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'Broadcast One' - Dandelion Radio's 1st compilation album

NEWS: 25 hours of new shows - and probably the only radio station endorsing Ceaseless Salmagundi

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Descriptions of every show broadcasting within our looping audio stream until the end of the month
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Gareth Jones

After a couple of months away readjusting to married life, I return to Dandelion Radio in June with 2 hours of new tunes, plus a couple of classics chosen by the French band Juniore. They join me in the second hour of the show for a chat and to select four of their favourite records in a new feature called 'Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue' (you can tell I've recently got married, can't you?!). Plus we've more French grooviness from Les Bof!.
But it's not just France we focus on. Unlike Lisa Stansfield, I've been around the world and I've found plenty of musical babies. This month we also cover Australia with punk-rock from The Chats, Turtle Bay Television and Constant Mongrel. From Spain there's electro-pop by Cristina Quesada, from the Netherlands there's Garage-Rock by The Heck and from Russia there's a Surf guitar take on the Twin Peaks Theme courtesy of Messer Chups. Oh, and please wash your hands before listening to the show, because there's a new track by the London-residing Canadian band Hygiene.
C'est bon? Oui, oui!

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Leo Gilbert

A massive musical month, June, for me. In fact I had to put two shows together to cover it.
One, billed as a "Ceaseless Salmagundi", features very little me and a lot of music ... and my other has a towering 49 tunes from 40 different artists on 37 different labels, (possibly) drawn from half the globe. Holly Herndon has two, as do Maenad Veyl and Odd Nosdam, while Shlohmo, Lowly (their album Hifalutin in my favourite of the year so far) and Lakker have three apiece.
A bewildering number of outstanding albums and individual tracks have been released over the past few months, and they jostle for a place in my show, with most of them artists who are new to me (and to you?): Charlotte Adigéry, Crack Cloud, Curses, Did Virgo, Enea Pascal, Grebenstein & Seefried, Just Mustard, kandodo3, Mall Grab + Nite Fleit... I could go on.
Huge, as I say, and a real privilege for me to be able to share them with you. Why not buy every single one?

Click here to visit Mark Cunliffe's page

Mark Cunliffe

Ok, so I did say last month's three hour show was a one off 'cos I missed April ... well ... make it a two off, maybe, cos this months is three hours too. You will be pleased to know that I am generally very busy in life so I'm not sure the increase to three hours will be sustained :-)
So, this month, there are two featured albums from a real favourite and three time session guest on the show, Haiku Salut and by a new artist to me, Mereba. Mari Dangerfield is back with some stylophone goodness and Popcaan tells us how he is after the murder of one of his closest friends.
Durrty Goodz makes an appearance as Durrty Goodz but also as OG Rootz which is a bonus. Fokn Bois come at us with some happy vibes and Prince Fatty has employed Earl 16 on one of his tracks with great success.

Click here to visit Mark Whitby's page

Mark Whitby

Two hours of your valuable time this month gets you an exclusive debut session from Snakeskin Shoe Review, a featured compilation offering highlights from the eighties Fashion label and a whole load of new releases from the likes of Alice Hubble, Dog Daisies and Quiet Marauder plus, sadly, a farewell single from the wonderful Astro-B.
If that reminds us that great music can often be a transient, temporary affair, there are others who triumphantly assert its longevity. Thus, something from the new Membranes album, a new Peter Perrett single and another offering from the Neville Staple Band rub shoulders with some stunning reissues, including another very welcome Crass re-release and something from the Mad Dragon retrospective of the Nat Turner Rebellion.
There's also another smattering of dungeon rap, a great collaboration between Transmission 13 and Diane Marie Kloba and, predictably, the new single from Idles.

Click here to visit Pete Jackson's page

Pete Jackson

It's a mixture of new and recurring names this month, as new (to this show, at least) kids Sunn 0))), Hey Colossus and Dolo Percussion rub shoulders with old lags The Membranes, Gum Takes Tooth, Altin Gün and Luna.
This mix of new and old is best summed up by Djinn, a combo debuting on the show but featuring members of long-time favourites Goat among their ranks.
Elsewhere, there's a newly-reissued slice of epic highlife from Ebo Taylor, Pat Thomas and Uhuru Yenzu, some mid-tempo hardcore from Hungary, some Tanzanian Singeli that's far from mid-tempoand another cut from Pete's album of the year (so far) from the awesome 'Anatolain Doors', Derya Yildrim & Grup Şimşek.

