Mark E Smith Tribute (Pt 1) - February 2018
The recent death of Mark E Smith made us look back at the forty years of his output and influence.
His band, The Fall, is our most played over the first 10 years of Dandelion Radio.
This is part 1 of 2 and features tracks selected by Andrew Morrison, Thomas Blatchford, Pete Jackson and Sean Hocking.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
The FallImmortality (John Peel Session - 15/2/92)   
The FallLost In Music   
The FallMy New House   
The FallThe Mixer   
The FallYouwanner   
Von SüdenfedThe Rhinohead   
The FallIt's A Curse   
The FallTwo Librans   
The FallEdinburgh Man   
The FallIndustrial Estate (John Peel Session - 15/6/78)   
The FallM5   
The FallA Past Gone Mad   
The FallLegend Of Xanadu   
The FallBill Is Dead   
The FallI Wake Up In The City   
Von SüdenfedSlow Down Ronnie   
The FallCrop-Dust   
The FallGroovin' With Mr Bloe / Green-Eyed Loco Man (Peel Session)   
The FallBlindness   
The FallWolf Kidult Man / Pledge! (Glastonbury 2015)   
The FallHittite Man   
Mark E SmithPander! Panda! Panzer! (excerpt)   
The FallNine Out of Ten   
The FallTo Nkroachment: Yarbles   
The FallR.O.D.   
The FallSo What About It?   
The FallDr Buck's Letter   
The FallStrychnine (Peel Session)   
The FallKimble   
The FallTwister (Peel Session)   
The FallShake-Off   
The FallAn Older Lover, Etc.   
The FallRebellious Jukebox (Peel Session)   
The FallThe Chiselers   
The FallGut Of The Quantifier   
The FallFiery Jack   
The FallVenice With The Girls   
The FallTheme From Sparta FC   
The FallGramme Friday   
The FallShoulder Pads   
The FallPacifying Joint   
Fat White FamilyI Am Mark E Smith   
The FallNew Facts Emerge   
The FallMy New House   
The FallGlam Racket Star   
The FallCarry Bag Man   
The FallCrop-Dust   
The FallThe N.W.R.A.   
Mark E Smith Tribute (Pt 2) - February 2018
The recent death of Mark E Smith made us look back at the forty years of his output and influence.
His band, The Fall, is our most played over the first 10 years of Dandelion Radio.
This is part 2 of 2 and features tracks selected by Mark Whitby and Rocker.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
The FallProle Art Threat   
The FallLie Dream Of A Casino Soul   
The FallHow I Wrote 'Elastic Man'   
The FallEat Y'self Fitter (Peel Session)   
The FallSpoilt Victorian Child   
The FallLiving Too Late   
The FallAustralians In Europe   
The FallWhite Lightning   
Sonic YouthRowche Rumble (Peel Session)   
PavementThe Classical (Peel Session)   
The FallOcto Realm/Ketamine Sun   
Von SüdenfedFledermaus Can't Get It   
Long Fin KillieThe Heads Of Dead Surfers (ft Mark E. Smith)   
D.O.S.E.Plug Myself In (ft Mark E. Smith)   
The FallNo Bulbs   
The FallHard Life in the Country   
The FallKurious Oranj   
The FallThe Birmingham School of Business School   
Coldcut(I'm) In Deep (Ft Mark E. Smith)   
ElasticaHow He Wrote Elastica Man (Ft Mark E. Smith)   
The FallBury Pts 1 + 3   
The FallNo Respects Rev   
The FallCheetham Hill   
The FallJunger Cloth   
The FallBingo-Master   
The FallSystematic Abuse   
TocotronicIch Habe Getraumt Ich Ware Pizza Essen Mit Mark E. Smith   
The FallI'm A Mummy   
The FallPsykick Dancehall   
The FallLay Of The Land   
The FallThe Container Drivers   
The Container DriversThe Ex-Members Of The Fall Club   
Factory StarThe Fall Of Great Britain   
The FallNo Xmas For John Quays   
The FallWhat About Us?   
