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'Broadcast One' - Dandelion Radio's 1st compilation album

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This Month On Dandelion Radio
Descriptions of every show broadcasting within our looping audio stream until the end of the month
Click here to visit Andrew Morrison's page

Andrew Morrison

Andy's November show features two hours of mostly moody and atmospheric alternative and electronic music from the likes of My Autumn Empire, Arliston, Echo Ladies, Bonemachine, The Horn The Hunt, Fake Empire, Epic45 and Norma. You'll also hear a live recording of a classic Berlin era David Bowie tune, originally from his 'Low' album.

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Gareth Jones

Remember, remember, the show of November. This month celebrates the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' White Album, so for my cover versions section in the 2nd hour I've chosen 4 covers of songs from the White Album performed in different styles, including a Ska version of 'Piggies' by Bombskare and an acappella version of 'Helter Skelter' by The Bobs.
This month's 'Soundtracks of the Strange' includes the singing mice from Bagpuss and Andrew Hung from Fuck Buttons with a track from the soundtrack of new film 'An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn'. And 'Secret Songs from the Sixties' features two female tracks from the recent compilation 'Basement Beehive: The Girl Group Underground'.
All this plus plenty of brand new releases, from long-established eccentrics like Momus and Jad and David Fair to new kids on the block like Grrrl Gang and Los Kosmos.
November spawned a monster of a show!

Click here to visit Leo Gilbert's page

Leo Gilbert

My first show for Dandelion - or for anyone. One hour of tunes that are particularly delighting me just at the moment.
Perfection-style pop is represented by B.E.D., a collaboration between Baxter Dury, Etienne de Crecy and Delilah Holliday, with a goth-pop twist being provided by a track from Beach House's excellent new album.
Differing shades of electro come in the form of The Micronaut, The Field and Against All Logic. Left-field undefinable genre sounds arise from Lonnie Holley, Anchorsong and Hamish Kilgour - add a drum-driven twist and you have Adam Betts.
Waving the flag for the Scottish rock and roll scene we have an obscure group called Mogwai.

Click here to visit Mark Cunliffe's page

Mark Cunliffe

The quality of music this year shows no sign of abating. Some incredible stuff ths year and this November show stands that up.
Jason Williamson's mate, John Paul has finally put out the album he's threatened to for years, on Jay's old label of Harbinger Sound too no less. There is the debut single from Mari Dangerfield and something new from veteran Hip Hop artist Brotherman.
Throwing Snow has produced a classic remix and there is more from Free Cake For Every Creature. Vaudou Game has a new release and Penny Goring has unexpectedly come up with a new piece which is more than welcome.

Click here to visit Mark Whitby's page

Mark Whitby

Whenever we have a session from Diane Marie Kloba she delivers something special and this one is no different with three amazing new versions of tracks from her recent Deep Heart album plus an exclusive Kloba Kent collaboration.
The magic doesn't end there. We've got a track from the new Polly Panic album, something from the new Carton Sonore compilation, another great new single from Accu, a triumphant return to the show for German Army and a taste of what you can expect from the new album from The Moth Poets.
In the absence of a featured compilation album this month, we present instead two tracks from the Nyege Nyege Tapes EP featuring some ace Ugandan tunes; there's more from a couple of the albums that have made 2018 such a great year for music - from Guerilla Toss and Idles - and, this being the month of Festive Fifty voting, a Peel Back... retrospective on the landmark chart of 1978.

Click here to visit Pete Jackson's page

Pete Jackson

November brings another load of big releases from our favourite artists, so get ready for massive sounds from The Lucid Dream, Richard Quirk, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, $hit & Shine, Ebo Taylor, Matt Berry and Dead Sea Apes, among others.
There's some first timers too, like French garageurs Les Lullies and Russian bleeper Potential DiffernSe, and Swans, as recommended by the good people of Twitter.
We also delve into the past with newly reissued belters from Rimarimba and DJ Spun and Dhyan Moller, and a proper classic from the earliest days of The Wedding Present.

Click here to visit Rocker's page


A three hour show this month, featuring two debut sessions, one from Pearls; and one from The Total Rejection (featuring ex-members of several bands who have previously recorded sessions for the show, including The Groove Farm; The Parallelograms; Beatnik Filmstars; and Horowitz).
There's also the usual plethora of new tracks from all around the globe, from artists including Slagheap; Jonathan Richman; Arrest! Charlie Tiipper; Comet Gain; Low; Dark Thoughts; Fightmilk; Blue Orchids; Helen McCookerybook; Fatty Cakes & The Puff Pastries; The Speedways; Allvaret; Jetstream Pony; Jangly Mark & The Benefits; Exedra; Idles; Chemtrails; Courtney Barnett; JD Meatyard and The Twelve Hour Foundation.
Boyracer take on The Style Council, and there's sterling electronica from the likes of Prospa; Overloque; Harnan Cattaneo & Lonya remixed by HOSH and Tone Depth and Michael Mayer.
This month's Educating Elizabeth spin was released by Berry Gordy's sister in 1965; while this month's Rocker's Shellac Attack is from 1946, and is almost emblematic of the French Chanson genre.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: Pearls are the only gemstones created by secretions from a living organism.

