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'Broadcast One' - Dandelion Radio's 1st compilation album

2019 starts with new shows plus 5 hours of the 2018 Festive 50

This Month On Dandelion Radio
Descriptions of every show broadcasting within our looping audio stream until the end of the month
Click here to visit Festive Fifty's page

Festive 50

Happy Christmas! An assortment of our DJs count down through the best 50 tracks from 2018 based on your votes - continuing the John Peel tradition.
You can hear the full results of this classic poll repeating from Christmas Day and into January, finishing off with Gareth Jones revealing this year's winner!
We repeat it to give everyone a chance to listen in - therefore many people will be listening long after others so please keep the results to yourself for a while.

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2018 Review

For January 2019 Dandelion Radio introduces a Review of the year 2018, as heard by our DJs.
Join Mark Whitby, Rocker, Leo Gilbert and Pete Jackson as they take a turn in guiding you through some of their musical high points from the past year.
Tune in, enjoy, and give us your feedback.

Click here to visit Gareth Jones's page

Gareth Jones

It's January, which means the January sales are on. So this month I've slashed the value of my show and I'm giving you 50% off. So instead of 2 hours, you get 1 hour instead!
But it's still a packed show, with my 'Festive 5' (5 songs from 2018 that didn't make the Festive 50). I've set specific criteria, picking 5 songs that are ONLY available on Bandcamp with a name your price option!
There's also a tribute to Pete Shelley with Buzzcocks cover versions by The Shakes and Nouvelle Vague. Plus new releases including French electro duo Grand Veymont, the return of 60's Psyche outfit The Chocolate Watch Band and two tracks from two new albums by the ever prolific They Might Be Giants.
So hurry, hurry! Don't miss this January sale edition of my Dandelion Radio show. Everything must go ... into your ears ...

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Leo Gilbert

Leo's January show is a four-hour, four-headed beast. Its four heads are: a celebration of the best music of the past twelve months (and beyond); the latest new tunes that have already begun to tear up Leo's Bluetooth speakers; a global journey discovering music from Italy, Zambia, Ethiopia, Finland, Sweden, the UK, the US, Israel, Trinidad, Germany and South Africa among other countries; and an admission of debt to all other Dandelion DJs, whose playlists Leo has plundered to ensure he has only the tastiest tunes to offer you in this New Year feast.
Dive in, surf atop the frothiest sounds around, click and repeat.

Click here to visit Mark Cunliffe's page

Mark Cunliffe

Having said I don't really get into the whole Christmas song thing last month I now playing one in January!
With very good reason 'cos it's only a new song by Nina Nastasia, didn't think that day would come again and she sounds as good as ever.
There is some brilliant footwork from fully fledged Teklife producer Slick Shoota and a freebee from Wiley.
So much great bass music at the moment and we have Flaw and JV & PALF giving us more of that greatness.
There is a cut off Shay D's debut album and after diggin' round in Brazilian charts for a while came up with a goodun from Jerry Smith.

Click here to visit Mark Whitby's page

Mark Whitby

We start 2019 in fine fashion with a session from the excellent Guitar PK and previews of some of the best early releases the year has to offer, including tracks from new albums by James Yorkston, Girlpool, Tiny Ruins, Screaming Dead Balloons and Xiu Xiu, among others. There's also a glimpse of the forthcoming Stealing Sheep album, scheduled for release in April and a taste of the new album from Bernays Propaganda, which won't be arriving in full until September.
As usual, we don't ignore the many fine releases that appeared towards the end of the previous year, including tracks from The Dubwegians, Oceans Over Alderaan, Drenge and others. We also have two featured compilations this month - the second volume of Dirtnap's 'American Noise' series and the third in the Black Man's Pride series from Soul Jazz - while our Peel Back... feature looks back twenty years to the Festive Fifty of 1998.

