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Slighter - Have No Fear

'Broadcast One' - Dandelion Radio's 1st compilation album

NEWS:26 hours and 12 shows for September

Mark Cunliffe - DJ

On My Show - Contact Me - Sessions - Biography - My Tracklistings

Mark Cunliffe

On my show this month:
No sessions this month but the amount of music in the locker is overflowing, hopefully not like a UK sewage outflow pipe, though. So it's a three hour affair for September.
I've not played footworker, DJ Manny for a little while, that is corrected here and there is something new from another old favourite, Seas Of Mirth and they have gone a bit disco in their older age.
I'm risking some cheese overload by introducing a mainstream hit from the year 2000 but reworked into some garage excellence. It might divide opinion as to whether it has a place on Dandelion Radio!
From previous session guests, the Ukrainian Muha come at us with a new track and all bandcamp sales go toward the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, it is a great track, so you might be sending some pennies that way?
There's more reggae goodness from Magnetic Tailors and a Beatles cover that sneaked in by Teth Sin.
All in all, hopefully the 3 hours will fly by.

On the show NEXT month:
No sessions again BUT I do have a featured artist. This producer from Osaka in Japan was new to me but I was bowled over by what I heard on his SoundCloud and knew I had to feature three tracks from him. His name is Amekaze Hanako-syokudo and I don't actually know an awful lot about him other than he makes rather good music.
The rest of the show is made up of lots of what you might expect.
There is a track off the new album from Steven Adams and DJ Manny comes at us with a track of his usual footwork and then another of more of a drum and bass leaning.
The artist formally known as Slivington Projects and now know as Sliv 8k serves us up some fire. Sumgii has reworked MF DOOM and Westside Gunn to great effect and there's more from Grooveclowd, GrevusAnjl, Pantomime Riot and Oak City Slums.
Overall, it's another bumper three hour effort, if you're happy to give it a try?

Upcoming broadcasts


SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/djmarkcunliffe
Twitter: twitter.com/markcunliffeuk

My previous session guests:

Artist Broadcast Artist Broadcast
Pantomime Riot 08/2023 Sons Of Mu 08/2023
Mari Dangerfield 03/2020 Voltage Controlled Romance 09/2019
Two's Company 04/2018 o_S_k_m 08/2016
Pet Crow (recording of live set) 07/2016 Ghost-Youth X Honeyruin (collaboration) 03/2016
Steven James Adams (recording from a live set) 02/2016 King Ayisoba (recording from a live set) 12/2015
Haiku Salut (recording of live set) 10/2015 Mallard The Wonderdog (recording of live set) 09/2015
Sleaford Mods (recording of live set) 06/2015 Mas Y Mas 12/2014
MuHa 05/2014 Grawlix 04/2014
Gold Codes 03/2014 Cheap Jazz 01/2014
Biscuit Mouth 12/2013 Cazzurillo 11/2013
Seas Of Mirth 10/2013 The Caravans 09/2013
Mylamine 08/2013 Mark Wynn 07/2013
Beans On Toast 06/2013 Tippa Irie 05/2013
Ayanna Witter-Johnson 04/2013 Kid Lib 04/2013
Haiku Salut 03/2013 My Psychoanalyst 03/2013
Grey Hairs 02/2013 Hallouminati 02/2013
Penny Goring 01/2013 Broken Fingers 12/2012
Mallard The Wonderdog 11/2012 Cloaka 10/2012
Mouthy Poets 10/2012 Sathanao 09/2012
ThorntonClough 08/2012 Sleaford Mods 08/2012
Wooferface 07/2012 Metis 9 06/2012
Ruth Bellamy 05/2012 China Shop Bull (Live) 04/2012
The Trinity Band 03/2012 Chris T-T (Live) 02/2012
Crushing Blows 01/2012 Bearsuit 12/2011
Mackai (Mix) 12/2011 Chong-X (Mix) 11/2011
Jaya The Cat 09/2011 Jerneo / From Fields (Mix) 08/2011
Haiku Salut 07/2011 Swarvy (Mix) 06/2011
Banjo Dave 04/2011 Alright The Captain 03/2011
Alex Blood & The Diggers 02/2011 The Skints 12/2010
Ruth Bellamy 11/2010 Tactus (Mix) 08/2010
Gideon Conn 07/2010 The Dust Collectors (Live) 02/2010
Magoo 10/2009 Little Whores On The Prairie 06/2009
God Has Tits (Live) 02/2009 Babar Luck (Live) 11-12/2008
Iziah DC (Live) 09/2008  

I got into DJ-ing after I became disillusioned with my previous job. It involved doing tests on monkeys and I resigned after Chong failed his GCSE woodwork re-sit. Well….maybe not….

Music has been a big part of my life since I was a littlun. As a teenager I was kinda blinkered in my tastes, liking what I wanted to like. If you’ve heard MJ Hibbert’s song “The Lesson Of The Smiths”, yep, that was me….just a little bit.

A bit older and wiser I slowly started to learn “The Lesson” and then…..I became ill….and d’ya know what, one of the symptoms of my illness was acutely hypersensitive ears….bugger, no music….it didn’t last just a few weeks neither. Recovering, I had a lot of time on my hands and started to listen to John Peel, something I’d done in the past but this time, it was SERIOUS. I never missed a second. John broadened my musical taste in a way no one else could have. He fuelled my passion for music, which had already significantly increased after been starved of music due to my illness. He fuelled it more and more and more with every show.

Since John’s death I seem to have increased the amount of music I listen to, further. It just seemed logical to do something with all the music I was buying so I purchased a (very!) cheap CDJ machine. This lead to me starting Rhubarb Radio on Live 365 in May 2007. I play a selection from genres like: Dubstep, Indie/Alternative, Hip Hop, Grime, Techno, Electronica, Punk, World Music, Desi Beats, Dancehall, Reggae, Drum & Bass and anything else that sounds interesting/different/entertaining/surprising and just downright good!!

Shortly after beginning Rhubarb Radio I sent a demo show to Dandelion Radio and here I am, typing my mini-biography as a Dandelion Radio DJ.

Thank you Dandelion

Other interests? Well, I dabbled in stand-up comedy in my final year of university. I did about ten gigs but stopped to join a dodgy indie band, the third of three bands I have been in. We scaled the heights of No.22 in the Melody Maker Indie Charts before splitting up in real rock ‘n’ roll fashion…..sitting having coffee in an Art House cinema’s cafe!

Tracklistings and listen again to the previous shows:

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