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For July we have 9 new shows - including some election specials from Gareth

Marcelle - DJ

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Marcelle There is no show from Marcelle this month

Website: www.anothernicemess.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/djanothernicemess

My previous session guests:

Artist Broadcast
1dp 12/2010
Drowned UFO 11/2010
Urbsounds Collective 08/2010
Tarwater 10/2009
The Nightingales 06/2009
Vinkepeezer (Mix) 06/2009


Marcelle was a DJ on Dandelion Radio for 5 years until November 2013.

"DJ Marcelle: What a difference it makes to have a DJ hitting on the moment - records that astonish, full of bizarre and unexpected twists; one minute you're thinking how beautiful life sounds, the next how scary, then how strangely hilarious." (Ipswich gig review)

In August 2008 a Belgian music journalist wrote: 'Marcelle is our guide for a better and more adventurous musical life. In Holland and far beyond she has proved to be the leading lady in such diverse genres as dubstep, garage punk, techno, hip hop, dubtechno and many more besides.'

Dutch deejay Marcelle certainly is truly eclectic. She is versatile, adventurous and surprising. On her latest mix album 'DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess Meets Her Soulmates At Faust Studio Deejay Laboratory', released in September 2008 by the German Klangbad label, she mixes and sometimes plays simultaneously African tribal drumming with a cutting edge UK rapper, Chinese dub with Austrian accordion playing, bass heavy dubstep with animal noises, breakcore with postpunk and minimal techno with acid chants. And guess what? You can't stop dancing to her lively mix!

Marcelle has always kept an open ear for every kind of (new) music and always tries to stay ahead of the audience. Marcelle is not one to remain in the trappings of a certain musical genre. No matter how much she likes styles like dubstep, weird electronica, leftfield hip hop, dancehall and dub, when clubs and radio shows play only one of these styles Marcelle gets a little bit bored.

Buying (loads of) records since 1977 she 'survived' punk, postpunk, techno, reggae, indie guitar, drum 'n' bass, neue Deutsche Welle, breakcore, grime, industrial, minimal, dubstep, world music et cetera and there is no doubt that she will easily cope with any future trends. As Scout Niblett sings in her version of 'Uptown Top Ranking', the last track on Marcelle's album and often the last track of her live gigs: 'I got no style, I'm strictly roots'.

When she played the 2007 Klangbad Festival (curated by Hans-Joachim Irmler, founder member of Krautrock legends and Peel favourites Faust), Irmler was taken aback by the deejay style of Marcelle. He recognised in her the same cutting edge spirit of own his musical making and invited her to come back to Faust Studio in Scheer to record a mix album. The two agreed that that mix should be released on vinyl only, for aesthetic, audio and historical reasons. The photo on this page was taken during the recording of the album.

The title of the album refers to old dub albums like 'King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown' or 'Rockers Meets King Tubbys In A Firehouse', et al, which Marcelle bought by the dozens in the 70's and 80's. The 'soulmates' in the title stand for all artists on the album and all the other inspiring people Marcelle has met through music. She feels very deeply about these friendships, some of which go far beyond a shared love for underground music.

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