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'Broadcast One' - Dandelion Radio's 1st compilation album

For June we have 30 hours of new shows - including an exclusive session

This Month On Dandelion Radio
Descriptions of every show broadcasting within our looping audio stream until the end of the month
Click here to visit Andrew Morrison's page

Andrew Morrison

Andy's June show includes new music by Mamari, Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan, Sjöblom and R. Missing. You'll hear two tracks from Arab Strap's recently released eighth studio album, along with a John Peel session recording from the new compilation released by Melys for Record Store Day. Andy also also marks the sad and untimely passing of iconic producer/engineer Steve Albini by playing songs from three classic albums he was responsible for.

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Brownbutter's June show is quite the corker with a stunning array of talent in the familiar form of Idles, Adult Jazz, Waxahatchee, Amen Dunes, and Adrianne Lenker with astonishing breakouts from UTO, English Teacher, Sybris, Still House Plants, Bound by Endogamy, and Cindy Lee, plus plenty more, with a Wedding Present classic for good measure.

Click here to visit David Smith's page

David Smith

Greetings! I have two shows for you this month.

One looks forward to great new releases from the likes of Parsnip, St. Vincent, The Garrys, Dr. Sure's Unusual Practice, Bab L' Bluz, and The Pheromoans.
We look back on the amazing lives of Duane Eddy and Steve Albini. The latter produced or recorded nearly two thousand albums and songs, and his imprint on modern alternative music cannot be overstated. Most of the third hour is devoted to his projects, including a partial bonus track at the end of the show by Sunn O)))!

My other show is a hardcore special.
It is looking at the formative years of hardcore punk. Over the course of three hours and seventy-four songs, we will explore the incredible musical, lyrical, and geographical reach of this important movement.
I have early hardcore classics from the likes of Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Misfits, and Bad Brains; anti-war anthems from Crass and Articles Of Faith; straight edge songs from SS Decontrol and Minor Threat; boundary pushing tunes from Flipper and Minutemen; and early post-hardcore from Big Black, Butthole Surfers, and Swans.
There are even two unannounced bonus tracks at the end of the program!

Click here to visit Gareth Jones's page

Gareth Jones

Gareth's June show brings you some sounds of the underground that you would never expect. The 2nd hour celebrates the return of Girls Aloud! Hear 6 unique cover versions of their hits, ranging from the Ghanaian sounds of The Big Ghana Band to the acoustic indie-folk of Oxygen Thief and Chris T-T.
Plus amongst the new releases there's surf rock from Messer Chups, quirky country from Angry Zeta, weird theremin electro from Stephen Hamm and sweary indie-punk from The Lovely Eggs.
That's already more than an oeuf to entertain you for 2 hours!

Click here to visit Leo Gilbert's page

Leo Gilbert

Leo has two shows this month.
In one he has more tracks from his favourite albums of the past couple of months, by artists such as A Lily, By The Waterhole, Saint Abdullah & Eomac and Church Chords, as well as a tune from Arab Strap's fabulous new collection.
Artists cropping up who are new to Leo include Rosa Anschutz, John Roseboro, Library Card and AceMo. A few surprise choices appear as well, but Leo is insisting that you listen to find out what they might be.
It's a show you just can't do without.
In the other show he has compiled the most delectable set of tunes imaginable, from an almost very sweary tune by Kate Davis, to new ones from People Like Us, Istanbul Hippodrome and Sir Robert Orange Peel, a very powerful track by claire rousay and a song by 21-year-old Anastasia Coope about waking up with no feet!
He also has his favourite track from the brilliant brand-new album by Arab Strap and a very moving song by Martha Skye Murphy & Roy Montgomery.
In total ... six unmissable hours from Leo.

Click here to visit Mark Cunliffe's page

Mark Cunliffe

HALF WAY THROUGH THE YEAR. Half way???? Still the music comes thick and fast. I've managed to squeeze 50 songs into the 3 hours that is my June show. There's more from Jellyfish Punch, now their album, The Wolf, has been released, they're going again! There's footwork from the don EQ Why and three amapiano tracks, yes THREE! Derby's Karnage Whamblama is spitting more fire and Nickynuts comes at us with some disgustingly good jungle. The Burning Hell are on form with another fab track and there is a fantastic featured album from Cosmo Sheldrake. None of them will be having a back stage altercation and be banned from the show, rest assured.