The FallCruisers Creek   
Armitage ShanksMe And Yer Granny On Bongos   
The FallKicker Conspiracy   
The FallHip Priest   
The FallAthlete Cured   
The FallNew Big Prinz   
The FallFeeling Numb   
The FallExtricate   
The Jazz ButcherSouthern Mark Smith   
The FallNate Will Not Return   
The FallHit The North Part One   
The FallRowche Rumble   
The FallTotally Wired   
The FallThe Man Whose Head Expanded   
Andrew Morrison - February 2018
Making up for an absence of shows in the latter half of last year, Andy's two-hour February show catches up on loads of great tracks that were released towards the end of 2017 from artists including Slowdive, Childhood, The Horrors, His Electro Blue Voice, The Early Years, The Divided Circle, Paul Draper, Monophona, Broken Social Scene and Yeti Lane. You'll also hear some fantastic brand new funk from AD Bourke & Raiders Of The Lost Arp as remixed by Ron Trent.

Also listen out for my contribution to February's Mark E Smith Tribute Special (Part 1) elsewhere in the schedule, marking the sad passing of The Fall's frontman in January.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
YakAll I Need Is Some Sunshine In My LifeiTunes single 'All I Need Is Some Sunshine In My Life'Yala! RecordsNone
AlvvaysPlimsoll PunksiTunes LP 'Antisocialites'Polyvinyl Record Co. / Transgressive Records Ltd.None
Yeti LaneLa VéritéiTunes single 'Psychic Haze'Yeti LaneNone
The Big PinkBlue MondayiTunes single 'Blue Monday'Blank City RecordsNone
AD Bourke & ROTLARAW (Ron Trent Remix)Digital single 'RAW'Far Out RecordingsJD42
At the Drive-InTorrentially CutshawiTunes LP 'In•ter a•li•a'Rise RecordsNone
The Hanged ManInto The NightiTunes EP 'First Quarter Moon'Kning Disc/Telegram StudiosNone
Broken Social SceneSkylineiTunes LP 'Hug Of Thunder'Arts & Crafts Productions Inc. / City SlangNone
MonophonaHospitals For FreedomCD LP 'Girls On Bikes, Boys Who Sing'Kapitän PlatteKUTTER 039
Low IslandThe LinesiTunes single 'The Lines' None
Paul DraperJealousy Is A Powerful EmotioniTunes LP 'Spooky Action'Paul Draper / KscopeNone
The Divided CircleAncestoriTunes single 'Ancestor'The Divided CircleNone
The Early YearsHall Of Mirrors (Andrew Weatherall Remix I)Digital single 'remIIxes'Sonic CathedralSCR112
His Electro Blue VoiceIce SkulliTunes LP 'Mental Hoop'Maple Death RecordsNone
Public Service BroadcastingProgress (Feat. Tracyanne Campbell)iTunes LP 'Every Valley'Test Card Recordings / Play It Again SamNone
We Stood Like KingsMachinesCD LP 'USA 1982'Kapitän PlatteKUTTER 039
Lo MoonThornsiTunes single 'Thorns'Columbia RecordsNone
The HorrorsMachineiTunes LP 'V'Wolf Tone Limited / Cartoline InternationalNone
ChildhoodMonitoriTunes LP 'Universal High'Marathon Artists LimitedNone
Primal ScreamAutumn in ParadiseiTunes LP 'Chaosmosis'Ignition Records Ltd.None
Tiny FirefliesGhostiTunes LP 'The Space Between'Tiny FirefliesNone
SlowdiveNo Longer Making TimeiTunes LP 'Slowdive'Dead OceansNone
The Beatbox Saboteurs Show - February 2018
Hello, hello, hello! This is our debut show and we are here to entertain you with some splendid tunes. This month's show features an appropriate throat-clearer by Thee Headcoatees, spangly guitar magnificence by Swimming Girls and Penelope Isles, a gothic joy from She Past Away, along with new dark beats by The Tin Opener's Art.
We are also extremely excited to bring you Computer Magic, an electro act who we have fallen for hook, line and sinker. Fear not the instrumentals, as Nodens Ictus and Network 23 give us some calming mid-show noodling and Hefner's Antony Harding goes soaring aloft with a delicate slice of elegance.
