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'Broadcast One' - Dandelion Radio's 1st compilation album

26 hours of new shows, including a 3 hour Review plus the 2021 Festive 50

Leo Gilbert - DJ

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Leo Gilbert

On my show this month:
Another fab four hours from Leo to shock 2022 into life. He has tunes from every corner of the globe: Algeria, Kenya, China, Japan, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, France, Bosnia, Italy, Sweden, Greece, Poland – you name it.
Well over half of the tunes he is playing this month are from artists he has never played before – in many cases, artists he had never heard of before selecting them for his show.
Names like SectorSept, dave phillips, Kodax Strophes, Wu-Lu, Resina, MPU101, Agoria, Only Child Tyrant.
Alongside these are more established favourites such as Divide and Dissolve, Deerhoof, Amon Tobin, Screechy Dan, Clark, The Micronaut, Paul Rooney and Let's Eat Grandma.
Listen in to hear how scintillating they sound. It's the only way to begin the New Year.

On the show NEXT month:
Leo's four February hours are filled with fabulous refrains from forty-plus forgers of the finest fare.
On top of the usual up-to-the-minute releases (this month from people such as Shamir, Gabriels, EERA, Jeffrey Lewis, Low Altitude, Mario Batcovic, Kim Gordon & J Mascis, Let's Eat Grandma, Claire Rousay & More Eaze and The Smile), he has the pick of the toppest of top tunes from 2021, from the likes of Lucy Dacus, Brogan Bentley, Bullant, Famous, The Armed, Ed Dowie, The Catenary Wires, Bendik Giske and Allesandro Baris.
Special mention must also go to Burial, whose new album Leo would have happily played in its entirety (but has rationed himself to a mere single track). He also, somehow, has eleven songs in fifteen seconds.
This is a show that is essential listening from very beginning to the absolute end.


My previous session guests:

Artist Broadcast Artist Broadcast

I am in many ways your typical John Peel fan. I grew up listening to his shows from the era of punk rock until his death, and, with increasing obsessiveness, compiled cassettes, mini discs and finally mp3 playlists of the best tunes. Music runs through my family’s veins, and in me this takes the form of a compulsive search for new sounds. As John Peel used to put it, what I really want to hear is something I haven’t heard before.

Envy fills me when I read what my Dandelion collaborators have achieved in promoting, making and playing music, but my life as a teacher for the past quarter of a century has squeezed out any time for, well, pretty much anything apart from listening to and appreciating what continues to be made musically across the world. At last, though, I have found the space to pursue what has long been an ambition and can attempt to meet the stellar broadcasting standards set by my volunteer colleagues by sharing my love of new music with Dandelion listeners. I really hope at least some of what you hear gets its hooks into you.

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