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'Broadcast One' - Dandelion Radio's 1st compilation album

For May we have sessions plus special shows - one related to Nirvana and the other the city of Sydney

Mark Rosney- DJ

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Mark Rosney There is no show from Mark Rosney this month

MySpace: www.myspace.com/ocadii

My previous session guests:

Artist Broadcast
Rachel & The Lawn Grower 08/2008 and repeated 09/2015

Sadly Mark died on the 19th August 2015. We will update this page later. But for now enjoy his biography below and you can listen to his old shows on MixCloud.

Mark, like the late, great Douglas Adams, likes Deadlines. He likes the sound they make as they whoosh past him. Other sounds he likes are: road drills, the crackle of electrical arcs, warning claxons and the sound of a bell from a 1953 Triang Three wheeled bicycle. He also likes music, beer and not going to Stoke Newington.

No, seriously ......

Mark has a long history of involvement with radio broadcasting, starting off as a DJ on Hospital Radio in Runcorn where he presented a weekly 2 hour heavy metal show in the early 80s - completely oblivious to the fact that the hospital mostly catered for 70+ year old people who needed to recuperate after major surgery. Because the station was located near the hospitals morgue, Mark was in the unenviable position of actually seeing the listening figures drop before his very eyes. After 6 months he was sacked for playing Queen's 'another one bites the dust' every time they pushed a ‘stiff’ down the corridor.

In the late 80’s, Mark spent a few months techying (making tea and toast mostly) for a Dutch community radio station which, due to someone forgetting to switch the transmitters on, spent the first month not broadcasting anything to anyone. When the station sponsors got to find out, everyone got sacked.

Undaunted by his dubious track record, Mark returned to community radio in Widnes, Cheshire in 1995, presenting a weekly programme on UFOs and the paranormal, and also did regular paranormal slots on Radio Merseyside. Mark co-authored the book 'A Beginner's Guide to Paranormal Investigation' which can be ordered here.

A keen champion of 'off the wall' original music, Mark is on a personal quest to seek out, discover and give airplay to artists and bands who would normally not get a 'look in' on commercial radio. He firmly believes that real talent is not high on the list of the giant music conglomerate's agendas.

Rumoured to be the secret love child of Arthur Negus, Mark spends a considerable amount of his spare time ram raiding charity shops and sticking crayons up friend's noses, the latter for which he has received an arts council grant.

Tracklistings and listen again to the previous shows:

2015Sep (repeat of 08-2008 with intro by Neil Jenkins)
2010Nov Broadcast One 'Bonus Disc' Special
2007Oct - Apr - Jan Festive 50
2006Dec - Oct - Sep - Jul

Broadcast One 'Bonus Disc' Special 11/2010

Broadcast One 'Bonus Disc' Special - 2010-11 by Dandelion Radio Archive on Mixcloud

- 08/2008

Mark Rosney - 2008-08 by Dandelion Radio Archive on Mixcloud

- 10/2007

Mark Rosney - 2007-10 by Dandelion Radio Archive on Mixcloud

- 04/2007

Mark Rosney - 2007-04 by Dandelion Radio Archive on Mixcloud

- Festive 50 2006

The Official 2006 Festive Fifty - 2007-01 by Dandelion Radio Archive on Mixcloud

- 12/2006

Mark Rosney - 2006-12 by Dandelion Radio Archive on Mixcloud

- 10/2006

Mark Rosney - 2006-10 by Dandelion Radio Archive on Mixcloud

- 09/2006

Mark Rosney - 2006-09 by Dandelion Radio Archive on Mixcloud

- 07/2006

Mark Rosney - 2006-06/07 by Dandelion Radio Archive on Mixcloud