Breaking open the dusty archive, due to popular (ahem!) demand, we have also included some of our own tunes, mainly rare and never heard before material. There are also tracks from a couple of our associated projects with a first-time-on-the-radio for Graphix plus the bouncy, leftfield pop of our friends from the northern enclave of The Cuban Boys, Spray.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
The Beatbox SaboteursIntroductionBandcamp / CDHouse Of BeautyHOB006
The Beatbox SaboteursIt Ain't Half Hot MumBandcamp / CDHouse Of BeautyHOB005
Thee HeadcoateesTeenage KicksDownload / LPDamaged GoodsDAMGOOD482LP
GraphixAll The Presidents MenDownload / CDBlastospheric 
SprayIt's The Night Of The Long Knives, Charlie BrownDownload / CDBanoffeesound 
Swimming GirlsTastes Like Money7"Yucatan 
Nodens IctusThe Cozmic KeyBandcamp  
Network 23Bubbling Under (Radio Edit)Bandcamp  
Computer MagicGone For The WeekendDownload / 10" / CassetteChannel 9 
She Past AwayAsimilasyonBandcamp  
Antony HardingYellowhammerDownloadBlack Candy Records 
Ronnie Ronalde & The Beatbox SaboteursMockingbird HillCDR DemoHouse Of Beauty 
Penelope IslesCut Your HairBandcampArt Is Hard Records 
The Tinopener's ArtOvertimeDownload  
The Beatbox SaboteursWish Me LuckCDR DemoHouse Of Beauty 
Mark Whitby - February 2018
This month's show features a brilliant new session from Sandfingers along with some of the best releases 2018 has managed to cough up so far, including new albums from Rainbow Reservoir, The Spook School and Xylouris White, a cracking EP from Den Mother and a great new single from Cloud. We also look ahead to what March might bring and find, to our delight, that it includes a new album from Suuns, among other things.
Restlessly searching across Europe for yet more things to cock an ear to, we find a new single from France's Doctor Flake, an EP from Minute Of Arc from Holland and a superb album from the Istanbul-based Dirtmusic, before travelling further east to discover new releases from Israel's Yotam Avni and Japan's Shiken Hanzo.
This month's featured compilation is one of my Christmas prezzies: the Cherry Red box set 'The Other Side of Everything', while this month's Peel Back... features tracks John Peel was playing in session 50, 40 and 20 years ago this month.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
DirtmusicBi De Sen SoyleCD 'Bu Bir Ruya'None 
CloudWildfireDownload SingleAudio Antihero 
Efrim Manuel MenuckA Lamb In The Land Of Payday LoansCD 'Pissing Stars'Constellation 
SandfingersViewmaster VividExclusive TrackNone 
Rainbow ReservoirChannel HannaCD 'Channel Hanna'Odd Box 
Shiken HanzoCourage12" EP 'Jingasa'Hojo Clan 
Punishment Of LuxuryPuppet Life5xCD Box Set 'To The Outside Of Everything'Cherry Red 
Den Mother8,9,10Download EP 'Now It All Comes'None 
Xylouris WhiteDaphneCD 'Mother'Bella Union 
TNC6QuicksandCD 'Sekundenschlaf'Blackest Ever Black 
SandfingersWalking Corner To Corner, Face To The WallExclusive TrackNone 
Johnny UtahAngstCassette 'Johnny Utah'Z Tapes 
The Spook SchoolStill AliveCD 'Could It Be Different?'Alcopop! 
