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'Broadcast One' - Dandelion Radio's 1st compilation album

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Jeff Grainger - DJ

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Jeff Grainger

On my show this month:
So, Yeah! Jeff's back on the Dandelion airwaves and not on his own either as he's joined by his more than competent 13 year old son Alfie.
Together, over 2 hours, they'll be playing some delightful finds; such as The Maitlands, Thee Windom Earles, Yowl, Boy Azooga, COW, Bengal Sound, Batu & Lurka, Khan, Carol Hodge, Horsey, Mdou Moctar and Wych Elm.
For all us old timers there's a brand new remix of a Blacmange classic and this months featured album is the delicious "LÉVE LÉVE : Sao Tomé & Principe sounds 70s-80s" compilation.
Along with the usual mispronunciations and interruptions from (fifty shades of) Gary the cat. It's business as usual.

On the show NEXT month:
Second Show on the bounce from Father and Son duo Jeff & Alfie, And its a beauty too! Three hours packed with joy!
First time plays from Pelican, Lounge Society, Lazurus Kane, Tree Boy & Arc and Bikini Body. We have another listen to The Maitlands, Carol Hodge, Thee Windom Earles and The Chats. There's a few tributes to much missed artists (inc Andrew Weatherall and Genesis P. Orridge). With a sizeable feature of the super ace Record Label Speedy Wunderground a teensy weensy Black Midi treat and tales of bringing the washing in for his mum.
Its a grand way to spend 3 hours of lock down.

MySpace: www.myspace.com/thedownloadshow
Twitter: twitter.com/jeff_grainger

My previous session guests:

Artist Broadcast Artist Broadcast
Zoe Bestel 02/2016 Paul McGladdery and the Uncommitted 05/2015
Outside Your House 05/2015 Los Waldners 12/2014
Scrabbled 10/2014 Ill 04/2014 and 05/2014
White Mary 04/2014 and 05/2014 The Bordellos 10/2013
Rev Porl 12/2012 Persian Claws 12/2012
Peopling 10/2012 Stranger Son 10/2012
The Bigsby Brothers 02/2012 Float Riverer 12/2011
Rev Porl 12/2011 The Bordellos 07/2011
The Dead Sea Apes 07/2011 Warm Widow 05/2011
The Fag Machine 04/2011 The Truth About Frank 04/2011
Birdflew 12/2010 Mushi Mushi 12/2010
Rev Porl With The Tea Time Trio 12/2010 Mushi Mushi 09/2010
Dihedral 05/2010 Tear Throes 05/2010
We Show Up On Radar 04/2010 The Truth About Frank 02/2010
The Hausfrauen Experiment 02/2010 The Rain Bonnets 02/2010
Asian Women On The Telephone 01/2010 Billygonebad / Names Are For Toe Tags 01/2010
Alisia Casper 12/2009 The Rain Bonnets 12/2009
Rev Porl 12/2009 The Bordellos 11/2009
Clutter 10/2009 Wolfram Wire All Stars 10/2009
Nicolas And The Iceni 07/2009 Stranger Son Of WB 07/2009
Stink Taps 06/2009 Alisia Casper 05/2009
The Half Sisters 04/2009 Wolfram Wire 03/2009
Machine Boy (Live) 12/2008 Galleon (Live) 12/2008
Dalmation Rex And The Eigentones 11/2008  

My relationship with John Peel started during a rainy family, caravan, holiday in North Wales, in the summer of 1981. Lying in bed content in the knowledge that all music had started and finished with Ultravox I stumbled upon his show... Over the years I never tired of scribbling down the names of obscure artists even though enquiries, about the likes of Alvin the Aardvark & the Fuzzy Ants*, drew bemused looks from the staff at Golden Disc.

In the early 90's I blagged a DJ slot at Wigan Pier. I fizzed with excitement at the prospect of playing Husker du, Pavement & The Fall to 800 punters every week. I overlooked the fact that 795 punters didn't want to listen to Husker du, Pavement & The Fall and would instead prefer to hear EMF, Wonderstuff & Candyflip. The choice was obvious, give the people what they wanted, or leave! After I left, I started the club night 'Subculture' in, my home town, Oldham and found more than a handful of folk who seemed to like 'that thing I did', either that or they didn't have anywhere else to go.

A few other music bits & bobs I’ve done; Managed a few bands (including Gabrielle's Wish) Edited the fanzine 'Subculture'. Done a few stints on RSL Stations and did a pop quiz for my Sisters pub.

I am proud to be part of Dandelion Radio and help keep John Peel's memory and work alive.

*never did get my hands on anything by them.

If you have anything for me to hear, pretty well any genre, then get in touch.

Tracklistings and listen again to the previous shows:

2016May - Apr - Mar - Feb - Birthday Special - Jan
2015Dec - May - Jan Festive 50
2014Dec - Nov - Oct - Jun - May - Apr
2013Oct - Sep - May - Apr - Mar - Jan Festive 50
2012Dec - Festive Fifty Build Up Show - Nov - Oct - May - Feb - Jan Festive 50 - 2011 Review
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2009Dec - Festive Fifty Build Up Show - Nov - Oct - Sep - Jul - Jun - May - Apr - Mar - Feb - Jan Festive 50
2008Dec - Festive Fifty Build Up Show - Nov - Oct - Sep - Aug

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