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29 days of fresh new shows.
Photo of Mark Whitby
Mark Whitby
With tracks from France's Nursery, PC Toys from Germany Ultramerda - Italians on a Japanese label - in the show this month, we declare our intention to continue to look to Europe and beyond for its inspirations whatever narrow-minded zealotry consumes our homeland at the moment. In a similar spirit we present featured compilations from Hamburg's Saturate label and Australia's Chapter Music, the latter in aid of the Australian bushfire appeal.
In addition to all that, there's a new session from the always wonderful Vert:x plus new tracks from, among others, The Lovely Eggs, Skullfuck Jackson and Yorkston/Thorne/Khan, a cracking split cassette release from Greek label Several Minor Promises and sumptuous reissues from Ogytanaa Show Band and Lee 'Scratch' Perry.

Now Playing:
PC Toys - Ratatatat
Before that we played:
Eugenia - Alien For Me
Memphis Slim - The Bells