Eden.DeeplyParadiseDownload EP 'drfct - micro-g'Deep Electronic 
Mo-dettesWhite Mice5xCD Box Set 'To The Outside Of Everything'Cherry Red 
Minute Of ArcGrit (UK Rude Bwoii Cut)Download EP 'Grit'None 
Fog LakeReassuranceSplit Download Album 'Fog Lake/Euphoria Again'None 
MuizicThe Little HeroDownload Album 'Dot'None 
AwakebutstillinbedOpenerCD 'What People Call Low Self-Esteem Is Really Just Seeing Yourself The Way That Other People See You'None 
SandfingersThe Swimmers, Point PeleeExclusive TrackNone 
LullabierNatale A Cenada (Ft Faro)Download EP '2512'Silber 
Captain Beefheart & His Magic BandElectricityCD 'Safe As Milk'Buddah 
Siouxie & The BansheesHelter Skelter (Peel Session)CD 'Voices On The Air…The Peel Sessions'Universal 
MogwaiNew Paths To Helicon (Pt II) (Peel Session)CD 'Government Commissions'PIAS 
Family FodderWarm5xCD Box Set 'To The Outside Of Everything'Cherry Red 
Deux Boules VanilleCousine D'eteCD 'Planete Gougou'Kythibong 
SandfingersI Love You To The Final Number/Head In The CurveExclusive TrackNone 
HaircutBoys Club7" EP 'Shutting Down'Feel It 
Doctor FlakeMain StreetDownload SingleNone 
Michael GuratzaSwimmingDownload Album 'Songs That Speak The Truth'None 
Dislocation DanceIt's So Difficult5xCD Box Set 'To The Outside Of Everything'Cherry Red 
Ian ThistlethwaiteFresh New StartsExclusive TrackNone 
SandfingersWater On MetalExclusive TrackNone 
Analogue Electronic WhateverFrozen Milk 77Download SingleNone 
SuunsWatch You, Watch MeCD 'Felt'Secretly Canadian 
Diane Marie KlobaHe Lights UpV/A Download Album 'Winter Solstice'Vanguardista 
System CorporationApathy Is Easy (Apathetic Remix By Southern Tribe)Download EP 'Apathy Is Easy'None 
Euphoria AgainI'm Not Singing For YouSplit Download Album 'Fog Lake/Euphoria Again'None 
SandfingersThe Sounds Of Clouds Moving/Maybe I'll See You Tomorrow'Exclusive TrackNone 
The BordellosMelody Inn (Dandelion Radio Session)Download EP 'The Bordellos Underground Tape Vol. 10'None 
Yotam AvniDybbukDownload EP 'Perlude To Dybbuk'Stroboscopic Artefacts 
New AsiaCentral Proposition5xCD Box Set 'To The Outside Of Everything'Cherry Red 
Belle & SebastianA Plague On Other BoysCD 'How To Solve Our Human Problems'Matador 
Pete Jackson - February 2018
This month we welcome the first session guest of 2018, and what a corker it is - a huge, mesmerising track that explores the uncanny connections between a field in Calderdale, Joy Division and Russ Abbot from a mysterious individual known as Alain Chamois (he may be more familiar to listeners under another name - listen in to find out his secret identity).
As well as this extraordianry treat there's new tunes from many returning favourites, including Moon Duo, dreamherbs, Dead Sea Apes and The Night Programme, and favourites of the future like Nomo? 751 and The Final Age.
There's also Pete's first brush with Guided By Voices, and a last-minute additional track to commemorate the passing of Hugh Masekela.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Holly & CMRNAmbedo   
Moon DuoJukebox Babe   
Dead Sea ApesTentacles (Version)   
Nomo? 751They Live   
The Hartewood InstitueKarnaya   
Jeffrey SiedlerBryzoan Reactive   
Alain ChamoisLet Me Take You There (Dandelion Radio Session)   
Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!El Mananero   
The Band Whose Name Is A SymbolEarworm   
Elissa Batti & CYBM   
Guided By VoicesPrivately   
Jumble Hole CloughFollow That Car!   
Issac NavaroLizard Claw   
The Final AgeThe Final Age   
The Night ProgrammeLong Mynd   
NyctophilliacEdge Of Doom   
Moon DuoNo Fun   
The Johanasburg Street BandAwe Mfania   
Rocker - February 2018
A three hour show packed with new music, including an exclusive debut session from Rainbow Reservoir, and a featured album, the new one from Lonely Tourist.
There are new tracks from Kudzu; The Radio Dept.; A Certain Smile; John Dredge & The Plinths; November Onoto Band; The Just Joans; Shopping; The Total Rejection; The Spook School; Analogue, Electronic, Whatever; Nervous Twitch; James Leonard Hewitson and The Millipedes.
There's electronica from Joachim Pastor; Kidnap (aka Kidnap Kid); Teho; Nandu & Ohluhle and Alyne.
This month's Rocker's Shellac Attack is a Spanish version of a rock'n'roll classic from the mid 60s, while this month's Educating Elizabeth record is a posthumous release from Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings.
