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Amy Rigby - The Leader

'Broadcast One' - Dandelion Radio's 1st compilation album

Another month of festivals - enjoy ... we are.

This Month On Dandelion Radio
Descriptions of every show broadcasting within our looping audio stream until the end of the month
Click here to visit Andrew Morrison's page

Andrew Morrison

It's a 60-minute show crammed with summery new music to match the warm weather here in the UK from Andy in August. New and recently released selections include Hatchie, Luci, Daniel Maunick, Lele Javel, Cathal Coughlan, Raz & Afla and West Wickhams. There's also a brilliant remix by Timothy Clerkin, who turns Seagoth's latest single into a full-on rave banger!

Click here to visit Brownbutter's page


Brownbutter's August show finds him fleeing his tiny but severely unenjoyable woes on the wings of such rare birds as Civic Center, Porridge Radio, Gilla Band, Frog Eyes, Dehd and Horsegirl (who were wonderful in San Francisco in July).
Mind Spiders fans will be thrilled with Mark Ryan’s new OD-EX project. Marc Almond covers the Rascals for The Lovesy-Dovesy’s Yiddishe mama.
Tau & the Drones of Praise return with a candidate for single of the year, your final reward for listening to this three-hour program.
Insufferable plug to follow the uncouth Yank on MixCloud

Click here to visit Calum Carlyle's page

Calum Carlyle

This August Calum has another selection of tunes from off the beaten track for you, from rap to rock, from pap to pop, including tracks from American bands The Dip, Blackbraid and Maple Mars, British acts such as Conscious Route, Ten No. 6 and Nick Frater as well as more international sounds from bands like Canada's fanclubwallet and Sweden's Viagra Boys.
There's something for everyone, you might not like everything, but you will definitely like something!

Click here to visit David Smith's page

David Smith

I have lots of cool music to get you through the hot days of August, with new music from Petrol Girls, Joe Rainey, Vintage Crop, Techlado, Green/Blue, Sniffany and the Nits, Naujawanan Baidar, Jaeho Hwang, and Melisa. There is also an interesting cover of a lesser known The Clash song and a neo-Calypso gem from Los Apartamentos. Speaking of Calypso, while that genre may conjure images of balmy tropical settings, we will hear a stunning anti-war old school Calypso number from Atilla The Hun.

Enjoy the show!

Click here to visit Gareth Jones's page

Gareth Jones

Gareth's August show brings you an eclectic range of new music including the Exotica sounds of Kolumbo, a foul-mouthed Country song from The Beaumonts, a Middle Eastern vibe from Sababa 5 and even the return of rap and pop star Betty Boo!
Meanwhile 'Secret Songs from the Sixties' is about bubblegum and popcorn with tracks taken from the compilation CD "Meet Me At The Candy Store - 31 Sweets for the Dentist's Joy".
In the 2nd hour, guest presenters Sweet Juice take part in this month's edition of 'Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue', plus you'll hear two tracks from their eponymous new album released on August 26th.
Then the final half hour brings a non-stop 10-track mix of songs about Boris Johnson, including of course The Kunts!

Click here to visit Leo Gilbert's page

Leo Gilbert

Four fabulous hours again from Leo this month, with possibly his most eclectic show ever! Tunes from every corner of our globe, most of which were released in the past couple of months.
He has two stunning tracks from the most recent Mr Bongo Record Club compilation, songs from current faves Deliluh, Yamila and Jockstrap, along with music from more established artists like PJ Harvey, Efterklang and Daniel Avery.
He takes us back to the 1960s with goosebump-inducing gospel from Mahalia Jackson, and bang up to date with new artist Carmel Smickersgill.
Throughout the show there is a French theme, from artists Olivier Depardon, Portron Portron Lopez and Sinaïve amongst others, and a thrilling section of the show features four bands whose name begins with the letter M!
Joy beyond imagining awaits at Leo's August show.

