Andrew Morrison - November 2021
After a few shorter shows recently, Andy's November offering is a full two hours, within which he's very pleased to feature the first exclusive session on his show for several years. You'll hear the first three songs of a two-part, six track session from Tired Cossack of Winnipeg, Canada - with part two to follow in December's show.

You're also going to hear new music from Arab Strap, CHVRCHES, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, His Electro Blue Voice, Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters, End Of Fun, Bdrmm, Wet Leg and many more. There's a Drum & Bass Andy's Old Chestnut from 2001 by John B, plus you'll hear a marvellous Mogwai remix produced by one half of New Order.

Andy gives you info on how you can vote for your favourite tracks of the year in the Official 2021 Festive Fifty listeners' poll during November, and there's even a brief interruption from the postman!
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Brownbutter - November 2021
Brownbutter fell asleep beneath the stars and found himself showered with new music from Sparks, Shannon & The Clams, Aeon Station, Low, Deerhoof, Wayne Snow, Vince Staples, Anna Meredith and so much more.
This month's "I Got You Covered" sees treatments of Phil Collins, Ann Peebles, Sonic Youth and Billy Idol, among others.
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Brownbutter on FSK - November 2021
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Aeon StationQueens   
ObitsNo Fly List   
PontiakLeft With Lighs   
Manni DeePersist and Change   
Anna MeredithBPM 72   
Les Filles de IllighadadSurbajo   
LampsI Owe It To All The Girls   
Strapping FieldhandsDream of Amazement   
Anna CalviDon't Beat The Girl Out Of My Boy (Feat. Courtney Barnett)   
yes/andUgly Orange   
AceyaloneAll Balls   
Casiotone for the Painfully AloneJeanne, If You're Ever in Portland   
Ruth MascelliLibidinal Surplus   
Rajput & The SepoyUp, Up & Away   
ChorusingWatching the Beams   
DarksideThe Limit   
Shin Jung Hyun and the Men feat. Jang HyunTwilight   
Body MeπaBullitt   
SyreetaI Love Every Little Thing About You   
HybridFlashpoint (original mix)   
Birdlegs & PaulineJust Can't Help Myself   
Glue BoyGluebeat   
PlosivsHit the Breaks   
Shannon & the ClamsCrawl   
David Smith - November 2021
This year's Festive Fifty is not far away, and artists from Melbourne, Australia are trying to corner the market. This month we have no fewer than six new or mostly new releases from Melbourne artists, including Cable Ties, Mod Con, Screensaver, Blonde Revolver, Alien Nosejob, and Exek. We also have new stuff from Low Life, Bad Bad Hats, Black Dice, Domingæ, and Jesca Hoop. We will hear another track from the great new album by Hungry Bentley.
Is there anything not new in this month's show? Well, in this month's Historical Highlight, we will examine the early output of the great Washington, DC punk band Dag Nasty.
There are some great surprises ready for you this month, so give thanks for a world stuffed with great music and enjoy the show!
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Gareth Jones - November 2021
Gareth's November show promises to be something rather different. While suffering from a chest infection, he has been barely able to talk recently. So instead your host this month will be the computer programmed voice of Robot Gareth who will guide you through an hour of new releases.
There's electro from Spray, surf guitar from Beware Of Blast, Latin and Hip-Hop sounds from Meets On Beat and new Indiepop-Punk from Swansea Sound.
All this, plus a rather surprising cover version by Independent Country and a smart alec robot presenter!
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Jeff Grainger on FSK - November 2021
Jeff presents another mixed bag of surprises with an uncompromising, varied, selection of musical genres from all around the world.
Mark Whitby - November 2021
This month we welcome back the excellent Digital Resistance in session, showcasing three new tracks ahead of their next album. Our featured compilation is the Smithsonian Folkways collection 'The Village Way Out West': look out for more tracks from this fascinating double album in my FSK show this month too.
We also feature new albums from Fanfare Ciocarlia, Hideor Tild, The Specials and Bunny & The Invalid Singers, among others, and new singles from Rodney Cromwell, The Wot Nots and Man or Astro-Man?.
We've also got The Other Two remixing Mogwai, the result of a fascinating collaboration between Ritual Cloak and Autumn Juvenile and something else from that extraordinary Mood Taeg album.
This being the months of Festive Fifty voting, we Peel Back... to three highlights from the chart of forty years ago.
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Mark Whitby on FSK - November 2021
Join Mark as he takes us through another two hours of his favourite new music, with brief glances at reissued gems from the past and a general focus on the interesting, the odd and the unfairly overlooked.
Pete Jackson - November 2021
After October's nostalgia-festival, this month Pete guarantees at least 82% of artists are new to the show.