As well as little known acts, here's this month's little known fact: Jeremy Corbyn is a member of the all-party parliamentary group for cheese.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
The FallRepetition7" - 'Bingo-Master's Break Out'Step Forward RecordsSF 07
Lonely TouristWherever You Stand, You Are In The WayCDLP - 'Remuneration'Tourist Info Records 
The Charlie Tipper ConspiracyHalloween2CDLP - 'The Astonishing Rise Of Charlie Tipper'Breaking Down RecordingsBreak023
Rainbow ReservoirForest FireDandelion Radio Session  
TehoPeinture A L'EauDownload Compilation - 'Melodica Electronica vol. 6'BudenzauberBUZACOMP354
James Leonard HewitsonSometimesDownload EP - 'Six Demos, 2016 - 2017'  
The Spook SchoolBodyLP - 'Could It Be Different?'Slumberland 
The Just JoansBreakfast For Our Tea7" - 'No Longer Young Enough'Fika RecordingsFIKA061
OnsindClaimantLP - 'We Wilt, We Bloom'Specialist Subject Records 
Mo TroperThe Poet Laureate Of NeverlandLP - 'Exposure And Response'  
ShoppingAsking For A FriendLP - 'The Official Body'Fatcat Records 
Muddy Summers & The Dirty Field WhoresJesus!CDLP - 'From Seeds'  
Sharon Jones & The Dap-KingsTear It DownDownload SingleDaptone Records 
The MillipedesThe Perfect PopsongDemo  
Les LulliesDon Craine7" EP - 'Don't Look Twice'Slovenly 
Lonely TouristLast Day At Tony'sCDLP - 'Remuneration'Tourist Info Records 
Nandu & OluhleUmfazi OmuhleDownload EP - 'Another Jam'Connected FrontlineCONNECTED022D
The Total RejectionLicking Furniture (You Will Find Me On The Left Side)LP - 'Wrapping Yourself In Silver Foil Won't Save You From The Blast'Raving Pop Blast 
A Certain SmileAberdeenLP - 'Fits And Starts'  
Rainbow ReservoirPosh PonytailsDandelion Radio Session  
November Onoto BandTo The Kids In Uniforms7"Taiyo RecordsTR-025
David Miranda (The Imperial) & The PlaguesGloria78RPM 10"Producciones PalmaPALMA 15021
KidnapWhere The Sea Swings In Like An Iron Gate (Extended Version)DownloadAnjunadeepANJDEE312BD
Skiftande EnheterMördande Rutin7"Market Square ReciordsMSR-021
KudzuDefeatedCassette LP - 'Defeated'Push And Pull Records 
John Dredge & The PlinthsGoing DownDownload EP - 'The Emergency'  
BlurtThe Ruminant Plinth12" - 'Ruminant Violence'Optimo MusicOM39
JD MeatyardHere Come The HatersLP - 'Collectivise'2 Dogs Music 
PatsyNazi's Are So PlainDownload EP - 'Demo'  
Nervous TwitchNever Can TellLP - 'I Won't Hide'Odd Box RecordsBOX042
SnailsI'll Stay Close7" EP - 'Starting With Mine'Undergrowth Records 
Lonely TouristSmells Like Team MeetingCDLP - 'Remuneration'Tourist Info Records 
Analogue Electronic WhateverFrozen Milk 77Download single  
The Radio Dept.Your True NameDownload SingleJust So! 
AlyneVillage People12"Parquet RecordsPARQUET 160
Bee Bee SeaD.I. Why Why WhyLP - 'Sonic Boomerang'Wild Honey / Glory 
Corner BoysJoke Of The Neighbourhood7" EP - 'Just Don't Care'Drunken SailorDR78
Diet CigBarf DayLP - 'Swear I'm Good At This'Frenchkiss RecordsFKR088-1
Heavenly CreaturesWho Knows (Goodbye)CDEP - 'This Summer Will Kill Us All'Jigsaw / Peanut Butter 
Rainbow ReservoirBig BunnyDandelion Radio Session  
DidiBellyLP - 'Didi'  
Holiday GhostsIn My HeadLP - 'Holiday Ghosts'Punk Slime Records 
Terry MaltsGentle EyesLP - 'Lost At The Party'Slumberland RecordsSLR222
Lonely TouristStunt DoubleCDLP - 'Remuneration'Tourist Info Records 
The DaziesMiserySplit 12" LP - 'Seen A Ghost'  
Joachim PastorMountainDownload SingleHungry MusicHM25DJ
Alan HavenImage7"FontanaTF 542
Sean Hocking - February 2018
I'm not sure if it is down to my listening habits, but 2018's new music reminds me somewhat of 1978. At the time what you are listening to doesn't sound or feel that revolutionary, but you know, somewhere on the inside, that there's been a change. The artists I'm playing this month reflect that imperceptible change.
