Andrew Morrison - May 2022
Andy's two-hour May show includes new music from Temple Invisible, Birds In The Brickwork, Wet Leg, Fake Empire, Peter Talisman, Stereoskop, Zouj, Paul Draper, ARXX, Daniel Maunick, Andy Bell, Ditz, Phelimuncasi, Telefís and Sally Dige. A Certain Ratio appear as this month's Andy's Old Chestnut with a long forgotten but slick Frankie Knuckles 12" house mix from 1989. There's a rare example of a cover version that's better than the original with Sjöblom taking on Alphaville. Plus I've deemed Georgia's entry for this month's Eurovision Song Contest from Cirus Mircus artistically credible enough to be worthy of a spin here on Dandelion Radio. Also listen in to find out if you were the lucky winner of April's competition giving away Tired Cossack's debut album 'Hocus Pocus' on cassette - and to be in with a chance of winning his 'Selo EP' on tape.
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Brownbutter - May 2022
Brownbutter is fully prepared for May flowers.
His 4-hour May show is blooming with PLOSIVS, El Khat, Artsick, Wednesday, Altered Images, Porridge Radio, Quelle Chris, and a heaping portion of Shams (er, Shamir), Traams, and Shannon and the Clams.
No session, but it makes an impression.
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Calum Carlyle - May 2022
This month on Offbeat, it's the usual selection of music from around the world (eg. Branko Mataja or Nubiyan Twist), as well as music from the past (eg. Jack White or Moving Sidewalks) and present (eg. Brad Barr and Face The West).
A nippy little one-hour show, packed with tunes from off the beaten track!
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David Smith - May 2022
The mighty Dischord Records recently put out a very limited edition reissue of their first six singles, and in this month's Historical Highlight we will hear songs from those early artists.
I have quite a lot of new music this month, including tracks from Mint Field, October and the Eyes, Povod, Pachyman, Izaak Opatz, Kee Avil, The Stroppies, The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble, and more.
We have two songs from an independent Ukraine label that deserves your attention, Halloween in May courtesy of Samhain, and ... a song from SS Decontrol.
Enjoy the show!
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Gareth Jones - May 2022
Gareth's May show is guaranteed to be a bit Marmite because it's partly dedicated to Eurovision! You'll hear 3 entries from this year's contest, plus some unofficial Eurovision songs from The Divine Comedy and Neil Innes. There are also two forgotten Eurovision classics from '66 - '67 in 'Secret Songs from the Sixties'.
But if Eurovision isn't your thing then don't worry, because there's plenty of other music too including new offerings from Hull poet Jodie Langford, Ska collective The Slackers and cult legend Momus. Then the 2nd hour features singer-songwriter Gavin Osborn taking part in another edition of 'Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue', plus hear two tracks from new album 'Scrolling Home' with his band The Comment Section, recently released by My Little Owl Records.
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Jeff Grainger on FSK - May 2022
Jeff presents another mixed bag of surprises with an uncompromising, varied, selection of musical genres from all around the world.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
The SaintsThis Perfect Day   
ScrabbledBrisbane Town (Dandelion Radio Session)   
ScrabbledShit For Brains (Dandelion Radio Session)   
ScrabbledNew Pig City (Dandelion Radio Session)   
ScrabbledWaiting for Godot (Dandelion Radio Session)   
ScrabbledMasochistic Love (Dandelion Radio Session)   
Ron DragoPhase Dance   
Viagra boysAin't No Thief   
Madalitso BandJingo Janga   
EchoBoyJahovah Remix (feat. Danny Red & The Herb)   
Sonic YouthTunic (Song For Karen)   
Amaria HamadalherTarhanine   
The ParagonsAbba   
Madalitso BandDiya   
King Of The SlumsFanciable Headcase (BBC Peel Session)   
White FeatherSummer Days and Golden Haze   
Flies on youSlashing it down   
MagnetsRock Formations   
Map of AfricaBone   
Ghost OutfitTuesday   
Robocobra QuartetHeaven   
50 Ft WaveStaring Into The Sun   
Pixie LauerSunday Morning   
Black MidiWelcome To Hell   
Leo Gilbert - May 2022
Another forty-plus songs selected by Leo for your listening pleasure this May.
He has tracks from some big names such as Wet Leg, Belle and Sebastian, Thom Yorke and Fontaines D.C., some lesser-known but big favourites of Leo's, like Max Cooper, Dominik Eulberg, Jane Weaver and Branko Mataja, along with many artists who are new to Leo and might be new to you, including Rubber Oh, Foresteppe, Drahla and Alison Cotton.
All this is only skimming the surface of the delights on offer, so why not immerse yourself to discover all that Leo has in store for you this merry month.
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Mark Whitby - May 2022
Another new compilation from Thomas Imposter is always something to celebrate and invariably reason to choose it as our featured compilation, which is what we've done. We've also got tracks from excellent new albums by Chocolat Billy. Legless Crabs, Guerilla Toss and, naturally, Wet Leg, among others.
It's great to welcome the excellent Town Bike back onto the show for the first time in far too long, with one of three releases from the Wiaiwya label. There's also new stuff from The Rusty Nutz, Snakeskin Shoe Review and Novelistme, a cover from the recent Black Midi EP and, of course, another track from that Half Man Half Biscuit album.
Again, we Peel Back... to things that were happening in the more productive territories of Radioland fifty years, forty years and thirty years ago this month and there's also a Peel Session track culled from the wonderful new Cherry Red Theatre Of Hate box set.
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Mark Whitby on FSK - May 2022
Join Mark as he takes us through another two hours of his favourite new music, with brief glances at reissued gems from the past and a general focus on the interesting, the odd and the unfairly overlooked.
Mark Whitby on FSK - May 2022
Join Mark as he takes us through another two hours of his favourite new music, with brief glances at reissued gems from the past and a general focus on the interesting, the odd and the unfairly overlooked.
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Pete Jackson - May 2022
A 3-hour extravaganza from Pete this month after skiving off in April, with some great big dollops of music from long-time faves REVBJELDE, Half Man Half Biscuit, Istanbul Hippodrome, DXIII, Gnod and Jumble Hole Clough.
There's the first release in a long time from Loop, (sort of) new stuff from Suicide and Sonic Youth, virus-bashing dub from King Jammy, and Black Midi take on King Crimson - and win!
We also have dub from Ukraine and Uruguay, hard bop from post-war London, funky rare grooves from Africa, tech-house from Tibet and more in-the-red garage noise from Detroit's amazing 208.
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Rocker - May 2022
An hour from Rocker this month, featuring new tracks from The Nightingales; Gavin Osborn and the Comment Section; Half Man Half Biscuit; The Lunar Towers; The Hermitts; The Waterstriders & Beau.
There's a couple of new tracks from Bristol bands AlterModerns and Arrest! Charlie Tipper, plus more tracks from bands related to Bristol's Sarah Records label, this month Boyracer and Lightning In A Twilight Hour.
There's electronica from Giulia Tess, and this month's Rocker's Shellac Attack is a classic rock'n'roll 10" 78 from 1956.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: In the 1990s it was compulsory for North Korean schoolteachers to be proficient at playing the accordion.
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Sean Hocking - May 2022
This month, the merry month of May! I've found some extra time to bring you a 3 hour show. It starts with the saddest news, the death of The Saints frontman, Chris Bailey. It's worth remembering that one of the most punk of punk band came out of Brisbane in the early 1970's. They might not have dressed a la McClaren but their sound defines punk as much as the Pistols, Clash, Stooges, Television et al. They were also the real DIY'ers pressing I'm Stranded themselves and mailing the sevens around the world to an unsuspecting international music press. They really were the best and we start the show with the classic rendition of Nights In Venice from their 1977 Paddington Town Hall gig where Kuepper's guitar sounds years ahead of its time. You might have guessed I'm a Saints fan!
From a similar time line we also feature an early Devo recording, another band eons ahead of everybody else in the early 70's and an Adam & the Ants demo pre Dirk Wears White Socks.
Ok, let's come back to the present. By all rights i shouldn't still be playing Wet Leg songs at this stage of the game but who can resist a song about being too high in the supermarket, not me. We've also got the fast and furious Gobs from Olympia Washington state, the new single from Sydney duo Party Dozen who i popped down to see for the second time last week. I think they are one of the best new outfits on the planet and able to make a noise like Raw Power era Stooges with just loops, drums and a saz. Those smart people at Sub Pop have signed and i have a feeling they won't be regretting that decision.
From metal postcard we've got an unlikely pairing, that of Aliens who we released late last year and London based producer DJ Pitch getting together for 4 remixes of the Aliens 40lbs of Air Album. Both have a peculiarly English sound coming from entirely different perspectives but together i think the results are rather magical .. not quite XTC meets Burial but verging on that territory.
Also new on this month's show San Fran based Bronze with a fab release on John Dwyer's (Thee Oh Sees) Castleface records, Penxa Penza out of Lithuania, a new one from Sports Team and Dallas based Mattie whose 21st century neo R&B/soul has captured my ears.
A few oldies sprinkle the show too but I'll let you discover those yourself.
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Sean Hocking on FSK - May 2022
Sean, of the Metal Postcard label, continues to bring us new and undiscovered tunes from around the globe in his monthly 'Ring of Fire' show.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
AliensThe Rope / DJ Pitch Remix   
Black MerlinNew Guinea Feat. Dr Lawrence Blair   
Woog RiotsBeatnik   
Legless TrialsHas An X Feel   
The Wot NotsWe Are The Wot Nots   
Modal MelodiesStanding Still   
Rolling StonesHappy   
Party DozenMacca The Mutt (feat. Nick Cave)   
Chats6L GTR   
Ezra FurmanForever In Sunset   
Moonchild SanellyF-BOYZ   
Winston EdwardsHerbmann Style From The Ghetto   
Aliens30lbs of Air (Dj Pitch Remix)   
The Fat White FamilyWild American Prairie   
Black Midi21st Century Schizoid Man   
PinheadsHeart of Darkness   
Afflicted ManGlue Sniffing   
Lonnie HolleySix Space Shuttles and 144,000 Elephants   
Bro SmithBigfoot   
Patrick CowleyYou Gotta Make It Loose   
LoomSaturday Job At LaserQuest   
Abner JayStarving To Death On My Government Claim   
YazooState Farm   
You Will Flood The RiverEvil Frank Is Dead   
Plastic BeatniksWhat He Looks Like   
Bunny Scott Lee PerryKinky Fly   
Frank Hurricane & The HurricanesYR River Blues   
Thomas Blatchford - May 2022
You'll have to forgive your host's voice this month after a mystery malady has struck Thomas in the throat and sinuses and sense of smell, but there's still plenty of power in the hour this May with new things from Party Dozen, The Stroppies, Phelimuncasi, Vision 3D and more.
It gets a bit wonky and slightly wild, be warned. Not to mention (oh, I'm just about to) a nod to the recently departed Chris Bailey of The Saints, true godfather to down-under punks.
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