Among those making their debuts are Two Knocks For Yes, ESP Summer, Vanishing Twin, John and Hendrick's Toth, alongside first plays for more estbliahed acts like The Courettes and Fontaines DC, here taking on The Velvet Underground - a heavy task indeed.
There's new music from Mogwaa and old music from Mogwai, the colaboration of the month comes from The Telescopes and Flavor Crystals operating as Foam Giant, and we wave goodbye to one-man film studio, genre-creator and game changer Melvin Van Peebles with a closing track from his seminal Blaxsploitation classic Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song.
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Rocker - November 2021
An hour from Rocker this month, including new tracks from Swansea Sound, The Courettes, The Total Rejection, The Mighty Observer, The Ace, and Arrest! Charlie Tipper.
There's electronica from Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters, and Ben Böhmer. There's reggae from France in the shape of Dub Shepherds, plus a track from the expansive new compilation of a decade-and-a-half's work by Beatnik Filmstars.
This month's Rocker's Shellac Attack is 10" 78 from a boogie-woogie piano pioneer from 1948 out of Chicago.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: Despite being known as a 1920s Chicago phenomenon, the boogie-woogie piano style actually originated in the black logging communities of Eastern Texas in the 1870s, and was spread by the steam railways that served that industry.
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Sean Hocking - November 2021
Welcome back and yes almost another year over. Only 2 hours from me this month which I'm sure some you will think, thank the lord, those 4 hour shows are exhausting!
What have we got for you this month?
We kick off with a little Boris set for all you in the UK who, no doubt, are not going to be calling their kids Boris! Ditties from Brian Bordello, Cassette Boy and John Dowie, who, like Rik Mayall ,knew a long time in advance what was coming around the corner.
We celebrate Captain Kirk finally getting into space, no not that song, but the great man himself digging deep into the world of Elton.
Lots of new tunes from around the world - Jay & Yuta (Sydney), Mad Teo (Queens NY), Imarhan (Alegeria), Upsidedownhead (Melbourne), Carlos Mancha (Bogota) & Dub Chieftain ( Scotland) amongst many others.
Lots of other stuff too. Enjoy the truncated show
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Sean Hocking on FSK - November 2021
Sean, of the Metal Postcard label, continues to bring us new and undiscovered tunes from around the globe in his monthly 'Ring of Fire' show.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
The Legless CrabsBoo Hoo Hoo   
The Legless TrialsWhite Phil   
Pictish TrailIsland Family   
Orquesta Pacho GalanEstambul (Afinando los Trombones)   
Eamon The DestroyerThe Conjuring Stops   
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night SweatsThe Future   
JeromeLifes Eye   
Cheval SombreAlthea (feat. Sonic Boom)   
Jah Wobble & Keith LeveneWithin You Without You   
Jay & YutaMysterious Flaws In The House We Built Ourselves   
jp shiloMechanical Man   
John DowieI Dont Want To Be Your Amputee (1977)   
Ross From FriendsPale Blue Dot   
The Wot NotsNobody Should Work On A Sunday   
The DonkeysWhat I Want   
Spacemen 3Starship (live)   
Canned Heat (feat. Alan Blind Owl Wilson)Poor Moon   
Bill FayGarden Song   
Simple SymmetryKoko the Gorilla   
Tigers FliesBat Ball   
Scope Zone (Youandewan Remix)Liquid Earth   
BurialDark Gethsemane   
J.J JacksonOo-Ma-Liddi   
David ShrigleyShopping   
Santa SpreesTenth Iteration Of Paradise   
Thomas Blatchford - November 2021
Thomas has an exclusive session in November from Maxine Gillon, who is - consults notes - "known primarily in the Sydney music scene for her abrasive ear-splitting lead guitar work in post-punk band Second Idol", but meanwhile "Maxine Gillon's solo singer-songwriter output reflects a more muted, introspective and literate side to her musical identity." The exquisite session includes two previously unheard new'uns, one song from Maxine's 2020 EP 'The Six Strings of Sappho', and a nod to one of the great Peel Session creators of our age.
Speaking of Peel Sessions, the show opens with an all-timer from Delta 5, in tribute to the recent departure of frontperson Julz Sale. Thomas implores you to vote in this year's Festive Fifty - it comes round quicker every year, doesn’t it? - and features a handful of hotline-related songs from the recent past.
There's a brace of tracks from a new tape by Australians stuck in lockdown, and a ditty about a dog goes up against a tune about an eel (also I definitely heard a frog at some point). Plus new things from Bored Lord, Bitumen, Baker Boy, Blawan, Malice, Mosca and many more.
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