There's London's dreamherbs reinventing classic rock music, and for the better, I might add, this month we are featuring the 4 singles they have released since the beginning of the year. Out of Sweden, Skiftande Enheter are probably the world's most joyful underground garage sound out there at the moment (apologies to Amyl & the Sniffers, the crown has been passed on!).
I've really been taken in by electronic artist, Avalon Emerson. It's rare that a straight up new electronic artist with tunes crafted for the dancefloor gets my attention, last time I heard something so good it was LA based Secret Circuit.
Finally, another USA artist really impresses at the moment, CMA. A nice bit of pop minimalism with her Lana del Ray goes to the very darkside aesthetic!
Thanks as always for listening
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
dreamherbsBreak Your Jaw   
The KumariSpite You   
Hot Club de ParisFuck You The Truth!   
Ishan SoundNamkha (Kahn Remix)   
Skiftande EnheterTrött På Dig   
David Kenneth NanceLeather in the Box   
The Cold SpellsLeviathan   
Mik Artistiks Ego TripDavid Bowie Was a Funny Man   
Karel GottRot und schwarz (Paint it Black 1969)   
Avalon EmersonOne More Fluorescent Rush   
Total ControlFuture Crème   
Zimba BalekaThe Comet Is Coming Remix   
EMAI Wanna Destroy   
Edward PenfoldSunny Day   
P.P. ArnoldTo Love Somebody   
Salary Side ProjectDerbarl Yerrigan   
Dick ChimesI Ruined My Own Gig   
das dingwhy is my life so boring   
EquinoxKiss (feat. Feral Five)   
dreamherbsNice Guys   
Capt HotknivesJimi Hendrix Wont Help You With Your Maths Exam   
Mystic BillLate Night at The Music Box   
ShadowD Hardest   
dreamherbsNo Durty Business   
Thomas Blatchford - February 2018
There's a brand new dance and it's easy to do, it's spreading through Melbourne and it's called the 'kangarule'!
Only one of the songs Thomas plays this month explains further (thank you SK Simeon) but you can do the signature move itself to most of these platters.
There's a few notable pairings in this episode - two rocktastic cover versions, two songs about Nigella Lawson, and two club bangers that purposefully sound like animals fighting - but only one urging you to hydrate better. There should be more!
All this plus battling extra-terrestrials, existential howling, breaking glass, a tribute to Encarta '95, and one bona fide disco mega-hit. This episode is dedicated to France Gall.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
France GallLaisse Tomber Les FillesSacré Charlemagne 10" EPPhilipsB 76602 R
Heat WaveThe SilenceDead Beats LPPsychic Hysteria 
E.M.M.A.MindmazeMindmaze / Pumpkin Emoji 12"Coyote RecordsCOY019
Bad SleepNo FunNo Fun EP  
Lady StarlightYouWhich One Of Us Is Me? EPFigure MusicFigure 93
Indigenous Hip Hop ProjectDrink More Water (Palmeston)   
Sikut Matupit ChoirAbot Al BitapakaA Bit Na Ta LPWantok Music 
MHYSAYou Not About That LyfeFantasii LPHalcyon VeilHALC014-COL
DJ MarcelleToo LongToo EPJahmoni MusicJMM 206
WEWe Can't Live (If Living Is Without You)Inside The Black Cube EP  
DeerhoofPour Some Sugar On MeCovers Tape  
IljuswifmoDog FightTriptych EP  
Lechuga ZafiroC vs S feat. Triangulación KulturalAequs Nyama EPSalviatekSTK002
ParsnipNigellaHealth EPAnti Fade RecordsANT 040
The Night Before Tomorrow(I See Love From) NigellaBeautiful Monday LP  
SK SimeonKangaruleRam Dance Don LP  
Driver U.F.O.Aliens At WarTest Press Acetate LPRoom-Filling Sounds / Proteen 
Patrice RushenForget Me NotsStraight From The Heart LPStrut Records 
The DoubleDawn Of The DoubleDawn Of The Double CDKasumuen Records 
Empat LimaPassage To The Golden Sky   
Trev - February 2018
February already. Another packed 3 hour show this month as new releases are starting to trickle in after the December lull. The featured artist is Chumbawamba, one time Peel favourites, and we get songs from the 80s, 90s and 00s from them. The Odd Box triple returns with three songs from my label - this month we get The Pooches - from a forthcoming vinyl edition of their tape 'Smoochin With The Pooches', The Humms from their 2010 LP Lemonland and Rainbow Reservoir are feature with the title song from their debut LP 'Channel Hanna' which is out at the end of February.