Click here to visit Mark Whitby's page

Mark Whitby

The eagerly awaited session from My Best Unbeaten Brother is finally unleashed this month and it's even better than we dared hope. The Croydon band's exclusive tracks sit amongst a whole load of great new material, including new albums from Arab Strap, Mdou Moctar, The Orb and Binidu among others.
There's also a brace of new singles from the Skep Wax label, a taster of the forthcoming JD Meatyard album, something from the excellent Shlug EP, a new single from Manwel T and a Zion Train remix.
You can hear a fuller tribute to Steve Albini in my FSK show show this month, but we have something from the new Shellac album, while long-standing collaborator Nina Nastasia is one of our three Peel Back... selections. We also take the opportunity to say farewell to the great Duane Eddy.

Click here to visit Sean Hocking's page

Sean Hocking

Dear listener ... It's been a while since I've foisted 4 hours of music upon you and as I'm back in the UK for the summer I think it only right and proper to paraphrase the bard before you are launched into the adventure that is Bottom of the Pops.
*We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother (or sister)*
On that note what better way to start the show with the latest from Jamie XX, a track that will have the populace jumping up and down in muddy fields, sweaty clubs and countless house parties around the country.
What else is new? How about Mdou Moctar's new album. Not a dud track in sight, his searing signature guitar sound and an album that reformats him to a western rock act but doesn't lose the thrill of his desert blues on the way; I can't get enough of it.
New releases abound from the likes of Poundland & Little Bohemia in the UK to Sydney's Gee Tee and yet another future egg punk classic.
In the Hip Hop arena the new Macklemore outing is the most honest song I've yet heard on the relationship between the US, Israel and what's happening in Gaza.
On a lighter note I see that Iggy & Siouxsie have been pulled together to re-hash the Passenger for a certain ice cream product in crooner style ... time to remind ourselves what they sounded like when only a few of us were interested.
Last month the last living member of the MC5 died, Dennis Thompson. Not long before it was their manager and activist John Sinclair. So the planet no longer has any MC5 genes left. I'm not going to let that pass without noting it.
Also Anthony of Dandelion favourites, The Santa Sprees, succumbed to cancer in May and I include 3 of his beautifully off kilter compositions.
Also in the show: The Bordellos, Flying Lizards, Finlay Shakespeare (yes him again!) Space Lady, Joy Orbison, Boing Boing, Whiney, Ibibo Soundmachine, Oort Clod and the list goes on.

Click here to visit Thomas Blatchford's page

Thomas Blatchford

After a couple of months off because of *gestures broadly at everything*, the Thomas show is back back back with a brief salute to recently departed guitar god Duane Eddy, more contemporary twanging from Skink Tank, and an ode to cut and paste from People Like Us.
We'll encounter parasites and paranormies, head through the trees to open gates, and generally enjoy new and recent brilliance from Barkaa, 00_, Mermaid Chunky, Don't Thank Me, Spank Me! and more!

Click here to visit X-Ray Moon's page

X-Ray Moon

This month X-Ray Moon is taking summer seriously ...
Mixing, as he always does, some old fab tracks with what he considers to be some of the best of the new.
We even, as is always a wonderfully nostalgic pleasure mixed with sadness, get to once again hear the voice of John Peel as he introduces Martin Pig.
We get a marvellously eclectic mix with Nico, David Bowie, and Talking Heads - as some of the older tracks or re-releases. We are treated to Squid, Kat Collins, Kara Delik, the wonderful – keeping the spirit of out-on-the-edge Punk alive – Poundland.
Moon suggests we drink cold tea and warm ice cream to tracks by: Corridor, Redd Kross, and Bibi Club ... and he helpfully plays the words of the Dadaist Poet Tristan Tzara that instruct us on how to write a Dadaist Poem…
He also states that anyone who happens to write a Dadaist Poem while listening to his show should send them in, and he might read one or two of them on his next show ...