Click here to visit Rocker's page


Two hours packed with new music, including an excellent debut session from Swedish duo Syndromet, and tracks from Girl One & The Grease Guns; Arrest! Charlie Tipper; Fresh; The Total Rejection; Amyl & The Sniffers; Upset Stomach; Adult Magic; Seablite; Wreckless Eric; Rat Fancy; The Perfect English Weather and Jeanines.
There's a couple of excellent response records - The Specials respond to Prince Buster's Ten Commandments, while I, Doris responds to Squeeze's Up The Junction. There's new electronica from Marc Romboy; Burial remixes a Luke Slater classic, while Mano Le Tough takes on Erol Alkan.
This month's Educating Elizabeth record is a brand new release - the hundredth 7" 45 on Daptone Records; while the show starts with this month's Rocker's Shellac Attack, a 78 from 1953.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: The majority of 78 RPM records, which were produced from around 1895 until the 1950s, were made of shellac mixed with a base mineral - shellac is a resin secreted by female lac bugs, which live in the forests of India and Thailand.

Click here to visit Sean Hocking's page

Sean Hocking

Another 4 hour show from me this month. To start the show we join Francis Bacon & William Burroughs for a cup of tea before heading out into usual Ring of Fire fare. New things that have excited me this month include San Diego's Schizophonics who channel brother Wayne and the MC5, also from the US, Frank Hurricane, who somehow brings together the disparate worlds of Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Felice Brothers , Hank Williams Junior and pre Loser Beck, true American folk music for a new century. Out of the UK we're really enjoying Freak Genes who describe themselves thus on their band camp page ... "The idea behind freak genes is to take all the weird ideas deemed too dysfunctional for their other outlets and creat something interesting". Their original inspiration was the Raincoats LP Odyshape. So far, they sound nothing like that.
Around the world we take in Mori Ra & The Sees from Indonesia, Tqaseem from the Lebanon, Faka from South Africa and the wickedly named, DJ Candle In The Wind from Sweden.
Oldies from the likes of Sonic Youth, PP Arnold, Lemmy and personal favourite Portland based, Michael Hurley.
Last but not least keep an ear out for new UK artist, Paige Kennedy. We feature her second single, Finga, refreshingly different. A name to remember I reckon.

Click here to visit The Beatbox Saboteurs Show's page

The Beatbox Saboteurs Show

A solid two hours from us this month, we say 'hello' and 'goodbye' to the wonderful Japanese band, Astro-B, with probably their last ever single. We are really quite upset about that fact, as we became good friends with the band and their associate Lee (Thomas Imposter Records) directly after hearing them on the John Peel show all those years ago. In 2004, Skreen was actually on his way to meet Lee and the band in Tokyo when the news about John Peel's death was announced, so that bond between all parties became something even stronger.
On a slightly happier note, we have some terrific new singles to play you from Alice Hubble, Linda Guilala, Klammer and 100 Year Party Court plus new album material from Cristina Quesada, Spray, Now Zero, Submotile and Clara Engel.
Aiming to our high-brow audience, there's a slight classical feel to some of the show with tracks from Nanoviola and Mother Julian, with Cellista providing further intrigue. We treat you to another track from the mighty Necessary Animals album and we make a great new discovery in the form of South Korea's Gumiho.
There's loads more music and mayhem too, but we'll let you discover it with your own ears when you listen to the show. Enjoy!

Click here to visit Thomas Blatchford's page

Thomas Blatchford

As Prince once said: it's June. And as I say to you now, the new Pinch Points album is very good isn't it? They feature in this month's show which Thomas implores you to dance to, physically and/or mentally, moving back the furniture in either your mind or your very literal abode.
Also, following on from stationmates The Beatbox Saboteurs accidentally playing a record at the wrong speed this month, the show features two records recently released at two separate tempos, one by Special Request and the other by Paula Temple, so don't touch that dial!
Anything else? Yes! We have song featuring Birdz and a song featuring birds, a chopped + screwed Missy and a middle finger to Bono, one song played backwards, two cat noises and a dub called 'Dub (Dub)'. Something good is gonna happen!