New stuff this month running the gamut from bedroom pop to full on punk rock with a smattering of electronica and glitchy ambient drones from the likes of Shopping, Shrug, CorporationPOP, Heddwch, Palace Lido, American Pleasure Club, Long Gone, Dane Law, Porridge Radio, Kaviar Special, Booji Boys, Jeff Rosenstock, C.A.R., Cheekface and many many more.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
CorporationPopVintage LIngerieThe Chester Road DemosSelf Released/Soundcloud 
Perseph OneRainbows All OverFive Years of FreecemberFake Four Inc. 
HeddwchSerdigital demoSelf Released/Soundcloud 
Aural AirSerpent SpeakThe Torpor of MindsLittle L Records 
Palace LidoBrissac-QuincéConcreteczaszka (rec.) 
American Pleasure Clubto be unburdened longeri blew on a dandelion and the whole world disappearedRun For Cover / Bandcamp 
PatienceWhite Of An EyeWhite Of An EyeNight School 
ChumbawambaAlways Tell The Voter What The Voter Wants To HearNever Mind The Ballot Here's The Rest Of Your Life  
SuperKnovaCity GlowSplendor DysphoriaBandcamp / Self Released 
DuzzFlesh CostumeFlesh CostumeReflective Tapes 
Long GoneFriend Of MineLong GoneReflective Tapes 
A LilyMilesTen Drones On TapeSound in Silence 
Lillet BlancBe NewCasco BaySpirit Goth 
Dane LawLook At Me In The RainBack In My LifeConditional 
The Blue DressAll The Rainy DaysBandcamp singleEmma's House Records 
The Golden RailMetal and ShellsElectric trails from nowherePretty Olivia Records 
Porridge RadioPop SongBad BreathSelf Released / Bandcamp 
Kaviar SpecialDead EndVortexHowlin Banana Records 
Inner WaveJerryUnderwater Pipe DreamHuman Sounds Records 
ChumbawambaI Never Gave UpI Never Gave Up 12"Agit Prop 
Despairful TomorrowFuck Fascism Before It Fucks YouSuffering, Death And Boogie?-?WoogieMokum Records 
The HummsStrawberry GlueLemonlandOdd Box Records 
The PoochesPedro (not Pedro)Smoochin' With The PoochesOdd Box Records 
Rainbow ReservoirChannel HannaChannel HannaOdd Box Records 
Jeff RosenstockUSAPost-Polyvinyl/Specialist Subject 
Booji BoysWeekend RockerWeekend RockerDrunken Sailor Records 
Shuttle 358FieldCaudex12k 
C.A.R.DaughtersPinnedRansom Note 
Ugly LoversFloodFloodReflective Tapes 
CheekfaceGlendaleGlendaleBandcamp / Self Released 
ValentineShitEngineI Know YouCOPING (EP)Bandcamp / Self Released 
Leslie Winer and Jay Glass DubsAbout The AuthorYMFEESBokeh Versions 
Punch CardsDebasedEspersBandcamp / Self Released 
ChumbawambaRefugeeThe Boy Bands Have WonNo Masters 
ShoppingDiscoverThe Official BodyFat Cat 
LargesseJust As WellForward EPSelf Released / Bandcamp 
Trust FallBrightest StarGiants Of LoveReflective Tapes 
ShrugWhitby KipperIsland ComplexOur Mama Records 
The FallI'm FrankExtricate