Clive" is wonderful. Also new tracks by the Murlocs, Dax J and the Dumb Punts amongst others.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Amyl and The SniffersPleasure Forever   
Ifriqiyya ElectriqueArrah Arrah Abbaina   
Acid ArabSayarat 303   
Ho99o9 (Horror)Bone Collector   
Benis CletinJungle Magic   
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsHiggs Boson Blues   
Peter BibbyRiver Guts   
Cop City Chill PillarsRollerskates   
Dax JRevelations   
CarolThe Peep Tempel   
Cyanide PillsEarthlings   
The Stevenson Ranch DavidiansFeelin' Good   
DreamherbsWelcome To Fuzzbrain   
CottamB side EP 2   
VoilaaaPas Bon (feat. Fouley Badiaga)   
Modal ZorkGulp4000   
Modal ZorkNowhere2Hide   
ArtwoodsWhat Shall I Do   
Chris FarloweOut Of Time - HQ   
Bert Jansch & John RenbournSoho.m4v   
Count Suckle & The RudiesPlease Don't Go   
The SynCreated By Clive   
The MurlocsBogan Grove   
Dumb PuntsChiller   
Amyl and the SniffersBlowjobs   
Baby FordDisconoddy