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'Broadcast One' - Dandelion Radio's 1st compilation album

Come on over and listen to some June tunes.

Lee Adcock - DJ

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Lee Adcock

On my show this month:
Have I mentioned that I hate the summer? Given that I've been churning out blurbs for over three years now, I'm sure I've said it somewhere, and fashioned the fact into another themed synopsis. Bah, well. No gimmick can further burnish the natural glow of Juana Molina, who easily handed in one of the best albums of the year last month. Bands like Hey Colossus and Anxiety crush conceits like they're beer cans. David Nance and Christian Fitness (aka Falco from Future of the Left) will consider your simple schemes, laugh, and then build their own plans tangentially. Demen and Harvestman, meanwhile, scoff haughtily at petty themes such as seasons while they construct their tallest obelisks to the void of infinite stars.
And while we're not on the subject of conceits, let's take a moment to bid "farewell" to local heartthrobs Kudzu Kids, "hello" to the new moniker of Joni Void (formerly Johnny Ripper), "how've ya been" to a reissue of Disco Inferno, and "well, all right then" to returning champs Actress, Little Simz, and Seazoo.
This, and of course all the rest that couldn't fit in this month's non-framed teaser (including yours truly!).

On the show NEXT month:
Heeeeeeeeey, you know where we haven't yet travelled to in these synopses? The wild west! Don't ask me why - ennui?
Anyway, hold tight to those reins, cos you're bout to ride with bucking broncos like Iguana Lover and Sheer Mag. Don't let those dastardly bandits Terry and Breakfast Muff get away! Giddy up - maybe AGYN or SassyBlack can cut them off at the pass. Back at the saloon, Absolutely Not tosses back another cold one with their partner, err, Partner - but when Young Guv walks by with a louche remark, both gangs pounce. Pan to the open desert, where the tumbleweeds roll - winds howl across the horizons of Gravetemple and Sam Mullany.
If this were a steampunk set, then Kalbells would engineer the mad gadgets that the gunslinger would wield. And who would that dashing hero be, per say? No contest - Art School Jocks will outdraw ya any day.
All this, plus the ever-growing roundup of buckaroos from my neck of the woods, like Dada Tennis and Dead Selves; a reissue of Young Fathers' first tapes; and encores from Hey Colossus and David Nance.
And now, the moment you've been waiting for: YEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAW!

Blog: http://soundscapememoirs.weebly.com/
Twitter: twitter.com/Prominence_LA
MixCloud: mixcloud.com/soundscapememoirs

My previous session guests:

Artist Broadcast Artist Broadcast
Frog 09/2015
Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love 04/2015 Papernut Cambridge 11/2014
Jack Hayter 05/2014


For 20 odd years, my musical horizons were narrow. AOR stations, concert band, my mom’s old cassette collection, and Dizzy Gillespie rounded out the borders. ‘Twas only in the latter half of college that I stumbled onto the side streets and back alleys of the soundscape, through the humble vehicle of online radio stations. Except, where many folks may have been content to chug-a-lug on the tailored selection, I devoured pages and pages of biographies and album reviews, kept running lists, and bought shoeboxes full of CDs (especially in Wales).
All this scholarly education inevitably culminated in a) the discovery of Dandelion Radio, which for one lonely summer and one miserably lonely year was a shimmery oasis, and b) the spontaneous urge to write and spread the good word about the wondrous new things I was hearing. And imagine – folks in the last.fm community emerged from the shadows and sent me music! Me! Music! How bizarre! The writing habit grew, and by the tail end of 2012 I was fleshing out a blog dubbed “Soundscape Memoirs”. People read it, too.
Miraculous stuff happened in 2013. I found a pen pal across the pond, a staff position at Gold Flake Paint, a record store, friends to talk to, and the greatest sounds emanating from Athens, Georgia in this day and age. And that, my friends, leads us to the Mixcloud broadcast, remote interviews, graduate school at the University of Georgia, and a staff position at Everett True’s Collapse Board.
Which means, in the end, that I still don’t know much of anything. But ya gotta learn somewhere, yeah?

If you have something that I should hear and play then contact me but do not send it to the UK PO Box ... because I am in USA and it would cost too much to forward.

Tracklistings for my previous shows:
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