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'Broadcast One' - Dandelion Radio's 1st compilation album

We have 30 hours of new shows plus the 2020 Festive 50

Brownbutter - DJ

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On my show this month:
Brownbutter whips up a speedball with the absurdity of the world and the profundity of sound with this looking-back-to-look-forward mix of recontextualized sonic commentary and reflection, curated for us all to hold hands and share baked goods, pulling down the old facemasks long enough for a few bites, a smile and the blowing of kisses from a safe distance.
New music from Digital Leather and Cyril Cyril, with an eclectic slew of cult gems and undiscovered classics-to-be from Shannon & the Clams, Slowdive, This Heat, Tall Dwarfs, Klaatu, Franco and OFF!, among others.

On the show NEXT month:
Brownbutter investigates the (possibly fake) month of February on Dandelion Radio. There are some wonderful new artists on the show like Pom Poko and Ghost Power, new music from Viagra Boys and USA Nails and dramatic returns after many years from Insides and Kruder & Dorfmeister, so dim the lights, put on your special underwear, pour the both of us a drink and let's get Gilligan for a three hour tour.


My previous session guests:

Artist Broadcast Artist Broadcast

I'm Cory Brown aka Brownbutter. When you brown butter in a pan and caramelize it to the edge of burning it, it becomes an indulgently delicious sauce that seems to make everything taste better. That's my aspiration.
Once upon a time, I ran a record label out of the San Francisco Bay Area called Absolutely Kosher Records. John Peel played our first release (P.E.E.'s The Roaring Mechanism) on his show in 1998 and even sent me a thank you note for sending the album. Peel Sessions were only in the coolest record stores over here, before I was old enough to know what they were or who he was.
It wasn't easy to listen to the John Peel Show before the internet came along, but you could find those Peel Out in the States CD comps of his syndicated shows in the 1990's cheaply in the used bins. His eclecticism and warmth, which I became decidedly more familiar with once I could stream BBC radio, had a profound effect on me and the way I listen to music, as well as the way I signed bands over 85+ releases in 13 years.
I've been making eclectic mixes for decades. I used to leave cassette mixes anonymously around San Francisco, on the shelves of bookstores and video stores and on the tables of bars and cafes. I nearly started a happy hour gig called "I Miss John Peel", but local bar owners had no idea what I was on about. Cassettes are gone, I haven't released music since 2012, the skies here are orange, I work in professional wrestling now and I still can't seem to give up carbs (though I'm fine without pants).
Thankfully, Dandelion Radio had the mercy to take me in from the cold and clothe me from the warehouse full of anoraks they maintain. Oh, wait, was I not supposed to mention the anoraks?

Tracklistings and listen again to the previous shows: