Andrew Morrison - July 2024
Andy's one-hour July show features new tunes from Paragon Sea, Swathes, A Certain Ratio, R. Missing, Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan, Seagoth and Ride. There's a classic Andy's Old Chestnut from 1991 by Orbital, plus you'll hear another two tracks from the brilliant eighth studio album by his favourite band Arab Strap.
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David Smith - July 2024
Greetings! Beth Gibbons is greatly admired here at Dandelion Radio, and just wait to you hear her performance of the metal classic "Black Sabbeth" (yes, spelled with an "e").
I also have plenty of new music, including tracks from Jonny Halifax Invocation, Zig Zags, Legless Trials, Gordan, Yobs, Memory Foam, Jagged Baptist Club, Lair, Las Nubes, Goblin Daycare, The Ar-Kaics, Somesurprises, and Село Близнюків.
I also have a track from a new free live digital album by Deerhoof, and songs from upcoming releases by Molchat Doma and Osees.
Enjoy the show!
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Gareth Jones - July 2024
We hope Gareth's July show gets your vote and you will elect to listen to it. It begins with a selection of Election-themed songs, including the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and The Kunts.
Plus this month there are TWO instalments of 'Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue', with Natalie and Erin from Manchester punks Loose Articles co-hosting in the first hour to celebrate the release of their debut album 'Scream If You Wanna Go Faster', released July 26th on Alcopop! Records.
Then the 2nd hour features New York experimental electronic artist Pas Musique who releases his new album 'Come Follow Me' on July 12th, a concept album inspired by the style of the late Fad Gadget.
So let your ears vote for Dandelion Radio, but Gareth hopes you don't vote Tory!
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Leo Gilbert - July 2024
Leo features tunes from some of his favourite albums of the year and favourite artists of the moment in his July show.
Among these are Martha Skye Murphy, Church Chords, A Lily and Beth Gibbons.
He also has a crazy live track by Animal Collective, a brand-new remix by Burial and a brilliant number by Beak>.
Among the new names to Leo (but maybe not to you) are DJ Counselling, Sour Blood, Sun+Dead, Chew and Uranium Club.
And this is only a scratch on the surface of the quality that runs throughout the four hours of Leo's July show. Its treasures merely await your perusal.
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Leo Gilbert on FSK - July 2024
Leo Gilbert brings his mix of music from around the world to FSK
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Mark Cunliffe - July 2024
The vastness of music out there does stagger me. The amount of genres that I'm totally unaware of are very many. I think that goes for us all, doesn't it? The beauty of it is, things are there to be discovered and that is the excitement, for me and I'm sure you too.
I'm playing lots of bands and artists that are new to me this month, the likes of The White Orchids, Caméléonx, Aron And The Jeri Jeri Band, Ammy Ma and TheHermit amongst others.
There are new tracks from those a bit more familiar like, DOSS, The Windscale Blues Experiment, Habibi and Cosmo Sheldrake to name but a few.
I'm also really excited to have discovered a Chinese artist called nono who has recently released her first album and I'm featuring three tracks from it.
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Mark Whitby - July 2024
This month's show features the usual batch of new releases, including something from the new album from last month's session guests My Best Unbeaten Brother, new singles from Fontaines DC and Rodney Cromwell, the new SILAS EP, another track from the JD Meatyard album and something from the meeting of great minds that is the split EP from Manwel T and Zion Train.
This week's featured compilation is a wonderful box set from the History of Soul label and there's something from Record Store Day releases from Ramones and Kristin Hersh. We also feature a track from the Utopia Song BBC Sessions release and, of course, Peel Back... to rummage through the Peel Session archives of 1984, 1994 and 2004...
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Mark Whitby on FSK - July 2024
Join Mark as he takes us through another two hours of his favourite new music, with brief glances at reissued gems from the past and a general focus on the interesting, the odd and the unfairly overlooked.
Rocker - July 2024
Two hours from Rocker this month, including a featured album from The Reds, Pinks and Purples.
There are new tracks from Chime School; Stuart Moxham; JD Meatyard; Candymouse; The Monorals; The Wendy Darlings; Cosmit; Gimic; Useless Users; Crumbs; The Charlie Tipper Rebellion; and Convex Models.
There's new electronica from Kawari; Yotto; and CharlieOctoGirl.
This month's Rocker's Shellac Attack marks the passing of one of the most influential guitarists of all time, while this month's Educating Elizabeth record is from a forthcoming release out of New York City.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: UK local authorities are required to collect non-recyclable household waste at least fortnightly. Constituents can check their bin collection day via the website.
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Sean Hocking - July 2024
Three hours of Bottom of the Pops this month. We open the show with The Bordellos and a well timed, "Tastes Like Summer" from their new album on Metal Postcard.
The Metal Postcard stable also throws you new tunes by Neon Kittens, Little Bohemia, Sir Robert Orange Peel and Babylon Owl. The Neutrals debut lp "New Town Dream" is a cracker and my current favourite off the album is "Stop The Bypass".
We've also got newbies from Arp, Jamie XX, Avalon Emerson, The Gobs, Yaang, Kneecap, Snooper and too many more to mention.
We also pop down to the Ambai Islands off Timor in Indonesia to listen to Songerri which can only be described as Pentecostal Polynesian. This amazingly joyous gospel music is simple 2 chord joy that has me enraptured, literally!
There's also new tunes from Skillibeng and Gurry Wurry.
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Sean Hocking on FSK - July 2024
Sean, of the Metal Postcard label, continues to bring us new and undiscovered tunes from around the globe in his monthly 'Bottom of the Pops' show.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Charles DouglasPrince   
John MouseHot Car   
Finger Brothers International Band Of ImoFinger Special   
Happy MondaysWFL (Live Sound Factory NY 1990)   
ZookBlue Monday   
Strange DreamLyin' Down   
TIM.MLove Won't Wait For Me   
Donnie ElbertA Little Piece Of Leather   
Butthole SurfersDust Devil (Live)   
Six Pesto'sNew Pork   
Red Tory Yellow ToryF For Fake (W- Moderate Rebels)   
Workers CompBasic Values   
Jamie XXTreat Each Other Right   
Omar SCan't Get   
The Mighty GravillonsCrumbling World   
Jeans TeamBaby 3.2   
Jeans TeamBaby 3.1   
Kenau NelsonFamily   
Kankawa NagarraPurrku Purrku @ Live -Subiaco Library   
Kankawa NagarraWirlmarni (With Archer)   
Kenau NelsonKutjupa Tjuta   
Kankawa NagarraTrain Train - Live at Nannup Music Festival   
BauhausBela Lugosi's Dead (Original 12)   
Asha PuthliRight Down Here   
John MartynPrimrose Hill   
X-Ray Moon - July 2024
This month on X-Ray Moon’s show ...
The Space Lady sings Major Tom; The Surrealist Temple Band sing about International Women's Day; Rowland S. Howard recounts his thoughts on Dead Radio; and, Abschaum tell us about the Demon at the Door.
There are new songs by Fontaines D.C.; The Bug Club; New Model Army; Folly Group; The The; and, among others, Bonny Light Horseman.
Plus there are some rather intriguing 'long-since-forgottens' from Gil Scott Heron; Frieder Butzmann; The Ex with Brader Musiki; and, Genesis P-Orridge.
Once again X-Ray Moon provides us with what he hopes is an enjoyable, interesting, and quirky blend of new and old, mainly new, tracks – that, he hopes, will introduce the listener to sounds and groups they may not have come across before as well as being reminded of old favourites that really should be plonked down on the turntable once again.
X-Ray hopes everyone enjoys the show!
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