Click here to visit Sean Hocking's page

Sean Hocking

Another 4 hour bumper show from me this month. I just had to find the time to provide you with so much, because, quite simply 2018 has turned into one of those years that great new music, and, especially from the "underground" music, whatever that is. It is just pouring through every crevice imaginable. Yes, technology has allowed for this but what surprises me this year is the quality of new music from around the globe.
Just listen to Beijing's Gong Gong Gong or Portland's Woolen Men, Melbourne's Shifters and Anna St Louis out of the East Coast and tell me that there's not some amazing art quietly emanating out from all points.
We're also really taken by Comet Gain's Record Collections: Lizard Moon's Japanese Television, Giant Swan ... actually by all of it.
All I can say is that I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating the show.
Remember ... have a think about the Festive 50 and your choices. I'm flumoxxed this year ... how on earth I narrow down to 3 songs is beyond me!

Click here to visit The Beatbox Saboteurs Show's page

The Beatbox Saboteurs Show

November is here and it is apparently Annual Family Reunion Planning Month (careful not to muddle the order of those words!) and we, The Beatbox Saboteurs, are ever so glad to be reuniting with our family, that's you, and you ...... and YOU! Not just because we love our listeners but because we want to share all the spiffing new tracks with you.
What's coming up? Firstly, we are extremely excited to be airing the new release from Spanish band, Uniforms. We first played them months ago when they were unsigned, but they are now signed, they have a great video out and their debut album is ready to roll. Glorious!
We are equally overjoyed to have a special session track for you from those crazy girls from Japan, Goofy18. It is a wonderfully liberated noise and comes complete with an introductory note from our Agent in Tokyo. In truth, the show almost collapses in chaos around this point but, moving on swiftly, we have new releases from previous show favourites LegPuppy, K Michelle DuBois and The Big Believe. The excellent Libertino label provides a couple of delightful tracks in the form of Accü and Adwaith, there's The Last Detail and Carbon Poppies from Elefant Records and a super-slinky track from Damaged Good's new album by Holly Golightly.
The featured compilation this month is LXXII - Volume One with Mute Tiny and AnaFxer providing some splendid beats. Further electronics come from Future Sound Of London and Julian Winding, we are also delighted to have a track from Manwel T which will surely have you bouncing around the room.
Due to the popularity of last month's experimental section, we have included another slice for you this month featuring Istanbul Hippodrome, Whettman Chelmets, Todd Snow and even the second part of our very own Life As Surface Noise debut release. A good chance for you to sit back and consider your Festive 50 options for this year.
Other new faces on this month's show with terrific recent releases are Holygram, Whispering Sons, Polly Panic, The Venus Fly Trap, English Minor, [/artist]Sound Mirrors[/artist], The Moors and Three Day Millionaires. A diverse range of rich, punchy, humorous and delectable sounds. No wonder we love recording these shows.
Please enjoy the music and welcome all the acts into your lives.

Click here to visit Thomas Blatchford's page

Thomas Blatchford

According to the Elle Magazine headline I just read, "It's Officially Scorpio Season, So Get Horny For Vengeance", but if that sounds too hectic a request just settle in with your cyber-wireless and enjoy Thomas' official first anniversary show on fabulous Dandelion Radio. That's right, Thomas has been on this station for a year now, and to celebrate there's a bundle of sonic curiosities for your amusement and delight, all presented while your host patiently waits for the new Robyn album to be released and (*fingers crossed*) efficiently tear his ribcage in twain.
What do you fancy? We've got: a wide, wild ride from Nkisi; the slight return of LAPS; sweetness from Blood Orange and bitterness from Farai; business from Marie Davidson and pleasure from Surfbort; plus bits of new retrospectives from Super Furry Animals, Smith & Mighty, and the Basement Beehive label. Not only that, but a very good excuse to spin one of the twentieth century's greatest cultural artefacts, and the return of Bertha the german robot. (ps. Thanks to Cystic Nightmare and Mixed Infants for lending their voices this month.)

Click here to visit Trev's page


Over the past few months I've had very little time to reflect on how good 2018 has been for interesting and exciting new sounds and putting this show together reminded of what a year it has been for discovering great new songs, bands and record labels. Doing this Dandelion show means I keep digging deeper and finding more treasures and this month is no exception.
I've managed to record a two hour show for this November, which signals the return of Nun (from Melbourne), they are a mighty fine dark synth noise merchants who I first discovered on a trip to Australia in 2014, they feature with songs from their new LP 'Dome'. There is also the return of former of three former Odd Box acts, Wolf Girl and Chorusgirl bring you a healthy dose of DIY indiepop and from Japan there is new track from the fuzz friendly The Monorals.
Elsewhere there are a smattering of releases from the Placenta Recordings stable (Dental Work, P.U.M.A. and Boymouth all feature).
Clingfilm team up with Elise Hadgraft (Corporation Pop) on one of my tunes of the year.