Click here to visit Mark Whitby's page

Mark Whitby

As usual, my August show does its best to anticipate and showcase many of the highlights of the Green Man festival, taking place at Glanusk Park from 18 August. As such, we feature recent and not-to-recent tracks from Honeyglaze, Mdou Moctar, Pip Blom, Black Country, New Road and Dry Cleaning, among others, while this month's Peel Back... features a couple of Peel heavyweights making their bows this year.
It's not all about Green Man, of course. We've also got new releases from the likes of Dez Dare, Lisa Pung, Black Midi, Legless Trials, while this month's featured compilation is yet another great release from the excellent House of Beauty label.

Click here to visit Rocker's page


This month's three hour show features new tracks from Nervous Twitch; Molly Lewis; Mimi & The Miseries; Let's Whisper; Piston Dreams; Mo Troper; Big Boss Man; Lisa Lidehäll; Dust Star; Soot Sprite; Julia Jacklin; Chained Bliss; Bad Mojos; The Boys With Perpetual Nervousness; The Umbrellas; Pama International; Fresh; Blue Orchids; and Adults.
There's collaborations galore this month - Joris Delacroix and Teho combine their talents to create a French prog techno classic; Helen McCookerybook teams up with Willie Gibson to cover Amy Rigby; Jeremy Gluck and Paul Hazel work together on a taster for a forthcoming album. Former members of Mousefolk and The Candy Darlings team up as Candymouse; and in New Zealander Emily Fairlight teams up with Mike McLeod of The Shifting Sands.
As well as the aforementioned Joris Delacroix & Teho, there's electronica from Tibasko remixed by Juno Mamba; Four Tet; Deetron; Jonathan Kaspar; and Kode9.
This month's Rocker's Shellac Attack is a 1931 recording from London, while this month's Educating Elizabeth record is a new release out of San Diego.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: The word umbrella comes from the Latin word umbra, meaning shade or shadow.

Click here to visit Sean Hocking's page

Sean Hocking

Back to a four hour show now that i have enough memory and a new computer!
I've been listening to some interesting new hip hop recently and start the show off with tracks from Your Old Droog (Madlib produced), Dangermouse and new UK "it" artist Wu-Lu. Although they all draw from hip hop history, I'm also reminded of the soulfulness of the likes of "What's Going On" in these songs and that can't be a bad thing.
Social upheavals in the US are also evident in other songs we feature in the show. After the Roe vs Wade reversal last month we find Dublin band M(h)aol's "Bored of Men" well timed and the Petrol Girls "Baby I Had An Abortion" a direct challenge to those who would deny women rights to their own bodies.
What else do we have for you? Canadian emigree of Afghan descent, Naujawanan Baidar, now living in Denmark gives us a new spin on traditional Afghan music forms reinterpreted with a european electronica aesthetic. Yes that sentence does sound as though it was written by some dullard writing for Wire magazine but don't let that put you off, his music is exciting and engaging and I for one can't wait to hear more from him.
Some new Metal Postcard releases on the show this month as well. The Khats, Lucy & The Drillholes + a new artist i would love to have on the label, Collie Wattz. His sound isn't easy to pick but after a few listens he sounds to me, like a JJ Cale with a 21st century palette to pick from. Can't wait to hear more.
In the oldie dept we shoot around the decades. We've got Coldcut, a couple of early Black Lips singles and even Humble Pie (I am a self certified Steve Marriott tragic).
More new stuff from Gee Tee (Sydney), Mr Mitch (Peckham), Whitney K (Canada), Sam Jr (USA), Penza Penza (Lithuania) amongst others.
Oh and we finish the show with Brian Bordello's. "Boris Johnson Massacre" - released a couple of years back but, it has to be said, the perfect song for his exit.

Click here to visit Thomas Blatchford's page

Thomas Blatchford

The Thomas Show for August accidentally has a collaboration theme running through it, with Yabby You and King Tubby versioning a Patrick Andy track, Bimbo Hypnosis and Bored Lord beaming the rave directly from utopia, Lily Tait and Sage Pbbbt creating a delicate aural landscape I could drift through all day, and the excellently named Ambient Babestation Meltdown working with the less excitingly monikered JBS.
Plus there’s new singles from Slag Queens, Future Suck, Classic, former Symposium guitarist Hagop Tchaparian, and a song by King Stingray from an album so highly anticipated there’s been calls to make the release date a public holiday in Australia.