Click here to visit Rocker's page


A packed three hour show this month, with two featured albums - the forthcoming releases by JD Meatyard and Tullycraft - plus loads of new music, including tracks from Rat Fancy; The Suburban Homes; Galaxy Fingers; The Perfect English Weather; Richard Quirk; Didi; Chorusgirl; Jonathan Richman; Arrest! Charlie Tipper; Blue Orchids; The Speedways and Jetstream Pony.
There's another take on The Clash by Phoenix City All-Stars, while PAMA International call to stop the war on the poor. French songwriter based in Canada Jérôme Minière tells us that truth is an endangered species, while Drillminister brings us some real truth.
There's also electronica from Petar Dundov and Marc Romboy; Aalson; Gui Boratto remixed by Kölsch; Adam Port; &ME & Rampa remixed by Black Coffee and HOSH.
This month's Educating Elizabeth spin came out on the Atlantic label in 1967; while this month's Rocker's Shellac Attack is from 1955.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: Drill artists are routinely accused by politicians of encouraging or at least condoning gang violence. Every word of Drillminister's track "Political Drillin'" is a direct quote from a UK parliamentarian in the last few months, mostly with reference to their own party leaders.

Click here to visit Sean Hocking's page

Sean Hocking

It's another year and another 4 hour monster from me. Not sure if you want to hear that much of me but I can't help but keep finding swathes of new tunes I just must share with the world! My faviurite release of the moment is an ep released in November by NYC band the Gnarcassists. It is as though the early hardcore Beastie Boys had decided to write songs like the Strokes, just with more drugs references. Can't get enough of them. Other new acts grabbing my attention in November and December are Slowthai, Party Dozen, Bysts, Stef Animal and a corker of a track from Mysdiggi who come at us with a touch of Depth Charge about them, yes please.
We also bring you a couple of tracks off the debut solo by Brian Bordello. A man who can, with a battered old accoustic and one track Tascam pull out more soul than most of the others out there. Steve Mason has a new release out, as do Art Brut and The Good, the Bad & the Queen, all of whom we give a quick spin.
On the oldie side of things we've got Woody Guthrie, a cut of the debut that Portland's Woolen Men put out on Woodsist back in 2012 and it still sound as fresh today as it did on release six years ago. Plus we can't forget that we lost Pete Shelly last month, still smarting from that one. It's Fast Cars for me and from his solo period post Buzzcocks I've selected On Your Own.
Special mentions go to an amazing release on Diagonal, "NHK yx Koyxen" feat. Speedy J - StepMove. What a label and what a tune. Heard Speedy J for the first time the same night I heard Charley by the Prodigy for the first time ... amazing to see that he can still be so inventive so many years later. Also I can't not mention my favourite Aussie discovery this month Buddy Dingo! Two tracks from him "Mortgage & A Mower" and "Driving My Ute' have a Half Man Half Biscuit look at life on this side of the planet.
Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy what your hear on the show this month.

Click here to visit The Beatbox Saboteurs Show's page

The Beatbox Saboteurs Show

Lots of new acts to bring you for the first show of 2019, all fresh out the box like the Scalextric you always wanted for Christmas, including some stonking guitar tracks from InSammer, Softails, Died, Knightingale and Mavissing!
Seisikhton, Sheaelisa, NoHealer, Esra Oygur and Probably The Tornado provide instrumentals in a wonderful buffet of styles.
Further delights come from Necessary Animals, Guide Dog, Shark Gorilla, Noelle Micarelli, Blooming Fire, Fubar, Ivatu, Evi Vine, City Counselor, Looner, Wooden Shijps, Teenage Wedding and Bad Ties.
Every genre from every corner of the globe, with Deaf being the only act returning from one of our previous shows. Always looking forward, starting the year as we mean to carry on!

Click here to visit Thomas Blatchford's page

Thomas Blatchford

Hello, Thomas here, I realise 2018 is rapidly sinking from view in the rear view mirror of your mind, but my January show is still stuck in the past year mostly (and features two very apt songs from Big Joanie and Nun).
There's a visit from the ghost of Festive Fifties past, a couple of plays for lovely Pete Shelley, and possibly the strangest, longest song title I've had to read out (from Bad@Maths).
Happy new thing.